Saturday, January 02, 2010

The Succubus

Like most things in Salem yesterday's lost feed has returned from the dead. Many thanks to the dedicated Canadian DOOL fan who posted the video...

Melanie and Stephanie stand in Maggie's kitchen, where the number of people with names that end in "anie" exceeds the total IQ of those gathered. Melanie gets a call and responds with several intelligent "uh-huhs" as she listens. When she gets off the phone she announces, "You'll never guess where Nathan and Phillip are."

"I'm not good at games that require me to think," says Stephanie, "So why don't you just tell me."

"They're in jail," says Melanie. Stephanie gives a look that implies she's trying to squeeze out an intelligent thought.

The guard escorts Bugsy and Baby Face... make that Baby Two Faces... to their cell, "Happy New Year, boys."


The boys bicker. Nathan says even though he and Melanie are no longer together she still respects his opinion. "Why," asks Phillip, " because of your hotshot degree in medicine?"

"What do you have," asks Nathan, "A degree in how to treat women like garbage?" Phillip insists he and Melanie are happy. Nathan insists marrying Phillip is the biggest mistake of her life.

Bo finds Carly at the hospital. Carly guesses Bo has made that call to the Swiss hospital, "Vivian knows my secret, doesn't she? She's found my daughter."

Hope fiddles with the puzzle box, but stops when she hears Victor and Vivian's voices outside. Out in the hall, Vivian insists she has something that will settle Victor's stomach and they barge in to find Hope and Justin sucking face like a couple teenage minks in heat. It's a sight that wouldn't settle anyone's stomach, let alone Victor's. "What's going on," he growls, "Get the hell out of my house. Both of you."

Brady comes to visit Nicole.

Bo and Carly have moved their base of operations out into the fresh air. To bad they didn't take a little fresh dialog with them. Bo tells her, "Someone was snooping around the Swiss hospital but they didn't get much because the records there have been partially destroyed."

Carly thinks that's great news. She hugs him, "I don't know what I would have done without you."

Justin and Hope toss every cliché in the book at Victor, "It just happened... It's not what you think..." Hope comes up with a dilly, "It's my fault..." she says they were both feeling sorry for themselves and one thing led to another.

"We both realize it was wrong," says Justin.

Vivian wants to know why the antics took place in her bedroom, "You invaded my space."

"We thought we heard someone coming down the hall," says Hope, "and so we ducked in here."

Victor doesn't buy it, "What a crock."

Phillip and Nathan keep arguing about Melanie. Phillip reminds him Stephanie could get hurt in the crossfire, "How does she fit in?"

Nathan tosses Stephanie under the bus, "She doesn't."

Carly un-plasterers herself from Bo and they decide maybe now they have a little time before Vivian catches up with them. Carly wonders why Bo isn't with his family on New Year's. Bo explains it all, "Justin is making some not-so-subtle moves on my wife kind of like the moves I made on you last night."

"I didn't know you knew about that."

Victor thinks Hope and Justin are rationalizing. He kicks Justin out of his house. Justin leaves.

Victor gives him a parting shot, "Happy new year. Deck the halls. Yada yada." Victor asks for a word alone with Hope. Vivian leaves, so she can go pry the story from Justin. Victor says he thinks something more is going on, "What prompted this behavior."

"Menopause hasn't sucked all the hormones out of me," says Hope.

Carly. I caught her with Bo. It was exactly the same as this, so that justifies it. If I didn't think my marriage was over before, it is now.

Brady has discovered Nicole isn't eating. He says she has to get herself together for her hearing tomorrow. Nicole insists she has nothing left to live for. Brady gives her a pep talk, "I know you want to be a better person, and that shouldn't be hard to do since you're at the bottom of the barrel right now."

Justin announces he'll be at the Salem inn. Vivian thinks that will give him a little more privacy to move in on Hope. Justin says, "Bo has moved on, Vivian, with Carly Manning. I've moved on from Adrian. Adrian has moved on from me. Hope has moved on from Bo. Carly has moved on from Lawrence's corpse. So this is just one giant convoluted, circular rebound relationship."

Bo grills Carly about what is going on with Justin. Carly tells him she thinks Justin has feelings for Hope, "That doesn't mean he will act on them, but would it matter if he did?"

Victor erupts, "Carly! I knew that whore would be trouble the minute she came into Salem." He plays the Ciara card, "What if your daughter had walked in on you?"

"They have to start learning how Salem tramps operate some time," says Hope.

Hope admits Victor is right but he continues to lecture, "I've always had a soft spot for you, Hope."

"Speaking of your soft spot," says Hope, "how is your head doing after your skating accident?"

"I'm not forgiving you this time," says Victor.

Phillip thinks it was heartless of Nathan to say that Stephanie doesn't fit in to the equation. Nathan reminds him he cut Stephanie out of his life too, and will probably dump Melanie also. The boys lunge at each other, but freeze and stare as the girls walk up.


Under no circumstances is it appropriate to place two combatants in the same cell together, unless there is nothing good on television at the time of their arrest and some other form of entertainment is required.

Vivian wants to know all about what's going on between Bo and Carly. Justin gives details. Vivian is shocked, "That duplicitous little tramp. Lawrence's ashes are barely cold and she's trying to lure Bo into her sticky little web."

Justin tosses a little gasoline onto the fire, "She's not having to do too much luring from what I understand." He leaves. Vivian goes off on her own mission.

Victor continues his "dedication and commitment" lecture. Hope says she wants him to stay out of things. Victor refuses.

"Then I'm sorry," says Hope, "I can't live here."

Bo says it would change everything if Hope and Justin were involved. Carly gets a call back to the hospital. Bo gives sends her off with a memento from the past — flashy Year 2000 New Year's glasses which of course bring back memories. Carly props them on top of her head and flashes off.

Back at the jail, the girls give the boys the third degree. No one wants to talk so Stephanie goes off to arrange Nathan's bail. Meanwhile the guard announces Phillip's attorney has posted his bail. Phillip leaves. Melanie wants asks Nathan what happened.

Nathan verges on desperation, "Melanie, you can't marry Phillip."

Outside, Stephanie asks Phillip what happened. Phillip don' wanna talk about it. Stephanie pries. Phillip breaks down and gives his version, "Dr. Goldenboy is trying to hijack my fiancée."

Brady continues to try to encourage Nicole. Nicole remembers when Brady came back to town, "I knew you were the love of my life. If I had only acted on that."

"Y'know," says Brady, "It's not too late."

Phillip says Nathan is trying to get Melanie out of his mind by dating Stephanie. Sarcastic Stephanie finds that very heartwarming. The cop comes in and officially releases Phillip. Phillip says he's sorry and leaves. The cop gives Stephanie the paperwork on Nathan, "It's all in order. All you have to do is sign."

"If it's a death warrant I'll sign." says Stephanie.

Nathan continues to try to convince Melanie not to get married. Melanie says it's something she has to do, "I don't have feelings for you any more."

Nathan takes her hand, "Are you sure about that?"

Vivian finds Bo outside the pub and says she hopes his new year's resolution is to reconcile with Hope. "Isn't it a little late for you to be out," snorts Bo.

"It's a little late for both of us to be out," says Vivian, "I guess we both have a lot on our mind. Specifically, the little succubus named Carly Manning."

"Actually," says Bo, "I'm looking at the 'suck-you-bus.'" Oh, man... let me write that one down. That's a great comeback for the next time I'm arguing with a seventh-grader.

Vivian reminds Bo she's a friend of his father, "And if he hears about your little lip-lock it will have a tremendous effect on him. And your indiscretion with Carly has driven your wife into the arms of Justin."

Victor asks Hope not to go, "Carly Manning is the problem here. She's worse than Chloe and Sami and Nicole all rolled up into one. Why my son is so blinded by her I'll never know. Maybe you'll have better luck figuring it out." He leaves.

Hope stares, "Maybe I will."

Brady insists Nicole can still have a life if she fights, "You'll make some lucky bitch-ho at Statesville very happy. When you came back to Salem, I should just have taken you in my arms and gone off with you."

Nicole bawls, "That was then and this is now." Her concept of time is mind boggling. "Things are different."

Brady continues to try to encourage her, "You're beautiful... you're wonderful... but the most important thing about you is you're the toughest chic I know, which will really help you get through the next 20 years in prison. So you are not going to give up." Nicole falls apart.

Justin strolls outside and gets a call from Hope. She tells him things didn't go well at the Kiriakis mansion, "Things got so bad I threatened to move out." He tells her she has to stay there because that's where Carly's secret is. "What happened tonight was wrong," says Hope.

Carly is back at the hospital looking at the 2000 glasses. She flashes back to ringing in the new year with Bo on the boat. They crawl into bed and Bo rings a bell, "Eight bells and all is well." Then they ring each other's bells.

Bo says Vivian isn't telling him anything he doesn't already know. Vivian says she's not done. "Spit it out," says Bo.

"Your father and I found Hope and Justin ringing in the new year in a personal sort of way, wrapped in each other's arms kissing passionately."

Nicole agrees to do what she has to do. She thanks Brady as he goes, and then she calls for the guard so she can call her lawyer. The guard hands her a phone. Nicole makes the call, "This is Nicole Walker DiMera. I'm calling because I want to change my plea. I know what I've done is wrong and I wanna throw myself on the mercy of the court."

Hell hath no fury like a Stephanie scorned. She flings the release papers, "Nathan can call his grandmother. Have her bail his ass out!"

Meanwhile, Nathan works on Melanie, "Look me in the eye and tells me Phillip is the one."

Phillip comes up as Melanie runs off the rails, "HE IS THE ONE! I LOVE HIM AND WANT TO MARRY HIM!" Phillip walks up, collects Melanie and they leave.

Justin insists what he and Hope did wasn't wrong, "It was a strategy." Hope softens and wishes him a happy new year. Justin does the same, hangs up and flashes back to the "strategy."

Carly bumps into him, "Hi. You going somewhere?" he tells her Victor kicked him out.

Carly cuts to the chase, "Does this have anything to do with Hope?"

Bo says he doesn't believe Vivian. She insists it's true, "...and Victor saw it." Bo wonders what he's supposed to do.

"It's what you did," says Vivian, "Your careless actions with Carly have driven Hope into Justin's bed. Well I think I'll just scoot on home. It is the new year and... new beginnings." she leaves.

Lost and alone, Bo asks, "Fancy face, what did you go and do?"

Little Bo Peep has lost his... shrew...
And doesn't know what to do.
But she'll come home wagging her tongue
And his life will again be poo.

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Blogger Applecheeks said...

What a wonderful Saturday Prevuze surprise! Too bad nothing much happened on the show to warrant Prevuze sacrifice in watching/posting it. LOLOL

Luckily a stupifying show was sprinkled with stupendous prevuisms like baby two-faces and "...Carly has moved on from Lawrence's corpse. So this is just one giant convoluted, circular rebound relationship."

They managed to start the show off with one of the biggest HUH?! moments yet – Jope kissing in Vivian's room. How does sucking face explain the fact you're in Vivian's bedroom? You both were just overcome with emotion and couldn't wait to get to one of your own rooms to act out?? Glad to see Viv has the same question and Victor doesn't believe their explanation.

Thank you, Prevuze for this weekend surprise (and especially for the Little BO Peep rhyme)!

6:31 AM  
Blogger Firstfall said...

TFP! I don't know if I liked the "lost feed back from the dead" or the "Bo Peep" poem better - a roaring start & finish to all the goodies stuck inbetween!

(None of said goodies were from the DOOL writers though whose writing today seemed more sad than usual.)

6:41 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

Today's nursery rhyme sparked the memory of a blast from the past. I can't take credit for these gems which were submitted by readers way back in September, 2005: CLICK HERE

7:07 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Wow, those old Mother Prevuze nursery rhymes were a blast from the past! And how sad is it that after over four years, with a few name changes, they all could apply to today's show. LOL

7:24 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

I'm actually impressed by Steponme not bailing Nathan out. Guess today I'll have to call her Stephanie. Now if only Arianna could find out Brady is over there comforting Nicole and waxing how he wishes he'd have whisked her away she could dump him, too.

So what did Hope do with the box she was standing there holding, slide it under the bed? Because there wasn't time to get it back in it's little hiding place AND start kissing.

Loved What if your daughter had walked in on you?" "They have to start learning how Salem tramps operate some time," says Hope.Although Ciara has probably already learned that from her time walking around on the docks. And The Salem PD manual. Come on! What jail would put two guys fighting in the same cell?

Thank you, Canadian friend, for the posting so we could get a surprise Saturday posting and, of course, thanks, Prevuze!

10:03 AM  
Blogger molivia said...

Thanks for the Saturday post! Happy New Year Prevuze! I am looking forward to another year of lovely Prevuze snarkiness.

2:30 PM  

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