Thursday, December 10, 2009


Hey, gang, the Prevuze team is not only on the road, but we're snowbound, too. We plan to get a posting out this morning, but it will be late. Hang in there and keep checking back.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't worry just stay safe. No pun intended. But I do have a little dish. Go to if you want to know who the kidnapper really is. I didn't want to ruin anyones fun.c

3:57 AM  
Anonymous M J said...

The main thing .... stay safe & warm!
Everything else is secondary.

4:00 AM  
Anonymous M J said...

Who is walking with baby Sydney?
I don't think ANYone expected this! LOL

6:01 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

We appreciate your efforts, Prevuze!

6:07 AM  
Blogger fwickafwee said...

good luck with the snow and be safe!!

6:56 AM  
Anonymous bGirl said...

stay nice and toasty!

I don't know if I missed some time over AThanksgiving - but what is the connection with Dan & Carly - c'mon - tell me Dan is Mel's real Dad? and poor Chloe can't have kids - - and I did look at the link there for the Kidnapper - - interesting - and they finally got one over me - but what is the reasoning????

7:13 AM  
Anonymous chaya said...

stay safe & warm - let's face it, nothing will happen on that show that won't happen again and again and again in the weeks to come ...

7:27 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

The weather outside is frightful so it's ugly on the highways and byways of the US of A. I hope where ever you're staying can offer you a much needed caffine fix. Take care Prevuze!

7:30 AM  

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