Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mixing Business And Displeasure

Melanie and EJ meet on the seedy side of town to discuss the Alternative Fuels Project and prototypes. She suggests he should rustle up a hit on Phillip. EJ makes a call and tells his henchman to whack Phillip.

Phillip bumps into Stephanie at Chez Rouge. Stephanie says she has made her decision.

Maggie tells Daniel to stay away from Chloe, "You're not going after her."

Daniel says, "It's none of your business." That doesn't stop her since Maggie has no concept of something that is none of her business.

Chloe drops the "I can't marry you bomb" on Lucas. Lucas, otherwise known as P.W. Horton, begs and snivels.

Stefano and Victor meet up at Chez Rouge. Stefano says he knows about the injunction. "Let's talk about it another time," says Victor, "I don't like mixing business and displeasure." They declare war as Brady comes in – late. Victor scolds him for his tardiness. He's been with Nicole and Victor doesn't want any part of it.

Baker shows up at the DiMera mansion and starts threatening Nicole. Baker blackmails. Nicole threatens. Baker decides prison wouldn't be so bad, "I got nothin' to lose, Nicole."

Nicole asks, "How about your life?"

Baker retaliates, "You cross the DiMeras and they find out, you'll have all kinds of hell to pay."

Daniel fills Kayla in on the fundraiser. Kayla thinks Daniel seems lonely. Daniel denies it and Kayla assumes there is someone in his life.

Lucas grovels as Chloe cries. She says she's leaving him because she loves him. But she can't marry him until her mascara stops running.

Stephanie says she ran to mommy with her Phillip problems and Kayla reminded her she didn't exactly fall right in love with Patch, but thought Stephanie ought to break up with Phillip for good.

Brady and Victor argue about Nicole. Brady can't understand why Victor hates Nicole so much. Victor snorts, "She tried to kill me. Where is your brain?"

"I knew I forgot something," says Brady.

Nicole tells Baker about the breathing incident and wants to know about any warranties he might have on babies he delivers.

EJ fakes putting a hit on Phillip and Melanie panics. She backpedals like Gerry Cooney on the ropes against Muhammad Ali. He tells her he faked the hit order and says he has another solution. Melanie says, "Thank you, EJ, I knew I could count on you."

EJ says, "Well, I wouldn't be thanking me just yet if I were you."

Stephanie backpedals like Gerry Cooney on the ropes against Muhammad Ali. Suddenly she and Phillip are an item again and they clamp themselves together. Now that their dinners are ruined, the rest of the people in the restaurant run out screaming.

Lucas consults the guy manual for advice, "You're still OK unless she says she's not good enough for you."

"It's not you," says Chloe, "It's me. I'm not good enough for you." Lucas blows sky high. Chloe stands her ground.

Victor threatens to shut doors on Brady if he doesn't get off his Nicole kick.

Baker tells Nicole he wants $10,000. He says he'll be back to collect it tonight. He leaves and Nicole makes a call asking for help. We're supposed to sit on the edge of our seats wondering whom she called when we know well and good it's Brady.

Chloe gets a call and looks at her caller-ID. She sees it's from Daniel and doesn't answer. Lucas gets curious.

Phillip and Stephanie order a heapin' helpin' of each-other ala mode for dessert. They're the only ones left in the restaurant. Maggie, never one to butt in, winks at Phillip and gives him a thumbs up as he and Stephanie dance.

EJ wants proof the prototype isn't poppycock. Melanie assures him no DOOL writer was involved in its design. Although that should be enough for anyone, she tells him she doesn't have a copy of the blueprints, but doesn't think it will be a big problem to come up with them.

Nicole shows up at the Kiriakis mansion. She tells Brady about Baker's threats and asks for his help.

Phillip and Stephanie dance and once again find themselves in a restaurant all by themselves. Phillip challenges her to a pool rematch at the Cheatin' Heart. Stephanie goes to freshen up and Maggie butts in. She tells him she hopes everything is OK with Lucas, "Even though I'm doing all I can to ruin his relationship with Chloe."

Chloe tells Lucas it's nobody important on the phone. Lucas goes back to his groveling, "I love you more than I've ever loved anyone in my life." Chloe remains unmoved and says she just can't make it work. "What's not working," whines Lucas

"Me," says Chloe, "I'm a whoreable person.

Lucas yells, "You're the sweetest..."

Chloe screams, "No! I'm not who you think I am!"

"If you're not the person I think you are," says Lucas, "I guess I have to apologize for thinking you were a whiny, vain, self-centered easy lay who bounces from guy to guy like a hormone crazed pinball."

Kayla wonders if Daniel just called his "mystery woman" and made a date. In addition to her bullet wound, he diagnoses her problem as Maggieitis.

Brady agrees to help Nicole. She reminds him he's a trust fund baby and $10,000 shouldn't be much trouble. He reminds her as an addict, and people don't trust him with funds right now. He suggests she just tell EJ the truth before she gets attached to Sydney. Nicole blows her stack and lets it slip that Sami has something to do with this.

EJ and Stefano meet up in the rumpus room. EJ tells him Melanie took the bait hook, line and sinker.

Melanie snoops around Titan and tries to break into Phillip's account.

Nicole bobs and weaves and says she was just wondering how Sami would handle this. She begs him to help and says she doesn't want to lose everything, "How would helping that baby not be the right thing to do?"

Mr. Subpoena Server meets Phillip at the restaurant. Phillip congratulates him and gives him a bonus as Stephanie watches and seethes.

Kayla digs for details as Daniel evades her questions.

Chloe spews. Lucas wants.


Chloe gives him back his ring. Lucas refuses to take it, but she forces him. He reminds her how much trouble he went to in order to retrieve it from the river. Chloe runs off. Lucas hyperventilates.

Stefano wonders about Melanie, "I heard she's a nut bird out of control."

Melanie tries to guess Phillip's password, "Bears... nope... Colts... nope... Lions... oops. I knew I shouldn't try that one. I was putting in the name of football teams and they don't qualify." She presses a button and alarms go off everywhere.

Brady tells Nicole about Victor's warning and says the only place he can get that kind of money is from him. Nicole gives up and starts to leave, but suddenly Brady backpedals like Gerry... you get the idea.

Stephanie walks up to Phillip and asks who the shady character was. Phillip wants to forget about it and go have some fun. Stephanie drops him like a hot potato and leaves. Phillip stands alone.

Lucas contemplates Chloe's ring and sheds a tear, "It's not even paid for."

Chloe shows up at Daniel's place, "Daniel! Run away with me! Tonight!"

"What was your name again," asks Daniel.

Melanie gets the alarms to shut off and calls security to say she just hit the wrong button and they can call off the dogs. She goes back to work on the password and then figures she can just log in as administrator and get what she wants.

Mary tells EJ Nicole went out.

Brady insists this is the last time he will help Nicole. He goes over to open the safe as Nicole worries that Victor might come home. He makes her turn around while he works the combination. Brady gets the money and gives it to her. Nicole holds the cash and hugs him as Victor walks in and chants the DOOL mantra, "What the hell is going on here?"

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Anonymous leslie said...

Baker retaliates, "You cross the DiMeras and they find out, you'll have all kinds of hell to pay."

Promises, promises…so when is this going to happen? Chop, chop…let’s get this show on the road and this plot moving to its miserable conclusion.

Victor snorts, "She tried to kill me. Where is your brain?"

"I knew I forgot something," says Brady.

Brain loss is a common malady in Salem.

Stephanie backpedals backpedals like Gerry Cooney on the ropes against Muhammad Ali.

Is Stephanie using the rope-a-dope tactic so she can rope in a dope?

"Bears... nope... Colts... nope... Lions... oops. I knew I shouldn't try that one. I was putting in the name of football teams and they don't qualify."

At 0 – 16, the Lions should move to Salem, which is already the home of a bunch of losers. Speaking of losers, what kind of idiot would just hand over blueprints for something as valuable as the alternative fuel project without keeping a copy? Certainly not a person as calculating as Melanie.

Once again, DOOL is giving us another installment of the “Nicole Is Bleeping Criminally Insane Hour”. The actress’ contract must include a two for one sale, and DOOL needs to squeeze every nickel until it screams. Geez. The expressions of disgust on Brady’s face are the only bits of realism in the entire fake rubber baby bumper/baby switcheroo storyline. By now, everyone is feeling Brady’s pain.

Bulldog, that photo of Stefano says it all. Prevuze, thanks for taking another one for the team!

5:44 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

Prevuze, thanks for taking another one for the team!

No problem. I didn't take it for the team. I took it for the Lions.

6:00 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Bulldog - I loved that scene with Stefano and your picture put it to great use. Also LOL at the Lucas, poor schmuck, pic.

Other than the scenes with Victor or Stefano I don't think I can bear actually watching this episode of muck. More yada yada between Dr. B and Nicole, Nicole and Brady, whiney Chloe and anyone - just shoot me!

Prevuze - the blog that suffers through the drek so we don't have to!

6:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK, since we know how much Victor loves to spread joy to the residents of Salem, how long until he gleefully tells EJ that he caught Nicole and Brady with their hands in his cookie jar? And would that be enough to get EJ's brain operational again?

7:20 AM  
Anonymous Cindyjh said...

I think that it is pretty SAD that EJ and Nicole named Sami's baby Sydney Ann Dimera. Perhaps that will be the story of her life. It certainly is already....

7:33 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

OK, Prev, I'm trying to get off of caffeine so the brain isn't totally functional, much like Lucas'. "PW Horton"?

Thank goodness I wasn't trying to swallow when I saw the Maggie/Lucas picture. I'm still chuckling over it.

Also the poor boob shelling out $1,000 and then getting dumped. HAHAHAHA

And how dense is Melanie??! Yeah, hand over the blueprints for something you're trying to get a deal for. Now both companies will have it and she'll be out on her you-know-what.

Excellent Prevuze today. Whenever things get tense I'll look at the Lucas pics again! :D

8:20 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

I rarely LOL when I'm reading Prevuze at work, but I have to say that the pics of Stefano with the script and Lucas having to give a dollar in change for the penny for his thoughts really got me today!! My coworkers have been looking at me ascance ever since!!

Thanks for the laughs on a nasty work day -- makes it all bearable!!

9:24 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

My coworkers have been looking at me ascance ever since!!

If we can't at least come close to getting you fired on occasion, we're not doing our job.

9:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Niho is terrible. After watching today's episode and Lexie mentioned SIDS and Ej said Sami feared that with Johnny. I remembered that Marlena lost a baby to SIDS with Don Craig. This could be a medical issue for Sydney. Niho needs to speak up now and tell EJ the truth before Sydney get really sick. If she inherited this they need to keep an eye on her. EJ needs to know the truth and so does Sami. The baby's health is at risk now. Niho needs to stop thinking of her self and the baby now..

2:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK, Bulldog. How do I put this in a PG blog without a censored link.

PW is similar to a "kitty spanking". Do I need to be more specific?? LOLOL


3:46 PM  
Anonymous Berg said...

I think Lucas should give us all a dollar back! Oh Prevuze, I love that I don't have to watch this crap and can just come here. At least I won't lose my eyes!

5:55 PM  
Anonymous Betyar said...

Loved the pic of Stefano at the pub, with what could only be his DOOL script, in his hand. What a face! LOL! I remember seeing that scene and thinking to myself "that's exactly how I feel about watching DOOL today" Double YUCK! Thanks for the laughs guys...I really needed one today :)

11:11 PM  

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