Monday, May 04, 2009

The Killer Nurse

Hope finds Melanie at the hospital. Melanie whines, "I was headed into Phillip's room. I was supposed to give him this pillow but the new nurse stopped me."

Hope gasps, "New nurse?"

Nasty Nurse Natasha drugs Phillip's IV as Phillip halfway protests. He zones out and Natasha shoves a pillow in his face.

Kate tells Chloe she had an interesting talk with Daniel, "I owe Daniel a lot. You, on the other hand, I DON'T OWE A DAMN THING! When you donated your marrow you risked your life to save mine. Then you showed yourself to be the selfish bitch you have always been. You have no morals or values!"

Chloe doesn't get it, "I don't understand what's got you so upset."

"I'm just getting started."

EJ checks out Baker on the phone as Nicole walks up and asks why he's doing that.

Hope rushes into Phillip's room, "POLICE! Put your hands above your head!" Hope draws her gun, aims it directly at Natasha at point-blank range and fires. The bullet goes through the wall and we hear the patient in the next room scream.

EJ brushes Nicole off. She presses and grabs the papers off his desk, "OMG!"

Stephanie arrives at her apartment and finds Chelsea brooding.

Natasha claims she's treating Phillip. Melanie rushes up and begs him to wake up. She turns and gasps, "Hope, he's not breathing!"

Chloe is clueless as to what Kate is up to. Kate taunts, "Think really hard about your life and then you tell me what's up."

Chelsea turns on the waterworks and tells Stephanie she had a breakdown, "I... sob... went to... sob make a sandwich and we were... sob... out of peanut butter! Then I thought about Mom. She must've been just driving along thinking about dinner and then WHAM! The next second she could have been dead."

"That should teach her to drive and talk on her cell phone at the same time."

Back in Phillip's room, Hope runs for help as Melanie dives in to help Phillip with a little mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Phillip's eye pops open, "Enjoying yourself? That was an excuse to kiss me, right?" Dr. Baker runs in.

Melanie protests, "I was just giving you the breath of life."

"Speaking of breath," says Phillip, "I'd suggest you try a little breath spray before you do that again. I thought someone was using smelling salts to wake me up."

Nicole gasps as she looks at all of Baker's debts. EJ tells her to forget it all and take Sydney for a walk. Nicole refuses. He tells her Stefano is the one investigating Baker. EJ asks why Nicole fired Baker as Sydney's doctor. Nicole says she just found out he is a gambler, but she fired him because EJ didn't like him. She questions why EJ would investigate Baker when he's out of their lives.

Chelsea says she knows she has to go to be with Billie but is upset about it, "I don't know how long I'll be gone... three weeks... six months... a year... a lot can happen in that amount of time."

"No on this show," says Hope.

Chelsea and Stephanie wonder how they will survive without each other. Stephanie gets a call. Melanie tells her they tried to kill Phillip again. Stephanie hangs up and runs out. Chelsea chases.

Hope tells Phillip Natasha stole an ID and that's how she got access to her room. Phillip says he knows the DiMeras are behind it.

Kate continues her rant. Chloe wants to know if this is about the show. Kate screams at Chloe, "Do you know your best quality... your best quality is lying convincingly. I am talking about your affair with Daniel!" Chloe's jaw drops.

Hope says, "I don't want to jump to conclusions. I want facts. Then I'll jump to conclusions." She outlines the new protocol for people entering Phillip's room, and then leaves. As soon as Hope shuts the door, Phillip gets out of bed and does the one-legged flying leap. Melanie comes in and catches him. They stand there knotted up in each other as Stephanie walks in.

Nicole tries to act nonchalant about EJ's investigation. EJ decides he will cancel it since she is so insistent, "If Stefano wants to reinstate it later, that's his decision." Nicole asks if EJ has any idea when Stefano will return. EJ says he doesn't know. Sydney cries and Nicole goes to take care of her. EJ closes the doors, "Why are you so determined to stop this investigation, Nicole?"

Chloe stammers. Kate lectures and rants, "You are selfish and stupid and careless and all of Salem probably knows about your affair."

Chloe whines, "I love Lucas!"

Kate asks, "When you were in Daniel's bed were you moaning 'Lucas... Lucas...'"

Chloe begs, "Please don't tell him."

Kate says, "I won't."

Chloe breathes a sigh of relief, "Oh, thank you!"

Kate snaps, "I'm not doing it for my slut of a daughter-in-law. I'm doing it for Lucas. I can't believe it's your marrow that saved my life." Chloe tires damage control. Kate stops her, "You are no longer the host of my show. Consider yourself fired."

Three guesses who walks up to hear all this. Loserclueless asks, "What the hell is going on?"

Prevuze cautions people not to panic about the swine flu epidemic. We do, however recommend you burn down your house in order to sterilize it.

Nicole calls Baker and tells him to meet her at the Java Café. She announces to Marco that she's leaving. Marco follows.

Phillip insists he was dizzy and that's why he was all over Melanie. He tells Stephanie the whole incident isn't important. Melanie goes to get the nurse to put the IV back into Phillip's arm. Phillip tells Stephanie he fells helpless just lying there and says that's why he tried to get up just now. Stephanie says she should have been there to protect him. Her screaming and bawling would have scared away any potential assassin. Not to mention viewers.

Chelsea finds Hope at the the hospital, "I heard you saved Phillip's life. It's all over the hospital. Any idea who the killer nurse is?"

"No," says Hope, "She is refusing to talk. All she will say is that she was paid to do the job."

Chelsea gets all whiny and worries she won't be able to say goodbye to Bo.

Lucas asks what's going on and insists Kate can't fire Chloe, "So tell me what this is all about."

Kate turns to Chloe, "Do you want to tell him or should I?"

EJ is on the phone asking about the situation with Phillip. Suddenly he blows sky high. He has a meltdown that makes one of Sami's rants look like a stroll in the park, "YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT I'M ANGRY! YOU WAIT UNTIL I FIND YOU MASI... YOU'RE GONNA DEAL WITH ME!" He tosses the phone and beats up on the furniture, then goes back over and looks at the report on Baker.


Phillip tells Stephanie the attempted hit on his life is not her fault. Smoochies. Phillip assures her things will be OK. Suddenly, Stephanie has a thought. Stop the presses! "Not unless... Phillip! stay in bed."

Phillip shouts, "Stephanie, where are you going?" Too late. She runs out.

Hope tells Chelsea Bo will be back from Chicago soon. Chelsea says she has to leave today. Hope says she will call and tell Bo to hurry back. Chelsea says she's glad she got a chance to say goodbye to Hope. She thanks her for every thing she has done.

Chloe tells Lucas she really didn't want the job in the first place. Kate tells him the screen tests didn't come out well. Lucas thinks something doesn't sound right. Chloe continues to try to convince Lucas the TV job was not her top priority. Kate jumps in, "Your singing career is your top priority because you always put yourself first."

"Be honest with me," says Lucas, "What the hell has changed?"

Baker meets Nicole. Nicole puts on a show for Masi, who sits across the room watching her. "Dr. Baker! What a crazy surprise!" Baker wants to know what this is all about since Nicole called him and asked him to meet. Nicole whispers, "Sit down and act natural. Don't look now but there is a man over there in a sport coat, carrying a gun to protect me." She says this has to look like an accidental meeting. Baker says if this is about his leaving town he isn't interested. Nicole says, "I suggest you change your mind. That is, if you want to live."

Kate says Chloe isn't talented and wasn't interested in the job. Lucas defends Chloe. Chloe supports Kate and says she never wanted the job in the first place. Kate leaves and Chloe stops Lucas from following.

Chelsea whines, "Hope, I have done so much to hurt you and you have always forgiven me. Except for the times you wanted to kill me."

Hope says, "I'm also impressed by what you are doing for Billie, whom I've also wanted to kill on occasion. I am so proud of the person you have grown to be." Hugs.

Chelsea sobs, "Saying goodbye to you is the hardest thing I've ever had to do."


Nicole tells Baker Stefano knows he's a gambler and she has seen the printout of all his debts. She tells him Stefano is away and is ill. She also says she has convinced EJ to stop the investigation for a while, "You have a chance to make a clean exit."

"I can't leave town," insists baker, "I need this job." Nicole presses. Baker figures Nicole is more worried about herself than him.

Stephanie arrives at the DiMera mansion. EJ opens the door and Stephanie launches into a meltdown, "It stops now! Do you hear me? It stops now."

Chloe tells Lucas Kate was right to fire her. Lucas thinks there is more to this. Chloe says she's glad this happened. They decide they will be able to spend more time together, and maybe even set aside a few minutes now and then to be with Allie. Lucas says he has business but they decide to meet at the pub later. Chloe leaves. Lucas calls and leaves a message for Kate, "Mom, you call and tell me the real reason you fired Chloe!"

Hope tells Chelsea, "You will be missed in Salem... You are my daughter." Hugs and I love you's ensue.

Melanie walks into Phillip's room and asks how he's doing. Phillip tells her he's no worse off than before. His only goal is to get out and do what needs to be done.

Stephanie rants. She tells EJ Tony fell, "He was not murdered! So stop sending people after Phillip!" EJ claims innocence. "Revenge just causes more revenge," says Stephanie.

EJ tells her to leave. Stephanie huffs out. EJ closes the door and goes back into the rumpus room. He picks up his phone and dials as we look at Tony's picture, "Father, will you answer your phone calls. They tried to deliver the package again and failed. Call me." EJ hangs up and contemplates Tony's picture.

Baker says he gets it that he's in danger too, "But you can't just disappear these days. Between social security and the Internet there is no disappearing any more. The only way you can really become obscure and forgotten now is to get an acting job on DOOL."

Nicole says, "If you leave town at least you won't run into Sami. All it will take is for her to see you. Eventually she will put two and two together and what if EJ just casually brings up to her that you delivered my baby?"

Baker corrects, "You mean her baby."

Nicole snaps, "Shut up!"

Baker quips, "It's really great talking to you. Between 'shut up' and 'get out of town' I don't know what to say sometimes. Don't forget if EJ finds out about me he finds out about you. Have a nice day." Baker leaves. Nicole stares.

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Anonymous Berg said...

Yes EJ - where is my pizza in 30 moinutes? I believe Dominos no longer makes that promise. HA!

Baker quips, "It's really great talking to you. Between 'shut up' and 'get out of town' I don't know what to say sometimes. Don't forget if EJ finds out about me he finds out about you. Have a nice day." Baker leaves. Nicole stares. Dr. Baker, the only reason to watch this crap these days!

Also basically, what was the point of Stephanie running off to Boo Hoo on the DiMera's doorstep? Talk about your completely random scenes.

I was busy with work last week - I think you can take a good guess why but I see I didn't miss anything, anything at all. Happy Monday.

3:50 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Hope freaks at Melanie's mention of a "new nurse" being in with Philip. Let's think about this. (I know, it's DOOL so no thinking should be required, but it's nice to keep brain cells active while watching this tripe.)

1. Mel has only worked at the hospital a week or so. How would she possibly know all the nurses to characterize one as "new"?
2. Does Hope spend so much time at the hospital SHE knows all of the nurses?
3. Isn't it possible the place actually hires new nurses occasionally?

So, why freak just at the mention of a new nurse? Did Hope burst into the room with gun drawn or did she at least wait until she saw the gal with a pillow over Philip's face?

"You are no longer the host of my show. Consider yourself fired."

Oh yeah, that’ll show her. Chloe didn’t want to be the host anyway.

LOL at the pics of Chelsea's goodbye to Hope and Stephanie FF through the Philaphani scenes on DOOL.

Sounds like the only things worth watching will be the Three Bears of hissy fits - EJ's mega-meltdown, Kate's regular rant, and Stephanie's little, whiney boo-hooing.

Prevuze cautions people not to panic about the swine flu epidemic. We do, however recommend you burn down your house in order to sterilize it.

Prevuze, the best home improvement blog on the Internet!! Thanks for the Monday morning titters and tips.

6:57 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Many questions today:

What happened to Bo's big visions? Why isn't he having any of the attacks on Phillip? Oh, let me guess...the writers have temporarily come up with other time-killers. When they run out of those he'll start having them again.

And wasn't there a big conflict with the talk show and an opera in Toronto or someplace like that Chloe wanted to be in? What happened to that?

And I don't get why Nicole thinks Sami will put two and two together just because she sees Dr. Baker. Can someone 'splain that one to me?

That's OK, EJ. I've gone off like that on Pizza Hut myself before we stopped eating there.

Loved Billie coming back via an unknown inexpensive actress. This is probably true. And I LOL over Hope shooting the poor slob in the room next to Phillip. HAHAHA

Excellent Prevuze to get us thru a Monday!

7:12 AM  
Anonymous Scolly said...

Setting a big bonfire might be the thing to do to sterilize your house but please don't attempt anything so drastic at the Prevuze compound might interfere with us getting our daily fix of Preuvze!! :D

7:14 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

“Then you showed yourself to be the selfish bitch you have always been. You have no morals or values!"Is it just me or does Kate sound like she’s talking about herself?

She turns and gasps, "Hope, he's not breathing!"Isn’t he hooked up to any machines? Someone from the nursing staff should have figured out that Phillip wasn’t breathing.

Lucas thinks something doesn't sound right.

There’s absolutely nothing in this episode that sounds right.

Baker figures Nicole is more worried about herself than him.No kidding Sherlock!

“The only way you can really become obscure and forgotten now is to get an acting job on DOOL."HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m with you Berg. When Dr. Baker and Nicole go at it, it’s pretty entertaining, and then there’s the Chelsea farewell tour. Oh, please, just get it over with. You would have thought Daze could have managed to get Bo into some of the scenes. Instead they send him off to Chicago. Oh, well, this is a classy send off compared to Kayla/Patch, Marlena/John, and Anna/Tony.

Thanks for the great Monday recap Prevuze!!!

7:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kate says "when you were in Daniel's bed were you moaning Lucas, Lucas? Technically I don't think they ever actually made it to his bed. The floor, the chair, up against the door (yummy)...but never the bed.

6:56 PM  

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