Monday, May 11, 2009

A Veil And A Bullet-Proof Vest

Rafe busts into Sami's place with a bag of food. Sami shushes him and tells him Grace just fell asleep. Rafe asks about Grace's upcoming doctor's appointment. Sami is surprised, "You remembered the appointment. Guys never remember appointments like that."

"That's a generalization," says Rafe, "It's like saying, 'Guys only want one thing.'"

Sami asks, "That's not true?"

"Actually," says Rafe, "That one's pretty much true." Sami gives him a sample.

Nicole comes downstairs babbling to Sydney about getting Dr. Baker out of her life permanently.

Baker hands a colleague an envelope, "To be opened only in the event of my death."

EJ is in the rumpus room. He gets a call. It's Victor checking in to see how he slept. EJ remains silent. Victor tells him Stefano is pretty much the same, "Did you ever hear the story that 'Snow White' was about a diabetic coma?" EJ remains silent as Victor asks when he is going to sign over DiMera Enterprises. EJ still doesn't respond so Victor hangs up. He turns to Stefano's lifeless body, "Elvis isn't much of a morning person, is he?"

Stephanie joins Phillip on the terrace. She gripes about the guy with the headset and the concealed weapon who keeps watching her. She says she's made a decision, "A cute guy with baggage asked me to marry him. When you balance cute with baggage cute winds every time." Smoochies.

Nicole brings Sydney in to see the morose and brooding EJ. She sees his face and asks what happened. He tells her Victor did it and asks her to stay out of it. He tells her about the Stef-napping.

Nicole asks, "What does Victor want?"


Phillip says, "You make me happy."

"Your standards are low," says Stephanie. She starts worrying about the bodyguard, but decides she's come to terms with him being there.

"Well since you're so comfortable having him around, maybe we can name our first son after him."

"His name is Marion," says Stephanie, "So we could name our first daughter after him, too."

"I'm just crazy about you," says Phillip, "I think you should start calling your family and give them the good news."

"My grandmother is already coming over," says Stephanie, "When she gets here do we have to pat her down?"

"No," says Phillip, "I'll pat you down instead."

Stephanie leaves as Victor arrives. Phillip gives him the good news about the engagement. In return, Victor gives Phillip some good news, "Very soon Stefano and all the DiMeras will be neutralized, powerless. And then you, your wife and all of us can live happily ever after for all the Days Of Our Lives."

Nicole tries to encourage EJ. EJ doesn't buy it. He tells her about the contract to hand over DiMera enterprises.

"Then we're OK," says Nicole, "They just made a huge mistake. You are the best lawyer ever and will find a way to stop them. I know you will."

Sami and Rafe come up for air. Rafe senses something is wrong. Sami says she is concerned someone might walk in on them. Rafe shows her how a door lock works.

"All we are," whines Sami, "is a couple of babysitters with some not-so-remarkable benefits."

"I like the benefits," says Rafe. Sami hopes things can get a whole lot more beneficial later. She promises someday in the not to distant future they will be able to spend several beautiful hours together. Grace interrupts with her crying. Sami goes off.

Baker tells his colleague about Nicole, "She makes Stalin seem easygoing."

Nicole tells EJ she's not worried about losing the money. She knows he'll take care of things, "And besides, it's you and Sydney that make me happy."

Caroline arrives at the Kiriakis mansion. Stephanie makes the big announcement, "Phillip asked me to marry him and I said yes."


A lead balloon crashes onto the set. Stephanie whines, "I thought you'd be happy."

"You didn't think very hard," says Caroline.

"Too much thinking gives me a headache," says Stephanie. Caroline drags her off to have the proverbial 'little chat.'

Phillip looks at Victor and sigh, "Well, that went well, didn't it?" Victor tells him no Brady will back off just to make him feel more comfortable.

In the next room, Caroline tells Stephanie she's thrilled, "I'll get you a veil and a bullet proof vest. Did you talk this over with your parents?

"Yes," says Stephanie, "Off-screen, of course."

Caroline asks, "And they thought it was a good idea?"

"No," says Stephanie, "But I love him."

EJ computes. He thinks he sees a loophole in the contract. EJ says he just wants to be a family and doesn't want to be a target any more, "But I won't let Victor take me to my knees."

Nicole tells EJ Stefano is his Achilles' heel, "Victor has one too. He thinks his shot at immortality is the fruit of his loins." Nicole gives him a pep talk, "I'm going to give you some space so you can think things through." The way EJ thinks, a small closet would be enough space.

Nicole leaves. Outside in the foyer she says to herself, "OK, Baker, I'm gonna give you one more chance."

EJ stares at Stefano's painting.

Stefano vegetates, "Elvis... you must listen to me..."

Caroline is upset because Stephanie is marrying a filthy, good-for-nothing, rotten Kiriakis, "We have one thing in common. We both fell in love with a Kiriakis. Oh, well. I guess all I can do is offer my congratulations."

Stephanie whines, "Phillip isn't like Victor. I swear he isn't."


Back on the terrace, Phillip and Victor talk business. Stephanie walks out and listens as Phillip says, "The sooner the DiMeras are eliminated the better."

EJ rereads the contract and twirls his pen. He remembers Stefano telling him he was sorry he didn't have the opportunity to raise him and giving him advice, "Always stay three steps ahead of your opponent."

Lexie, Sami and Rafe trundle down the hall at the hospital. Lexie gives them her diagnosis, "It's probably just a low grade viral infection."

"Isn't the swine flu a low-grade viral infection," asks Sami.

"Never heard of it," says Lexie.
Lexie leaves to start filing out Grace's death certificate.

Nicole walks up and Baker comes out into the hallway. Cosmic forces align. Nicole surveys the situation, "This is not good. This is so not good."

Sami sees Baker and flashes back to delivering her baby. Nicole shudders, "I'm too late. It's all over now."

Sami panics, turns and runs off. Lexie comes back out and asks Rafe, "What was that all about?"

"Dunno," says Rafe, "Or maybe I do."

"That pretty much narrows down the possibilities," says Lexie. Rafe takes off after Sami.

Lexie turns and tells Baker she's going to release him. Nicole tells herself Sami was upset so maybe she has more time after all.

Caroline comes back out onto the terrace. Victor assures her of Stephanie's safety. Henderson brings champagne. Victor starts to make a toast.


Stephanie jumps out of her socks, and she isn't even wearing any. Her champagne goes flying.

Owen the maintenance guy apologizes, "I had no idea anyone was out here." Stephanie tells him it's her fault.

"She's a little jumpy," says Phillip, "She's getting married... to me."

"That would make anyone jumpy," says Owen. He turns to Stephanie, "So I guess you'll be around here a lot. I Hope you don't mind, as the weather gets hot, I'll be removing my shirt and flaunting my glistening bare chest as I work right below your bedroom window. There's a lot of work to do there."

Victor asks Henderson to give Owen a glass and he toasts again.

EJ mulls things over, "There is something else!" He remembers playing chess with Stefano and remembers Stefano telling him not to let his opponent know when he is ahead.

Caroline thinks Stephanie is jumpy. Victor asks Caroline to help with the champagne selection, "After all these years I can't resist getting you alone."

Caroline turns to Stephanie. "That," she says, "is what is known as Greek blarney."

Phillip worries that Caroline upset Stephanie. Stephanie says she can't accept what Caroline says about Phillip. She has to decide for herself.

EJ remembers more advice. Stefano tells him, "No matter what is going on or where I am, I will never abandon you in spirit. I will always be looking over you." EJ turns and sees Stefano's portrait looking over him. Oh, what symbolism! He walks over, takes the painting off the wall and tears the back off of it, finding an envelope.

Victor promises Caroline, "I'll treat Stephanie like a member of the family."

"That's what worries me," says Caroline.

Victor assures her Phillip loves Stephanie, "He won't try to control her. If you were at Troy that horse would still be sitting Outside the gate." Caroline has resigned herself that Stephanie will do whatever she wants. She worries that Stephanie believes Tony's death was an accident. Victor assures her it was. Caroline wants assurance that all this security is for defense and there will be no retaliation. Victor swears.

Stefano lies unconscious.

Stephanie says she heard Phillip say the DiMeras need to be eliminated. When she calls him on it, Phillip says Victor's word – neutralize – is a better way to describe it, "We are trying to work out a truce."

EJ looks in the envelope and finds a passport and names.

Caroline comes back out onto the terrace and wishes Stephanie and Phillip well. Stephanie invites her to come back anytime, "We can sit in my window and watch Owen work." Victor walks Caroline to her car. Phillip decides his new mission is to get Caroline to like him.

"She likes you," says Stephanie, "She just doesn't trust you."

"Do you?"

"Yes." They talk about the fact that Caroline and Victor have their doubts. Phillip decides to prove Caroline wrong about their family. Smooches.

Sami rushes back into her place ranting about the fact that Baker was there. Rafe tries to stop the runaway train, "I will take care of it."

Lexie releases Baker, "From now on, use the handrail." After Lexie leaves, Nicole rushes in with a wheelchair.

EJ looks through the papers he found inside the back of the painting and makes a call. Lips answer. EJ says, "I'm calling on behalf of Stefano DiMera."

We pan back from the lips to see Owen, "What can I do for you?" Stephanie and Phillip cavort in the background.

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Anonymous Berg said...

Sami and Rafe come up for air. Rafe senses something is wrong. Sami says she is concerned someone might walk in on them. Rafe shows her how a door lock works too bad he can't show the camera man how to turn the camera off so I am not subjected yet again to another breakfast tossing morning. Ah, Monday's - I love the smell of regurgitated breakfast in the a.m.

EJ has been stupider than a doorknob lately, how did he figure out there was an envelope behind the painting?

Will someone please give Grace a real examine, perhaps with some tests, so we can finally put this baby swapping pathetic excuse of a storyline to rest? I have a feeling with Dr. Baker off screen/canvas for a while - we are going to be suffering a long. long time. Hell at this point a week is a long, long time because in DOOL time we are still a few days out from Tony being killed while Ciara is off to college.

Much like a Feed the Children advertisement, please help. Please stop this maddness.

3:55 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

EJ still doesn't respond so Victor hangs up. He turns to Stefano's lifeless body, "Elvis isn't much of a morning person, is he?"Victor is still getting the best lines.

She says she's made a decision, "A cute guy with baggage asked me to marry him. When you balance cute with baggage cute winds every time." Smoochies.When you balance what the writers think is cute dialogue with reality, reality wins every time. Good grief! Can Stephanie be anymore saccharine? Oh well, that’s what makes all the Stephanie/Phillip scenes so zap worthy and cuts my DOOL viewing time down to about 20 minutes. It also helps that the Sami/Rafe scenes are also nausea inducing so they don’t make the cut either.

He tells her about the Stef-napping.Another new word for the Prevuze lexicon – Stef-napping! Prevuze, you are driving spell check crazy!

Nicole tells EJ she's not worried about losing the money.Really? What’s she going to do the next time Dr. Baker asks her for money to keep his yap shut? Nicole is far too high maintenance for anyone to take a statement like that very seriously.

Lexie gives them her diagnosis, "It's probably just a low grade viral infection."

"Isn't the swine flu a low-grade viral infection," asks Sami.

"Never heard of it," says Lexie. Lexie leaves to start filing out Grace's death certificate.
Prevuze, I think you’ve got something there. Grace and Zack might have a lot in common. Since Sami and Lexie don’t like each other very much, you would think that Sami would make every attempt to take Grace to see a pediatrician.

Prevuze, Lucas really picked out the perfect Mother’s Day gift for Kate. I bet she gets a lot of mileage out of that one! Happy Monday everyone!!!

5:46 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

When you balance cute with baggage cute winds every time.

Oh that’s a really mature outlook. Is that girl still in junior high?

"When she gets here do we have to pat her down?"

My eyes aren’t quite in focus this morning. I first read that as “do we have to put her down”. I didn’t think Caroline was that bad off yet. Lolol

My HUH?! Moment:
He remembers Stefano telling him he was sorry he didn't have the opportunity to raise him.

What about all that stuff when EJ first came to town and it came out he was Stefano’s son? He went down to New Orleans to visit Maison Blanche and reminisced about his childhood and all the time he spent growing up there with Stefano.

Great, snarky pics this morning. I especially liked "clueless as a DOOL writer in advance lit" and the reason Philip wasn't like Victor.

On the other hand, Victor didn't marry a floozy who was already pregnant by another guy nor has he given away a baby he had through a surrogate as if it was last week's garbage. At least, not that we know of.

I'm with Leslie on getting my DOOL viewing down to 20 minutes or less. There are few scenes I'll suffer through now that Prevuze does the viewing for me. Thanks, Prevuze, for doing what must seem like a thankless job!!

7:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The show sucks. Prevuze ist great. Loved the pics and comments. So Funny!!!c

8:27 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

I hate to make everyone's Monday even worse, but spoilers say soon Prevuze will have to add another word to its dictionary. Not only Stef-napping but Steph-napping, when Stephanie gets kidnapped. Oh the agony! HAHAHAHA

So now we not only have Celeste and Bo but EJ with psychic powers. I actually yelled out "OH PUHLEEEZ!" when he found the envelope (fortunately I'm not at work). How ridiculous.

Loved all of the pictures and Lexie never hearing of the swine flu.

Thanks, Prevuze, for the Monday cheer!

8:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like Dr. Baker may be making an exit.......They are setting a few people up to blame for his death.

10:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And of course, Nicole will NOT be responsible for Baker's death...this is DOOL after all. Any attempt at reason must be avoided at all times...hey, if she can get away with a fake pregnancy and baby switching s/l, what's one more obvious clue to be ignored!

I know some of you don't like Rafe & Sami, but I like them. It's nice to see some attempt at normalcy amid the constant insanity going on at DOOL.

12:40 PM  
Anonymous Scolly said...

Anon -

I like "Safe", too. It's Philanie who drive me to the zapper! Of course, like Applecheeks says, this at least gets us thru Daze faster.

2:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok. I may be over analying here but..... Both Kate and Bo have been in the hospital with life threatening illness that could develop secondary illness. Yet, the writers have both of them acting dumb when told about the possibility that Billie could develop a secondary illness. Kate is completely clueless to what it is and Bo has to ask "med student" Max to clue him in.
Just how dumb do they think we are?
Also, what's with the fruit basket turnover on babies in Salem lately? Now, Grace is a different kid. Just can't keep good help?
And my perpetual question....
Where is Mia living and where does she get all the stuff she needs, i.e. living quarters, laundry service, jewelry, makeup, clothes etc. Is it me or does she seem homeless?

8:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

8:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, Mis dresses chic and looks healthy for a homeless teen.

8:30 PM  

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