Thursday, November 27, 2008

An Unmitigated Train Wreck

Melanie and Bob struggle. Melanie bobs and weaves. Bob... bobs, "I'm going to teach you a lesson!"

Kate arrives at the pub with Daniel. She finds Lucas and Chloe there and wonders what is going on. They stumble around but tell her they've planned a surprise party for her at Victor's. "Great," says Kate. If it's at Victor's, I can watch Chloe get barbecued."

Brady meets Victor on his patio. Victor asks how things are going. Brady flashes back to telling Nicole the baby didn't make it, "Honestly, it hasn't been what I expected."

"What did you expect," asks Victor, "You're on a second rate soap opera. You thought maybe you'd have to wear armor to protect yourself from the shower of Emmys?"

EJ brings Johnny in to Nicole's room and asks if she is all right. Nicole blubbers, "No EJ , I'm not. The baby..."

Bob rants, "You think you can rob me and just walk away? There are consequences!" Melanie struggles as Bob cops a feel. Phillip grabs Bob and roughs him up.

EJ questions Nicole. Nicole zones.

Daniel, Chloe and Lucas kibitz. Kate says she is ready for a party. Lucas and Chloe book. Kate grabs Daniel and thanks him for all he has done.

Victor tells Brady he is proud of his recovery and then tells him about the party for Kate. He suggests maybe Brady shouldn't come because Chloe will be there.

"That's reason enough for no one to come, " says Brady, "But I've made my peace with Chloe and we've moved on. I wish you would do the same."

Brady brings up Nicole and Victor loses it, "Those two women almost destroyed your life. The best thing to do is just stay away from them.


Brady asks, "Is that an order?"

Victor snorts, "Chloe is an unmitigated train wreck. She's Lucas' problem now. You think just because you are into mending fences I should to. I'm not a recovering drug addict. Did Nicole tell you we were never married? She stole from me for years. You can't believe what that woman says. Especially if it's something like, 'I think your hot tub experience would be better if I turned up the juice.' "

Nicole says Johnny has everything to do with her being distant. EJ wonders what that means. Nicole reminds him it's Johnny's bedtime. EJ says he will be back and goes to get Johnny. Nicole sobs.

Bob tells Phillip, "This is between me and the little thief. Your little bimbo isn't worth defending." Phillip asks if Bob has his money back. Bob says he does, so Phillip sends him packing. He turns and asks Melanie why she did that.

She deflects his questions, "You've saved my life twice, Superman, so thank you."

Phillip corrects her, "I'm not Superman. I'm the Bionic Man."

Melanie snorts, "Can I go now? Get your kicks some other way." They argue. He vows never to rescue her again or question her judgment. Melanie says she is sick and tired of being blamed for everything, "I didn't kill my father. Nick did it, but everyone treats me like I'm guilty." Phillip suggests that might change if she made better choices, like leaving town. Melanie says she took Bob's wallet because she was desperate and no one will help her out. Phillip says he thought maybe she would turn over a new leaf now that she's in Salem. Melanie chuckles.

Chelsea walks up to Brady and they act like they've actually seen each other and maybe even had a conversation before. We hear the doorbell ring as Victor says he is proud of Brady for turning his life around. Chelsea says she is trying to convince herself she isn't responsible for Trent's death, and now she has decided it's Melanie's fault and she hopes Victor doesn't have to meet her. The crowd from the pub arrives. Kate thanks Victor for doing this. Brady and Daniel go off for guy talk.

Kate asks if Chelsea has talked to Nick. She says she did and it shook her up. "It probably shook Nick up worse," says Kate.

Chloe tries to have a conversation with Victor, "What's new?"

"I wouldn't share it with you," he growls, "Why don't you make yourself scarce."

"That would be hard to do," says Chloe, "Cheap things usually aren't scarce."

Daniel slaps Brady's shoulder and says how glad he is to see him. Brady slaps Daniel's shoulder and tells him the feeling is mutual. Daniel slaps Brady's shoulder and asks what's been happening with him. Brady slaps Daniels shoulder and tells him what he's been up to. After a few more shoulder slaps, Brady collapses. Daniel leans down and checks him out, "It's a good thing I'm a doctor and know how to treat blunt force trauma." Once Brady is healed, Daniel leaves.

Brady calls Nicole. She tells him she can't talk. EJ comes back in and Nicole hangs up. Suspicious EJ asks, "Who were you talking to?"

"Does it matter," asks Nicole.

"Let's not play games."

Nicole cowers, "I don't know what you are talking about."

EJ says, "I know all about it. I know what you did."

Melanie tells Phillip he's spoiled. She thinks he's had it too easy. Phillip gets sarcastic and agrees. He says he's never had an unhappy moment, "Except when I was married to Belle. "

Melanie says, "Well, the rest of us have to grow up in the real world."

"True," says Phillip, "I guess you didn't grow up in Salem, did you?" Melanie walks off.

Chloe says, "So let me get this straight. You followed me to tell me to stay away from you. I guess dementia is setting in."

Victor tells her the only reason she is there is because of Lucas, "One false move and there will be hell to pay." Daniel interrupts and tries to mitigate things. Victor doesn't want to hear it. He rants about Chloe.

Daniel says this is about Kate and how much Chloe has helped her. He gets a call, "OK, I'll be right there." He hangs up, asks Victor to cover for him and leaves. Kate watches.

EJ says he called several times trying to reach Nicole. When he couldn't, he called the lodge, "An employee saw you leave with a man. I want to know whom you were with." She tells him it's more important why she wasn't alone. EJ gasps, "Something happened at the lodge? To the baby? I'm off the hook? "

A nurse hands Daniel a large envelope. He opens it, reads and turns to her, "You're sure these are correct... that there's no mixup at all?"


He thanks her as she goes off. Daniel stares.

Lucas thanks Victor for throwing the party. The sarcasm drips from Chloe, "Yes, Victor, I can't thank you enough from making me feel so welcome. Would you like another drink or is ten your limit?"

Victor gives her a look he only gives people when there is no gun around, "I'm drinking ginger ale." Chloe walks off.

Kate asks Brady if everything is OK.

Chelsea tells Chloe not to let Victor get to her.

Kate and Brady talk about John. She asks if he is sure he's OK. Brady says he's just peachy.

Nicole says after EJ called and told her he couldn't make it, she wasn't angry. She says she got her things and went to the parking lot and felt a twinge. It scared her so she asked a guy in the parking lot to take her to the hospital.

EJ gasps, "Is our baby all right?" Nicole scowls.

Melanie has arrived at Maggie's house. Maggie comes into the kitchen and joins her. Melanie asks if Maggie meant it about offering her home as a place to stay, "Is that what you want?" Maggie says what she wants and what she does for family are two different things, so Melanie can stay. Melanie says it's good to have a bed to come home and sleep in. Maggie stops her and says after what has happened to Nick she just doesn't want to hear it.

Kate joins Chelsea and Phillip. Lucas and Chloe walk up. They ask about Daniel. Victor says he got a call from a patient.

The nurse asks Daniel if something is wrong. Daniel gives her the stare of death and she walks away.

Nicole tells EJ she saw a doctor, "His name was Dr. Baker. He treated me for a small hemorrhage." EJ is relieved it's nothing more than that He moves in to hug Nicole. She jumps like Victor playing with her hair dryer in a hot tub, "Please don't touch me!" She says given her history she has to be as careful as possible for the next few hours. EJ understands. He just wants to know the baby is all right.

Kate, Victor and Phillip make small talk. They try to encourage Kate. She goes for a drink. Phillip follows and apologizes for giving her a hard time about Daniel. Hugs.

Lucas tells Chloe to relax. Chloe rants about Victor being rude. "I love you," says Lucas, "That's all that matters." Chloe continues to pout. "Say it with me," says Lucas, "That's the only thing that counts." Chloe half-heartedly follows along, "Say it," says Lucas.

"You love me," whines Chloe, "That's all that counts."

Daniel returns. Phillip joins him and Kate and says he has something for Daniel. He hands him a box. Daniel protests but opens it to find a honkin' big watch. Daniel hands it back to Phillip, "I can't accept this. I was hoping for a Rolex. "

Nicole assures EJ the baby is fine. EJ is relieved. Nicole asks him to leave her alone so she can relax. "The baby is very precious to me," says EJ, "You know that."

"I know," she whispers. He smooches her forehead and leaves. Nicole blubbers.

Melanie goes through her wallet, "Wow, $13.22. I guess that'll last until tomorrow." Maggie comes in with groceries. She hands her a note. Melanie opens it and reads, "Dear Melanie. I decided being a petty thief, a liar and the most disagreeable person I've ever known qualifies you for the job at Titan. Welcome aboard. "

"Phillip is offering me the job," says Melanie, "I don't understand."

Maggie is blunt, "Neither do I, frankly."

Melanie looks at the note again and reads the post script, "Oh, now it get it. It says the job is in Timbuktu."

Daniel refuses to take the gift and excuses himself.

"I feel like an idiot," says Phillip.

"I'd think you'd be used to that by now," says Kate.

"All I care about," says Phillip, "is that you're happy."

"That's pretty much all I care about, too," says Kate.

Phillip gets everyone's attention and makes a toast to Kate. Everyone follows suit except Daniel, who wanders and zones. Kate looks over at Daniel and then joins in on the toast.

Nicole rubs her tummy, "Someday, somehow, I will make this come true. I will give EJ and me a baby."

Downstairs, EJ calls Dr. Baker and asks about Nicole, "I'm the child's father, so I would like to know everything."


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Blogger Applecheeks said...

You thought maybe you'd have to wear armor to protect yourself from the shower of Emmys?"

That's one of the best lines Prevuze has ever come up with. And so (unfortunately) true.

Here's a HUH?! moment:

Melanie says, "Well, the rest of us have to grow up in the real world."

You mean a world where up until a couple of months ago your Daddy let you go to school in Paris and gave you all the money you wanted whenever you asked him? Yeah, that's real all right.

But here was the mother of all HUH?! moments for me today:

Victor excoriates Nicole for marrying him for money and then trying to off him in the hot tub. Meanwhile he's throwing a PARTY for the woman who hired a hit man to kill him and when that didn't work, knocked him unconscious and set fire to the mansion hoping he'd burn to death. Hmmmmm

She jumps like Victor playing with her hair dryer in a hot tub.

A lot of "death stares" and comments about electrocution. This IS Thanksgiving. Let's lighten up. LOLOL

Great pictures of Dr. Dan's latest treatment for Kate and of the fate of Nicole's baby.

Thanks for this great Prevuze interlude before the Thanksgiving blowout today. Have a great one y'all.

6:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow.. I totally am in awe of people who "sleep in" until 5:15am!!! When I sleep in -- it's at least lunch time! Love you prevuze and Happy Thanksgiving!!! Coleen

10:45 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

Happy "Stuff Yourself Till You Can't Move" Day!!

I'm cooking and baking and preparing to have a quiet day until around 5 when the hoards of hungry teenagers my kids have invited over will descend on my house.

Great job Prevuze!!

Applecheeks: Once again you have made the inevitable mistake of trying to make ACTUAL SENSE out of anything that happens on DOOL.
You should know better by now.

10:57 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

My 'Huh?' moment is from Prevuze Previews. You mean in all this time nobody ever told Brady Brady about Jawn being a DiMera?

I liked the description of the manly shoulder slaps. Was this before or after the Obama fist butt and "guy hugs"? HAHAHAHA

Good point, Applecheeks, about how forgiving Victor is toward Kate. Apparently he has the same selective memory Sami does who forgave Lucas for his part in 1. planning to gaslight her with the "Will doll" and trying to make her jump off a cliff and 2. letting her go to death row for Franco's death. But Deb is correct, we can't try to apply real life sense to any of this.

Loved the updated version of the Serial Killers book and "He says he's never had an unhappy moment, "Except when I was married to Belle."

Thanks, Prevuze, for posting even on a holiday. After my turkey and dressing and pie fix I needed a Prevuze fix!

2:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You don't think...Sami puts her little Ejunior up for adoption and Nicole somehow, adopts the little devil's...I mean demera spawn?
No, the writers could never come up with such a ludicrous storyline.
Wait, this is Days were talking about. lol

8:37 AM  

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