Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Neanderthal With A One Track Mind

Phillip comes into Maggie's kitchen where he finds Melanie. Melanie is packing things for Maggie. Phillip assures her Maggie will be fine. Melanie is whiny and distraught, "I didn't see any of this coming. When I first came here I didn't care about anyone but myself but now I have a mother, father, Maggie and you. I still only care about myself but now I have four people I can trust no matter what." She hugs. Phillip flashes back to his night of debauchery and un-trustworthiness.

Daniel and Carly sit on the park bench. Daniel tells her when he and Chloe got together there was an amazing connection, "We ignored the pesky little fact that she was married. I still have the connection, but she doesn't have the husband. I love her so much, but we just keep missing. It's like when you get a new sports car and every time you shift the gears instead of meshing smoothly, they just grind."

Carly says what every female viewer is thinking, "God, you're such a guy."

"And she is so feminine," says Daniel, "I'm screwing it up. Things that used to just mesh... They don't any more."

"Have you tired transmission fluid instead of K-Y," asks Carly, "Beginnings are easy. Then it gets hard." Platitudes are easy, but hard to listen to.

Daniel says he thinks Chloe is in trouble and he doesn't want to be a jerk. "You were gut punched by life," says Carly, "You did the best you could. Is it really that crazy?"

"Well," says Daniel, "We are in Salem." Note: that was not an un-italicized Prevuzism.

Chloe and Vivian talk in the pub. Vivian rants about Carly and suggests they can stop her.

It's the phone that stops Arianna and Brady as they romp. Arianna reads the text message, "The skank! That piece of freakin'..."

Brady stops her before the censors move in, "Who are you talking about?"

"I'm talkin' about Nicole."

Baker gets a call as he and Hope talk. Nicole says she's decided not to turn him in, but the condition is that his next victim has to be Arianna Hernandez.

Arianna says she doesn't want to tell Brady what Nicole did just so he can defend her. Then, of course, she tells him, "She's off on her own following a news story. This could cost me my job." Arianna heads out to find Nicole.

Nicole asks Baker to come to the riverside so she can show him Arianna's pictures. Dick says he isn't sure his partner will buy this. Nicole tells him to get it in gear and hangs up.

Hopeless overheard the conversation. She tells Baker he has more than that to worry about, "Make sure no one knows who I am or you're toast, Dickie."

Dickie says he'll do what he can. He flops onto the couch, "I hate it here. I really hate it here."

Nicole stands alone and rambles, "Arianna, I can't wait for you to meet Dr. Baker. I think you two were meant for each to her."

Carly tries to encourage Daniel.

Vivian tells Chloe she can count on her. She says she wants Chloe to be strong. She knows Daniel loves Chloe but doesn't know what things Daniel has been saying to Carly, "I think deep down Carly is unhappy and can't stand to see anyone else happy." The pot calls the kettle black.

Brady chases Arianna down the stairs. He tells her to let Nicole alone. Arianna cuts to the chase, "Is this concern for my career or me leaving your bed?"

Brady asks, "You think I'm a Neanderthal with a one track mind?" Realizing he just wasted his breath, he continues, "Yeah it has a little to do with that. Don't let Nicole start running your life."

Arianna vows, "It's not gonna happen." Seems to me it already has.

Hope thinks she and Baker need to contain Nicole. Baker thinks Nicole could go to the police or, worse yet, the DiMeras. Hope says they have to make sure Nicole says nothing to anybody, "This is a dangerous game. Make sure she realizes it." She walks away.

Baker rolls his eyes, "There must be something in the water here. Arianna Hernandez, whomever you are, you picked the wrong woman to tick off."

Later, Baker walks by the dock. Hopeless follows.

Carly... Daniel... nothing new. Melanie calls Daniel. She tells him Maggie is in the hospital and asks if he could check on her, "I'm really scared."

"I know you are," says Daddy, "I'll meet you at the hospital."

Daniel hangs up and tells Carly what happened. Carly asks if he's mad at her. Daniel says no, but he's just a little overwhelmed by things. He leaves. Carly stares.

Chloe says she shouldn't be talking to Vivian about this and starts to leave. Vivian stops her and goes into another Carly-bashing tirade.

Baker meets Nicole. Nicole asks, "Have you been drinking?"

"No," says Baker, "I want to keep my wits about me."

Ciara phones Hopeless and says she woke up and Hope wasn't there. Hopeless says she'll come home right away.

Baker tells Nicole his partner has a thing about men and won't attack Arianna. Nicole says she has changed her mind because she wants to frame Arianna instead of attacking her.

Melanie meets Daniel at the hospital. She apologizes for pulling him away from Chloe. Dan the medicine man says he wasn't with her.

Melanie asks, "Did you guys fight again? I'm sorry... I shouldn't have asked that. Phillip is worried about Chloe. He told me about her thinking she was going to have a baby. He's really worried."

Daniel wrinkles his brow, "I guess I didn't realize Chloe and Phillip were that close."

Phillip stands across the room listening to Chloe's message, "Carly has won. Daniel loves her and not me."

Vivian and Chloe are back at their table and Vivian continues to rile against Carly. Chloe can't take it and leaves. Vivian vows to make Carly pay.

Hope is back in her bedroom with Ciara. She tells Ciara she's sorry she was gone. Ciara asks for a drink. "I'll get you one," says Hope.

"Vodka... rocks," says Ciara.

Hope tucks her in, "Get under the covers all snuggle-buggle and read your book and I'll be right back."

Nicole wants Baker to plant evidence against Arianna. Baker wants to know why Nicole hates Arianna so much. Nicole says, "She has something I want. And you know how I get when that happens."

Arianna says she has to prove she can match Nicole, "Maybe I'm tired of letting her walk all over me. I want to duke it out with her. Bring her on."

"Not a good idea," says Brady, "Unless I get a ringside seat."

Hope overhears and interrupts, "Well, it's going to be war. Actually I think we could all learn something from Nicole."

Baker wonders what Arianna has that Nicole wants, "It couldn't be a man, could it?" Even Nicole's pet goldfish would be perceptive enough to figure that one out. Pookie could, too, if we knew where the hell she was.

"Oh," says Nicole, "You're really funny. Back when we met, I was too busy going after EJ to see the guy who is the one true man for me — Du jour"

"The one with the short hair and short temper," asks Baker.

"Yes, Brady," says Nicole, "He doesn't love Arianna, he loves me."

Hopeless says she's seen Nicole hurt many people and doesn't want to see Brady or Arianna added to the list, "What about you, Brady?"

Carly bumps into Vivian outside the pub.

Phillip finds Chloe outside the Java Café. She tells him Daniel thinks she made everything up. They both feel guilty, but Phillip thinks she should calm down. Chloe whines, "I can't believe it. I'm consumed with guilt, stupidity, selfish and impulsive behavior — I hate myself for it You know what? I have to confess. I have to tell Daniel."

"Right," says Phillip, "That'll really Patch things up between you. Think about what that would do to Daniel."

Chloe skewers him, "And what it would do to you."

Carly and Vivian talk. Carly pontificates, "I'm a doctor and I know infections don't die. You have to kill them."

Daniel says he doesn't think Chloe should know that Melanie knows about the hysterical pregnancy. "Timing wasn't right," says Melanie, "That's right when you found out about me."

"Finding out about you," says Daniel, "was one of the best things that ever happened to me, which proves I've really had a terrible life." Melanie decides he can look after Chloe and Melanie will look after him.

"Who's going to look after me," asks Melanie.

"Your guardian angel," says Daniel, "Beelzebub."

Phillip says, "I guess I had that coming." Chloe decides that wasn't fair. Phillip encourages her to keep quiet about their romp, "Do it for the people we love." What a selfless guy!

Brady says he's marrying Arianna and doesn't hold a torch for Nicole. Hope apologizes for saying what she said. She turns to Arianna, "Your sister giving Nicole an alibi sent me back to square one. I have the feeling whoever is doing this is just getting started."

Baker says, "I think this is a better plan than switching babies. What could possibly go wrong?" Nicole tells him to cut the sarcasm. Baker says he doesn't think the plan will work.

"Either Brady and I head into the sunset together," says Nicole, "or you end up keeping house with Bubba in Cell Block C."

Daniel heads for home and wonders where Phillip went.

Phillip tires to calm Chloe down. He smooches her cheek, assures her everything will get better and leaves.

Chloe stares, "Yeah, it'll get better when I tell Daniel the truth." When she was younger, Chloe fell out of the 'stupid tree' and hit every branch on the way down.

Hope goes back up to be with Ciara. Arianna tells Brady she just got off the phone with work and has decided she isn't going in. Brady has decided he is, "This is a wise and mature decision." He picks up where he left off.

Nicole says the cops will believe Arianna is the mugger because she has a record was a drug dealer and an addict, "So are you going to help me or be the star of my next exposé?"

Carly lectures Vivian on infections, "You have to watch them, and I'm never going to stop watching you." She leaves. Gus walks up to Vivian and they debrief about Carly. Vivian watches Carly through the pub window.

Ciara says, "I like Brady. He's Arianna's boyfriend."

Hope asks, "Speaking of boyfriends, how's it going with the boy in class that you like?"

"He was mean to me," says Ciara, "and now he's Sadie's boyfriend."

"Don't worry," says Hope, "I'll put that two timing little tyke on my victims' list. And Sadie the painted lady, too."

Arianna turns her phone off so she and Brady won't have distractions. Brady has already found the distraction he's looking for.

Baker wonders how Nicole will make the charges against Arianna stick. Nicole tells Baker not to worry about it and says that's her department, not his.

Phillip comes back to the hospital and kisses Melanie. "What was that for," she asks.

"I just want you to know how much I love you," says Phillip. They leave.

Chloe comes back to the apartment and finds Daniel. He stares at her as she walks in, "Chloe, I think we need to talk."

"So do I," says Chloe, "I'll go first. I've been thinking and there is something I need to tell you. I did a terrible, terrible thing."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW, two days in a row of.....nothing! This episode looks almost as boring as Rafe. Though I have decided that the writers have found him the perfect role-sitting and staring at a computer screen. I know, I know-it still is stretching his acting skills!
Thanks Prevuze for saving me from wasting an hour of my life watching this episode.

3:17 AM  
Anonymous Berg said...

This episode looks almost as boring as Rafe. and that folks is about as boring as it gets.

Does anyone else feel like just telling Daniel and Melanie about Chloe and Phillip sleeping together??? I mean do we really need to drag this out any longer?

I think it is kindof interesting Nicole is back to her normal self, because I love manipulative Nicole - I only wish old Sami would come back because new Sami 2.0 really is a complete bore.

Who would have thought having Dr. Baker back would be great fun? I am glad they brought him back - a good side kick is hard to find just ask Vivan. Why couldn't the powers that be negotiate and bring back Ivan?

Look at Ciara's boyfriend's dad - you are probably next on Hope's hit list.

LMAO! The Female Empowerment collection! Who would pay that kind of $ for junk? Why do all soap actresses go into sales for makeup (when they have had plastic surgery) and jewellery? Is it some unspoken rule somewhere?

Still a filler epidsode. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

3:44 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

"Have you tried transmission fluid instead of K-Y," asks Carly.

That’s two days in a row a prevuism has escaped its censored link and flashed boldly into the blog. They are getting frisky aren’t they?

"You were gut punched by life," says Carly.

OMG, any cheesier and this dialog could be used in a Kraft mac & cheese commercial. (Not that I’m a pawn of Madison Avenue or anything.)

My “this is beyond time-wasting” moment:
Nicole says she has changed her mind because she wants to frame Arianna instead of attacking her.

Given her constant references to the fact Arianna had no alibi for Brady’s attack, I figured that was her intent from the beginning. So all of the scenes dedicated to her trying to convince Baker to make Ari his next victim were sooooo pointless.

Female Empowerment Collection...Feel Huckstered.

By the time I zap all of Melanie's whining and Chloe's whining there won't be much of the show left to watch. Thank YOU Prevuze for suffering, so I don't have to.

7:16 AM  
Anonymous bGirl said...

an episode without any "Squeees!" to boot - think I'll pass

7:22 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"Have you tried transmission fluid instead of K-Y," asks Carly.

That’s two days in a row a prevuism has escaped its censored link and flashed boldly into the blog. They are getting frisky aren’t they?

I'm getting lazy. Censored links are time consuming.

In fact, I think you missed one, so I'll take it upon myself to point it out...

Arianna tells Brady she just got off the phone with work and has decided she isn't going in. Brady has decided he is, "This is a wise and mature decision." He picks up where he left off.

I don't anticipate Brady is going in to the office any time soon.

7:52 AM  
Anonymous Betyar said...

So, 2nd day of filler eppisodes! Yaaaawwwn! The only thing that made me crack up about today's recap is Hopeless's comment to Ciara "I'll put that two timing little tyke on my victims' list. And Sadie the painted lady, too." lol!!! I'd like to see that! It would make for a more interesting s/l than the stuff going on in today's recap. Well, back to napping. Thanks Prev for taking another boredom bullet for us. Happy Tuesday Everyone!!!

8:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What does, "This is Salem" mean to Salemites? How do they see their town? As a sweet sleepy town? Some kind of hell?

Brady is a neanderthal with a one-track mind, especially with Arianna.

8:16 AM  
Anonymous square said...

Despite Chloe's annoying crazy, I don't mind this part of the Pentagon because we get more Carly. Melanie and Philip, on the other hand, are driving me up a wall. Seriously every episode with them is Melanie nosing into Nathan's business, making note of Philip's honesty and causing Philip to have a flashback. By the time the week is through, they'll have saved so much film re-airing that flashback that they might finally be able to afford a barber for Philip.

LMAO! The Female Empowerment collection! Who would pay that kind of $ for junk? Why do all soap actresses go into sales for makeup (when they have had plastic surgery) and jewellery? Is it some unspoken rule somewhere?

I would buy a piece from the collection if it would empower KA to eat more. (In all honesty, I admit to liking some of the jewelry that KA sells on her website. Her marketing is less obnoxious than what I have seen out of other actors and with pretty much all soaps facing ratings trouble, I'm seeing a lot of actor side-marketing.)

8:58 AM  
Blogger Xeresa said...

My favorite Prevueism of today's forecast was " Chloe fell out of the stupid tree once and hit every branch on the way down"

That is a priceless observation and sums up the character of Chloe so perfectly.

It must be difficult for such a talented and well-educated young woman as Nadja Bjorlin to have to deliberately dumb herself down to play a character with only one functioning brain cell as Chloe Lane!

I also long for the old Sami to come back, but I'm beginning to see some light at the end of the tunnel in the scenes she has been playing with EJ.

The firty, sexy Sami is back and I can only hope that the feisty, intelligent part of her character begins to blossom once more in EJ's capable hands--- unless Rafe comes back into the picture to induce another coma in our Sami!

3:16 PM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

OK...anyone who's still out there at this late hour who thinks Chloe is actually going to spill the big secret needs to repeat all of the DOOL classes they've attended thus far.

Great recap and pictue at the end of a long day! Thanks, Prevuze. :D

6:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That whole Chloe as a sports car conversation reminds me of a clip of Redline I saw yesterday. Did anybody see that? NB singing about being a race car?

7:50 PM  

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