Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bottoms Up

Sami and Rafe are at Sami's place and Sami is being Sami. She frets about how Rafe is going to take care of Baker. Rafe tells her not to worry.

Nicole stands in Dr. Baker's hospital room with a wheelchair. She offers Baker a ride. Baker don' wan' no stinkin' ride.

EJ calls one of the mystery numbers from Stefano's message and gets Owen. He tells Owen they need to meet face to face.

Meanwhile, behind Owen, Phillip conspires to get Caroline to like him. He also wants to set a date for the wedding. Stephanie tells him he has one more mission – to stay safe and get stronger, which is a great transition to let us know Phillip's next physical therapy session is tonight, because all hospitals and clinics in Salem do PT on the night shift. "BUT," says Phillip, "I have just a little time." Stephanie starts her own PT session.

Owen watches the show as he talks to EJ. EJ gives him the secret box number to prove who he is. They agree to meet.

Sami thinks Rafe is making this sound too easy. Rafe tells her to calm down. He reminds her, since Baker is a doctor, it would be a breach of confidentiality if he talked about this. Sami says Baker doesn't know she's trying to keep it a secret that Grace isn't adopted. Rafe asks her to trust him, "Dr. Baker will not be a problem." Hugs.

Nicole insists she isn't leaving. She reminds Baker he is supposed to steer clear of Sami. "Yeah," says Baker, "But when Sami saw me she immediately ran, so she doesn't want to see me either. That means there is no problem."

"But Rafe saw you, too," says Nicole, "He's an ex-FBI guy and will start asking questions."

"Well, if he's an EX-FBI guy maybe he isn't so good at asking them."

Nicole wants Baker to leaves Salem and never come back.

Baker insists he isn't leaving town, "No chance."

EJ rants at Stefano's painting which, at the moment has more life than Stefano himself.

Stephanie and Phillip lounge on the lawn furniture. He assures her they will survive, "Eighty years from now you'll be wheeling me into the Brady pub."

Stephanie asks, "Since when do coffins have wheels?" Phillip promises to make her happy. He dives in for a little happiness.

Nicole continues to work on Baker. He tells her if he has another "accident" he's taking her with him, "I've written a little letter and left it with a friend. It details everything." Baker walks out. Nicole stares.

Phillip and Stephanie work on each other. Stephanie whoas it up, "what about children."

Phillip asks, "Besides you?" Phillip says he wants a big family, maybe six or seven kids.

Stephanie wants two, "Are your dimples recessive or dominant?"

"Everything about me is recessive." They hit the couch again for more fun and games.

Rafe walks into the hospital and asks for Baker. The nurse tells him Dr. Baker already left and it's, of course, against the rules for the nurse to tell Rafe where he lives. Sweet-talkin' Rafe turns on the charm and the nurse goes to see what she can do. While Rafe waits, he gets a call from Arianna, who asks him to join her for a cup of coffee. "I'm busy," says Rafe.

"With Sami?"

"Gotta go." He hangs up.

The nurse walks up and gives Rafe Baker's address. "Thanks," says Rafe, "you are a saint. Corrupt, but a saint."

Owen meets EJ in the woods. EJ says he wants to know a few things about Owen. Owen tells him he has been a gardener at the Kiriakis mansion working for Stefano for the past two years.

Baker wanders on the dock and talks on his phone. He promises Bobby he'll get his money to him ASAP. Baker hangs up. Bluto and Brutus walk up behind him. Bluto taps a baseball bat in his hand, "Everything OK, doc?"

Baker is a bit nervous, "Yeah, how's it with you guys?"

"We've got a big problem," says Brutus.

Baker quips, "Times are tough."

Uh-oh. Bluto and Brutus don't like sass. "Hey," says Bluto, "This guy has a mouth on him."

"We're here to collect for our boss," says Brutus. Baker wants to talk things over.

Bluto gives Baker the bad news, "It's too late for talk."

Sami and Grace are at the Java Café. Sami tells Grace they have to think good thoughts for Rafe. She goes to the counter to get Grace a frappuccino and order a cup of foam for herself. Nicole walks in and makes over Grace. Sami heads back toward the table, sees Nicole talking to Grace and has one of her famous Samiruptions.

We pan up Stephanie's leg and Phillip's prosthetic. Stephanie thinks things are a little too public to romp. Phillip doesn't. Phillip wins.

EJ is surprised when Owen tells him Phillip and Stephanie are engaged, "I want to come down hard on Phillip, but that's more punishment than any man should have to bear." EJ wants Owen to take his assignment to the next level at the DiMera mansion. Owen says he's good at being eyes and ears but not good at violence. EJ says that may have to change.

Baker promises he'll get the money tomorrow. Bluto says they've heard that before. He steps up to the plate and takes a few practice swings before bashing Baker's head.


Rafe interrupts batting practice. "Who the hell are you," asks Brutus.

"Just a friend," says the Lone Stranger, "Take a hike."

Brutus flicks his knife. Bluto swings. Rafe blocks. The fight is on.


The dust clears. Two armed thugs lie on the pavement as unarmed Rafe brushes himself off. Baker comes out from his hiding place.

Sami says she wants Nicole to stay away from Grace, "I want you to know what it's like when you tell me to stay away from Sydney." Translation: I don't give a flying leap about the kid, but want to take a dig at you.

Nicole looks at Grace, "She's so sweet and innocent. Everything you're not. That makes sense considering she's not your baby."

Stephanie dresses. Phillip tells her he's left a surprise for her in the closet upstairs and sends her up to look at it. He promises to go to PT even through he's already had his physical therapy for the evening. After Stephanie leaves, Phillip makes a call. He tells Stefano's nurse, "I want an update."

"He's alive... barely."

EJ wants to promote Owen to Goon II. Owen isn't sure. EJ puts his hand on Owen's shoulder, "My father's life is in danger. Unless you do exactly what I'm telling you to do, he's going to die."


In the depths of the cosmos, a dying star loses it's last spark of life and goes...


The star's explosion, however, does not match Sami's. Nicole agrees reminding Sami that Grace is adopted was insensitive. She agrees to try to be more tolerant in the future. "I adore Sydney," says Sami, "I have a real soft spot, between my ears." Nicole says Sydney doesn't need any attention from Sami. She says she wants boundaries.

"You are more psycho than I originally thought," says Sami. She says she's worried about the life Sydney will have to lead given the strikes against her, including having Nicole as a mother. Nicole insists maternal instincts have taken over her life and assures Sami Sydney will have a great life. Sami doesn't think that's possible in the DiMera mansion.

Nicole accuses Sami of being jealous. Sami denies that and throws down the guy-gauntlet, "If I wanted EJ in my life, he'd be there."

That does it!


Aw, dammit! Arianna interrupts. Sami makes the introductions. Arianna tells Nicole she's Rafe's sister. Nicole announces she and Sami can't stand each other and warns her to tell Rafe to stay away from Sami.

Rafe gets Bluto down and threatens to choke him with the bat. He tells Brutus to drop the knife. He sends the two thugs packing. Baker thanks him for saving his life. "It looks like you are in serious trouble," says Rafe.

Baker shrugs it off, "Nah."

Rafe asks, "Do I look stupid to you."

"You just took on two armed thugs bare handed and you're getting involved with the town ninny," says Baker, "The answer to that question should be obvious."

Baker tells him about his gambling problem, "Actually it's not really a gambling problem; it's a losing problem."

Rafe tips his hand, "Tell me more, doctor."

"How do you know 'm a doctor," says Baker, "Who are you.

"I can't tell you that," says Rafe, "But I can show you this..." He gives Dr. Baker one of his silver bullets.

Owen hesitates to move up in goon status. EJ says he will find someone else. At that threat, Owen reconsiders and agrees to do what EJ has asked.

Sami and Nicole stand at ten paces holding their respective babies. Do Not Forsake Me, Oh My Darlin' plays in the background. Arianna deflects the pending bloodbath, "The babies look about the same age. When were they born?"

Nicole and Sami say in unison, "January 28." Coincidence? I think not! Nicole leaves.

Arianna makes over Grace. She says she can't get hold of Rafe, "Any idea where he might be?"

"I have no idea," says Sami, "but he's always helping people. Maybe someone else was dumb enough to fall into the Salem river. I'm sure he's just helping a friend."

Rafe says, "My friend Sami tells me you delivered her baby. She's in town and would prefer you didn't talk about her baby to anyone." Baker thinks that's an easy promise to keep. Rafe wonders if Baker is curious as to why he's making that request. Baker says it's none of his business and tells Rafe he's leaving town.

Phillip and the nurse stand at the foot of Stefano's bed. "Barely alive," says Phillip, "You were right." Phillip sends the nurse off and flashes back to Stephanie trying to offer Stefano condolences in the pub. He remembers telling Stefano Tony's father is the one to blame.

Stephanie walks out onto the terrace, wearing Phillip's gift: a teeny tiny negligee. She worries, "Phillip, what's taking so long?"

Owen steps out of the bushes, "Maybe he's getting a gift." He offers her a fresh glass of lemonade. She takes it and starts to drink, but gets a call and puts it down. Stephanie walks away. Owen stares at the glass, "This is for you, Mr. DiMera, I'm gonna pull this off for you."

Sami rushes to answer her door. Rafe walks in and Sami wants to know why he looks like something the cat drug in. Rafe says he's fine and her secret is safe. Sami falls into his arms and thanks him.

Baker calls Nicole to tell her he's leaving town. He reminds her of their little insurance policy. Nicole says she will wire the $15,000. Baker starts to give her his tender goodbye but Nicole cuts him off and hangs up, "Another bullet dodged, Sydney. I am the luckiest woman in the world to have you and your daddy and nothing will change that." Translation: speaking of tender goodbyes...

EJ sits by Stefano's painting and twiddles Stefano's ring, "It's going to work. I won't let you down."

Stephanie admires the flowers Owen is arranging as Phillip onto the terrace. They bill and coo and say how much they love each other. Phillip is delighted that Stephanie is wearing his gift. Owen watches. "Wow," says Phillip, "I'm really dehydrated after all that PT." He picks up Stephanie's boiling, churning glass of poison lemonade. Bottom's up.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great prevuze. So, let me sum it up. Phillip and Steph are all kissy kissy in the garden and next make love on the couch in the living room, knowing Owen is out there somewhere. And to top it off, Steph gives him a show later in her tiny negligee? I quess Phillip never watches the late night cinemax movies, because otherwise he would knew having young buff atractive gardener around his young wife all the time and showing her off is the best way how to secure a marriage. This is almost like a parody, especially with the looks Owen is already shooting at Steph.

The only question is if Owen will be just obsessed with Steph and jealous of Phillip, or if Steph will develop some feelings for him as well.

4:58 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Nicole stands in Dr. Baker's hospital room with a wheelchair.At this point, you would think someone on the hospital staff would be questioning why Nicole is hovering around Dr. Baker. Dr. Baker doesn’t want Nicole around so why hasn’t he alerted security to keep her away from him.

"BUT," says Phillip, "I have just a little time." Stephanie starts her own PT session.At the end of April, Phillip was shot and bled out enough blood to fill a good size aquarium. Time stands still in Salem so it could only be a week in DOOL time since the shooting. Phillip took a bullet in his chest and had a major operation. It takes the human body six months to recover from that type of surgery, and Phillip already is hot for some romping time with Stephanie. Good gravy!

"He's an ex-FBI guy and will start asking questions."

"Well, if he's an EX-FBI guy maybe he isn't so good at asking them."
The only thing that Rafe appears to good at is making doe eyes at Sami.

The nurse walks up and gives Rafe Baker's address. "Thanks," says Rafe, "you are a saint. Corrupt, but a saint."Is there anything on this program based on any form of reality? Good gravy part deux!

The dust clears. Two armed thugs lie on the pavement as unarmed Rafe brushes himself off.On DOOL, reality once again takes a vacation. Isn’t Rafe the same guy who had such a hard time dealing with Sleazo and kept getting tied to a chair? Now we’re supposed to believe he can single handedly deal with two thugs. Good gravy part trios!

Nicole announces she and Sami can't stand each other and warns her to tell Rafe to stay away from Sami.Now how stupid is that? If Nicole wants Sami to stay away from EJ, she should be offering to throw a bridle shower for Sami if she becomes engaged to Rafe. Rafe the Lone ex-FBI black leather jacket clad Dudesicle with the silver bullet – yes, Prevuze, that’s quite the image.

Instead of NBC, DOOL should be on MTV – The Real World – Salem. All of the installments of that franchise are also a true slice of life. Yeah, right!!!!!!!!

5:53 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

With all the help around the Kiriakis mansion - gardener, butler, cook, probably a maid or two - making out on the patio and in the living room is just EEEEWWWWW. Not to mention Stephanie then parading around the house in a tiny neglige. Double EEEEWWWWW.

Nicole stands in Dr. Baker's hospital room,

Well, that double-secret handshake promise Nicole gave never to bother Dr. Baker again sure lasted a long time.

Phillip says he wants a big family, maybe six or seven kids.

Is that counting the one he already has and gave away, or in addition to?

You can take everything Leslie commented on and add a "Me too" from me. This show is getting beyond unwatchable.

Prevuze, however, continues to save the day with super prevuisms and hilarious pictures like what guys want (from Sami) and Max finding a cure for food poisoning. Great job!

6:56 AM  
Anonymous OR Ollie said...

Go Stowen!

They've got to be better than Phil and Stephanie and I've never seen Owen.

Great Prevuze, love the description of fine, upstanding citizen Rafe looking for stogies.

8:42 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Well everyone stole my comments!

In particular, an unarmed Rafe - who, while guarding Sami, was such a helpless agent Grace could've gotten the better of him - can now take on two goons with bats.

LOL over "You just took on two armed thugs bare handed and you're getting involved with the town ninny" and being with Stephanie being punishment enough. That could also apply to being with Chloe. Or Chelsea. Or Sami. Or Hope. Or Nicole. Or Kate. Or Daniel. Or Luclueless. Or Bo. And I would say Or Pard but nobody's been with him since Kate. HAHAHAAHA

Excellent Prevuze, pictures and comments today. Thanks everyone for the laughs! :D

8:58 AM  
Anonymous Roman Brady said...

And I would say Or Pard but nobody's been with him since Kate. You're right about that. It's been one hell of a long dry spell. Well, I did have that one night stand with Anna, but if you remember that scared me so much I almost turned gay.

9:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Be nice to Rafe. He was wounded in a fight trying to get the Christmas presents for Sami. So he was rather weak when fighting later on.

10:36 AM  
Anonymous Betyar said...

The only explanantion for Rafe's newly aquired figting skills can be that he's been working out and taking some self-defence classes since being unemployed...who-da-thought???

3:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm having a hard time figuring out why you guys watch DOOL. It's a soap opera for goodness sakes! You have to take every story line with a grain of salt. It's pretty corny stuff, but I'm liking it more than I did when the story lines had people being buried alive, presumed dead, and coming back to life. Now to me that was stuff hard to swallow. There is a little romance back in the show, and that's what keeps me tuned in.

5:49 AM  

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