Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Ones With The Big Bazoons

Hilda stomps around and gives Sami the safehouse rules and regulations, "Think of this as Witness Protection 101. You've been here 24 hours and already driven one guard to quit. You're not getting killed. Not on my watch. Unless, of course, I decide to do it myself. Or unless you look directly at me. No more shenanigans, Miss Brady."

Nicole insists she isn't lying. EJ tells her to shut her yap. "I have nothing to hide," insists Nicole.

Bo pulls a baggie out of his bag-o-tricks and hands it to Hope. Hope grins, "How about this?"

"Not mine," says Nicole, "I use wax paper instead."

Kate paints her nails. Daniel tells her she has about another half hour to go on her treatment and then leaves to start his rounds.

Outside, Lucas comes up and asks Daniel about her. Macho-man wants answers.

Lexie and Theo join Abe at the Java Café. Theo orders a vente latte with double foam and a shot. Abe thanks Lexie for coming back. "We're family," says Lexie, "We stick together. At least, we do when I'm not off having one of my affairs. "

Mona Roy comes in for the magazine interview. She bends down and says hello to Theo, "Well aren't you as cute as two tiger pups and a ball of twine?" She sticks her hand out. No response.

Nicole recognizes her ripped up marriage certificate. She whines, "Maybe I didn't want people to know we were married." Bo tosses accusations all over the room.

EJ steps in to defend his client. Bo plays it tough, "When we want your input, Elvis, we'll let you know." Nicole denies tearing it up. Bo says her finger prints are all over it.

Nicole has a comeback for that, "I guess you two wore gloves when you signed your marriage certificate."

"Actually," says Bo, "I wore handcuffs while Doug held a shotgun to my head."

A nurse comes in to see Kate and they have a meaningless conversation.

Daniel tells Lucas he isn't sure how long Kate can survive, "I can tell you for sure the prognosis isn't good for the audience, though."

Lucas gets all huffy and defensive, "I think I have a right to know. Is she gonna make it."

"She's got a good chance, " says Daniel, "Cancer cells have a really tough time growing when they're saturated in Botox. "

Hilda munches on snacks and barks out more rules, "No talking while I watch Law and Order."

Sami reels, "WHAT IS THAT SMELL?"

"Bratwurst and sauerkraut," says Hilda, "Would you like some." Sami turns as green as the Sierra Club.

EJ continues to make lawyer threats.

Theo comes out of his funk. He turns around and hugs Mona. Lexie and Abe give him a video game to get him out of their hair. Lexie lectures Mona and us on autism, "We're proud to be his parents."

"Too bad I can't say the same thing about you guys," says Theo.

Hilda watches wrestling, "YEAH! BODY SLAM! YEAH! PILE DRIVER!"

Sami suggests she patrol the perimeter. Hilda knows Sami complained to Darrell about being alone, "So I'm going to make sure you're never left alone."

Sami sulks, "Wonderful news."

"Was that sarcasm," asks Hilda.

Sami rolls her eyes, "No. I'm thrilled you'll watch me like a hawk."

Hilda gets friendly, "Would you like some bratwurst and horseradish?" Sami nearly pukes and says it's time for her to take a shower. "Leave the door open," says Hilda, "I want to be able to see you."

"You're a bigger perv than Lucas," says Sami.

More lawyerese from EJ. More simpletonese from Bo. Nicole admits to tearing up the marriage license and orders them out. Hope suggests this would be more interesting if they could produce a smoking gun. "True," says Bo as he pulls another piece of evidence out of his bag, "There is this..."

Daniel gives Lucas books and articles about cancer and says Kate's chances aren't too good. Lucas thanks Dr. Dan for being up front with him. Daniel leaves. Chloe assures Lucas Kate will get through this. Hugs. Lucas goes into Kate's room while Chloe waits outside.

Inside, Kate is upbeat. Lucas tells her she doesn't have to prove how strong she is. He wants her to use her energy to fight.

Happy Halloween! Hilda stands there wearing her green facial mask. She sticks ear plugs in and prepares her blindfold as she announces she is a light sleeper. Sami is concerned because she thought Hilda would want to see and hear as much as possible in order to protect her. Hilda makes her bed on the sofa and warns Sami she snores. "I have trouble sleeping," says Hilda, "so 7PM is my bed time."

"I'm a night owl," says Sami.

"Your safe house, my rules," snorts Hilda. The doorbell rings and Sami panics.

More banter at the DiMera mansion. Hope says Nicole has tried to kill her lovers before and brings up the pesky little matters of Colin Murphy and Victor. "Enough prattling," says Bo as he prattles on. He takes the new piece of incriminating evidence and holds it up for the world to see. It's a note from Trent. Bo reads, "If I happen to turn up dead, my dear wife has finally acted on all her threats."

Abe wants a pilot program to encourage volunteerism. Mona asks Lexie how she does it all. "I fake it," says Lexie.

Hilda tells Sami to hide, hoists her pistol and answers the door.

"Trick or treat?"

Hilda reaches into the pocket of her robe and pulls out a box. The poor kid looks at it and asks, "Raisins? Are you serious?"

bellows, "Tell your friends trick or treaters aren't welcome here."

"Sure," says the kid, "By the way, you're wearing the scariest costume I've ever seen."

Sami pouts, "It's my twins' first time trick or treating and I'm going to miss it." That reminds Hilda of her kids. She pulls out pictures, "This is Ingalou, Roland and Gunter as teenagers."

"They look a lot like you," says Sami, "Especially Gunter with his beard. " Hilda says she misses them. Sami wanders as Hilda babbles, "Their father chased women... well, the ones with the big bazoons, anyway. I had a big bazooka but that didn't impress him. "

Bo pulls out yet another envelope, "This is a search warrant. Now we have probable cause so we'll take a look around the premises."


Lucas ponders as he comes out of Kate's room. He asks Chloe if she could go in and talk to Kate as someone who has gone through a similar circumstance. Chloe doesn't want to ruin Kate's day. "Yeah," says Lucas, "but if you hang around with me it'll ruin mine." Smoochie.

Chloe goes inside. Kate isn't thrilled. They have an uncomfortable conversation. Kate tells her to get out.

Hilda rambles, "Roland is only four-foot-ten but he's the smart one of the bunch..."

Sami sneaks into Hilda's bag looking for more earplugs, "Ooooo! Sleeping pills! That's even better."

Bo and Hope search the DiMera mansion as Nicole has a hissy fit. After about five seconds they tell Nicole she'll be coming with them down to the station.

Mona zones in on Lexie's capabilities as a s superwoman. Lexie tells her, "There was a time I thought I could do everything... and everyone but now things are different. Most times things are overwhelming for me." Mona goes off the record and tells them the mayor should understand what the average family goes thorough. Abe tells her that's what they are, "We're just an average family. Dysfunctional, but average. " As they ramble on, Theo whoops it up after beating his high score on the video game.

Hilda rambles about her model train hobby as Sami prepares a potion. Hilda elaborates, "Did you know Walt Disney, Frank Sinatra and Merle Haggard had model trains..." Sami gives her the spiked tea. "Oh," says Hilda, "That is A-B-C-Deeelicious!" She drinks it and immediately gets woozy.

Chloe tells Kate if getting angry helps, she should go for it. Kate tells her not to be condescending. Kate says her kids mean everything to her. She thinks the illness will be the hardest on Lucas and they should call a temporary truce, "I still don't like you and haven't forgiven you for breaking Phillip's heart."

Chloe understands and says she just wants Kate to get better, "If you want to break up me and Lucas that would be good motivation to get well." Chloe leaves. Outside, she hyperventilates.

Daniel comes up to her, "Are you all right or should I get a doctor? "

Hope finds one of Nicole's dresses which is missing a bead, "The matching one was found in the cemetery." We have a fresh flashback to Nicole demanding the marriage certificate and threatening Trent. Trent gives her the certificate and Nicole tears it up.

Nicole admits arguing and threatening, "But I didn't kill him." She turns to EJ, "You believe me, don't you?"

Theo stomps Mona playing a video game. Mona wants to question Theo. Lexie isn't sure he will answer but gives her consent. Mona asks, "Theo, what is your favorite food?" Theo runs off and twirls around and around.

"He has food aversions," says Lexie. She tells Theo there will be no more questions. Mona thanks them and gets up to leave, "I think I have enough information to turn this all around on you and rip you to shreds in the article. "

Chloe insists she is OK. She tells Daniel she just got zapped back in time to her bout with leukemia. Daniel said he had had no idea she was a cancer survivor. Chloe insists she is great now and says she still feels like she's on borrowed time. Daniel thanks her for opening up to Kate.

"I did it for Lucas," says Chloe.

Lucas returns, "It's time to go trick-or-treating. Can you watch Allie until I get back? " Since Kate is tired, Lucas will see her tomorrow. He gives Daniel the magazines and they go off. Daniel goes inside. Kate puts on a brave face.

Nicole says she followed Trent to the cemetery because she wanted to tell him she shouldn't have torn up the certificate.

We have another flashback to their struggle as EJ tells her to shut up. Bo reads Nicole her rights and hauls her downtown.

Hilda tries to stay awake and then passes out. Sami says, "Yes! Peace! Free at last!"

Scuzzo stalks as Sami chortles.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sure, we know that Sami is a manipulative schemer that will stop at little to get what she wants, but I'm finding it hard to believe a police officer's daughter would be so casual about the danger she's in. Get real, people!

5:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree. One minute she's worried about Hilda wearing earplugs and snoring - afraid she'll not be able to protect her - and the next she's drugging her to get some peace?


5:42 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

"Daniel tells Lucas he isn't sure how long Kate can survive, 'I can tell you for sure the prognosis isn't good for the audience, though.'"

From the moment that hour glass hit the screen, the prognosis for us tanked.

"EJ continues to make lawyer threats."

Does that mean the DOOL writing had to do actual, and I use the term loosely, research?!

"More simpletonese from Bo."

Prevuze lexicon
Simpletonese n., the drival penned by the writers of DOOL, an American soap opera, to be spoken by characters with the IQ of the common garden grub.

"Daniel gives Lucas books and articles about cancer and says Kate's chances aren't too good."

Lucas, can you say Google?

"Hilda tries to stay awake and then passes out. Sami says, 'Yes! Peace! Free at last!'

Scuzzo stalks as Sami chortles."

There are so many things that are wrong about the safe house storyline that it's hard to know where to start. When Sami, EJ, and the twins were in their safe house, the guards were never seen inside the house. What's with an FBI agent staying in the house with Sami and packing ear plugs, a mask, and sleeping pills? It's been two days, and Scuzzo has already zeroed in on Sami. I guess those photos that EJ stashed in Sami's purse must have led Scuzzo directly to Sami's hiding place. Geez. NBC is already providing video clips of the shirtless hunk who will be taking over for Hilda. Is this going to be "Someone To Watch Over Me" part deux? That was a movie I enjoyed or maybe it was just Tom Berenger that I found enjoyable. Could be.

Loved the censored link. Thanks for another great hump day installment of Daze!!!

5:43 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

Simpletonese n., the drival penned by the writers of DOOL, an American soap opera, to be spoken by characters with the IQ of the common garden grub.

Now you've done it. The National Association for the Protection of Garden Grubs (NAPGG) is thratening to sue Prevuze for the insult.

6:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like another interesting episode of Days (sarcastically said!!) But thanks Prevuze for making it enjoyable!!!
I don't like the safe house storyline at all. I know it is all a ploy to hook up Sami and the new FBI agent, but it is unrealistic even for Days standards. Sami isn't even acting like herself. I was hoping they would make Kate's storyline realistic, but I think its just another ploy for her and Daniel (YUCK!)

6:36 AM  
Anonymous ShesStoopid said...

I alwyas knew Sami was a few peas short of a casserole but what's with drugging the person who is guarding you?

7:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I liked the little cat fight in the java cafe over Theo. Lexi deserved it. She blasted Lacy for not watching that kid like a hawk and what does mommy dearest do? Give him a game, some raisins and walk off to talk to daddy. When he wanders off and gets into trouble, Lexi is blasting the woman that tells her she should keep an eye on her child. Deja vue. woo hoo. And, how tall will Theo have to get before Lexi stops hauling him around like a 6 month old baby? Camera or no camera, the kid can walk. Ciara isn't shot sitting on Bo's arm all the time.
Which brings me to another mystery never solved. Why is Johnny a year older than Allie?

7:24 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

I'd forgotten all about Chloe and her leukemia. Sister Joy had to donate something to cure her. Joy will probably be SORAS'd to teenage just in time for this summer and she/Chloe will be competing for Lucas. HAHAHA

I wondered the same thing, Anon, about Johnny looking older than Allie.

Loved the censored link and "Lucas returns, "It's time to go trick-or-treating. Can you watch Allie until I get back?"

Great Prevuze today!

8:04 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

I love the Bo and Hope picture.
I would love to know how they get so many search warrants with absolutely no solid evidence.

A torn up marriage license? That's evidence of what? And where exactly are they going to search? Nichole doesn't have a permanent home. So they got a search warrant for her luggage?

And as far as the "witless" protection SL goes, I agree it's pathetic.
First off she's being "protected" IN TOWN. If she were in that much danger shouldn't she be somewhere far far away?

And again, where are Allie and Johnny?

8:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

deb lucas has allie and ej has johnny. after sami said goodbye to them ej took johnny first and left heading back the mansion, where nicole blasted him for being with sami. when he said he went to check on johnny she asked where johnny was and he said upstairs. johnny fell asleep in the car so ej put him to bed. after that he went a walk and left him with nicole. lucas took allie and since he is wandering all over salem without allie, who knows where she is? maybe maggie? and where is ciara?

9:54 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

I must echo Prevuze's concern. I loved the new word, "simpletonese" and got a good chuckle over Leslie's definition. But I do believe that should have been in a censored link 'cause it was probably very offensive to common garden slugs everywhere. LOLOL

One of the many HUH?! moments today was Trent penning a letter implicating Nicole in his death. Jeez, half of Salem threatened him and he had a powerful loan shark after his butt. Why point fingers at Nicole?

I've also had to scratch my head over Hope, the new police commissioner, tagging along after her hubby on this investigation. She doesn't have anything better to do? And why is Bo always sitting at the commissioner's desk and not Hope?

Loved the censored link and all the pictures.

This was a very instructional DAYS. The audience learned about:
and how not to investigate a murder or interrogate a suspect.

Thanks, Prevuze!

10:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My big "WTF" moment of the day...

EJ steps in to defend his client. Bo plays it tough, "When we want your input, Elvis, we'll let you know."

EJ is showing his lack of legal knowledge or else his lack of a set of onions (maybe Sure-shot has used them all up?). What lawyer worth his salt would have allowed a cop to talk to him like that? That interview would have been over with immediately.

10:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope isn't the police commissioner, she turned the job down. Then Bo threw his hat in the ring, but alas, there was another story line that was just dropped. The now dead mayor made a snarky remark that just because he threw his hat in the ring didn't mean he would get the job. I'm sure if Abe gets elected mayor though Bo will be a shoe in.

10:46 AM  
Anonymous felis said...

luv ya hun, muahh

11:40 AM  
Anonymous Catscratch_79 said...

I just discovered this website. I like it so far, and I'm going to read your previews on older episodes... You make me laugh with some of your comments, :)

I agree with how flawed Sami's storyline in the safe house seems, but it's entertaining none the less. I can't wait to see how she and 'Rafe' are going to get along.

And doesn't it seem ridiculous to anyone else that Bo and Hope claim Nicole is now their only suspect? What, did they forget about Melanie already? Horrible. The Salem PD are such a joke!


5:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Judging by today and tomorrow's episodes, it is going to be as I thought the Ej and Nicole hour. Give us a break.If Ej doesn't find out about Sami's baby soon, I will stop watching days. I have watched for 30 years and seeing Nicole on every episode is making me ff through the show. I wish they had not made her pregnant to begin with. In my opinion it's too late for her to be redeemed for me and quite a few other people. Ej and Sami are perfect together. Their acting together is awesome and they look awesome together. Why can't the two best looking people on the show be together.

7:09 PM  

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