Monday, June 30, 2008

The Poster Guy For Bad Boys

Chelsea and Caroline prepare to go to the party. Caroline gets sentimental about DMB*. She decides to go to the cemetery and put a flag on his grave. Morgan finds Chelsea and thanks her for letting her stay over. Morgan gets sentimental about her dad and the 4th of July. Chelsea says she has to get her mind off her dad and come to the Brady-Horton party.

(*Dead Man Brady)

EJ comes in and finds Lucas wandering around. "Have you seen Samanther," asks EJ. Lucas tells him she's at Bo and Hope's BBQ. EJ says he will let her know Lucas is sorry she couldn't join.

"Hold it, big boy," says Lucas, "I don't think you're going anywhere."

Bo arrives home and tells Hope about the things they found in Morgan's luggage. He says they found a letter to Morgan, "We didn't read it but will be there when she does."

They go into a smooch-fest as Doug and Julie arrive. Jugs and Doolie are dressed as Betsy Ross and Uncle Sam. When they get kinky, they don't go halfway. Doug laughs and turns to Julie, "And you thought the only fireworks you'd see tonight would be up in the sky."

"I knew they wouldn't come from you," says Julie.

"Excuse me," says EJ, "Did you just tell me I can't go to the Brady-Horton 4th of July party?"

"You can do whatever you want," says Lucas, "But Sami didn't invite you." EJ reminds him he's family because of his son. Lucas says he won't be married to Sami for long and warns him if he shows up he'll make Sami angry. Lucas tries reverse psychology, "OK, go ahead, go if you want to."

EJ bites, "You'd like that, wouldn't you?"

Doug and Julie tell Bo and Hope they got off their cruise and hopped a plane. They will join the cruise at the next stop. The conversation degenerates into talking about the greenification of Bo and Hope's house. Bo has installed solar panels and all kinds of other green-gumbo around the place and Doug and Julie are so proud.

"Our electric bill was pushing $350 a month," says Bo, "and now we don't have one. And installing the panels only cost $65,000."

"I've never seen anyone so smart," says Doug.

"We're off the grid," says Bo.

"Is that anything like being off your rocker," asks Doug.

"We don't have to worry about blackouts," says Bo. Subtle.

"Just bankruptcy," says Doug.

"And my lawnmower is made out of sunflower seeds," says Bo.

Julie and Hope tire of the boy-banter. Julie offers to help. "I thought you'd never ask," says Hope, "I was afraid I was gong to have to watch Ciara." Doug goes to help Bo and tells him he gave everyone a scare. Bo wants Doug's advice about Chelsea's situation.

Morgan asks about Chelsea's date. Chelsea blushes, "Is there a better word than fabulous?"

"Nauseating," says Morgan. Morgan is jealous. She wishes she could find someone who would sweep her off her feet.

"Daniel says I sweep him off his feet," says Chelsea, "Because I’m shaped like a broom."

Phillip and Chloe are sitting together at a table across the room. Phillip wishes Chloe had kept her mouth shut. We miss some of the conversation until the applause dies down. Chloe says, "I just did it to try to help you, Phillip."

Phillip says, "Unfortunately, what you did only made things worse."

Lucas' reverse psychology has worked! EJ decides to stay with Lucas and have some fun. OMG! EJ has been outsmarted by Lucas who was outsmarted by Chloe! ALERT THE MEDIA! WE'VE DISCOVERED THE BOTTOM OF THE FOOD CHAIN! "I'm outta here," says Lucas. EJ asks him to stay.

Nicole comes in, "Lady liberty has arrived. Let's get this party started."

Julie and Hope talk. Hope tells her things are better than ever between her and Bo, "That pancreas operation has severely limited his ability to talk, but not do dishes." Julie has always known Bo and Hope were meant to be together, but it was Doug who was against it. Hope compares her situation with Doug to Chelsea's situation with Bo.

"That's funny," says Julie, "I never knew you donated a pancreas to him."

Bo tells Doug Chelsea is dating an older guy.

Chelsea says her dad isn't thrilled she is dating an older guy. She realizes she's trying to get Morgan to forget about her dad and then goes on and on talking about her own father. She assures Morgan her dad and Hope and the SPD are doing everything they can to find Paul, "There could be a perfectly logical explanation for that."

Morgan says, "Maybe he's never coming back."

Chloe says she knows Phillip had nothing to do with the fire and they need to find Morgan's dad and prove it. Phillip wonders if she's making this all up and tells her she should have told him what she was going to say. Chloe apologizes. Phillip brushes it off, "What's done is done."

Chloe asks, "Is that like saying the past is in the past?"

Chelsea encourages Morgan to come to the party. Caroline gets back and says Roman is coming to help. Caroline walks off and Morgan says she feels bad for Chelsea's grandma. "There is an upside," says Chelsea, "With DMB gone, she baked four less pies and only had to order half the beer." Chelsea goes to help Caroline.

Hope tells Julie about Daniel. Julie can't believe Hope has any concerns at all, "Daniel is a..." An angelic choir sings the Hallelujah Chorus as Julie utters the holy word... "DOCTOR!"

"An older doctor," says Hope, "Much older. Bo has issues with that."

"You'd think Bo would be more understanding," says Julie, "Doug had issues with you dating Bo."

"Yes," says Hope, "But Bo wasn't a..." An angelic choir sings the Hallelujah Chorus as Hope utters the holy word... "DOCTOR!"

Doug reminds Bo he thought he was the worst person to be dating Hope, "You were the poster guy for bad boys." Bo says he didn't much care what Doug or anyone else thought back then. Doug says everything he did back then made Hope angry. He implies Bo should back off. Doug has already checked Daniel out because he handled Bo's operation, "He's a..." An angelic choir sings the Hallelujah Chorus as Doug utters the holy word... "DOCTOR!"

"He's a flight risk," says Bo. Doug says these are the same kind of things people said about Julie and him.

EJ wonders what Nicole is doing there. Nicole says she heard John was having a private party and she decided to stop by and show her spirit. EJ reminds her she wasn't invited. She wonders if he was invited to Bo and Hope's party. EJ tells her he wasn't but had decided to go anyway until Lucas used reverse psychology on him.

"OMG," gasps Nicole, "You were outsmarted by Lucas who was outsmarted by Chloe?"

"I'm afraid so," says EJ, "I would have shot myself but I figured if I were that dumb I couldn't figure which way to point the gun."

EJ finds the bottle Nicole brought is nearly empty. Nicole says she had to do something to entertain herself on the way over. EJ pours her a drink and makes a toast, "If you get drunk enough, maybe I can outsmart you."

Nicole says, "You're smiling like something good happened so do tell."

EJ says, "You're probably the last person I ought to tell about it."

Julie says, "Doug behaved like any father worried about his daughter."

"Daddy didn't have anything to worry about," says Hope.

Julie gasps, "But he caught you two in bed together."

"I was with Bo," says Hope, "Like I said, he didn't have anything to worry about."

"Your father was a bit of a bad boy in the good old days," says Julie, "Too bad the good old days are long gone."

Doug says eventually he came to see how much Bo loved Hope and gave his blessing.

"Is that how you remember it," asks Bo, "I don't remember you being quite that forgiving."

Doug clarifies things, "I didn't kill you."

Bo thinks Daniel could make Chelsea happy but the age difference is the problem.

Julie works on Hope and Doug works on Bo. Both think Bo and Hope should back off. "You're not gaining a son-in law," says Doug, "You're losing a brat."

Phillip says he probably won't go to the BBQ. Chloe says, "But it's the social event of the year."

"The party on the Titanic was the social event of the year, too," says Phillip, "But that doesn't mean I would have wanted to be there."
Phillip decides he's going to stay there with Kate. He invites Chloe to get together later. She says she'd like that and excuses herself.

Phillip sees Morgan and goes over and finds her crying, "Have you heard anything about your father?"


Phillip tries to reassure her, "It's going to be OK."


Nicole pries, "Why won't you tell me?"

EJ says, "I don't want to hear any of your lip about it."

"You know I will keep bugging you until you tell me," says Nicole, "And I'll know if you're lying just to get me to shut up. Try me."

"OK," says EJ, "I'll tell. Just as soon as I change for the party. See you."

Lucas comes in as Nicole pours another drink, "Help yourself. You're in love with Sami and considering that you might want to fall off the wagon. I don't understand, why the hell do you keep coming back for more?"

Lucas doesn't answer but the "L" on his forehead speaks for itself.

Roman arrives at the pub. He and Caroline have a giggle fest. Roman is going to miss the way DMB used to sample his and Bo's Brady burgers to decide which was best. Roman thinks it's too bad Lucas can't come to the party. Caroline hopes Sami won't bring EJ.

Phillip says he's got people looking for Paul, "My friends over at the Salem Grappling Hook Company."

Morgan wants to know, "What's the real reason you're looking for my father?"

"Now that he's spent all that time in the Salem River," says Phillip, "He's worth a fortune in mercury."

Julie is surprised Hope would giggle at the concept of true love. "Honestly," says Hope, "It's coming from Betsy Ross." Hope thinks Doug and Bo are talking about the same thing. They go to spy on the guys.

Bo says he realizes he's got to back off. "Think long and hard before you act," says Doug, "Hurt and angry daughters are not very big on forgiving and forgetting."

"That was pretty lame," says Bo, "But it's better than 'the past is in the past.'"

Phillip admits Paul isn't his favorite guy. He thinks he was working against him and his father. Morgan says his bags were checked but he never boarded the plane, "Why would he do that?"

"Maybe after he checked his bags, he found out he was flying on 'Touch This Guy' airlines."

Lucas says love is a foreign concept to Nicole. Romping, however, is not a foreign concept to her. She asks, "When you found EJ and Sami in the sack, did it hurt?"

Lucas claims it didn't, "We're working on it."

Nicole asks, "Is there anything that can make Sami truly happy?"

"I can," says Lucas, "I love her."

"I hope it works out," says Nicole, "I really do."

"If you mean that, thanks," says Lucas, "But I don't want your help."

Nicole thinks she and Lucas are a lot alike, "We're both romantics want to be loved, but not to be sober. If you give Sami your heart she will stomp on it."

Lucas says, "Not this time. He leaves.

Nicole twirls her drink, "I wish you all the luck in the world."

Fireworks spew across the sky. Doug thinks it's a bit early for them and figures it's just a test. Julie wants to know if he and Bo had the same discussion she and Hope has. Doug thinks it was the same topic. Julie says, "You were worse with Bo than he is being with Daniel."

"Wweeelllll Duuuhhhhh," says Doug, " Bo was not a rich, successful..." An angelic choir sings the Hallelujah Chorus as Doug utters the holy word... "DOCTOR!"

"Bo turned out to be the right guy," says Julie.

"That's right," says Doug, "Hope could always depend on him to take her back after the little tramp came crawling back from an affair. I hope he and Chelsea can work things out the way Hope and I did."

Bo tells Hope about the conversation with Doug and says he would find it hard to back off. Hope encourages him to cool it, "If my dad hadn't done that we wouldn't be flipping Brady burgers right now."

"I'll never forgive him," says Bo.

Nicole goes through things at John's desk. Rolf asks if she is looking for something in particular. "Mind your own business, Ralph," says Nicole, "Why don't you go out into the kitchen and bring me some caviar?"

EJ walks in, "Rolf, how about some crumbled eggs, Dijon and toast points?"

"Whatever happened to normal food," asks Rolf.

Nicole wants to know what's up with EJ, "You promised."

"Did I pinky swear," asks EJ.

"I will get this good news out of you," vows Nicole, "So.... ??"

EJ caves in, "Sami found out we are no longer married." The blood drains from Nicole's face.

Phillip tries to encourage Morgan. Morgan thinks none of this would have happened if Chloe hadn't said something. Phillip has to go but tells her to call if she needs anything. Hugs.

Chloe soaks it in. Once she has had enough, she breaks things off, "OK..."

Phillip makes excuses for the hug but Chloe doesn't buy it.

Roman arrives at the Brady party. He immediately gets on Bo about the Brady burgers and they make a beer bet based on who eats the most of Bo or Roman's burgers. "Damn is that beer gonna taste good," says Roman. Hope encourages Bo to build a better burger and wants to know what the big secret was at Chez Rouge. Bo says he can't tell. Hope pouts. Bo goes to flip his burgers.

EJ tells Nicole Sami overheard John saying he and Sami aren't married. Nicole wonders if Sami went ballistic.

"Of course," says EJ, "In the ensuing exchange..."

"You mean explosion."

EJ continues, "...she was forced to admit she has feelings for me. So I suppose I should be thanking you. Cheers."

Lucas stands outside the door and listens. Oh, God, Sami, how could you?"


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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Planning - SPD Style

The motivational poster craze hits Salem...

Motivate yourself to have a great weekend.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Han Solo And The Death Star

Chelsea and Stephanie share a conversation that reminds us what it would have been like if instead of George and Gracie, it would have been Gracie and Gracie. Chelsea asks, "Are you OK?"

Stephanie says, "Not really."

Chelsea says, "Let me guess... Max, right?" If the twit were any smarter, she'd rival the most intelligent planarian.

Max works as Robbins knocks on the door of the empty pub. Max lets him in. Apparently he missed their scheduled meeting. Max knew that because Robbins wasn't there. Robbins says he is there to make amends.

Bo comes into Roman's office. Bo says he and Hope had a disagreement about Chelsea. He tells Roman about her date with Daniel. "Isn't he a bit old for Chelsea," asks Roman.

"He's a bit old for Kate," says Bo. Bo asks Roman's advice.

Roman says he would stay out of it, "At least the guy's not a DiMera." Roman tells Bo Paul is missing, "Morgan is upset. Chloe claims she saw him on the pier wearing eau de gasoline." Roman says Paul never boarded his plane to south America.

EJ walks in on John and Ava. John asks how long EJ is going to keep up the charade with Sami. His marriage is over but he hasn't informed her. EJ denies it, but John calls him on it. Sami walks in, "What? Is that true, EJ?"

Stephanie asks about Chelsea's date with Daniel. They run squealing to the couch and Chelsea tells about the incident where he got her hair caught in a Mixmaster. The brat chomps on chips. Stephanie cuts to the chase, "Are you eating because you didn't have dinner? Did you skip dinner and go straight to his place for dessert?" Chelsea says she's eating now because she was too nervous to eat. Stephanie bugs her about a second date, and advises her on what to do if Daniel waits too long to call. Then she tries it on for size, "Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Jonas..."

Chelsea asks about Max. "It's a train wreck," says Stephanie, "His biological dad is in town. I have a bad feeling about them getting together."

Max mops while Trent tries to patch things up. Max doesn't want any part of it. Robbins says he came back to Salem because he wanted Max with him. He describes stopping by the fishmarket and seeing Max with MAMB.* He says he realized he wouldn't be able to give Max happiness so he flew the coop. He can't figure out why Max gave up racing.

*(Middle Aged Man Brady)

Max gets defensive about his menial job. Trent asks him to keep the relationship secret.

EJ's in a pickle. Sami grills him. John says he got his information from Nicole. At first Sami thinks it must be a lie. Then she gets on board with it. John tells EJ he's curious to see how he handles this as he and Ava leave.

Sami turns into the Incredible Hulk, "How long were you going to drag this out?"

"As long as I could."

"So you'll do anything to keep Lucas and me apart."

"No," says EJ, "I'll do anything to keep my family together." Mt. St. Sami blows. EJ defends himself.

Roman thinks he and Bo have to go slow on this. Roman decides they have to go through Paul's apartment and luggage, "If he's missing, John will be a suspect for more than drug trafficking." Roman gets a call. He hangs up and proudly announces, "We've got a search warrant."

"What is a warrant and why would we want to search it," asks Bo.

Ava and John sneak into the Rolf's laboooooooratory. Ava soaks in the scene and stalks around like a Jedi Warrior, "The only thing missing is Han Solo. Maybe we could destroy the Death Star." John stops her from clowning around and stalks through the lab. He flashes back to his torture and decides to play the disc.

Stephanie has told Chelsea Max' dad is dean Robbins. Chelsea thinks Stephanie should give Max his space. Stephanie doesn't like that idea. She came over to see if Bo and Hope could help, "If anyone's good at meddling, it's Hope."

Max says it's too late, "People already know. If you have a problem with that, pack up and hit the road."

Sami reminds EJ of the charade to get immigration off his back. She wonders if the immigration thing was a scam. EJ tells her it was.

Ava stops John from sticking the disc into the player, "For God's sake John, you could do irreparable damage, especially if it's disco music."

Joe Friday and his sidekick return to the police station. Roman rages because they couldn't find anything in their search. Officer Casey comes in and delivers Paul's suitcase. As he leaves, Morgan barges in. She asks about leads and sees the suitcase.

John puts the disc in and sits in the chair. He flashes back to Stefano saying his brain is on the disc. John huffs and puffs, "I... remember..."

Sami continues her rampage. EJ confirms he orchestrated the visa thing. He says he bribed Burke and Burke played along. He went to all that trouble so they could be together. Sami snorts, "YOU BASTARD!"

Morgan goes off the deep end and demands to know where her father is. Roman tells her they are working on it and suggests she go home and get some sleep. Morgan heads out the door, turns and softens, "Please find my father." Bo and Roman watch her as she walks out of the station.

"Poor kid," says Bo.

Roman says, "I get the feeling her dad isn't the man she thinks he is."

Max and Robbins keep it up. Max just wants Robbins to pretend he was not the biggest mistake of his life, "If you do that, we're even. Max threatens to spread dirt to his colleagues, "One word from me and your rep as a great man is history."

Robbins pontificates, "I am respected."

"So am I," says Max, "I was just given a lifetime achievement award in the Loser's Hall Of Fame."

"OMB was respected," says Robbins, "Did you inherit it?"

Sami says she will never forgive EJ for this. EJ thinks Sami is living by a double standard. He says she needs to remember the people who have forgiven her. Sami says she has learned some tough lessons, "Like putting on a body girdle to dress like a man can really pinch your boobs. But the most important thing I learned from Lucas was to be open and honest with the person you love. That and how to spray people with a fire extinguisher. You are still the same evil manipulative jerk you have always been."

EJ says if the tables were turned she would have done the same thing. She tells him there is nothing he can say that will make her trust him again.

"Well," says EJ, "Now you know how Lucas feels. He walked in on us while we were making love. Imagine how he feels." Sami yanks off her wedding ring and slams it into his chest.

Morgan arrives at Bo and Hope's house. Stephanie leaves. The viewers wish they could do the same. Morgan tells Chelsea she just didn't want to be alone. Hugs.

Max tells Robbins, "At this point there is nothing more you could do to hurt me. I'm at the bottom barrel already." Max vows to take the high road because of OMB. He asks who the girl in the picture is.

John chuckles. He says he remembers being in the chair. Ava stops him from pressing the 'play' button. John insists he has to do this. Ava begs him not to. She encourages him to destroy the disc. John's eyes water.

EJ twirls the ring, "Don't do this. You can do a lot, but not this. I know there is part of you that wishes we were married."

Sami says, "You're dreaming."

EJ accuses her of lying to him and herself. "I can't admit it," says Sami."

"But you can't deny it either," says EJ, "I know you have feelings for me. Please, Just be honest with yourself. Just for a moment." Closer... closer...

Sami stops and says, "Oh, God, you know I do!" She freaks and runs out.

Max presses Robbins. Robbins refuses to tell who the girl is. He gives Max a parting shot, "Mop that floor and earn that minimum wage." He bumps into Stephanie on the way out, "Stephanie, what a shame. A pretty girl like you could do better." Robbins leaves. Max insists it's not over with him.

Bo finds an envelope in the suitcase, "It's addressed to Morgan. Maybe I should open it. It could be that warrant we're supposed to search."

Morgan decides to stay over. "What shall we do," asks Chelsea, "Watch Acne infomercials... Mad Libs... Checkers... Cards... Morgan just wants to go to bed. Chelsea tries to cheer her up, "If anyone can find him it's my father."

"That's what I'm afraid of."

Ava asks, "It's Marlena... is that why you want to see what's on the disc?"

"That may be part of it," says John.

Ava says she really likes the John standing in front of her, "If you're happy you need to leave the past where it belongs – in the past."

John asks, "And the future in the future? And the present in the present? And let bygones be bygones? But if I use the mind disc, isn't my past in my future? Or is my future in my past? And isn't the present the future of my past and the past of my future? And where does eternity fit into all this?"

Ava says, "That's the official definition of an hour watching DOOL. If you go back we're never going to get to know each other. I was looking forward to that."

"So was I," says John. He takes the disc out of the player and locks it in a drawer.

"No looking back," says Ava.

"Not tonight," says John. Liplock.


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Thursday, June 26, 2008

When The Knives Start Flying

Tony and Anna are at dinner. Prior to coming to the restaurant, they engaged in their favorite way of working up an appetite. "It sure beats the elliptical," says Tony. Tony turns on the charm and makes a suggestion, "Why don't we take an aperitif on the terrace and take in the sights of the city?"

"That sounds great," says Anna, "Nothing like a bloated body or two floating down the Salem River to top off a romantic dinner. You're acting like we're still on our honeymoon." As far as Tony is concerned they always will be.

Over at the bar, Victor meets Phillip. He is upset that Paul is missing. Phillip assures Victor things are under control. Victor wants the situation contained.

Chelsea and Daniel dine in the patient room. He turns down the lights, "Tonight I just want to bust out and take you to... whisper-whisper-whisper."

Chelsea blushes and smiles, "But Chuck E. Cheese isn't open this late."

John isn't sure he wants to know about his past. The doorbell interrupts the same boring argument they had yesterday. Ava arrives. Ava decides to go when she sees Marlena. John wants her to stay. Marlena... well it's hard to tell what Marlena thinks. The smoke pouring from her ears obscures her face.

Tony toasts forever being newlyweds. He feels guilty for being so happy, but thinks there is one thing that could make their happiness complete. Anna jumps on that, "You mean that Beach front triplex in Bora-Bora?"

"No," says Tony, "We're on DOOL. We're already in Borea-Borea."

Anna asks, "Then what could make our happiness complete?"

Tony says, "If you would quit your job at Lundberg advertising and come and work for me."

Victor doesn't want Phillip in over his head. Phillip tosses a glance at Morgan as she walks by and Victor nukes, "Morgan Hollingsworth! Are you sleeping with Paul's daughter?"

"No," says Phillip, "But Paul is sleeping with the fishes."

Marlena reminds John they were having a discussion. John wants Ava to weigh in. Marlena starts to leave. John stops her.

Lexie comes down, "Theo is asleep. I had to read Goodnight Moon three times. I read it to Theo, too." Abe asks her to talk. She wants to know what more there is to say, "Theo is autistic and we have to learn to live with it."

Daniel and Chelsea go at it. "This is strange," says Daniel.

"What," asks Chelsea, "Don't you usually kiss on first dates?" He reminds her the doors don't lock. "Bummer," she says, "Maybe we should have dessert. Daniel gets a page. He says he'll be back as soon as he can.

Anna refuses to quit and go to work for Tony. Tony heads for the terrace to make a phone call so she can think about it. He leaves. A stranger walks up, "Are you Anna DiMera?" Anna says that's who she is. The stranger introduces himself, "I'm Reginald Lundberg... Your boss." He found out she would be dining there and felt he had to do this in person, "I have some bad news."

Phillip says he isn't sleeping with Morgan, "She's just a friend. I figure if Paul resurfaces she'll be the first to know about it."

"Resurfaces may be a poor choice of words," says Victor. Morgan comes over and introduces herself to Victor. She turns to Phillip, 'I got your voicemail. What's up?"

John says he isn't about to take advice from anyone on this. Marlena thinks his honesty is refreshing. "Not really," says John, "I just like messing with you."

"You can mess with me anytime you like," says Marlena, "Just take that disc seriously. Ava starts to leave. John stops her and holds up the disc, "It's amazing, isn't it? How one little disc can cause all this commotion."

"Well, no wonder," says Marlena, "How did you get that? All the stores are sold out of Grand Theft Auto IV."

"Supposedly this is a key to my past," says John, "This lacquer-coated, silver alloy polycarbonate plastic holds the key to my life."

Marlena repeats, "Lacquer-coated, silver alloy polycarbonate plastic... For a minute there I thought you were talking about my boobs."

"Maybe you should investigate it," says Ava.

Phillip offers to buy Morgan a drink. Victor hopes there is good news about her father soon. Phillip and Morgan excuse themselves. Morgan wants to know what Phillip really wants.

Reginald tells Anna he's been forced to close the agency. He's bankrupt and can't offer a severance package. He tells her to take care and leaves.

Lexie says, "I don't see what good endless discussions will do, but we'll have them anyway."

Abe says, "Theo still has the potential to change and grow and make his way in this crazy world."

Lexie says, "It doesn't take much to see that the problems of three little people don't amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world. Someday you'll understand that. For now... Here's looking at you kid."

Tony comes back. Anna says she has decided to accept his offer, "On one condition – that I work with you and not for you." Tony smiles.

Morgan tells Phillip, "Your girlfriend just got divorced from your nephew, which I consider a little weird."

Phillip says, "You're right. In Salem, Chloe and I should be more closely related to have a really meaningful relationship."

"So what's this all about," asks Morgan.

Marlena decides she's had enough. John says he was just being honest. Marlena hopes he comes to his senses, "The man you were is the only man worth being." Marlena leaves.

John apologizes to Ava for the scene. "Oh," says Ava, "That was nothing. When the knives start flying we've got something to talk about."

"With Marlena," says John, "That happens more often than you would suspect." Ava isn't sure she wants him to go back to being his old self. John likes the way she thinks.

Daniel returns. Another day another miracle. He asks, "What were we talking about?"

Chelsea says, "I believe we were discussing the socio-political implications of health care in third world countries." She tells him to close his eyes, "I feel blessed to know you so I thought you should be rewarded. You can open your eyes now." She proudly displays the jello she stole from the patient in the next room. Daniel decides he doesn't need that kind of dessert. He goes for Chelsies Jubilee instead.

Tony wouldn't have it any other way. He's confused about her sudden about face, though. Anna says Tony is what changed her mind, "My ego isn't that fragile. In fact, I have self-esteem to burn. We are going to make a great team."

"Yes, It will be a one-two punch," says Tony prophetically. Anna goes to freshen up. Tony will order more champagne.

Reginald comes up to Tony and introduces himself. He tells him Anna is resourceful, "I know she will land on her feet."

Marlena comes into Chez Rouge and orders a white wine. Victor offers to buy her a drink. Marlena isn't in the mood for company. Victor asks, "Is this about John?"

John puts down the disc and moves in on Ava, "I'm tired of the old John. The poor SOB. He's like some shadow I can't shake. I know what I want." John goes for what he wants.

Lexie bawls as Abe tells her they have to get through this together. He assures Lexie Theo will be fine, but they have to fight.

"No problem there," says Lexie, "You and I fight all the time." Lexie thinks Theo's whole life will be a struggle. Hugs.

Reginald tells Tony about his bankruptcy. Tony wishes him luck and Reggie leaves. Anna returns. She wonders why Tony looks so serious. "You know my motto," says Tony, "Life is too important to be taken seriously."


"All right," says Tony, "I admit it. Oscar Wilde said that."

"Well," says Anna, "I have some Mark Twain for you – If you tell the truth you never have to remember anything." Tony wants to talk about her sudden decision.

Morgan wants to know if Phillip just wants to be her friend, why he kissed her. She asks if he is attracted to her because he wants to find her father.

Marlena decides she was less than gracious to Victor, "I don't think you can help me, but Phillip could."

Ava and John are glued to each other. Ava says, "Something about this feels right, am I crazy?"

"Of course," says John, "But it still feels right." Ava wonders if Marlena could come back. John assures her she won't. Suddenly, John backs up. He says he can't get his mind off the disc.

Ava thinks he's doing all right the way he is, "If it ain't broke don't fix it. I think you should destroy the disc."

Daniel and Chelsea go at it hot 'n heavy. He asks if she feels like dancing. She says they don't have music. Daniel never goes anywhere without his MP3. Chelsea smiles, "DJ Dan." He turns it on and they dance. Apparently, he never goes anywhere without his mondo-boffo speakers either.

Anna wonders what there is to talk about. Suddenly, the lights flicker. The crowd oohs and aahs. The lights flicker again. More oohing and aahing. Apparently, Paul's body has found its way to the Hydro Plant. Tony says Anna doesn't have to explain herself. He doesn't care how they got there but he's so glad they did. He says he's lucky she will be working by his side, "To our relationship and our relationship in business as well."

Phillip says he didn't call Morgan because of her father. He wants to find Paul, but that's not why he called her. He wanted to see her cheer up. He suggests giving her a ride home. Morgan accepts.

John isn't sure he wants to destroy the disc. If that's the case, Ava suggests he stick it in the bottom of a drawer and forget about it. John says, "If you face your fears it makes you stronger. I think maybe I can find something in the lab that is compatible with it and take it from there."

John heads for the lab. Ava says, "John... wait. Let me go with you."


You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ho’omaka Hou

Daniel twirls his 'fizzy.' He's not worried about the bar bill since they are drinking ginger ale. Chelsea says, "I can toss back a ton of ginger ale, as long as the women's room is close by."

Daniel tells her he's on call tonight, so liquor is out. He thinks things seem a little awkward between them even though they know each other so well. He makes a toast, "Ho’omaka Hou... That's Hawaiian for, 'Ho's make better dates.' " Apparently Ciara wasn't feeling well so Bo and Hope have left the building. Chelsea tells Daniel Bo likes him but he's hung up on the age thing.

"I'm not worried about it," says Daniel, "Bo's not that much older than me. How about you?"

"I'm not worried either."

"That is so hot," says Daniel. "You are so beautiful. What are the chances that I could make you smile just like that every day?"

"How could you do that," asks Chelsea.

"I have enough money to buy a Toys R Us franchise," says Daniel.

Nicole orders another. Trent doesn't want her to get drunk. Nicole reminds him he used to like it when she got drunk, "I was just your little sex toy." Trent wants to start over. Nicole doesn't.

Morgan insists Chloe is lying.

Marlena tells John the disc is the key to their future. John thinks it's stolen property. Lucas eavesdrops outside the door as Marlena tells John the disc contains his memories. Rolf denies he had anything to do with it. Marlena says, "I know you did this, Rolf. And now, I want you to undo it."

Rolf asks, "You mean dinner vaz zat bad?" He says the whole thing is preposterous. Marlena accuses him of lying. Lucas walks in and asks if the disc contains a map of John's brain. Marlena wants to know how long he has been listening.

"Not long," says Lucas, "I just had to come in because I couldn't stand the thought of everyone be me talking." John says he is weighing his options. Marlena insists she knows what is on the disc.

Lucas revs up the mouth, "How do we know they are John's memories on the disc?"

Marlena says, "Because they are teensy little brain waves. It almost looks like they are squinting." Rolf again denies everything. Marlena says he masterminded the whole operation.

John asks how she got the disc, "Or have you had it all along?"

Morgan thinks Chloe is covering for someone, but can't say for sure whom. Morgan thinks John did it. Roman says they don't have evidence but they do have an eyewitness, "That's the way we prefer it. The SPD doesn't know what to do with evidence, but we'll believe any Tom, Dick and Chloe that comes along."

Chelsea thinks her family is cool, but Kate is overprotective. She wants to talk about "us."

Nicole is having a hard time letting her guard down, "You're afraid I might get bombed and blurt out some incriminating scenario from your dark, murky past."

Paul's apparition hovers over the table, "His past can't be as dark and murky as my present."

Marlena remembers getting the disc and promising Phillip she wouldn't say where she got it. Phillip reminds her, "And I know you always do the right thing... except when you are a serial killer or demon-possessed."

John wants to know. He thinks she's protecting the criminal that robbed him, "The question is why would Phillip care?

"I never said it was him," says Marlena.

"Because you are protecting the enemy," snorts John.

"This isn't a game," she says, "This can give us a future."

Chloe insists she's telling the truth. She will sign an affidavit. Roman takes her to talk in private. She tells him she is sure she saw Paul.

Daniel says, "There is no 'us' at this point." If that's true, Chelsea wonders why they are out on a date. Daniel says they are just exploring the possibilities.

Trent claims he has nothing to hide. He tells her Max knows about him. Nicole asks, "What did he do when he found out – spit on you?" Trent says he cares about Max and her. Nicole says meeting Trent nearly ruined her life. He says it was ruined before he met her. If it weren't for him she would probably be dead.

Daniel gets a page. He says he has to get back to the hospital. "Rain check," says Chelsea.

"Rain or shine," says Daniel. He asks her to come with him. Chelsea follows.

Max wants Stephanie to stop trying to talk him out of going off the deep end. He says he is going to tell everyone Trent is a ruthless heartless bastard. Patch thinks that would be a mistake.

Chloe fabricates her tale for Roman. Morgan comes up and makes a scene. She says Chloe is doing this is because she was kissing Phillip. Phillip tries to calm Morgan down. Roman tells Morgan to leave. Morgan has the required meltdown before she goes. Phillip follows. Roman turns back to Chloe and shocks everyone by asking a pertinent question, "What was Paul wearing, Chloe?"

Lucas offers to help. John don' wan' no stinkin' help. Marlena wants to know what is in the lab that might help. Rolf thinks Marlena is vulnerable and is setting herself up for disappointment. John says nobody is doing anything with the disc until she reveals the source. Marlena says she can't break her word to her source and, by God, her word is as good as gold.


Daniel brings Chelsea into an empty patient room where they can be 'more comfortable.' Chelsea isn't sure about this, "I think I can still sense Grandma Kate's cooties in here."

Daniel says, "I'll be back really soon." As he starts to close the door, he asks, "How's dating a doctor so far?"

"It's not dull," she answers.

A gal in the audience stands up and shouts, "Yes it is!"

Max doesn't understand why Patch is telling him to back off, especially since Patch had the same type of experience with an abusive father. Patch says he knew his father but Max doesn't know his, "Get the truth. Make sure he is the monster you think he is. Then go berserk just like I would." Kayla jumps in and tells him to make sure before he does or says something he would regret.

Knowing Kayla always gives sound advice, Max tells her, "It's not like I was going to take his kidney or anything."

Chloe says she wasn't paying attention to Paul's clothes. She asks to get a glass of water. Roman goes for it while Chloe texts Lucas. Meanwhile, Roman calls the cop shop and puts out an APB on Paul.

Marlena wants to know if John isn't curious. "Mildly," says John. Marlena asks him to force Rolf to do this. Amidst Rolf's protests, John asks for arguments sake if he could do this, what might happen. He's not so sure he wants to subject himself to the disc.

Lucas' phone rings. He reads Chloe's text message, "What was Paul wearing?"

Lucas is on top of this one. He texts back, "Clothes."

John wonders what if this is a trick, "I could end up more screwed up than I am now. In other words, I could be my old self. I won't take the risk."

Roman comes back. Chloe's phone rings. "Expecting a message," asks Roman.

Max growls, "My birth father was scum."

Patch says, "I feel you, Maxwell."

Max reels backward, "Don't you dare!"

Kayla tries. She says she thinks maybe Trent is a deferent man. Max claims he is still a worthless SOB.

Nicole claims Trent didn't turn her life around. Trent asks, "Who was there for you? I was. I helped you get back on your feet."

Nicole claims she did it herself, "You used me just like my father did. He drugged me and made me do porn. You turned me into your 'it' girl whenever you needed a warm body to have sex and dumped me like garbage. You left me feeling as empty as my father did. It hurt so bad I didn't care if I lived or died." At the moment, neither does Trent.

We pan across Chelsea's legs as she lounges on the bed. It takes a strong stomach, but we make it. There is a knock on the door, and a guy comes in pushing a cart. Chelsea tells him this is a mistake because the patient has left. He announces, "This is all for you. Enjoy."

Nicole bawls, "I believed the plans and dreams we had. I thought you were in love with me. I thought we were going to be together for all the Days Of Our Lives. I fell for all your lies and then you took off and left me with nothing."

"We're all responsible for our own destiny."

"That's profound," says Nicole, "Whom did you steal that from?"

"I thought of it on my own," says Trent, "You don't expect a DOOL writer to come up with something profound, do you? I'm disappointed in you. You're a sniveling, whining little ingrate who loves feeling sorry for herself."

Chloe looks at the message and says it's her attorney. Roman wants her to come to the station. He gets a call. Chloe sneaks a peek. When Roman gets back to her, Chloe suddenly and miraculously remembers what Paul was wearing, "A gray suit and dress shirt with no tie. What if Paul is guilty?"

"He'll go to prison," says Roman, "Unless he gives up who he was working for." Chloe thinks he did this to get back at John Black. She thinks John and Phillip are innocent.

Lucas wanders in the hallway and frets, "Chloe, did you get my text?"

Chelsea starts to lift the cover off the cart. Daniel swoops in and says, "Don't touch that. Allow me. Dinner courtesy of Chez Morgue." He says 'Aloha' and gives her a lei. Oh! The metaphor! Chelsea thinks this is perfect. She starts to lift the cover off the food, but he tells her not to peek. Rather Daniel wants to take a peek. He kisses her, "Thank you for being you. Daniel moves in. Dinner can wait.

Max remains defensive and belligerent. He leaves.

Morgan tells Phillip she's worried about her father. "He's probably lying low somewhere," says Phillip, "but I'm sure we'll find him. Bodies usually bloat and come to the surface. Whatever happens I am on your side. If John is behind this I will make sure he pays." Morgan smooches him.

Nicole claims she isn't feeling sorry for herself and will never trust anyone again, "You are a crude, selfish uncaring bastard who will do anything to get to the top and hurt anyone along the way. Your nice guy routine won't work." Trent claims now that he's on top, no one can bring him down.

Nicole threatens, "You wanna bet?"

Trent gets nasty, "You will keep your mouth shut or your own dirty little secret will get out and you have more to lose than I do."

Marlena agrees this could be a risk. John wants the disc. Marlena refuses. She thinks they are on the right track. John demands the name of her source. Marlena says no, and tells him to have Rolf access the information, "Stefano is involved."

"I can't speak for Stefano," says Rolf.

John chuckles, "Stefano can't speak for Stefano." Marlena wants to get the information right now.


You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website.

DOOL Induced Coma

The network has announced a two hour delay in sending the feed this morning. Apparently Earl Snodgrass, the NBC intern who comes in every morning to turn the machine on was catching up on a week's worth of DOOL recordings last night, which bored him into a deep coma. They expect him to be revived later this morning. Right now it looks like we could have the posting up by about 9AM Eastern Time.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Globe-Trotting Bohemian Commitment-Phobic Surfer

Bo and Hope are at Chez Rouge to celebrate or commemorate whatever Bo's big secret is. Maybe one of his brain cells activated. Hope wants to know why he brought her here. Bo says she'll find out when the time is right. "I know," says Hope, "You got a lead!"

"I'd have to get a clue before I got a lead," says Bo. They discuss the arson case. Bo doesn't want to talk shop. He says tonight is about them. "It's only you and me and I'm not going to let anything spoil that," says Bo.

In walks the spoiler. Daniel comes over to their table. Hope nearly chokes. Bo wonders if Daniel is there for a hot date.

Stephanie and Caroline talk about Max. The only thing more boring than Stephanie talking with Max is Stephanie talking about Max. Chelsea busts in asking for Stephanie's help. She was supposed to be there five minutes ago and has just come back from a whirlwind shopping trip. She bought four outfits and has to decide which one to wear.

The waiter pours wine for Trent. He thanks Nicole for joining him. She says she didn't have a choice. Trent toasts the past and the future. Nicole doesn't want to toast the past, but decides to do it anyway as long as she can drink, "But if you say, 'the past is in the past,' I'm going to hurl."

Stephanie and the brat pound on Max' door. He lets them in and Chelsea runs into the other room to change. Max decides he's outta there. Stephanie asks, "Where are you going?"

Max says, "To find my father. I'm going to have it out with him once and for all." A message scrolls across the bottom of the screen, "This is not a flashback...This is not a flashback..."

Roman is in the pub with Patch and Kayla. L'il Joe is now over his crisis so Patch and Kayla are out madly trying to line up babysitters. Roman tells them the John Black mess isn't going well.

Marlena is soooooo sorry. We all obsess over Theo. "Everything has changed because of one word," says Abe.

"And that word is autism," says Lexie.

"Actually," says Marlena, "I think he's just pouting because you made him get rid of that ridiculous Mohawk haircut."

Chloe dresses after romping with Phillip. Phillip wants to bask in the afterglow. Chloe says she has something more important to do. She says she's doing this for his own good. He, of course, asks what.

Abe talks about how much different today is from yesterday. Lexie says it's not much different, "It's just that today, we know what's going on with him. Theo should be talking more."

"I'll bet that's a problem your parents never had," says Abe.

Lexie says, "Living in denial isn't helping."

Abe grits his teeth, "And neither is damning our son with some damn label."

Lexie says, "If you would have put 'damn' in that sentence one more time I would have to notify the Guinness Book of World Records."

"This is none of my business," says Marlena, "but I'm going to butt in anyway. I want to help."

Bo asks Daniel, "So who is it? Knowing you, you've probably got some hot babe on your arm."

Before Daniel can answer a waiter tells Bo and Hope their table is ready. Hope can't drag Bo over there fast enough. Daniel tries to call Chelsea, but gets voicemail.

Hope points out that Robbins and Nicole are together. The ever-vigilant gossip is always on patrol.

Nicole tells Robbins who Bo and Hope are. He says he already knows Bo because he came to his place after the break-in.

Stephanie doesn't want Max to do this. Max claims he can handle himself. He needs to know. Stephanie wants to go with him. Max says no. A message scrolls across the bottom of the screen, "Do not attempt to adjust your picture. The problem is not with your set..." Max promises he will tell her everything but needs to do it alone right now.

Chelsea comes out dressed and hauling the rest of her stuff. She books, and Stephanie tries to stop Max from going on his wild goose chase.

Chloe tells Phillip he'll find out what she's up to after she talks to Roman. That really gets Phillip's attention. Chloe asks him to trust her. She claims she wouldn't do anything to hurt him and he can come with her. Phillip agrees. He leaves to get the car and Chloe makes a call to Lucas, "It's me. I'm about to do it."

"I wish I could do this myself," says Lucas, "I owe you. Good luck."

Lucas hangs up and John asks what that was all about. Lucas stares.

Stephanie still wants to know what's really going on. A message scrolls across the bottom of the screen, "You are in hell..."

Nicole wants to know why Trent can't just leave her alone. "Because I missed you," he says, "I'm not the same person and I'd like to make amends."

Nicole doesn't want any part of him, "All I want is the answer to one question... Are there any other soap operas looking for cast members right now? "

Bo spews compliments and continues to be coy.

Chelsea shows up in all her skankliciousness.

Roman says, "I will definitely come and meet L'il Joe, but first I want to crack this arson case."

"But I was hoping you'd meet him before he goes on social security," says Kayla.

Patch goes over to Stephanie and Max and asks to talk.

Chelsea sees Bo and Hope. She says that could be a problem.

Lexie takes Abe's hand and bawls. They tell Marlena they need to work though this by themselves. Marlena reminds them, "I lost a baby to SIDS. Either that or maybe it was a suicide... we never really found out. It destroyed my marriage to what's his name, even though it never would have lasted anyway."

Lexie says, "If he were physically sick I'd know what to do. I'd call a doctor. I just want my little boy to be all right."

Patch wants a word with Maxwell alone. Stephanie goes over to Kayla and Roman. Morgan hustles in and tells Roman she thinks her father is missing. "How do you know," asks Roman, "Did the river disappear?"

Lexie apologizes for falling apart. Marlena reminds her she's not alone, "There are all kinds of support groups for this and, of course, say it with her, I'll be there for you." Abe shows Marlena out.

Trent tells Nicole their secret is safe. Nicole is skeptical. Sam the student comes up and gushes over Robbins' book. Trent introduces Nicole and Sam leaves. Robbins thinks he's becoming the local celebrity. Nicole thinks he's eating it up. She's surprised he introduced her. Time was when he wouldn't do that.

OK. Bo is ready to spill the beans. He says he had a near death experience and realized they could have lost each other, but didn't. The purpose of tonight's festivities is to hope next time they have better luck.

Chelsea decides she doesn't need to be too worried. Daniel wonders if she is really ready for this.

Morgan says her dad said he would call and hasn't. She's tried to call him but it only goes to glub mail. Roman says she has to wait 24 hours. Morgan asks, "Does that count the 24 hours I just told you about? Something has happened."

Patch says, "I think we should have a man-to-man. On second thought, make that man-to-dork." Max tells Patch he's been hiding things. "You mean that brainy thing," asks the ever-articulate Patch. Max says he hid that because he doesn't want to be like his father.

Lucas tells John he's just trying to make things right. The doorbell interrupts. Rolf shows Marlena in. She kicks Lucas out but asks Rolf to stay. John wants to know what this is all about. "This is about getting my husband back," says Marlena.

"Which one," asks John.

Trent says, "They're playing our song."

"We don't have a song," says Nicole.

"I thought we did," he says. He asks her to dance. Nicole don' wanna. He tells her she'd better think about being a little nicer to him. Nicole agrees to dance.

Chelsea decides she's OK with the whole situation. Daniel has decided to be more open-minded. She explains she hasn't told her dad, but told Hope.

"In other words," says Daniel, "Bo is now the only one in town who doesn't know."

Chelsea says, "It's just that Hope doesn't freak out as much about things." Daniel decides they are two adults who are doing nothing wrong. They decide they have nothing to hide and should go say hello to Bo and Hope.

John says, "You blow my mind, Blondie. Yesterday you were talking divorce." Marlena says she doesn't want him back she wants her husband back. She pulls out the disc. The blood drains from Rolf's head.

Chloe says she has news about Paul. She says she saw him at the pier the night of the arson. "Let's start at the beginning," says Roman.

"That would be one hell of a flashback," says Chloe.

Max says his biological father is as low as they come. He tells Patch he's back in town, "He's making life hell."

"I know what's that's like," says Patch, "I live with Kayla. Duke was an SOB, too." Max says he would never hurt Stephanie. He loves her too much. Patch says Max has nothing to lose by opening up to her. Patch says Max can call any time night or day.

Trent and Nicole dance. He says he wondered if his past would catch up with him when he returned to Salem, but thought it would be his son.

Bo swallows his tongue. Hope smiles, "We're glad you came over." She turns to Bo, "Aren't we?" Bo hesitates.


Bo finishes bandaging his leg and says, "I'm just a bit surprised. He's a little... uh... old for you."


Bo tries to change his tune, "He seems youthful, for his age." The happy couple decides to let Bo and Hope get back to their desserts.

After they leave Hope lectures Bo for being rude. "He should be with someone like himself," says Bo.

"Who," asks Hope.

"I don't know," says Bo, "A globe trotting bohemian commitment-phobic surfer."

Chelsea tells Daniel Bo will come around. He thinks she has the most incredible smile, "God I bet you were hot in braces."

"Yours isn't so bad either," says Chelsea.

"At my age they're all false teeth," says Daniel.

Trent tells Nicole Max is his son.

Chloe says Paul reeked of gasoline.

Abe assures Lexie, "We'll get through this together. Then you can have one of your affairs and blow it all to smithereens."

Lucas eavesdrops as Marlena says the disc is the key to unlocking John's past.


You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Man Candy

Lucas has decided to fly the coop again. He works on removing his ankle monitor while Chloe plays the part of the peanut gallery and tells him to move things along because someone could walk in on them. I ask you, on what other show do you get gripping action like this?

He gets the job done and Sami walks in on them. St. Sami tells Lucas Chloe doesn't always act in the best interests of others.

Yvonne tells Phillip she couldn't break the encryption on the mind disc. She thinks the pattern matched brain waves. She gives the disc back to Phillip who pays her for her trouble. He wishes her a safe trip back to Hong Kong and she leaves. Phillip calls Marlena, "I have some information you might be interested in. It's about John."

Sami meddles. Chloe tells her what she and Lucas are up to is none of her business. Things go downhill from there and we are just on the verge of World War III when John comes in and breaks it up. He wants to know what Phillip's girlfriend is doing there.

Ava and Nicole walk into the gym. "It's a sad selection of men, isn't it," asks Nicole.

"I thought you said this place was always full of man candy," says Ava. "Where is it?"

"I don't know," says Nicole, "Maybe they're not trolling for skanks today." EJ walks in. Nicole thinks things aren't a total loss after all. She waves and Ava wonders what that was about.

Caroline comes upstairs to see Max. She wants to finish their talk. He tells Caroline his father has moved back to Salem. He insists he's OK, but she doesn't buy it. She's upset he's kept things from her, "We didn't raise you to be dishonest."

"You're right, Ma," says Max, "I want to be more like pop."

"You're halfway there," says Caroline, "You're already brain dead."

"I've spoken to him," says Max, "He's a jerk."

"So," says Caroline, "It's hereditary."

Max thinks his father doesn't give a damn about him and he's fine with that, "I don't want to have anything to do with him ever."

Caroline says, "I think that's a mistake, but if I were him those would be the happiest words I ever heard."

John wants to know if Phillip sent Chloe there to spy on him. Chloe thinks John would change his mind if he knew want she had to say. Chloe starts to tell him but Lucas steps in and shuts her up. He just can't stand to hear the sound of another human voice.

Ava thinks Nicole and EJ must have a thing, "Did you two..."

"NO," yells Nicole, "it was an intense make-out session. He wanted us to sleep together but I didn't. All he wanted was a one-night stand."

Ava asks, "And that's a problem with you?"

"I don't want it to be about sex," says Nicole.

"It's my house, my rules," says John, "Chloe is going and so is Lucas if he ever invites her here again." Sami insists Lucas has to stay. "Then the fighting will stop," says John, "You need to lighten up. I'm on your side."

"How can you be," asks Sami, "You didn't kick EJ out."

"EJ is family," says John, "Lucas is not. Can you please make nice?"

Nicole thinks EJ will lose interest after he gets the big commission from her divorce, "He's a man. I know the type. He doesn't want to have anything to do with me."

Ava throws a glance toward EJ, "Would you just check him out? He's attracted – Tryin' to hide it."

John asks if Sami wants a snack. He hauls a confused Sami out and tells Lucas he wants Chloe gone when he gets back.

Chloe wants to know why Lucas didn't tell them why she is there.

Marlena arrives at Phillip's and says she has reservations about being there. Phillip tells her about the disc. He thinks it could help John regain his memories.

Abe wants to know if Lexie wants to talk about it. Lexie sniffles, "No. It's too painful." So what do they do? They talk about it anyway. "Our son has problems," she whines, "Starting with his parents."

John and Sami walk into the health club and see Nicole and Ava. Sami loses her appetite. Ava thinks she should ask John to join them. She goes over. He tells her he's there to grab a snack with his soon to be ex daughter-in-law. That gets Sami's attention and she asks about it. John tells her it wasn't his idea. He eyes Ava, "But maybe I do want a divorce." Sami excuses herself.

"Did you mean that," asks Ava.

"I mean everything I say," says John. Ava invites him to have a drink and John accepts.

Sami runs up and asks to talk to EJ. She says she thinks he's being selfish. EJ points out she has asked him to move out of the mansion and wonders who is being selfish. Sami wonders why he would want to live there since he and Lucas hate each other. EJ refuses to move out. Sami leaves.

Chloe asks Lucas if he's having second thoughts about his little scheme. Of course he is. Chloe reminds him they don't have a choice. Lucas agrees, "The police have to be totally convinced that you were the one who saw Paul Hollingsworth on the pier that night."

Caroline tells Max to find out who he is and who he wants to be and when he does to embrace it. Max says he doesn't want anything to do with his father. He has hated everything he has found out about him. Caroline wants to know what he found out.

Phillip tells Marlena there are brain wave patterns on the disc. He refuses to say where he got it, though. He can't give it to John because John would be suspicious. He wants her to help him, "The new John stinks."

"I've spoken to him about his personal hygiene," says Marlena.

Marlena decides to call Roman. Phillip wonders why she is doing that. "There was a break in," says Marlena.

Phillip stops her, "Don't involve the cops if you want the disc."

"It was you," gasps Marlena, "You stole it and now you're returning it. What kind of game are you playing?"

"I'm a doctor," whines Lexie, "I should have recognized the symptoms."

"Why should this case be different than all your others," asks Abe.

"I had dreams for him," says Lexie.

Phillip wants the old John back. Marlena gets a call, "I'll be right there. Phillip asks her to promise she won't say where she got the disc. Marlena vows not to tell John where she got it. He gives it to Marlena and she leaves.

EJ returns with a pastrami sandwich in a brown bag. Lucas eyes it and hints at the fact that he sure would like a pastrami sandwich of his own, but EJ doesn't get the idea. EJ tells him he's not moving out, "I can't remember the last time I saw Samanther this unhappy."

Apparently it's EJ-Lucas bonding time. Lucas tells him Sami got mad when she saw him talking to Chloe.

"She's nothing if not possessive," says EJ.

"I can understand," says Lucas, "considering her history with men."

Sami asks Nicole for a favor. Nicole is skeptical but Sami says she's serious. She asks her to convince EJ to move out. Nicole refuses.


Nicole smiles, "Because I don't like you."

"Thanks for nothing," snorts Sami.

Nicole reconsiders, "OK. Hold on. I would say something if I thought it would help, but EJ is ignoring me right now. We came this close to... never mind."

Sami boils.

Caroline thinks Max should talk about this. She insists it will help. Max tells her his biological father abandoned him and his mom, "She died because of him."

"How so," asks Caroline.

"He left her with me and I bored her to death," says Max, "Then she got sick and when she didn't get any better, she died."

"That's how it usually happens," says Caroline.

"They tried to take me away and put me in a foster home and he just stood there."

Caroline hugs him, "I sure pity the people you ended up with."

Lucas tells EJ Sami always wants what she can't have. EJ already knows that. Lucas asks if Sami told him about Brandon and then his affair with Lexie, "Sami wanted him back and then sabotaged my relationship with Carrie. Then Sami tried to break up Carrie and Austin. There is a history of lies and deception."

"Not to mention a little incest," says EJ.

"Sami is still jealous and possessive," says Lucas.

"So," says EJ, "this is all Samanther's fault." Sami sneaks outside the door and listens in.

Marlena comes to see Abe and Lexie. She says she got a call from Dr. Litton. "I thought you might need a friend," says Marlena, "Or if a friend isn't around, maybe I can meddle a little." Abe insists they are fine.

Lexie says, "No, Abe, we are not. Neither is Theo."

Sami listens. She barges in and turns the artillery on EJ, "I can't believe you almost had sex with Nicole!"

"Lovely to see you, too" says EJ.

Since no exorcist is available, Sami continues, "Is that a yes?"


Sami hisses, "How could you do that to me?"

"I didn't even do it to Nicole," says EJ. New best friends EJ and Lucas decide to take their discussion into the next room. Sami flops around the room like a fish on a dock.

John makes a phone call to Marlena.

Nicole goes back to Ava. She says she told Sami about her and EJ. She also says she has some information that would turn John's palace into chaos. Now she's having second thoughts about what to do about it. Ava suggests Nicole talk to John and drags her over to him.

Nicole stammers around. Ava tells John Nicole could use his advice. John asks how he can help. Nicole says her settlement is finished.

"Congrats on your gold digging," says John.

"I am ready to move on and I have some information," says Nicole, "EJ lied to Sami. They are not married any more. The annulment is valid."

"And what am I supposed to do about that," asks John.

"Do with the information whatever you want," says Nicole. John smirks.

Marlena pries, "I would never dream of prying."

Lexie decides to spill the beans. She tells her about the tests, "Theo is autistic."

"Really," gasps Marlena, "Well, that makes sense. I've always liked his drawings."


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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Top 10 Reasons Why Chan Should Be Together

Popular demand has compelled us to consider the reasons why Chelsea and Methusel... er, Daniel make a compatible couple and should be together.

Here are our conclusions:

• May and December are our Favorite months.

• Daniel needs more pictures for his website

• Dr. Dan won't have to worry that in medical school he never learned what those bumps on a woman's chest are.

• Billie and Kate - Designated hitters.

• By the time she graduates, her income can supplement his Social Security.

• When old Dan finally kicks the bucket, Chelsea will inherit his Hello Kitty collection.

• Chelsea can't have kids, but she'll let Daniel keep the ones that follow him home.

• She'll alwyas know where he is. Child molesters must register in Salem.

• Saving Bo's life was one thing, but he'll really be greatful if Daniel takes the brat off his hands.

• If Daniel really is a miracle worker, maybe someday Chelsea will have boobs.

• Daniel gets a built-in lab rat for his experiments.

• If they have kids, no need to buy a cradle. Daniel keeps robbing them.

• Daniel can finally get rid of all those irritating hot babes chasing after him.

• With his experience, Daniel can wear her out playing spin the bottle on their wedding night.

• They both love Disney's "It's A Small World" ride.

• If she ever got stumped on a history class assignment, she could just ask Daniel what happened.

If you're still not convinced, here they are, the top ten reasons why Chelsea and Daniel should be together:

10. Daniel needs companionship and Jamie Lynn Spears is out of commission right now.

9. They could name their kids Charlie and Jackie.

8. Daniel thinks they have to get married since he saw her underpants once.

7. Bonus! Daniel's mother in law would be younger than he is, too.

6. No need for a sewing room, just stuff her in a locker.

5. Chelsea wants to snag a doctor. Daniel wants to play doctor.

4. She mows 'em down, he patches 'em up.

3. Someone has to stop Roman Polanski from moving in on Chelsea.

2. Daniel won't have to peek up his Barbie doll's skirt any more.

And... The top reason why Chelsea and Daniel should be together...

1. Daniel's been wanting to wax that board for a long time.

Happy weekend, Prevuzers.

Friday, June 20, 2008

The Cat That Dialed 911

The pub bustles with activity. Morgan is on the phone wondering where her father is. Bo and Hope sit at a table doing their police work. Bo looks up and asks, "What does F-O-R-E-N-S-I-C-S spell?"

"One thing at a time," says Hope, "I'm still trying to figure out W-A-R-R-A-N-T."
Chelsea joins them wanting to talk to Hope alone.

Kate waits in her room. She tells the nurse she's headed home today after she gets her final check up, but doesn't want that to be from Daniel.

Daniel hands Phillip the latest copy of the Salem Sleazebucket. The headline screams, "DOCK WAR CATCHES FIRE!"

John is on the phone insisting he was set up. He leaves as Lucas comes in looking confused. Sami bumps into him and asks where John is. Lucas says he was just there and asks what Sami wants him for. Sami says she needs to know where some big boxes are, "EJ is moving out."

EJ stomps in and says, "The hell I am." EJ says he had a chat with John, and John says he can stay.

Lucas says, "If I could leave this nut house, I would."

"If you left, it wouldn't be a nut house any more," says EJ.

Lucas leaves and Sami tells EJ he's being unreasonable. EJ says she can't pretend their romp didn't happen.

Phillip looks at the magazine and says, "This is the same rag that did the story about "The Cat That Dialed 911." They discuss Brady and how the divorce hit him and Chloe. Daniel figures out Chloe is the woman Phillip is seeing. Phillip says she's only part of the equation. Phillip says he's comfortable with Chloe. Daniel thinks Phillip wants someone new and exciting. Phillip tells Daniel, "I don't know what I want, but I get the feeling Chloe isn't going to be too happy if it isn't her."

Back at the pub, Chloe remembers seeing Phillip kiss Morgan as she brushes past her. Morgan snaps, "Chloe, what is wrong with you?"

"If I told you," says Chloe, "This show would have to be a two-parter."

Hope and Chelsea leave to cackle. Bo wonders why Caroline is working instead of Max. Caroline says Max clocked in but he's going through a rough time so he isn't working right now. Bo wants to know what the issue is. "He told me in confidence," says Caroline, "so I can't talk about it. Don't worry, I'll spill the beans soon enough."

Chelsea asks to borrow Hope's earrings, "I have a date but can we not tell Dad?"

Lucas takes his monitor off and leaves the mansion.

The nurse doesn't understand why Kate doesn't want Dr. Jonas. She leaves and Kate makes a call to Lucas. Lucas answers. Kate asks, "Why are you whispering."

"The twins are sleeping," he lies, "I have to go. I'll call you later."

Bo tells Caroline he never thought he'd see Chelsea and Hope having a tender mother-child murderer moment like they are having right now. "You have a nice family Bo," says Caroline.

Bo agrees, "Especially since Shawn left."

"And what about Ciara," asks Caroline.

"She's not much trouble now that she's away at college," says Bo.
He changes the subject, "I'm planning a surprise party for Hope and will need your help."

Hope's gossip antennae are up. She goes over the top prying to find out whom Chelsea has her date with. Chelsea finally breaks down and tells her it's Daniel. Hope's face falls about five stories, "He's so much older than you are."

"I could really use your support on this," says Chelsea.

John gets a call, "No. Paul Hollingsworth won't say a word. It's hard to talk when you have a carp stuck in your mouth."

Phillip and Daniel discuss plans for the fourth.

Kate calls Phillip. She asks if he will pick her up in an hour. Phillip turns and says, "They're releasing her." Kate picks up on that and asks if Phillip is with someone. He tells her Daniel is there. Kate says she didn't realize he and Daniel were such good buddies. Phillip says he wants her to recuperate at the mansion. Kate protests. She thinks Victor might object. Phillip says, "If he can put up with Nicole he can put up with you."

"Thanks for the ringing endorsement," says Kate.

"Victor will be OK as long as you don't bring a dog," says Phillip.

"OK," says Kate, "I'll see to it that Chelsea doesn't tag along."

Hope wonders who asked whom out. Chelsea says Daniel asked her. "Good," says Hope, "That's the way it's supposed to be. Only the guy isn't supposed to be on social security." Chelsea doesn't want to tell Bo. Hope agrees under one condition, "If there is a second date, you have to tell him. But tell me first so I can spread it all over town."

Caroline has no problem with helping Bo pull this off. He says he would do it himself if he weren't so swamped, "I had to go to work twice this week." John walks up and offers to help him lighten his workload.

Since EJ just sublet his apartment he says he has nowhere to go, "And if I'm going somewhere, I'm taking my son with me."

Sami erupts, "You are not taking my son away!" EJ walks away.

Lucas shows up at Chloe's place. She yanks him inside and wonders what he is doing there. He tells her he heard John say he thinks Phillip planted the drugs and set the fire, "I know who set that fire and I'm not gonna let my brother burn for it." He tells Chloe he thinks Paul Hollingsworth set the fire.

Chloe beams right in on the important part of that revelation, "Does he have a daughter?"


"Interesting," says Chloe, "Are you sure?"

"Positive," says Lucas, "I was on the pier. It was right after I talked to you."

"Then we can prove Phillip didn't do it," says Chloe.

"Yeah," says Lucas, "But I can't tell the police."

John tells Bo he's spinning his wheels, "Phillip set me up." Bo thinks the evidence points to John. Phillip walks in and they decide to ask him themselves.

Hope can't resist butting in. She goes over. Morgan joins the happy little party. She runs off the rails, "THIS MAN SHOULD BE IN JAIL!" She turns to John, "I BLAME YOU FOR EVERYTHING! YOU CORRUPTED MY FATHER AND I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU!"

"I just came in for coffee and a sticky bun," says John, "I didn't know I would be on trial."

Sami has come up with some boxes, but EJ says he won't need them because he isn't going anywhere. Sami says she can't fix things with Lucas with EJ hanging around. EJ thinks the situation may not be fixable.

Sami snorts, "The other night was a mistake."

"I know it wasn't and Lucas knows it wasn't," says EJ, "He knows you don't have sex with someone unless you have feelings for him."

Sami is backed into a corner, "SHUT UP!"

"You can put me out of sight but not out of mind," says EJ, "Whether you admit it or not you can't stop thinking about me."

Lucas reminds Chloe he was breaking the law when he saw Hollingsworth, so he can't tell the cops. He suggests she tell the cops instead.

John drones, "No more caffeine for her. Your anger should be toward the man on your right. Your father was working for him." Bo and Hope step in and try to calm things down. Morgan tells them Paul has left town.

Kate paces. She remembers telling Daniel she doesn't want him doing the surgery. Daniel walks in. Kate snaps. Daniel wants one final look as the diagnosing doctor. Kate thinks it's a waste of time. Daniel says he needs a favor, "I would like for us to at least try to get along – if for no other reason than Chelsea's sake. What do you say?"

When the going gets tough, the tough start name-calling. "You are pompous and arrogant," says Sami, "Lucas is the only man I will ever love, this week. I'm begging you to move out."

Morgan says she doesn't know where her father went. She says he feared for his life. John chimes in, "I've lost my appetite. I will have to pass on my sticky bun."

As John walks out, Phillip gives a parting shot, "You're finished, John." He turns and asks if Kate called Chelsea. Her phone has been off, so she doesn't know. Phillip says he's headed for the hospital. Chelsea wants to go, too.

Phillip says he will catch up. He and Morgan sit down as Chelsea goes over to say goodbye. She tells Bo and Hope she's going to the hospital. As she leaves, she thanks Hope again.

Bo thinks something is up. He and Hope stare at each other.

"Well," says Bo.

"Well," says Hope.

"Well," says Bo.

"WE DON'T HAVE ALL DAY," screams a gal in the audience.

"What did you talk about," asks Bo.

"Girl stuff," says Hope.

Bo looks that up in the Guy Manual: "Girl Stuff – See "shut up."

"She wanted to borrow my earrings," says Hope.

"Does she have a date," asks Bo.

"No," says Hope, "She's going to be on the Home Shopping Network."

"It's a date," says the possessive and over-protective father, "Who is it?"

Hope stammers, "Someone new... maybe."

Sami tries another angle. She says she knows EJ can be a good guy when he wants to be, "I'm asking you to do this for me. You have become a different man since you became a father. Watching you with the twins... you're a natural with them. I'll admit I say things I don't mean. The truth is you are a great father and I will always want you to be a part of Johnny's life, but you can do that not living here. What do you say?"

Daniel is a bit peeved, "KATE..."

Kate says, "Wow. You lost your bedside manner."

Daniel asks, "Can we be friends for Chelsea sake?"

"I don't know what this has to do with Chelsea," she says.

"Chelsea won't understand," says Daniel.

Chelsea walks in, "I won't understand what?"

"How excited I am to get the hell out of this hospital," says Kate.

Daniel hands Kate the papers and gives Chelsea the eye as Kate signs. He winks at Chelsea as he leaves. Kate says, "I think we should have dinner tonight to celebrate my getting out of the hospital – as long as it's not green jell-o." Chelsea says she has a date. Kate wonders who it is, but Chelsea won't say. She doesn't want to jinx it.

Bo presses. Hope claims she doesn't know who Chelsea's date is. She asks about Paul's disappearance. Bo says he isn't surprised Paul flew the coop.

Morgan tells Phillip she's actually glad her dad isn't there, "This way, he avoids all the questions and accusations." She tells Phillip about her tiff with Chloe. Phillip is quite amused. He leaves to go pick up Kate.

Lucy... I mean Lucas has cooked up a scheme. He says he will coach Chloe and do his best to protect her. She'll have he own ankle monitor in no time. Chloe decides to do it.

"I appreciate it," says Lucas.

"How could I say no?"

EJ insists he isn't leaving. John interrupts the dust-up. He says he thought they already solved this, "Elvis is family. If he doesn't want to leave I won't make him."

Sami plays the "Marlena card." She tells John Marlena won't be happy with she hears he sided with EJ instead of her daughter.

"My home my rules," says John, "Be careful or you will be the one who is out." EJ smirks.


You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Harlot

Phillip and Chloe went home last night to "just talk." Apparently it was either a very short conversation, or Phillip is a man who thinks actions speak louder than words. They wake up snuggling in bed.

"We didn't do much talking last night," says Chloe.

"I'm one of those guys who talks with his hands," says Phillip.

"In that case," says Chloe, "You had a lot to say."
It's time for the morning round...

Morgan and Chelsea work out. They share a catty conversation about girls who wear makeup to the gym, and then meet Crystal, who is the national sorority rep. She's organizing the breast cancer walk and she tells the girls she's glad everything worked out after the trouble they had last summer. Crystal leaves. Chelsea says she forgot how nice she was. Morgan suggests the art festival for this evening. Chelsea says she has plans.

"Care to share," asks Morgan.

"I have a date."

Daniel is on the phone making reservations with Maggie.

Kate primps. Daniel walks into her room and Kate does her best Chernobyl impression, "GET OUT OF MY ROOM!"

Lexie, Abe and Theo come down the hall. Lexie tries to bribe Theo into being good with a trip to the toy store. Theo does his best Marcel Marceau impression. Nurse Lindsay comes up and tries to talk to him. Actually she's just sucking up to the Chief of Staph. Abe says to Lexie, "You shouldn't worry until we know if something is wrong. Then you can make a real scene." Theo runs up to him and Abe takes him to the cafeteria. Lindsay tells Lexie she has the perfect family. Families have really gone downhill lately.

John walks in as Caroline and Marlena talk. He says, "Today was Rolf's day to cook breakfast and I didn't want anything strange."

"What can I get you," asks Caroline.

"Grilled livers smothered in assorted fruit," says John.

"One bowl of chowdah coming right up," says Caroline.

Marlena says she had a good time last night. John suggests next time she can sleep over. Marlena, still pure as the driven snow after all these years, isn't ready for that. John thinks she is still upset about Ava.

Stephanie tells Max she couldn't sleep last night. She can't believe what a jerk Trent is, "I could strangle him. And the same goes for you."

A gal in the audience stands up and screams, "GO FOR IT!"

Nicole walks outside as her Pookie-bark ringtone goes off. Trent is on the other end, "How's my sweet girl today? We need to talk. It's a weekday, mid morning you're probably somewhere they serve alcohol. I'll guess the pub."

Nicole snorts, "What the hell do you want from me?"

Stephanie and Max bicker for a change. Stephanie finally backs off, "I won't argue with you. I'll just remind you I love you and (say it with her) I'll be there for you." Stephanie wonders when Max will tell Caroline. Max isn't ready for that. Stephanie presses.

Caroline serves John his unique dish. John tells Marlena he thinks they need to talk about Phillip.

Meanwhile, Phillip cops one last feel, sighs and gets up as Chloe sleeps. He dresses and broods.

Chelsea tells Morgan she's going out with Daniel. "We're going to dinner and... afterwards... who knows?"

Morgan is shocked, "You wouldn't... you know... on a first date!"

"Daniel is a gentleman," says Chelsea, "But a girl can dream." She wonders why Morgan can't just be happy for her.

Max and Stephanie. ZZZAAAPPPPP...

Stephanie leaves for the gym. Caroline comes up and asks if there is something on Max' mind. "Nothing at all," insists Max.

"Good," says Caroline, "Everything is normal."

Trent watches as Stephanie leaves. He strolls up to Nicole, "I let you go once. I'm not gonna make that mistake again."

Nicole says, "Please don't do this."

John tells Marlena he knows Phillip is responsible for the drug bust. He says Phillip can't win.

Nicole says there is nothing to go back to. Trent doesn't think she really feels that way. He thinks she knows him a little more than he would like.

Caroline explodes. She wants to know what's with the dark cloud over Max head. "Oh, that," says Max, "I just had one of your breakfast burritos."

Morgan just doesn't want to see Chelsea get hurt. Chelsea asks, "Why is everybody so hung up on the age thing?"

Morgan says, "Dr. Jonas is old enough to be your..."

Chelsea interrupts, "Stop! In the name of love before you break my heart..." She asks if Morgan wouldn't go out with 45 year old Johnny Depp. That shuts Morgan up.

Stephanie joins them. They make fun of the fact that Stephanie wore lipstick to the gym, but Stephanie isn't up for it.

Kate tells Daniel to get out. Is it me, or have we already done that scene?

Outside, Lexie hears a ruckus in Kate's room and goes in to check it out.

Phillip dresses. Chloe asks, "No encore?"

Phillip asks, "Does breakfast in bed count."

"That depends," says Chloe, "Do you serve livers smothered in assorted fruit? "

Phillip gets a call. John says he needs to see him, "Brady pub. I'll be waiting."

Phillip hangs up and turns to Chloe, "Eighty-six breakfast in bed."

"No thanks," says Chloe, "One is plenty for me."

Daniel decides to leave before Lexie throws him out. Lexie asks if there is something Kate wants to tell her.

Nicole asks, "Who else knows your dirty little secret?" Trent says it's a student. Nicole makes assumptions, "Those women keep getting younger and younger."

Trent says, "It's a grad student who thinks he knows me. But he doesn't have a clue. He's threatened me."

"Sounds like my kind of guy," says Nicole.

Max says he just can't talk to Caroline right now. Nick walks up with a CD for Max. Caroline walks away.

Stephanie tells the girls she promised Max she wouldn't say anything. That's their cue to pry it all out of her. Stephanie says she can't get through to Max. Chelsea gets a call. She looks at the caller ID and sees it's Daniel. She vacillates about whether or not to answer it until it goes to voicemail. "Should I call him back," wonders the little twit. Stephanie grabs the phone and hits the callback button. Chelsea takes the phone as Daniel answers.

He tells her things are on for Chez Rouge 7:30. That works for Chelsea. Daniel asks, "Are you having second thoughts?"

"I'm hardly capable of a first thought," says Chelsea. She hangs up and tells the girls the date is on. Morgan doesn't think this is a good idea.

Phillip and Chloe arrive. John tells him their little dispute has gotten out of hand, "It's time for you to cut your losses, Phillip. Step down. Accept defeat." John gives him till the end of the day.

Phillip says he doesn't accept ultimatums, "You're the criminal, John. What world are you living in?" He hands Chloe a wad-o-cash for breakfast and heads for the gym.

John mumbles, "Phillip is a fool. He could have stayed here and had a mess o' livers smothered in assorted fruit."

Chelsea says she hasn't told Bo about Daniel, "I don't want the lecture about dating someone my own age."

"My dad would freak if I were dating someone that old," says Stephanie.

"Your dad freaks if the sun comes up in the morning," says Chelsea.

"I don't know what my dad would do," says Morgan.

"Probably bloat and float to the surface," says Chelsea.

Morgan tells the girls her dad left town, "But he will be back when he gets tangled up in some fishing net."

Max broods in his room, "I need your help more that ever, Ma." Nick joins him. He brings him a summer school brochure. Max tells him to forget it, "Big deal if I go to school. I could get my degree and write a book and treat people like garbage."

"You treat people like garbage without doing all that," says Nick.

"The only skill I need now is how to pout beer," says Max. Nick says when he first got to Salem Nick was the man. He wonders what happened. (Hmmm... maybe he kept pouting beer instead of pouring beer and his world fell apart.)

Phillip meets Daniel at the gym. "Your mother is a complete mystery to me," says Daniel, "Nothing more complicated than the female species."

Phillip asks, "So why do we need them besides the obvious?"

Daniel asks, "And when you find one... How do you know that’s the one?"

Phillip remembers kissing Morgan, "I've been wondering that myself."

Trent invites Nicole to dinner as the girls walk into the pub. If Stephanie's eyes were death rays Trent would now be a smoldering pile of ash on the sidewalk.

Inside, we have the least subtle product placement ad in the history of TV. Morgan gets cramps. Stephanie whips out her box of Midol and goes on and on about how it will relieve her cramps, her backache and cure all her ills.

Very softly, Pink Floyd sings Comfortably Numb in the background.

Morgan looks across the room, "OMG! There's Chloe! The harlot!"

Stephanie the oblivious space cadet continues to ramble on about Midol, "...And it will make your headache disappear."

"Too bad it won't make Chloe disappear," says Morgan.

Stephanie asks Caroline if Max talked to her. Caroline says no.

Kate asks, "You wouldn't do surgery on Abe, would you?"

"Not unless I really wanted to kill him," says Lexie, "But that's different. Daniel is just your friend."

"I'm still not comfortable with it," says Kate.

Theo and Abe run in. Theo runs over and silently greets Kate. Abe takes Theo back outside. Kate asks if Lexie is distracted. Lexie says they're taking Theo in for tests.

John and Marlena are back at the mansion. "We never finished our conversation about Ava," says Marlena, "You don't want to be the old John and I can't accept the new one."

John drones, "And the solution is...."

"I don't know," says Marlena, "but if we can't resolve it we should file for divorce."

Phillip suggests, "We should just move to Tibet and become monks. Meditate on that."

That thought lasts a nanosecond as a hot babe walks by. Daniel's eyes pop out and he says, "Meditate on that."

"You're handsome, and a doctor," says Phillip, "That's what girls want. Why do you think Treadmill Tina keeps walking by. You should go for her."

"She's not my type."

"Since when," asks Phillip.

"Since she grew up," says Daniel, "I have a crazy thing for a girl. There's a bit of an age difference. Phillip counsels him to go for it. "Let's hope I don't wipe out," says Daniel.

Max comes downstairs. Stephanie tells him she thinks he will hurt Caroline more by not telling her. She leaves and Max walks up to Caroline, "I need to talk to you about my biological father."

Lexie tells Kate Theo has been having trouble at day care. She and Abe just want answers. "So what are you waiting for," asks Kate, "Any bum on the street could diagnose this one."

Phillip asks Daniel if the girl he mentioned is Chelsea. Daniel says yes. Phillip thinks that's great, "The quicker we get her out of circulation, the better off all guys will be." Daniel thinks Kate will go through the roof when she finds out.

Max tells Caroline he found out who his biological father is. He says he didn't want to tell her because he thought she would be upset. They share a hug and Caroline thanks him for telling her, "But I'd like to know... what finally mellowed you out so that you were able to tell me this? "

"Stephanie gave me a Midol."

Chloe comes up to Morgan and offers a cup of coffee. Morgan isn't interested. Chloe tells her Phillip has a pattern, "He finds a girl and uses her to boost his ego. His involvement with you is a casual flirtation and you should stay away."

"You must feel really threatened," says Morgan, "And you should."

John asks, "You're giving me permission to see other women?"

"Yes," says Marlena, "It seems like the right thing to do."

"You come out of left field sometimes," says John.

Marlena says, "If you try things out and come back to me – that's fine. If not, we can end it."

"Why are you doing this," asks John, "What changed you?"

"I took a Midol."


You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website.

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