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Second Thoughts

Note: This is yesterday's "lost episode." For today's feed, CLICK HERE.

Also, note that this is the episode which airs today in the US. During Nicole and EJ's "private reception," Prevuze reader Nina Storey will sing her new song, "All I Want From You." Enjoy...

EJ is on the phone outside the sanctuary at the church. He tells Stefano he'll take care of the package and hangs up as Nicole comes out with Sydney. They decide they are ready to go home.

Stefano is at the Java Café. Walina serves him. He leaves a huge tip, gets the paper, sits and reads. Bo walks up behind him and tells him not to get too comfy.

Daniel 'splains what's up with Phillip, "His blood has lost the ability to clot. He doesn't know if he can save him." everyone in the room trades death stares.

Phillip vegetates.

Lucas rushes up, "I had to pick up Allie and drop her off at Caroline's. God forbid we should ever have to take care of the kids ourselves."

Daniel announces he knows of a treatment he can try on Phillip. Kate won't agree until she knows what it is. She has a meltdown, "I don't trust him!"

EJ carries Nicole across the threshold. Flunky #2 walks in and Nicole panics.

Kate continues her rage, then backs off. Lucas asks why she doesn't trust Daniel. Kate turns to Daniel and asks what the treatment is. Daniel says, "I can't make his blood clot, but I can do the next best thing. I'll force him to watch DOOL and it will curdle."

Daniel leaves. Kate asks, "How can it be the right thing to put our son's life in that man's hands? I learned that wasn't the thing to do when I put myself in his hands."

"I can vouch for that," says Chloe.

Bo wonders why Stefano isn't at the hospital on death watch. Stefano says he has nothing more to say without his attorney.

EJ says Flunky #2 is Marco, "He's here to protect us." He bawls out Marco for scaring his wife. Marco leaves. EJ apologizes. He assures Nicole she doesn't have to worry about Victor and Phillip. Nicole isn't so sure. She doesn't think she can live like this.

Victor tells Kate to put her personal resentment aside to save their son. Kate falls apart. She resolves things will be different if God protects Phillip, "I am going to be more loving and forgiving. I will live my life with dignity."

"Wow," says Victor, "Things really will be different if that happens."

Stephanie watches through the window and bawls as Daniel works on Phillip.

Lucas says he knows Phillip was Chloe's first love, "I guess you never get over those feelings, right?" As they hug, Chloe gives Daniel the once over.

Daniel comes out and says they are waiting for Phillip to rally, but should know soon, one way or the other.

Bo lectures Stefano for the years of pain he has inflicted. He says Tony despised everything Stefano stood for, "From now on, if you so much as look at my brother the wrong way, I'll put the last nail in your damn coffin!"

EJ tells Nicole it's a little late to be having second thoughts. Nicole has trouble having any thoughts. They decide to start over. EJ carries her across the threshold again. Inside he spins her around until she gets as nauseated as the audience and they smooch.

Nicole looks at the wedding program in the rumpus room, "It's sad the day is about over."

"What do you mean," says EJ, "It lasted a week. Besides, the night is about to begin." He pours champagne.

Stefano tells Bo he has made his point and wants to enjoy his latte before it gets cold. Bo leaves. Stefano makes a call.

Stephanie walks into Phillip's room, "Can I touch him?"

Daniel says, "Yes, you might be the one person that can help him. It's the best medicine there is." Stephanie sits and weeps.

Lucas tells Kate he couldn't get a hold of Billie but called Austin.

Lucas leaves and Victor walks up to Kate. She tells him she will forgo her plans for Chloe, "No more revenge if Phillip survives."

Victor asks , "Didn't you promise exactly the same thing if you got over your illness?"

Don't confuse my mind with facts," says Kate.

Daniel announces there is no change in Phillip's condition. Lucas says he doesn't know what his family would do without Daniel. Daniel says without Lucas' family he would be a monk.

Stephanie gives Phillip a pep talk, "Today was the best day of my life and the worst. In other words, it was the best of times and the worst of times. I've never been so happy."

Phillip looks up, "Personally... I'm not doing so well."

Suddenly, Phillip's machines go berserk.

Kate prays, "Don't take my son... we can't lose him." Daniel comes out and announces Phillip has turned the corner. Kate thanks Daniel, who walks off. Oh, the joy!

Phillip wakes and sees Stephanie. He decides comas aren't so bad.

Stephanie leaves so the Mommy and Daddy can descend on him. They tell him he gave them quite a scare. Kate remembers the marines coming to her door and Phillip's endless tear jerking appeal on the Salem News Network. She says she's proud of him because he faced both crises so bravely. Victor sits and apologizes for some of the things he's said. He says he's proud of Phillip and loves him, "I've got your back. We're gonna win."

Stefano is on the phone. He asks Masi if there has been unusual activity, "Keep your eyes open."

"That's what I should have done when I shot him," says Masi, "If I had done that, I might have killed him."

EJ and Nicole share chocolate strawberries. He gives her a jewel box. Nicole asks, "Is it jewelry?"

"No," mocks EJ, "it's a pony." she opens it to find earrings. Nicole loves them. EJ gets a call. Nicole leaves. Stefano tells him Phillip has taken a turn for the better and they need to take care of that. EJ says he will handle it. He hangs up and Nicole rejoins him.

Bo tells Stefano he's slipping, "I just happened to overhear your half of that conversation. It doesn't take a genius to connect the dots."

"Good," says Stefano, "I'd be in trouble if you could connect them."

Lucas tries to bore Phillip back into a coma by talking to him. Phillip survives, but the audience isn't so fortunate.

Chloe congratulates Daniel on another miracle cure. She wishes him happiness. "It goes both ways," says Daniel. Lucas comes out and thanks him.

Kate wants to know why Victor told Phillip they were in this together. She lectures him for talking about business at a time like this. She wants the war with the DiMeras to end. Victor assures her they won't come after Phillip until hell freezes over, "I have taken care of everything."

Bo sneers, "Now, Stefano, I have probable cause. Whatever that is."

Nicole tells EJ she's glad things worked out so they can have their own private reception. Nina Storey sings "All I want from you" as they smooch.

Phillip asks Stephanie to stay, "I need to know what happened."

"You were shot," says Stephanie.

Phillip says, "They don't come much more observant than you, do they?"

Loserclueless says Daniel deserves a medal.

Victor assures Kate no one will ever get near Phillip again. Kate goes for fresh air. Victor makes a call, "Let me know when DiMera leaves and I'll give you your next orders."

Stefano tells Bo EJ will spend his honeymoon in the Caribbean and if he wants to waste his money, he can go down there after him. Bo says he's going to do this by the book.

"There is a first time for everything, isn't there," asks Stefano.

Stephanie tells Phillip she loves him, "I want us to spend all the Days Of Our Lives together, but don't think you can tell me what to do just because you are lying in this hospital bed." Phillip agrees. He says she is the best thing that's ever happened to him.

Stephanie asks, "Has your life been that bad?"

Nicole drags EJ into bed. EJ takes off her top and searches. Suddenly Nicole hears a noise, "What was that?"

Daniel tells the group they will monitor Phillip, "But he's young, strong and bionic." Victor goes to check on him.

EJ comes down and asks what's going on. Stefano says he had a change of plans. He tells EJ to go back to his bride. "If I must," says EJ.

EJ goes upstairs and Stefano has chest pains. Maybe he should lay off the latte.

Stephanie and Bo hug and smile over the great news about Phillip.

Victor tells Phillip he's safe, but the DiMeras aren't.

Stefano comes into the rumpus room and huffs and puffs.

Nicole and EJ get busy.

Victor tells Phillip to close his eyes and speaks in his native tongue. Phillip looks up, "That's all Greek to me."

Stefano staggers around the rumpus room and collapses.

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