Friday, December 05, 2008

Enough Yak-A-Doodle-Doo, Kitten Lips

Diamonds! A girl's best friend! Stefano and EJ! Could use a friend right now! EJ cautions Stefano that lives have been lost to get the diamonds. Stefano backs him off and they make the exchange. Stefano asks, "Aren't you going to count the money?"

Ramon pulls out his gun, "There is no need. Give us our diamonds back. Nice doing business with you."

Brady sits in the park and finds a vial on the ground. He picks it up, "What th'..."

Speaking of vile, Sami isn't in the Christmas spirit so she takes it out on Hilda. And the viewers. Hilda comes up with a star she made and talks the little snot into putting it on top of the tree, "But we have a tradition in my family, before you put the star on top of the tree, you have to make a wish. A gal from the audience runs onto the set and yanks the star from Sami, sticks it on the top of the tree and wishes DOOL would go off the air.

Nicole sees Rafe the Cable Guy sneaking around in her bedroom and shuts the door. Rafe hears the door shut and turns around, "Who's there?" Some supersluth, eh?

Brady contemplates the vial. John comes up and sees what he is doing, "I guess once an addict always an addict. And that being the case, would you mind sharing your goodies? "

Nicole comes back through the door armed with a stiletto. A stiletto-heeled shoe, that is. She points it at Rafe, "Don't move!" She picks up the phone to call the cops.

Stefano asks, "Is this the way old friends do business?"

"It is now," says Ramon, "DOWN! NOW!" EJ and Stefano get down on their knees. Ramon asks, "Any last words, old friend?"

EJ looks at Stefano, "Father."


Suddenly, Stefano barks a few commands and his boys come out from hiding. They turn the tables on the baddies as Stefano gets up and pulls his own gun, "Now it's your turn, Ramon, any last words?"

Sami un-boxes the ornaments Hilda has made and brought with her. Sami thinks Hilda is turning into an old softie. Hilda makes her promise not to blow her cover, "So, it's time to trim the tree. Enough yak-a-doodle-doo, kitten lips. Move your keester."

Rafe tries to calm Nicole down. He 'splains he's from the cable company. Nicole turns on the TV. DOOL happens to be on. But the network has broken in with an endless news bulletin about the president's hemorrhoids, "See," says Nicole, "If they hadn't broken in with a news bulletin about something completely meaningless, I'd think there was a problem. But everything is working properly." Mary rushes in. Nicole wants to know who called Rafe. Rafe says a man called. He gives Nicole the work order and they discover it has the wrong address. Rafe apologizes for the error. Nicole gets a call from Brandon. Mary leaves and Rafe hangs around and listens while Nicole talks about having a baby.

John asks Brady if he has cocaine in the vial. "I just found it," says Brady, "I don't know what it is."

"Well don't just stand there," says John, "Let's find out." He accuses Brady of still being hooked.

Brady drops the vial and crushes it under his heel. John thinks it's an act. Brady growls, "Do you get points for being an uncaring bastard?"

"I just say what I feel," says John. Brady says the father he knew would have understood he could have died from his addiction, but got his life back. John is touched, "My cup runneth over." Brady says he used to have a dad that cared. Now he doesn't.

Stefano directs EJ to get the money from the baddies. One of his henchmen asks, "Ice 'em boss?" Ramon begs for mercy and swears they weren't going to kill Stefano and EJ.

Stefano decides since it's the holiday season, he will let them go, "Unlike you I have a conscience, a heart, a soul, a long-term contract, so I will let you spend Christmas with your families. However those who come against me must learn a lesson." Stefano gives a nod and his boys beat the stuffing out of Ramon Jr.

Rafe stoops in the dark outside the DiMera mansion and disables the security system. He comes back into the foyer as Nicole comes downstairs. Nicole wonders why he's still there. Rafe tells her he's thirsty and Mary went for some water. Nicole asks for his business card. Rafe fumbles and finds it. Nicole checks it out and says she thinks it looks legit, "But why don't you have an ID badge?"

"The show is on a tight budget, " says Rafe. He asks if he can wait for the water, "I couldn't help noticing you're expecting."

"You're improving," says Nicole, "You didn't notice Sami was pregnant for two episodes." Rafe asks baby questions and Nicole wants to know why he cares.

Mary comes in with the water. Rafe slugs it down, "My sister and her husband, the Squaregardens, just had a baby. They named her Madison. Nicole kicks him out. She leaves and Rafe goes outside. Nicole comes back into the foyer, puts on her coat and stares into the mirror, "What am I gonna do?" She gathers her things and tells Mary she's leaving.

Stefano's crew drags the crumpled and beaten piles of flesh that were once Ramon and Ramon, Jr. off the set. Stefano is philosophical, "Life is what happens when you're making other plans."

"You planned for this," asks EJ.

"I am always prepared," says Stefano.

"If you were so prepared," says EJ, "Why didn't you make sure they were unarmed in the first place?"

"Mind your own business," says Stefano.
He admonishes EJ always to be prepared and never trust an adversary, especially if the adversary is a friend. EJ rants about almost being killed. Stefano says this is part of EJ's job.

"Being held at gunpoint is part of my job," asks EJ, "This will happen with regularity?"

Stefano is indignant, "You are such a prince. You have always been doted on."

EJ says, "I've heard it all before and it bores me."

"That's just this episode," says Stefano, "I'm sure things will improve once DOOL dumps it's best characters and replaces them. But I don't' think it bores you, I think it scares you to death. You have no character. It's time for you to pay your dues."

"No," says EJ, "I know I was late, but I sent my dues to the Elks Club last week. I want my family protected from things like this."

"You are my future," says Stefano, "You and your family will have my protection. Don't ever doubt my love and don't ever doubt me." Stefano walks off. EJ stares and doubts.

Brady nukes, "Why don't you go tell Marlena and Chloe and Nicole that I'm still a drug addict?"

"They already know that," says John.

"Tell them I lied about being clean," snorts Brady, "I'd rather deal with that than trying to make you care." John says he's trying to care. He tells Brady he's seeing a shrink.

Rafe returns to Hilda's Nursery and Daycare and says the tree looks amazing. Hilda and Sami both jump all over him and Hilda leaves. Rafe tells Sami he saw Nicole.

Three... two... one... We blast off into another round of childish bickering.

Nicole arrives at the Cheatin' Heart. The bartender cozies up to her, "Nicole! Haven't seen you in a while. Anything you want is on the house." Max watches as Nicole contemplates the potential free cornucopia of liquor.

Sami wants to know everything about Nicole, "You must've noticed what a complete phony witch she is." Sami tells him about Nicole's previous infertility, her one night stand with EJ and the miracle conception. She thinks Nicole will brag about having EJ's baby and lord it over everyone. Rafe tells Sami about Brandon's call. Sami says Nicole should be delighted with the way things are going. Rafe says she didn't seem to be very excited.

Nicole shows the bartender her rubber baby buggy bumper and orders a Shirley Temple. The bartender realizes his pickup attempt has hit a dead end and books. Max comes up and congratulates her. He mixes the Shirley Temple and hands it to her.

Shirley Temple strolls up to the bar, sits down and orders a Nicole Walker.

Max says, "I owe you an apology." Nicole wrinkles her brow.

EJ and Stefano arrive back home. Mary tells them Nicole isn't there. She mentions the cable man and says he came to the wrong house. Stefano dismisses her. He turns to EJ, "So it seems we have had a visitor."

John tells Brady about Dr. Charlotte Taylor. He says he likes her and she is non-judgmental. Brady starts to leave. John softens. He tells Brady he believes he's off drugs and in his own mindless way he's happy for him and proud.

Sami rants about Nicole, "She drives me insane!"

"Is that how it happened," asks Rafe. He says he tries to remain objective about people, "My job is to see her like someone from the outside world would."

"You mean like a slut," asks Sami.

"No," says Rafe, "Didn't you read 'The Top 10 Reasons Nicole Walker Is Not A Slut' in Prevuze?" CLICK HERE,

They sit down to eat. Rafe has a sandwich and Sami is compelled to rag on him about how big it is. Sami has a pickle. Rafe says, "It was like Nicole was sad and concealing something."

Nicole and Max sit at a table. Max says he was relieved when Nicole was charged with Trent's murder, because that would mean Melanie was innocent. Nicole understands, "That's all over and done with."

Nicole gets a text from Nick, "Easy for you to say."

Max says he has learned family isn't the same as biology. Nicole says she always forgets he's adopted, "You actually look like a Brady. You know, a droopy-eyed, mouth-breathing knuckle-dragging Neanderthal. "

Sami continues her rant against Nicole, "Where did you see her?"

"In the bedroom."

"OMG! You blew it!"

Stefano worries about the cable guy being there. He turns on the TV, "Look! DOOL is still on. He didn't fix a thing! EJ takes out his phone to call Nicole. Stefano breaks into a rage, grabs the phone from him and chucks it across the room, "Get the security tapes!"

Nicole asks Max about growing up adopted. Max thinks it was just a peachy experience all around. Nicole asks, "You don't happen to have a computer I can use, do you?"

"Oh yeah," says Max, "All the sleazy dives in town have free computers to give to their customers. I'll just run back and get one. " Max scoots into the back room and brings a laptop to Nicole's table, "At your service. If you'd like an Internet connection, that will be $100. "

Sami. Rafe. Zap. Sami has a meltdown and tells Rafe there are security cameras all over the DiMera mansion. Rafe thinks that's no big deal. "That shows how much you know about the DiMeras," says Sami.

"That shows how much you don't know about me," says Rafe.

"Well," says Sami, "I do know you disabled the security system after you were up in Nicole's bedroom, so how smart was that?"

Stefano rants because the security system has been disabled. EJ agrees they need to be extra careful, "If anything happens to my children there will be hell to pay."

Nicole sits at her table and looks up adoption websites. Brady walks up and closes the laptop's lid, "What the hell are you doing?"

We pan to the TV behind the bar and see NBC anchor Tom Brokaw, "So, ladies and gentlemen, the crisis has ended. The inflatable ring has been delivered to the White House and Homeland Security has advised that the security level has been lowered from red to orange. CENSORED.


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Blogger Applecheeks said...

Bulldog - loved the picture. You are truly the watchdog for all things recycled on DAYS - scripts, sets, wardrobe. Good job!

Enough yak-a-doodle-doo, kitten lips. Move your keester.

Ha! I wondered where in the world the title of our episode today was going to come from. How many other folks would rather see scenes between Hilda & Sami than sit through any more Rami stupidity?

"But why don't you have an ID badge?" "The show is on a tight budget, " says Rafe.

As witnessed by the fact they must have chimps writing the scripts these days.

My HUH?! moment:

"Being held at gunpoint is part of my job," asks EJ, "This will happen with regularity?"

What the hell are the DOOL writers smoking? (Or are the chimps eating "funny" bananas?) Given the flashbacks of EJ torturing Patch and the sinister goings-on he was involved with when he first came to town (like shooting John), I got the impression he’s been one of Stefano’s soldiers for years. Now it’s like he’s never been involved in the shady side of Stefano’s business before!

"Get the security tapes!"

OMG! One of the writers finally remembered there are security tapes in the house and that characters could actually watch them to find out what was going on.

Three... two... one... We blast off into another round of childish bickering.

You know, I’m a busy person. Lot’s to do. Several other taped shows to get through. So rather than bemoan the fact that DOOL has been going down the crapper, I think I'll actually start looking on the fact that the bulk of DOOL now-a-days is treacle as a good thing. I can zap through the show in about 10 minutes (on a good day) and then get on with my life!

Now, let's get on with Friday so we can get to the weekend! Thanks, Prevuze.

7:14 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Did they accomplish one thing today? Brady Brady walking up to Nicole as though he saw what site she was looking at (and you know he didn't) was the big Friday cliffhanger?

I'm still laughing over "You actually look like a Brady. You know, a droopy-eyed, mouth-breathing kunckle-dragging Neanderthal." An insult to Neanderthals everywhere. HAHAHAHA

"You're improving," says Nicole, "You didn't notice Sami was pregnant for two episodes." Sad but true!

Loved the censored link. Any anyone who missed the Nicole Top Ten site should check that out.

Thanks, Prevuze. It was worth the wait today. TGIP!

7:24 AM  
Anonymous joydoctor2001 said...

I read where Rafe gets stabbed soon by Marino's killer.

With all those cameras in the DiMera mansion, you would think Stefano would have overheard that Nicole lost her baby huh?

8:12 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

A gal from the audience runs onto the set and yanks the star from Sami, sticks it on the top of the tree and wishes DOOL would go off the air.

In 18 months if things don’t get better, that wish just might come true. If there’s no DOOL, there’s no more Prevuze and no more snarking fun…gasp!! Give that bleeping star back to Sami and encourage her to wish for better writing!!!

Rafe hears the door shut and turns around, "Who's there?" Some supersluth, eh?

J. Edger Hoover he ain’t.

"You mean like a slut," asks Sami.

Correction, Sami, that would be “slamhog”. You certainly don’t want to be offensive.

Rafe says, "It was like Nicole was sad and concealing something."

Oh, so now Rafe makes like Elliot Ness.

Stefano rants because the security system has been disabled.

I seem to remember that Jawn installed a super duper security system that apparently Rafe disabled in a few minutes. What’s the point? Stefano is just going to install a better system.

Well, at least Stefano is smart enough not to take the Lions tickets, and that photo and caption once again proves that Prevuze is the best sports blog on the Internet!!! Happy TGIF everyone!!!

9:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What are the chances that when they review the security tapes they will see Nicole putting on her fake baby belly?? It might be fun to watch Nicole's charade if EJ knows about it, but goes along with her lies anyway...

9:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's a thought...what if the stuff about Sami visiting the convent and talking about the orphanage there means that she's going to leave her baby at the orphanage, then Nicole is going to adopt that baby, not knowing that it's Sami's. Implausible in real life but par for the course on DOOL.

10:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I prefer the DiMera's watch Nicole strap on her baby belly and play along scenario. I don't want to see Nicole adopt Sami's baby and try to pull the wool over EJ's eyes anymore. The baby will get sick and only Sami will be able to help... I have watched DOOL for 25 years and I can't believe they are going to let this nonsense continue!!

10:58 AM  
Anonymous Da Hooch said...

Great commentary today. Loved the Neanderthal/Shirley Temple jokes.

4:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm with Leslie. Please have Sami wish for better writing. If we have no more Daze, we have no more snarking Prevuze. We'd be lost without you.
BTW, my word verification is haters. Never had an actual word before and it's so appropro. I hate the writers and I believe they hate us.

4:19 PM  
Anonymous Tropic Thunder said...

I guess Higley's taking the green movement to heart by recycling a script from ten years ago.

It makes me wanna go green, too, by TURNING ON MY T.V.

Just a little originality PUH-LEEZE.

11:14 AM  

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