Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Baby Black Market Bailouts

Chloe meets Lucas at the pub. She hits him with the big idea that they should elope. Lucas asks, "Chloe, what's gotten into you?"


Admit it, you didn't even have to click on that link, did you?

Snivelin' Sami is on the phone with Sister Teresa, "Oh, I hate missing these things. Tell Grace I'll be there."

Will walks up, "So who's Grace?"

Nicole opens the door of the DiMera mansion to find Dr. Baker standing there, "What the hell are you doing here?"

Dr. Baker says, "Well, you know what they say, the truth... will set you free... that's what I'm gonna do for you."

Daniel finds Hope eating a salad for lunch at the pub. She says she was supposed to get together with Kayla, "But Kayla has a job and commitments and couldn't make it. I have nothing."

"You have Bo," says Daniel.

"That's what I said," says Hope, "I have nothing."
Daniel asks to join her.

Bo bustles around his office and has his Hope-Rompin' flashforward. Roman walks in and figures something is wrong. Bo brushes him off and Roman leaves. He finds Rafe waiting for him in the reception area. Rafe says he is there looking for a job, "And I want you to know I'm here on my own merit. It wasn't right for Sami to go above your head and call the mayor."

Chloe asks, "So what do you say, Lucas? Let's elope.

Lucas don' wan no stinkin' antelope. He prefers a dog, "What's going on? You wanted to break up out of the blue and now you want to elope out of the blue."

"Something old... something new... something borrowed... something blue," says Chloe.

Daniel says, "You didn't do anything wrong. Blowing Kayla to kingdom come was the right thing to do." Hope thinks Daniel is upset about something.

Abe comes in to see Bo and hands him a double-secret big red folder. "What's this," asks Bo.

"Shhhh," says Abe, "It's today's donut order. We're switching from Dave's Donuts to Connie's Confections. Don't tell anyone."

Roman is upset at Sami for butting in. Rafe removes his foot from his mouth and says he thought Roman knew about Sami's call. Roman starts the interview. "I thought you were out of funds," says Rafe.

"I have a special fund," says Roman, "To cover long range criminal investigations, and since we never solve any crimes around here, all of our investigations are long range. The fact is, I'm interested in investigating Stefano's role in the mayor's killing and I think you might be able to help."

Sami hems and haws, "I said Rafe, not Grace. Where have you been keeping yourself. I've hardly seen you since you got back to town."

"Maybe that's because you're never around." The first cut is the deepest.

Baker and Nicole trade insults as she tells him to go away. Baker tells her he's leaving town. That gets Nicole's interest, "Does that mean there will be no baby black market bailouts?"

"I have an offer in Detroit," says Baker.

"Great," says Nicole, "I hear the streets are paved with gold there."

"True," says Baker, "They spent their money on streets instead of a football team. So I guess this is goodbye"

"No," says Nicole, "It's a prelude to goodbye. I know you want more money."

"I want something much more important than that," says Baker, "I want to live in a place where just one person isn't as nutty as a Stuckey's Pecan Log."

An announcement crawls across the bottom of the screen, "In today's show, the parts of Lucas and Chloe will be played by two students from Mrs. Murphy's Kindergarten for the Un-gifted." As the love birds argue, Chloe stares past Lucas and zones in on Daniel. Lucas wonders why she is staring at him. Chloe claims she isn't as her eyes focus on him like a couple of lasers. They happy couple takes things outside.

Hope tells Daniel she doesn't think she will get her job back. Right on cue, Abe walks in with the mysterious big red folder. He hands it to her and tells her she has been reinstated. Hope squeals and hugs.

Lucas begs Chloe to tell him what's going on, "This is starting to sound like Sami to me, when she sped up the wedding she was playing me. What is going on?"

"You almost died," whines Chloe.

"That's a reason to get insurance," says Lucas, "not married."

"Marrying you would be about as exciting as buying life insurance," says Chloe. She blows up and stomps off.

Mommy figures Willie Boy is mad at her. "What tipped you off," asks Will, "Besides my uncontrollable rage? You just seem that way."

Sami asks, "What way?"

Will says, "Like you think something bad is going to happen."

Sami mumbles under her breath, "I thought I hid it so well." Then she flies off the handle, "I was in the witless protection program. It was gnarly. I feel like I haven't (say it with her) been there for you."

Sami's phone rings. Miss Short Attention Span 2009 gets distracted and sonny-boy gets peeved. He stomps off as Sami tries to make excuses, "I just thought it might be something about the twins."

"I have to go get my phone from the cabin," says Will.

Slobberin' Sami calls after him, "WILL!"

Will giver her his parting shot, "Don't worry... this isn't anything too gnarly."

Dr. Baker says he wants an invitation to Nicole's wedding. Nicole nukes. Awww, Baker was just funnin' her. Nicole asks, "So you're really leaving."

"All good thins must come to an end," says Baker.

"I guess that means DOOL will go on forever," says Nicole.

"It's not au revoir," he says, "It's goodbye. Have a great life."

Daniel tells Abe he has his vote and leaves. Bo comes in and admits he already knew about this, but quickly assures Hope he just learned about it, "Yessir, His Honor was a man with a plan. A mayor without a prayer."

Abe leaves. Bo and Hope celebrate. Bo hugs her, "Things are lookin' up." Translation... That's what the captain of the Titanic said to the first mate as they approached the iceberg.

Daniel watches Bo and Hope kiss and flashes back to hot times with Chloe' He mumbles to himself, "It's over."

Chloe flashes back to greeting Daniel in her nightie. Will comes in and senses something is wrong, "What's up with you?"

Days Of Our Lives - Where the days never seem to end and the lives that do always come back from the dead.

Roman asks Rafe about the mayor's killer. Sami comes in and asks if Roman hired Rafe. Roman tells her Rafe is just now filling out his job application.

Roman goes for coffee. Sami and Rafe share an uncomfortable moment. Sami says her kids are screwed up because she is a screwup, "Grace is sitting up and I missed it." Rafe assures her things will be OK. Roman comes back as they hug and soaks it all in.

Nicole bumps into Lucas. Lucas tells her Chloe wants to elope and about their argument. He asks if Nicole knows what Chloe is so emotional about. Nicole dodges the question and Lucas turns his attention to Sydney. Lucas thinks she looks like Allie.

Roman tells Rafe Sami is a first class distraction. Bo and Hope walk in and they all party like it's 1999. Roman tells them Rafe will be working there if he ever finishes the application.

Rafe sits at a table across the room and struggles with the SPD employment application...


Roman tells Hope she has forms to fill out. She offers to show Rafe around. Roman takes Bo into his office and shows him Rafe's report. Roman says they will have to keep an eye on Rafe, "He doesn't always follow orders."

"Imagine that," says Bo, "A cop that doesn't follow orders." Bo and Roman share a good laugh as Bo looks out the window and flashes forward to Hope and her mysterious romper room buddy.

Will tells Chloe he is just there to get his phone. He says he feels like Chloe doesn't want him there. She tells him about the fight with Lucas. Will can't locate his phone so Chloe hands him her phone so he can call his and locate it when it rings. Will makes the call but hears nothing, "Apparently, I'm away."

Chloe says she acted like a jerk and Lucas took off. Will suggests she call Lucas and tell him that. Chloe whines, "Every time I act like I'm sorry he thinks it's his fault."

Nicole starts to leave as Sami joins them. She and Nicole get into it. "You have it all baby," snipes Sami, "A great fiancée, a baby and a bitchy attitude!" Lucas takes that as his cue to leave. Nicole wonders if Chloe knows how devoted Lucas is to Sami.

Suzi Quatro sings Stumblin' In as Lucas the sot hits his new favorite watering hole, the Cheatin' Heart. Lucas sits at the bar and eyes the booze. Dr. Daniel joins him, "Are you here for another round of alcohol poisoning?"

"I'm here to think," says Lucas.

"You can't do that anywhere else," says Daniel, "Why should you be able to do it here?"

Bo fidgets and wonders if they should hire Rafe. Roman says he feels like he owes Rafe. "Then get him a job," snorts Bo, "Just not here."

Bo walks out. Hope is all bubbly about Rafe, "On top of everything else, he's a first baseman!"

"Let's Hope he doesn't get to fist base with you," says Bo.

"He won't," says Hope, "He doesn't want to play in the minors." Rafe leaves. Bo tells her he's not sure Rafe will work out.

Hope figures things out, "How can you be jealous of someone I hardly know."

"Because you've been known to jump into bed with men you hardly know."

Will and Chloe rant about Lucas. Will says he knows Lucas wouldn't want to elope, "Nothing can go on with him without the Bradys and Hortons watching." He encourages Chloe to call him.

Lucas drinks coffee and tells Daniel about Chloe wanting to elope, "She's a great girl. She really feels things."

"You don't have to tell me about that," says Daniel.

Lucas wonders what he should do. "Maybe I can help," says Daniel, "Maybe I can tell you the truth."

Chloe gets Lucas' voicemail. Will wishes he could help. Chloe says he can.

Daniel says, "I really got to know part of Chloe when she was my patient. All parts of her, as a matter of fact."

Lucas remembers that's about the time when things started going sour with Chloe, "She needed someone to listen and you were (say it with him) there for her. Did she talk about me?"


"What did she say?"

"Mostly how much she loves you."

"But I was letting her down, right," asks Mr. Insecurity, "I know I screwed up but don't know how." Lucas says he and Chloe shouldn't have secrets. Daniel says he is dead wrong.

Bo and Hope bicker about Rafe. Bo tells her he had another vision. Hope reminds him, "I'm working and we're together. We're supposed to be happy right now."

"What part of that is supposed to make me happy," asks Bo.

Rafe walks outside the pub and gets a call. He tells the guy he applied at SPD. The guy suggests Rafe go on the anti-terror task force. Rafe asks, "Roman Brady vouched for me? No problem! I can move to New York... No, nothing is keeping me here."

Sami and Nicole argue. Nicole says, "If you want EJ off your case, you have to get used to living like a nun. Life has it's ups and downs. In fact that's how EJ and I got together in the first place if you know what I mean."

Roman announces he's off to court, "I talked to our friend in New York about Rafe."

After Roman leaves, Bo closes the blinds. Hope asks why he did that. He moves in on her, "If this is tough for me to watch, imagine what it would do to the guys out there."

Nicole tells Sydney the wedding will be perfect.

Rafe bumps into Sami and tells her she sounded upset on the phone. Sami rushes up, hugs him and goes into one of her bawl-a-thons, "I really, really need you!"

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Anonymous Berg said...

hmmm.. I still say Hope romps with Rafe. Give it time peeps. Is it just me or do Bo and Hope remind anyone else of a more botoxed version of the Scarecrow and Mrs. King?

Who goes to a bar (Lucas) and sits at the bar (Lucas) and orders (Lucas) coffee (CLueless)? I mean really!

Loved the censored link. It's funny how naturally I thought the same answer for Chloe right as I clicked on the link. Prevuze, best physhic site on the web!

Um...what was the reason for Dr. baby black market to even show up? He was just "sayin" goodbye? Note to DOOL writers: That just doesn't make any sense. It's like the show was also written by the two kindergartners playing Chloe and Lucas. Wouldn't it be great to see a copy of the script all done in crayon?

Have a good day peeps! And if you go to a bar - don't drink the coffee.

3:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Prevuze wrote: Grace is sitting up and I missed it."

Boy, Salem has super genius babies to look forward to - imagine Grace and Sydney - only a few days old at this point and sitting up, or being held upright in people's arms, looking quite mature and bright eyed - like much "older" babies.

4:57 AM  
Anonymous Down with the Sickness said...

Did Victor really have Kate shanghaied and cleaning fish for a year?


Go Rafe and Hope.

5:40 AM  
Blogger Klaus said...

The babies obviously gain intelligence at the cost of common sense. Just like everyone else in Salem - it's the water.

I actually like the Dr coming up and saying goodbye, it was nice to see someone just pack up and leave with an explanation and hopefully without a dastardly plot.

Will gives her his parting shot, "Don't worry... this isn't anything too gnarly."
Can Will do anything else but complain and whine? GB2 Switzerland, buddy.

Rafe leaves. Bo tells her he's not sure Rafe will work out.
Amazing how even in telling her the truth, they end up a paranoid mess.

Hopefully someone will shanghai Chloe and Dan.

5:44 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Dr. Baker says, "Well, you know what they say, the truth... will set you free... that's what I'm gonna do for you."

If it were only that simple…sigh.

“The fact is, I'm interested in investigating Stefano's role in the mayor's killing and I think you might be able to help."

Oh so Rafe and EJ can have some more “in each other’s face” action? Can anyone say love triangle? If Nicole keeps her head above water, will that make it a love quadrangle? Such originality!!! Yuck!

”I've hardly seen you since you got back to town."

"Maybe that's because you're never around." The first cut is the deepest.

I thought Will was staying at the townhouse. Boys his age are eating machines. You would have thought Sami and Will could have caught up while he wolfed down six peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. It still boggles my mind at the thought that Will was on a transatlantic flight from Switzerland without his parents’ knowledge.

Right on cue, Abe walks in with the mysterious big red folder. He hands it to her and tells her she has been reinstated. Hope squeals and hugs.

…but she will need a pre-reinstatement physical exam. Dr. McJerky volunteers.

Suzi Quatro sings Stumblin' In as Lucas the sot hits his new favorite watering hole, the Cheatin' Heart.

Good gravy – Leather Tuscadero!!! Is Dr. Copafeel wearing his Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli leather jacket or, with Lucas, is it more like Lenny and Squiggy?

"If you want EJ off your case, you have to get used to living like a nun.”

I’m not even sure what that’s supposed to mean. Since Salem is a metropolis with two competing multi-billion corporations, an international airport, and shipping docks, it’s just amazing how Sami and Nicole keep running into each other to engage in snipe-a-thons. If the Sami/Nicole meetings aren’t coincidental enough, Sami runs into Rafe and starts bawling. Yep, since leaving the witless protection program, Sami really is a new woman…as if! Let’s see. The FBI just dumped Rafe. Do we even know why he was let go? Rafe is in such hot demand that the SPD wants to hire him for a special program. What are his qualifications…he looks good in a leather jacket?

5:50 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

[Detroit] spent their money on streets instead of a football team.

Wow, Prevuze. It’s not the first cut, but it’s getting deeper and deeper there. LOLOL

There were so many HUH?! moments today I had to stop listing them. But my top three were:
1. Abe, the MAYOR, running around like a delivery man. Abe, that’s what assistants are for. At the very least have folks come to YOU.

2. "Grace is sitting up and I missed it."

Good grief they’re SORASing the poor kid already! What is she, 2-3 weeks old and they already have her sitting up by herself??? WTH?

3. Lucas thinks she looks like Allie.

Oh puh-leeze! Not only would you NOT tell a mother her kid looked like another woman, no man I know even pays attention to that kind of stuff (unless pestered by a woman to give an opinion).

The intrepid Bulldog got that slightly wrong. Vivian, jealous of Kate's relationship with Vic, drugged the pilot of Kate's commuter jet which subsequently crashed in the ocean. Kate was picked up by a (South American I think) fishing boat and had to earn her keep gutting fish for several months. Everyone in Salem, of course, thought she was dead.

However, Victor & Kate have done some pretty despicable things to each other which makes the whole current, cuddly relationship between them beyond stupid.

6:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sitting up?? Seriously??? Rolling over happens first, at least they could've gone with that!!!

How many times on this show are people going to elude to telling the truth?? First Dr. Baker, then Dr. Dan... It isn't a catch your breath, omg moment, we all know it isn't going to happen and yet the writers keep doing it... annoying.

Love the censored link, exactly what we were all thinking.


8:39 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

I saw a shot of Grace crying the other day -- she had her mouth wide open and I swear I saw teeth starting to show through!! How old are babies when they get teeth? Six months? Yikes!

8:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have too much time on my hands today:)

Rafe + Hope = Rope

Looks like TPTB have given themselves enough to ....well, you all know that saying:)


9:21 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Sorry for the reporting error. I forgot it was Viv who did that to Kate. I just remember the scene of her disgustedly chopping up the fish. I think her being at sea for those months was to transition from the actress originally playing Kate to the present one.

Now people are totally suspicious when I couldn't help but LOL over the SPD application. I'm kind of surprised it's that extensive! HAHAHAHA

So many great Prevuisms (and a censored link!) today:"Blowing Kayla to kingdom come was the right thing to do.", "He doesn't want to play in the minors" and "You have Bo," says Daniel "That's what I said," says Hope, "I have nothing."

Thanks, Prevuze, for the laughs. It helps after a long morning in the dentist's chair. Hmmm..... sometimes a similar experience to watching DOOL without a zapper...

10:16 AM  
Blogger Theresa Anne Rose said...

i just hope they leave the character of Rafe on the show and give him a good woman. He's so incredibly hot and mmm. I love the Salem PD police application lolz...i guess it would be hard for Rafe to fill that out i mean look at the question...Is your body at room temperature? Heck no, it's way about 98.6 degrees! He's smokin!

11:01 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

Yet another child for Sami to ignore and have SORASed into a Will clone.

The Detroit Lions have some pride--they didn't throw their hat in the ring for T.O.!!!!!

Doctor Daniel really gets around. I've been out of the loop for awhile, has Daniel moved from the Kate/Chelsea thing onto a fresh family?

11:58 AM  
Blogger Klaus said...

Brendamouse -

Dr. Dan has moved on to the lovely Lane's. (un)Fortunately, I don't think Miss Chloe has a sister for him to grope on - she has a mother though.

But he and Chloe are soulmates, so they say.

2:45 PM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

I don't think Miss Chloe has a sister for him to grope on.

Ah, Klaus, but she does. The little girl would only be about 4-5 I think, but in a couple of years she could be SORASed into Dr. Grope-a-lot's preferred age range. LOL

5:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Talk about going to the bar to order a coffee. Remember when Kate and Chloe were at the Pub talking about the dress and Dan walked in? To get out of the awkward moment, he said, " The bar is calling me." Next time you saw him, he was sipping a cup of coffee at the bar.
Now, here's my theory on the babies of Salem. It's a "Benjamin Button" syndrome. They're born babies, but with the physical maturity potential of a house cat while the mental capabilities decrease with each overly dramatic scene.

10:14 PM  

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