Friday, May 01, 2009

Goodnight Sweet Prince

Phillip and Stephanie lie in his hospital bed trying to find a good TV station, which is to say, one without DOOL. Suddenly, Phillip flatlines.

Kate tells Daniel she knows Chloe was whoring around on Lucas. Tsk, tsk, tsk, Danny boy just can't believe it.

"It's hard to believe," asks Kate, "WHEN THE MAN SHE WAS WHORING AROUND WITH WAS YOU?"

Daniel knows he's busted, "So what are you going to do."

Kate spews hellfire, "Wouldn't you like to know."

"So I guess this rules out a quickie at your place this evening" asks Daniel.

Lucas overhears Chloe talking to father Matt about keeping secrets from your husband. He interrupts, "So what is it, Father, is Chloe right or wrong?"

Rafe pours out his love for Arianna as Sami stands in the doorway of the Java Café, soaks it in and fumes. Arianna leaves.

Stephanie applies the latest medical technique on Phillip. She shakes him. Then it turns out to be nothing more than yet another cheap DOOL writer's trick. What a shock, Stephanie wakes up from her nightmare and all is well. Stephanie goes into the fetal position and makes Phillip promise he will never leave her. He'd better not. She needs adult supervision at all times.

Hell hath no fury like Samantha scorned. Sami slowly walks across the room to Rafe's table. She carries a briefcase chained to her arm. She sets it on the table, unlocks it and keys in the secret code, known only to her and Jack Bauer, which will trigger World War III and its nuclear winter aftermath, "I SAW YOU WITH HER, AGENT CASANOVA."

Staring certain death in the face, Rafe consults the Guy Manual and comes up with, "Sami you don't understand."

Oh, Sami understands all too well, "Were you ever gonna mention that you are in love with someone else?"

Chelsea wheels her suitcase around the room as she hears a knock at the door. She opens it to find Max. Chelsea fills him in on Billie's situation and says she's leaving and doesn't know for how long. Max takes it in stride. Chelsea is sooo happy he understands, "Leaving you is the worst thing ever."

"Maybe you don't have to deal with that," says Max, "I'll go with you."

Phillip tells Stephanie how great things will be when he gets out of the hospital. Translation: rough times ahead.

Daniel assures Kate his affair with Chloe is over. Kate hopes so. Daniel accuses Kate of watching them. Kate explodes, "So you're accusing me of doing something wrong?" Daniel reminds Kate Chloe saved her life. He defends Chloe, "You aren't exactly virginal.

The very thought makes Kate ill, "I Hope not. She lied! She betrayed my son!"

"Sure," says Daniel, "She gave into temptation, but hates herself for it. If you wanna take it out on someone take it out on me. If you go after her I will make you regret it."

Kate reacts, "Ooh! Daniel is still in love with Chloe."

Loserclueless figures Chloe was talking about Nicole and EJ when she mentioned couples who have secrets. Father Matt offers to marry them in the church.

Sami's rantification continues. Rafe tells her he's known Arianna forever. He says he told Arianna about her and Arianna has some reservations about Sami. Sami turns on the afterburners. Rafe reveals Arianna is his sister, "I'm hoping the two of you can have a good relationship but I'm not holding my breath."

Phillip promises not to leave Stephanie. He just thinks it's best she doesn't know what he is going to do next. Stephanie goes off the deep end, "You're never going to change."

"I change a little bit every time I lose another body part," says Phillip.

Chelsea thinks Max can't come with her because of med school. Max rationalizes. Chelsea brings up Melanie. "You don't want me to go, do you," asks Max.

Sami shifts gears, (well, I guess in her case we should say she switches poles) and lectures Rafe for stringing her along. Rafe says he and Arianna had a falling out a while ago and that's why he never mentioned her in the safehouse, "That and the fact the writers hadn't thought her up back then." Sami suggests he could talk to Arianna about why he is such a jerk. Rafe shifts gears himself and asks if she is really through with EJ.

Kate continues to watch Daniel twist in the wind. Daniel says she's making things worse, not just for Chloe and him but for Lucas too, "If Chloe hurts, Lucas hurts. Trust me on that."

Phillip tells Stephanie running away will not end the war. Stephanie says, "I love you but I can't live like this." She turns to leave.

Phillip jumps out of bed, "Stephanie, wait! Stephanie!" Forgetting that hustling across a room with only one leg can cause balance issues, Phillip goes head over heals, but not because he is in love.

Chelsea says she wants Max to come with her to England, but she's only thinking of him, and all those hot European guys. She says she will be so wrapped up in her mom's affairs in London that she wouldn't have much time for him. Max doesn't understand.

Reacting to the swine flu epidemic, authorities have closed Salem High. Students are now complaining they have no place to stay away from.

Sami reminds Rafe she has kids with EJ. Rafe insists this isn't about the kids. "So, tell me, were you wishing you could take Nicole's place at the wedding."

Sami fesses up, "Yes."

That does it. Rafe gets up, "Nice knowing you." Sami begs him to stay. She 'splains, "I'm not able to give my kids a lot. But I want to give them a good life... two parents and all that goes with it. I haven't been able to do that, but with Grace... I want that for her. I also don't want my past to ruin my future. I don't want to screw this up. I have this great guy I'm really into. Every time I see him my heart skips a beat. I know you want me to tell you I hate EJ but I will never be able to do that."

Max gives up. He heads for his car to get Chelsea's books and CDs. "Just keep them," says Chelsea, "Except for my Sesame Street 'Learn Your 123's and ABC's" albums. I'm not through all of them yet." She tells him she has to go get her last paycheck and asks him to stay. Max declines.

"So this is it then," she asks.

"It's your call."

Kate rants. She wonders what Stephanie did to Phillip.

Stephanie arrives home and Max tells her Chelsea is leaving and may be gone for months. Stephanie chucks her purse across the room, "What's next, Max? What the hell is next."

"Me getting outta here before the big explosion."

Daniel works on Phillip and tells him to take it easy. He wants Daniel to make sure Kate stays away from Stephanie.

Lucas thinks a church wedding is a great idea. Chloe is less than enthusiastic – right idea, wrong guy. "Well," says Father Matt, "You think about it. I have to go to a parish council meeting – That's about as much fun as Lent."

Chloe tells Lucas they are as married as they can get, "I'm happy just the way we are." Lucas asks, "Are you really?"

Sami says she thinks EJ is a great father. Rafe gets just a tad sarcastic, "You mean he schedules the assassinations early so he can get home by the time his kids are in bed?" Sami says she knows what EJ is capable of, but her son is part of his family. She wants to see the best in Johnny's father for Johnny's sake, of course, "So the best thing for you would be to just get up and leave right now."

Chloe insists she's happy, "I don't want to keep anything from you. I'm happy doing this..." She moves in.

Max asks what happened at the hospital. Stephanie evades, "Nothing. Just that someone wants to kill my boyfriend and he doesn't want to go to Greece with me... I just want to run away."

When the audience stops cheering Max says, "You could go on your own."

Phillip gets off the phone with Billie and tells Chelsea she is happy Chelsea's coming. Chelsea asks where Stephanie went. Phillip dunno. "Did she say when she would be back," asks Chelsea.


Chloe and Lucas have moved their operations to the pub. Chloe barks her order at Arianna and we get the feeling there might be a little friction between the two. Kind of like that little bit of friction you get when two locomotives meet head on. Lucas says he doesn't want any secrets.

Sami says she will never be through with EJ, "So there it is... that's your get out of jail free card. Let me hear from you."

"I'm not going anyplace," says Rafe, "I'd be crazy to leave anyone as wonderful as you." There must be some hallucinogen in that java.

"So," he quips, "pass the butter."

Max arranges CDs as Chelsea returns, "You're still here?"

Max wants to start over, "No I just got here. Are you going somewhere?"

"I'm going to London to take care of my mom," says Chelsea.

Max asks, "May I... as a friend... say that's good?"

Chelsea says, "I thought you were upset..."

"OK," says he sighs, "I thought if I pretended what happened earlier didn't happen I wouldn't have to apologize, but I guess I do."

"I'll miss you so much," says she says, "You know... I've been thinking..."

"I've been wondering where that smoke was coming from."

"I don't know that it's fair to ask you to wait for me," she says. Max will wait. Slobbering ensues.

Stephanie returns to Phillip's room. She says she doesn't like living with this but she can't live without him, "I love you, Phillip." She crawls in with him.

Kate tells Daniel he played a dangerous game today. Daniel says it wasn't a game. She says as long as she knew his affair with Chloe was over, she had planned to give him a pass, but that was before he attacked her and denigrated her son. Merciful Kate decides she'll still give the pass, though. She says she has lost her taste for vengeance, "Don't let there be a next time."

Daniel tells her Chloe is doing everything she can to keep Lucas happy. Except leave him.


Lucas says he's been keeping things from Chloe.

Chloe asks, "Sami?"

"No," says Lucas.

"But it's always Sami."

"Will was saying I should keep out of her craziness," says Lucas. Chloe says she wants to talk about other things. Or not talk at all... She moves in on him.

The bickering at the Java Café turns into banter. Sami assures Rafe he's not a rebound thing. Rafe tells her Grace is his Goddaughter and he will be in her life no matter what.

Sami conjures up one of her more cheery personalities, "This is a pretty good breakfast." Rafe finishes his croissant and says his next mission is to get Sami to forget about EJ. He moves in. Sami forgets. Whadya know... dessert for breakfast.

Chloe walks outside. Apparently after kissing Lucas, she needed some fresh air to keep from getting sick. She calls to make sure Daniel is OK as Kate comes up behind her, "Talking to Daniel? His phone is turned off. He's in surgery."

"That's OK," says Chloe, "It's not important."

"Really," asks Kate, "Daniel and I just had an important conversation. I told him how much I owed him." Speaking of conjuring up personalities, apparently Kate owns the franchise on Satan himself, "YOU I DON'T OWE A DAMN THING!"

Nurse Natasha comes in and drags Stephanie out of Phillip's bed. Stephanie leaves. The nurse tells Phillip she has a stronger antibiotic, which Dr. Jonas has ordered. She plunges the serum into his IV.

Phillip questions, "Waitaminute... Dr. Jonas said..." He drifts off.

Natasha the nasty nurse says, "Goodnight sweet prince." She buries his face in a pillow.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well I am glad that it was Nurse Natasha who gave Phillip the deadly injection in his IV, and it was not Rafe's sister, Arianna. Of course, Stephanie or Daniel will come back in and save Phillip's life. Victor's goon has now kidnapped Stefano and they will be holding him for ransom.

I am surprised that Rafe finds Sami attractive at all since all they ever do is bicker. But that is all she seems to do with any man she falls for. I just wish the writers would let Sami grow up instead of acting like a whining child all the time who pitches fits when she doesn't get her way.

And Kate? Why not just let her plans backfire on herself and get rid of her ownself once and for all time?

I read where something tragic happens in June with Grace.

5:30 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Kate spews hellfire, "Wouldn't you like to know."

"So I guess this rules out a quickie at your place this evening" asks Daniel.
Ah yes the ever hopeful and ever horny Dr. Cop-A-Feel.

Rafe reveals Arianna is his sister.Oh those ever so clever writers are at it again. When they met, it looked like they were going to devour each other. I don’t think I’ve ever greeted either one of my brothers using their first and last names. Haven’t the two siblings heard of a telephone, e-mail, or snail mail? Obviously, they don’t bother with that annual Hallmark tradition of purchasing a birthday card. If they got together and broke a wishbone on Thanksgiving, they could enjoy lots of uncomfortable moments with the family just like the rest of us.

Rafe says he and Arianna had a falling out a while ago and that's why he never mentioned her in the safehouse, "That and the fact the writers hadn't thought her up back then."You're right Prevuze. They keep making it up as they go along. Geez!

"I'm not going anyplace," says Rafe, "I'd be crazy to leave anyone as wonderful as you." There must be some hallucinogen in that java.Rafe has no self-respect – not exactly a novel trait for a denizen of Salem. What guy with his kind of looks wants to hang on to a woman with a baby, two toddlers, and a smart mouthed teenaged son after she tells him she’s still hung up on another guy? Stuffing Ford Decker in a water heater is far more believable.

She says she has lost her taste for vengeance, "Don't let there be a next time."When the “next time” happens, I am quite sure Kate will instantly reacquire her taste for vengeance. In fact, I’m counting on it.

JustCallMeTracy – I thought those Ellie Mae Clampett ponytails looked pretty silly on a woman of Sami’s age. Hmm, is Prevuze suggesting that Sami might have a little junk in the trunk? Prevuze this episode sounds pretty forgettable so thanks for the great Friday morning update!

5:41 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

So many things to comment on today. First, a big HUH?!: Sami "wants to see the best in Johnny's father". So THAT's why she did this whole hiding-the-baby thing! I wondered why.

Under the heading How Quickly They Forget II: Kate declaring she doesn't owe Chloe "A DAMN THING!" I bet Chloe's glad she went through that bone marrow thing now.

Loved "rantification", the Salem High warning and Phillip taking a header. Call me sick but that really made me LOL. HAHAHHA

TGIF and TGIP! Happy (hopefully) fluless weekend all.

7:46 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Bulldog is correct, so many things I could comment on today.

What a surprise. Stephanie wakes up from her nightmare and all is well.

Not quite a HUH?! moment, but that surprised me! I thought it was going to turn out to be one of them just accidently pulled a lead out of the monitor. lol

Staring certain death in the face, Rafe consults the Guy Manual

Whew, I’m relieved. The men on this show have missed several opportunities to consult the Guy Manual lately. I was afraid it had been misplaced.

"If you go after her I will make you regret it."

Hey, now THAT’S refreshing. Someone actually standing up to Kate and throwing a counter-threat in her face. Dr. Feel’emgood just moved up a couple of notches on my “he might actually have some cojones” scale.

So as some suspected, Arianna is Rafe’s sister? I watched their first scenes together to see if they could be siblings and discounted the theory 'cause they sure didn’t talk like brother/sister. And what was with her saying, “I thought I’d never see you again,” when they first met?

Chloe tells Lucas they are as married as they can get, "I'm happy just the way we are."

And it’s probably easier to get a divorce when you haven’t been married in the church. Which brings up a question. I’m not Catholic and don’t know the current stance the church has on divorce, but how do these couples keep getting divorces left and right? In the old days the “until death do you part” wasn’t just a suggestion for Catholics. There wasn’t a divorce unless you got special dispensation from Rome or could come up with some excuse to say the marriage could be annulled. Am I way out of the loop?

When the audience stops cheering Max says, "You could go on your own."

The audience starts a collection to help her with the airfare.

OK, here’s the big HUH?! for today:
Phillip gets off the phone with Billie.

I thought it was touch and go. I thought Billie was critical. But she’s well enough to yak on the phone with Philip? TLT

Great submissions by all the picture artists today - Earth Day, Ellie Mae, Stefano's construction company - not to mention the snarky censored link. It's a gloomy, TGIF for sure today!

8:22 AM  

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