Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Melanie asks if Phillip is is willing to walk away from millions. "I'm walking away from you," says Phillip, "I don't employ traitors. You said you would take Nick's invention to the competition! You're fired!" Stephanie beams.

John is with Charlotte. They make another appointment for the 26th and John leaves. Marlena comes out of her office and finds him, "Are you all right."

John says, "I need your help, Blondie."

"You're worse off than I thought," says Marlena.

Sami wraps the penguins. Rafe comes out feeling better, "I've been thinking."

"I hope you didn't hurt yourself."

"No," says Rafe, "The pain only comes when I think about you. My identity has been compromised."

Sami asks, "You're stuck in here with me through Christmas?" Rafe says, "It means it's time to get you a new guard." Sami's face falls like Colleen going headfirst off a cliff.


Nicole asks Dr. Baker for the easy payment plan, "How about if I give you $1,000 per year for 750 years." Dr. Baker has had it. He storms out and Nicole follows. They both run headfirst into EJ.

EJ asks, "What the bloody hell are you doing here?" Nicole says she has an appointment. Dr. Baker says no decision has been made as to whether he will be her obstetrician.

EJ takes Nicole aside and lectures her for dumping Dr. Groper.

John asks how well Marlena knew Charlotte's father, or Charlotte herself. Marlena says not well. "She knows everything about me but won't answer questions about herself," says John.

Marlena laughs, "I remember a time you said the same thing about me."

"It's different with you," says John, "No one could know everything about you. Your past goes back to the dawn of time and you've married every guy since Adam."

"I'd have landed him, too," says Marlena, "but when I showed up wearing only a fig leaf like Eve, he ran out screaming."

Sami has a meltdown. Poor girl doesn't want Rafe to leave. Rafe rationalizes his decision. Sami pouts, "OK! Quit! Bye!" Rafe starts to back down and says he just wanted her to know her options. Sami is near tears as she agrees with everything he says, "Having people leave me is my life story."

"Small wonder why," says Rafe..

"But it's true," says Sami, "Brandon... Austin... Lucas... EJ..."

"It always comes back to EJ doesn't it," asks Rafe.

Nicole accuses EJ of being mean to her. She says she doesn't want Victor's godson delivering her baby. "There are other doctors at Salem Hospital," says EJ.

"Well I certainly don't want that rude and disrespectful Kayla," cries Nicole, "She said really awful things about you."

EJ snorts, "That little..."

Nicole interrupts, "That is why I am here. I didn't tell you because I knew it would upset you. You're a DiMera and DiMeras should be feared."

Melanie packs up her things, and some of Titan's while she's at it. She takes the candy dish and dumps all of it into her purse. Then she picks up the pone and calls Victor, who isn't available, "Just tell him this is his granddaughter Chelsea. No message." She skips away.

John wants Marlena's opinion on why Charlotte is freezing him out. Marlena gives him a load of psychobabble. John asks, "Does Charlotte leave you a little cold also?"

Nicole says EJ is too intense and that's why he scares her. She praises Dr. Baker and says he saved their baby and was attentive and caring. EJ agrees to go along with her decision to keep seeing him. Hugs.

Stephanie has a wardrobe malfunction. Phillip stares. Modest Stephanie blushes. Phillip returns to earth, "Aside from how little work Melanie did and the fact that her voice cut through me like a knife, she was always around whenever we wanted to be together. So having her gone is a good thing, right?" Stephanie stares.

Marlena invites John to spend Christmas with her.

Sami says, "I just mentioned EJ because he's the father of 1.5 of my children." She vows never to mention his name again. Rafe says he doesn't care about EJ. He just doesn't want his guarding her to go to waste. Sami vows to make sure to stay away from trouble when she's out of the witless protection program. Things seem to be settled, so Rafe puts the penguin under the tree. Uh-oh... he finds a present, "What's this?"

EJ and Nicole smooch and make up. Nicole makes excuses for her tirade, "Hormones."

"Yes, sometimes they do," says EJ.

Nicole mentions the little fact that she doesn't have a ring or anything that makes her feel secure about the future, "Oh God I'm so needy and pitiful!" More hugs. EJ promises to take care of her.

Stephanie and Phillip continue talking when suddenly, the lights go off. Phillip says, "That's part of Titan's greening effort. The lights are scheduled to go out every evening at eight. I think we've done enough work." They go to work on each other.

Melanie is with Caroline in the pub. She says she should have been more honest about what happened in the graveyard and then Caroline wouldn't have had to go to jail. Caroline is forgiving. Victor joins them. Melanie practically knocks Caroline over introducing herself. She tells Victor about Phillip firing her, "I was going to make your company millions but I guess when you're rich you don't need to worry about more money." Victor wants to hear all about it.

John and Marlena talk about Christmas. Marlena reminds him of some of the wonderful holiday times they have had together and again invites him to spend Christmas with her.


John says he'll have to ask Dr. Taylor and get back with her. He leaves. Marlena stares.

Nicole says she wants actions to back up EJ's words. But she's not interested in his money. Really, "It's all about the our child."

EJ says, "I want to allay your..."

Nicole interrupts, "No! The doctor says you can't do that until my pregnancy is over."

"I have set up a trust fund," says EJ, "It's something in the neighborhood of a million dollars." Nicole, who doesn't care about money throws herself at him.

Phillip and Stephanie maul each other.


Phillip looks up to see Victor, "I wasn't expecting you." Victor asks for a moment alone with Phillip. "What's going on," asks Phillip.

"Judging by what I see," says Victor, "A tonsillectomy."

Marlena and Charlotte talk. Charlotte thinks it's wonderful that fate has brought them together. She hopes she can bring John and Marlena back together, too.

Rafe contemplates his present, "I guess I wasn't that naughty this year."

"The year's not over," says Sami.

Rafe thinks maybe he just will have to stay, so she doesn't have to give the present to someone else. Sami suggests he can have his stitches looked after when he goes home for Christmas. Rafe says he doesn't know how long he will be gone, "I have 66 days of leave built up."

"Geez," says Sami, "We may not be on the air by then." She goes to get ready for bed.

Nicole plasters herself against EJ. EJ thinks maybe Nicole doesn't understand, "The funds are in a trust. Perhaps you don't know what 'trust' means."

"I'm not sure I trust you," says Nicole.

John comes back to see Charlotte. He asks if it's appropriate to spend the holidays alone or with family. She gives him the standard shrink answer, "Whatever you're comfortable with." John thinks Marlena is a little put off and wants to know why. Charlotte says she wants them to reconcile. John smirks.

Stephanie slurps a bowl of chicken soup at the pub. She tells Caroline, "They write books about his stuff. They say it's good for the soul... speaking of which, here comes someone who doesn't have one." Melanie walks up to her and says she told Victor about being fired.

Victor lectures Phillip for turning down a project worth millions, "Why would you do that?"

"I've been using my head."

"Which one."

Phillip tells him Melanie is a conniving little bitch. Victor lectures him not to make it personal, "You hire her one day and fire her the next... that makes the company look bad."

"Either you trust me to run the company or you don't," says Phillip, "What's it gonna be, Dad?"

Rafe talks to his supervisor on the phone and says he's staying.

Nicole says she will feel reassured if EJ takes the money out of trust. EJ suggests a living allowance. Nicole rejects that and says she wants him to value her as a person not an incubator. Dr. Baker comes out and EJ tells him Nicole wants to continue in his care. "I will schedule an appointment," says Nicole.

"Make it soon," says Dr. Baker.

Stephanie tells Melanie she will not win. "You should moonlight as a cynic," says Melanie, "Money makes the world go round."

Phillip says Victor keeps overriding every decision he makes.

"Because most of your decisions have been idiotic," says Victor. Phillip says he thinks this is all about Victor wanting him to fail. Victor snorts, "Are you done?"

"Yeah," says Phillip, "With you... with Titan... with the job. I quit!"

Rafe hangs up the phone. Behind him, Sami drops into a heap.


Rafe screams, "SAMI!"

Nicole stands in her bedroom and pats her rubber baby buggy bumper. EJ knocks. Nicole opens the door and EJ holds up a rose, "I have a delivery for miss Nicole walker. You and the baby mean the world to me. I'm fed up sleeping in separate bedrooms. I want to hold you in my arms."

Nicole rubs her tummy and frets.


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Anonymous Berg said...

How much longer can this show go on? It's madness. Is it just me - or does anyone else want to see Nicole paired with Rafe? Two idiots off to see the world? Ugh DOOL continues to sink - almost like Shaun B. is at it's helm - ICEBERG!!! Dead ahead!!! oh that's just Dena.

3:48 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

"Having people leave me is my life story."

"Small wonder why," says Rafe..

"But it's true," says Sami, "Brandon... Austin... Lucas... EJ..."

Amazing how she can do that without a spreadsheet.

5:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you to Prevuze for making this crappy story writing worth reading.

6:24 AM  
Anonymous Melted Ice said...

I want to see Rafe and Nicole.

Love the banner of John and Marlena and their first Christmas.

Phillip and Stephanie going at it like two rabbits in heat. Can't blame Phillip after Stephanie putting the girls out as bait. Just means it's doomed. Stephanie's still in love with Max.

Your prevuze are so much better than the actual show. AT least we get some well intentioned (purposefully) humor.

6:44 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

My HUH?! moment for the day actually happened the episode Rafe got stabbed, but was just reinforced with this episode:

My identity has been compromised." Rafe says, "It means it's time to get you a new guard."

Hey, Rafe, don’t you think that should have happened right after you got jumped by the killer and stabbed?? Wouldn’t any professional, conscientious FBI bodyguard have gone straight to a hospital to get stitched up; called his supervisor to tell them about being made; and not have staggered straight back to the safe house? And, to add to the stupidity, rather than let Hilda know so she could stay and help protect Sami in case the killer did follow him, Rafe pretends he’s fine. What shape would he have been in to guard Sami if the killer had shown up?? There were just so many holes in that particular scenario I don’t have room to point them ALL out.

"Hormones." "Yes, sometimes they do," says EJ.

Bad, Prevuze, Bad. LOLOL

"What's going on," asks Phillip. "Judging by what I see," says Victor, "A tonsillectomy."

Wait a minute. Vic is the one who walked into the room. Isn’t HE the one who is supposed to demand, “What’s going on?” Did the writers try to do something DIFFERENT there? HA

I applaud all of the picture creators, LOL at John's exam and had a hoot-fest at John & Marlena's first Christmas together.

Thanks Prevuze!!

7:00 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Phillip returns to earth, "Aside from how little work Melanie did and the fact that her voice cut through me like a knife, she was always around whenever we wanted to be together.”

I’m glad someone in Salem also finds Melanie’s voice to be grating. Melanie is nothing but a one trick pony, and her trick is being mean.


"Yes, sometimes they do," says EJ.

Better run for cover Prevuze. You just may have to come up with a Saturday Prevuze listing the top 10 reasons why Nicole isn’t a ho.

The whole “Nicole needs a doctor to deliver her baby” dilemma is beyond stupid. EJ and Nicole make it sound like Dr. Groper and Kayla are the only two doctors on the staff of Salem University Hospital. When Kayla’s baby was delivered, she used a specialist, and that was a high risk pregnancy. Additionally, since Dr. Groper is familiar with the hospital’s staff, he should be giving Nicole a referral. Why would any doctor who is not an OB/GYN want to deal with Nicole’s problem pregnancy? The baby’s father is a lawyer. What if something goes wrong? Can you say “malpractice suit” Dr. Groper?

I’m also with Applecheeks on the witness protection mess of a storyline. When Sami stitched up Rafe, she wasn’t wearing gloves, and the needle wasn’t sterilized. What about the thread? It was probably cotton. Don’t they use nylon? If the wound was deep enough to need stitches, there could be other issues. Then there’s the apparent attraction Rafe has for Sami. Good grief, the woman is pregnant with another man’s child, she has two toddlers with two different fathers, and Sami’s emotional age is about 12. We’re supposed to believe that Rafe finds Sami to be a real catch? Geez. If he’s such a smart guy, he should be running in the other direction and begging to be replaced by someone else.

Prevuze, thanks for the great hump day update. It was a terrific respite from digging out from under all the snow.

8:36 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

I tried to keep from laughing so as not to cause suspicion from co-workers. However, I think my secret was compromised when I saw The Three Marlenas' Jawn and Prevuze' Jawlena pictures. Good ones! HAHAHAHA

Oh well, what does Phillip care if he gets canned? He can just go over to Mommy's company and boot Lucas out and take over there. Must be nice to have so many well paid options.

I'm so totally in agreement with everyone's comments - particularly why Rafe would find Sami so fetching (these must be the same writers who want us to believe every guy she meets starts panting after Chelsea)and the ridiculousness of the witless protection story.

The only constant that makes sense is Prevuze! Thanks for the laughs this morning. :D

8:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wish Nicole would just do the right thing and tell EJ she lost the baby, this whole SL is so done, and so stupid.......
So is Sami going to give her baby to the convent, and Nicole is going to end up adopting it??? I hope not.....

9:03 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

Anonymous said: So is Sami going to give her baby to the convent, and Nicole is going to end up adopting it??? I hope not.....

Anon -- It looks like that's the way they're going. Frankly I'd like to see EJ find out Nicole and Sami have both been lying to him, have him dump them both, need counseling to get over the loss of his child, go to Dr. Taylor, and end up with her. I have a feeling they'd have some pretty good chemistry, and maybe EJ could melt her icy persona...

9:43 AM  
Anonymous WingNut '75 said...

My "Huh?" moment of the day...

Marlena and Charlotte talk. Charlotte thinks it's wonderful that fate has brought them together. She hopes she can bring John and Marlena back together, too.

How did they get brought BACK together? When Charlotte arrived in Salem to consult on Jawn's case, Marlena had no idea who she was!

Are the writers now going to ignore that and try to create some past between Marlena and Charlotte to advance this horrendous geriatric love triangle?

10:30 AM  
Anonymous Klaus said...

Melanie practically knocks Caroline over introducing herself.
I can actually imagine this.

Victor asks for a moment alone with Phillip. "What's going on," asks Phillip.
Haha. Philip is about to be scolded by daddy.

"Yeah," says Phillip, "With you... with Titan... with the job. I quit!"
It would be so awesome if Philip was somehow destitute. We all know the only factor that will affect is that he'll have more free time to shop and hang out at the pub.

I'm surprised EJ isn't tired of Nicole changing from sweet to sour at the drop of a hat.

Anyways, the show needs moar Melanie. Meanness ftw.

11:25 AM  

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