Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Bitch Beat

Chloe comes into the Java Café and walks up to Phillip's table. Phillip hides his work and Chloe apologizes for interrupting. She asks if Phillip has seen Lucas. Phillip says he hasn't and tells her about Kate.

Nicole works with her too, too, over-the-top baby room decorator. She tells Nicole she needs to know the baby's sex ASAP or she just can't do the job right. EJ comes in and Nicole introduces her, "This is Cynthia Savage. We're working together to redecorate for the baby."

EJ looks it up in the Guy Manual: "Redecorating - usually involves color changes. For example, taking your green money, giving it to the decorator and construction crew, quickly turning your bank account from black to red."

The blood drains from EJ's face, "Nicole, I need a word with you."

Sami whispers into her cell phone, "I'm gonna be there today." Her guard comes in and snorts, "What are you doing?"

Melanie talks her attorney into giving her the letter. He tells her to give it to the police after she's read it. He leaves. Melanie opens the letter but stuffs it into her purse when Bo and Hope walk in. Sniping ensues. Melanie starts to leave, "I think I'll go if you're done cross examining me."

Hope steps in front of the door, "Not quite." Bo asks for the letter.

Melanie plays dumb. It's not a stretch. Bo presses. Hope tells Melanie she has been set up. Bo tells her Berman was helping them out. He says this is their way of proving she's not cooperating. Hope tells her, "If you turn on the tears again I'll really get... ticked off."

Bo says, "You really don't want her to do that, believe me." He show her the scars.

Cynthia leaves, "But you realize I'll have to charge you for a full session."

"That Guy Manual really nailed that definition," thinks EJ. He turns to Nicole, "Lucy! You got some 'splainin to do."

Nicole says, "I really wanted to talk to you about this first, but you seemed so preoccupied. You're mad, aren't you?"

EJ says he isn't mad, but it seems to him that redecorating is jumping the gun. Nicole jumps the gun; the show jumps the shark. Again. EJ says he knows she wants to feel like she lives there and isn't just a visitor, "We have little issues and I know you were trying to solve some of them. I think we need a conversation about marriage."

Nicole chokes, "I don't believe what you just said."

EJ apologizes for using such filthy language, "I usually just call it the 'm-word.'"

The tiresome, contrived, cutesy situation between Sami and Darryl continues. Sami practically swallows her cell phone and tells him she's calling the clinic. He asks why.

Sami blows up, "What did you major in at college — barking orders? I'm trapped with a vegan storm trooper. I think I have food poising. The nausea comes in waves — whenever DOOL is on the TV. I need you to make a phone call." Suddenly Sami drops everything and runs into the bathroom.

Phillip tells Chloe Kate is in chemotherapy. He says Kate didn't want them to stick around during the treatment, so he doesn't know where Lucas is, "I don't like the part of me that was relieved when she didn't want us to stay."

Chloe asks, "Is that one of your real or fake parts? You shouldn't feel bad about letting her do what she wanted to to. You're scared, aren't you?"

Phillip says, "I'm scared to death."

Chloe says, "People beat cancer."

Bo opens the letter and looks at it. He hands it to Hope. "What does it say," asks Melanie.

"I don't know," says Bo, "It had too many big words. Hope will read it to me."

"I read everything I could about cancer," says Chloe. In her case that was two paragraphs. She tries to reassure Phillip.

He asks how she and Lucas are doing, "I'm glad Lucas has you to talk to. That lets a lot of other people off the hook when it comes to listening to his drivel."

Chloe says, "You know, I detest this phrase but... I don't want to say it..." She chokes... She tires to fight it... She covers her mouth, but it erupts anyway... "I'll (say it with her) be there for Lucas... and you, too."

Sami comes out. "Wow," says Darryl, "You really were sick." He gets her a ginger ale. Sami asks to go to the clinic. Darryl says he can't let her leave the safehouse, "It's against the policies." Sami wonders what would happen if she were really sick and he did nothing. He reaches for a cigar and Sami snaps it from him. Darryl says he will see what he can do about her illness. He leaves.

Sami looks down at Junior-Junior, "Way to deliver on the morning sickness ... but let's not do it again."

EJ wants to talk about marriage. Nicole says, "It's 2008, so a baby doesn't necessarily mean marriage."

EJ says, "But if we don't get married then we have to work out some kind of custody arrangement."

Nicole is looking for more, "When you talk about marriage it would be nice if you would talk about my sparkling eyes and wonderful personality."

"I would if you had sparkling eyes and a wonderful personality," says EJ.

Nicole's sarcasm hits new heights, "You really sweep me off my feet."

EJ says what he likes about Nicole is her practicality, "I usually like other things in a woman, but you don't have them." Nicole says she wants everything good and wonderful for her baby. She also wants it to be happy. "That's why we're talking about marriage," says EJ.

Darryl comes back in, "I just came in to give you a heads up."

Before he can tell her what's going on, a blindfolded guy staggers into the doorway and asks, "Can you tell me how long I have to stand here like this?"

Bo and Hope tell Melanie not to leave town, but won't tell her what's in the letter. Melanie acts tough, "You've been working on your bad-cop worse-cop routine but I'm not afraid of you any more. The truth is the letter doesn't say anything about me or I'd be in cuffs right now."

Bo plays the part of the worse-cop. He wants to know what happened to her father. Melanie erupts, "I'm done being harassed while I mourn my father's death, and if it doesn't stop, I'm going to press charges."

Hope calls her bluff and gives her the number to call to do that. Melanie spews, "GO TO HELL!" She tears up the card Hope gave her, flings it and storms out. The room gets quiet as Bo looks down at the mess on his desk. He finds another envelope, "Well... What do we have here?"

Darryl tells Sami the guy in the blindfold is a doctor. "That figures," says Sami, "Most of the doctors in this town are fumbling around in the dark. What, did he get you from acme fake doctors r us?"

The doctor hands Sami a piece of paper, "I thought you might ask that so I brought my license."

Sami reads it, "WOW! CDL certified. I am truly impressed. I'm sorry I doubted you."

The doctor starts to examine Sami as Darryl soaks in the show. Sami insists that he leave the room. He resists, but the doc backs Sami up.

Darryl huffs, "You better be really, really, really sick." He leaves.

"Believe me, I am," says Sami, "I watch DOOL."

Once the nuisance is out of the way, Sami tells the doctor she's pregnant and needs to know the baby is OK.

Phillip tells Chloe he has to back off because he doesn't want to screw up Chloe and Lucas' relationship. Chloe is indignant, "The implication is that I'm settling for Lucas and you and I had better keep our distance because you're so darn irresistible. Don't tell me I can't be your friend when you're going through something like this. So are we friends?" They seal the deal with a just-friends double hand butt.

Melanie interrupts the moment of bonding, "So, Phillip, who are you hitting on now?"

Chloe turns around and says, "Well, it took me less than 2 seconds to really dislike you."

"I understand," says Melanie, "You're a little slower than most people."

"Be nice to her," says Phillip, "Murder suspects never have a nice day."

Chloe gets up to leave and hunt down Lucas, "Let's spa sometime."

Melanie says, "Take care." She turns to Phillip, "Ditch her."

Melanie tells Phillip she knows he did everything to get her in trouble but it didn't work, "You didn't touch me."

"Not with a ten foot pole," says Phillip.

The doctor tells Sami she's in good health and the baby is fine. Sami asks him not to tell anyone about the baby. Darryl comes back. The doctor doesn't think his attitude is helping, "She's going to need a good diet and regular exercise and regular medical care." Darryl understands. The doctor tells her to take care. Darryl puts the blindfold back on. As they leave, Sami decides to give them something to talk about, "While you're in the car, lecture him on his smoking."

The doctor gasps, "You smoke? In this day and age?"

"Just an occasional cigar," says Darryl.

"Are you a moron?," asks the doctor.

"I live in Salem, don't I," asks Darryl.

"Sorry for the redundancy," says the doctor.

They leave. Sami tells Junior-Junior everything will be OK.

EJ says things can be different with this baby. Nicole gets nervous, "If this is your way of claiming ownership of the baby and handing it over to Stefano, I'm going to have to think about it."

EJ asks, "Who are you? What have you done with Nicole? I just offered you security and wealth and you said you'll have to think about it.

Hope reads the note Bo found, "I think we need to pay someone a little visit."

Melanie tells Phillip about her meeting with Bo and Hope, "They thought the letter would nail me, but you should have seen the look on their faces when they read it. I think the letter says who did it. I think the letter cleared me."

Phillip is skeptical, "So before your father died he knew who was after him and then went to the cemetery at night? That doesn't sound too bright to me. Letters from dead people don't mean anything. I could leave a letter saying Celene Dion wanted to kill me. What would that prove?"

"That Celene Dion knows what she's doing."

Phillip says, "The only thing that will clear you is someone stepping forward." With that, Melanie struts out. Chloe struts back in. Phillip tells her Melanie needed to unload on someone. He asks about Lucas and Chloe says they are supposed to meet up later. She asks how Phillip is doing.

Sami works on her yoga-cise. She asks for pickles. Darryl reminds her she was just doubled over with food poisoning. He says he thinks the whole thing was a brilliant performance.

"That's ridiculous," says Sami, "Who ever heard of a brilliant performance on this show?"

"I'm on to your act," he says, "The games stop right now." Sami thinks he's paranoid. He tells her he's been reassigned, "I'm off the bitch beat."

EJ tells Nicole what he said was true. Nicole softens and says EJ is nothing like Stefano and her baby is lucky to have him as a father. "I think our baby will keep our hands full," says EJ. He moves in and tries to get a handful for himself. The doorbell interrupts.

Nicole answers and finds Bo and Hope, "What? Are you selling tickets to the policeman's ball?" EJ comes up as Bo and Hope tell Nicole they want to ask her more questions. She invites them in. Bo wants to talk to Nicole alone. EJ reminds them he's her lawyer.

Bo says, "We need to know what really happened the night of Trent's murder."

Nicole tries to be cooperative, "I'd tell you but I don't think the writers have figured it out yet."

There is a knock at Sami's door. Darryl answers and tells the incredible hulk standing there, "I'm outta here. She's all yours. She's a real pain in the butt. And it looks like in your case, that would be a major pain."

The hulkster stands in the door, "Hi. I'm Aunt Hilda, your worst nightmare."

Melanie watches as Chloe tells Phillip not to push her away just because his mother has cancer. Phillip says it looks like he has no choice but to let her hover.


Chloe smooches him and leaves. Melanie comes back and says she had no idea about Phillip's mom, "I'm sorry. I'm such a bad person."

"No argument there," says Phillip.

Bo interrogates Nicole, "Are you willing to sign a statement that your deposition was the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?" He gives her the opportunity to amend her statement. EJ advises her that they are fishing.

Hope gives her the statement to sign. Nicole asks, "What's this."

"Just a little something to take to the judge," smirks Hope, "It says we gave you the opportunity to change your statement and you declined. It'll prove you lied."

Bo says, "Unless you'd like to tell us something else. Like... for example... maybe you ran into Robbins after you left the pub."

"What I told you is the truth," says Nicole, "What the hell is going on here?"

"Just sign that and we'll be gone," says Bo.

"This is harassment," says EJ.

"Why are you doing this to me," asks Nicole.

"Because we know you are lying," says Bo, "And we've got proof."


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"They seal the deal with a just-friends double hand butt."

Please tell me that was a joke. Because that's about the lamest thing I've ever read.

4:58 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

Hey, what's with all the Celine Dion references lately? First it was Nicole telling Johnny that she is no Celine Dion when it comes to lullabys, and now Philip saying he could claim Celine Dion wanted to kill him. Is she showing up on some NBC show somewhere?

6:21 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

"Nicole is looking for more, 'When you talk about marriage it would be nice if you would talk about my sparkling eyes and wonderful personality.'

'I would if you had sparkling eyes and a wonderful personality,' says EJ."

Once again, accuracy and Prevuze are synonymous!!

"Darryl tells Sami the guy in the blindfold is a doctor. 'That figures,' says Sami, Most of the doctors in this town are fumbling around in the dark."

Well, it sure didn't take long for a blindfolded person to show up at the safe house. When Sami and EJ spent time in a safe house hiding from Stefano, the place was like Grand Central Station. Additionally, Sami was running back and forth to visit Lucas in the slammer. Consistancy and DOOL are NOT synonymous.

"Darryl huffs, 'You better be really, really, really sick.' He leaves.

'Believe me, I am,' says Sami, 'I watch DOOL.'"

I think I need an appointment with a blindfolded doctor to clear up symptoms of the DOOL disease...constant nausea.

"Chloe turns around and says, 'Well, it took me less than 2 seconds to really dislike you.'

'I understand,' says Melanie, 'You're a little slower than most people.'"

When is this little twit going to go away?!

"'Are you a moron?,' asks the doctor.

'I live in Salem, don't I,' asks Darryl.

'Sorry for the redundancy,' says the doctor."

Who knew that the blindfolded doctor would be the smartest person in Salem?

Who Murdered Trent?...the never ending storyline. Now Nicole is the next suspect, and it is reported she gets hauled off to the crowbar motel. Even with Nicole parked in the DiMera mansion, it doesn't appear there's much romping going on.

Thanks for another great update Prevuze!!!

6:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Leslie when you referred to the little twit you did mean Chloe didn't you?

Celine release a new CD?

saggy baskets

6:56 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Kate's x-ray and Bope's tic-tac-toe game were great pictures.

Bo says, "You really don't want her to do that, believe me." He shows her the scars.

Were those emotional or physical scars? LOLOL

"Are you a moron?," asks the doctor. "I live in Salem, don't I," asks Darryl. "Sorry for the redundancy," says the doctor.

I know that was a repeat - but it was worth another shout-out!

My HUH!? for today:
Sami whispers into her cell phone…

They took her PHOTO ALBUM, so no one could tie her to her family (how dumb is that?!), but let her keep her cell phone? Even if she never used it (yeah, that would happen) cell phone locations can be traced via the cell towers they use even if they are just turned on. SPD on the cutting edge of stupidity once again.

I am so over the Trent murder mystery. Now it's Nicole in the slammer. I've heard that Nick supposedly did it (complete with flashbacks, etc.). I can see him SAYING it was him to protect Melanie, but can't believe he actually did it unless the actor wants out of this soap.

The Soap Opera Digest's tease for the upcoming fall episodes is that the real murderer will be revealed by the end of November (sweeps) and it will be a SHOCKER. Let me hear it from anyone who actually believes that.


That's what I thought.

Thanks for a great recap Prevuze!

8:08 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

Please tell me that was a joke. Because that's about the lamest thing I've ever read.

It was not a joke, but this makes me wonder if you're new to reading DOOL recaps because the show wanders around in some pretty lame territory.

8:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, Saggy Pants, I meant Melanie. For some reason, I don't find Chloe all that bothersome. Melanie, however, really gets on my nerves.

8:33 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Surely we're into the next day or Salem decorators will come over in the middle of the night.

I wish someone would put that smirky know-it-all Ho and Dope in their place just once! Maybe Melanie WOULD'VE turned it over but felt she at least had the right to read it first for Pete's sake! That almost sounds like some kind of phoney entrapment ploy on the part of the PD to me.

Leslie, you're quite right - Sami would be safer walking around in broad daylight at Salem Place than in one of their safehouses. HAHAHA

Loved the Pookie pic and "Nicole tries to be cooperative, "I'd tell you but I don't think the writers have figured it out yet." Sad but true! Thanks for the great Prevuze today! :D

8:51 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

Applecheeks --
I heard that the actor who plays Nick landed a role on a series starting later this fall, so it's entirely possible they're going to pin the murder on him. That's a shame, 'cause I really like him.

9:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I practice veganism." "I practice heathenism." "I practice hedonism."

Great caption. Let me add, "The audience would like to practice escapism." Especially from these lame plots!!

Prevuze, keep up the good work.

9:52 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

Okay so Bo tells Nichole: Sign this to prove you weren't lying when you signed this paper that said you were telling the truth.
But if you sign it we'll know you are lying because you lied on the original paper.
And we can prove it.

Anyone else getting a big ol' "Who's On First" vibe out of this???

So if Sami is in "Witless Protection" who is taking care of the twins? I think I missed that little tidbit.

When EJ was checking the guy manual under Redecorating he didn't finish reading.
It goes on to say:
Redecorating also involves you, the man, making a decision and having an opinion. You will be shown 100 different wall paper patterns and fabric swatches, all of which will look exactly alike to you.
Even if you manage to actually have an opinion or express an preference you will be wrong.
If you are unable to get out of this process altogether, your only defense is to pick the absolute worst ugliest most gaudy pattern in the bunch. She will be disgusted and decide you have no taste. Keep choosing badly until you hear the magic words: "Oh forget it, I'll just do it myself"

10:42 AM  
Anonymous Klaus said...

He says this is their way of proving she's not cooperating.
EDIT: What Bulldog said. lol.

It's unfortunate that Marino is dead, now no one will check whether the Brady's are doing their job.

I actually kind of want Melanie to go, as much as I like her, the show is just using her to make everyone look morally superior by comparison. It's pretty damn annoying. I don't need middle-aged attempted murderers, adulterers, liars, thieves, kidnappers, and unethical policemen proving their worth to an emotionally shunted 17 year old girl.

It looks stupid.

Deb, EJ and Lucas are taking care of the twins. They probably just handed them to Maggie or Caroline. The bigger question is where is Ciara??

11:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The bigger question is where is Ciara??

By this time, Klaus, she's probably the one doing the babysitting. LOLOL


11:38 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Watched most of DAYS at lunch. Between the show and issues that struck me as I read yesterday's post here are a couple of HUH?! moments I must get off my chest:

1. How could Trent own a share of Nick's contraption? Nick was developing it under the aegis of the university with a grant from them. That would make anything Nick came up with the property of the university. Not Nick and not Trent.

2. At the hospital, Lucas suggested to Kate & Phil that they while away the time Kate was getting her chemo by playing Boggle and about how much fun they had when they were kids and Kate never let them win the game. Huh? When did those three ever have happy, family times together? When Lucas was 23 and UB was 5? Lucas had been out of military school and involved with Sami for a while before Philip was even born!

I know, I know. Logic - DAYS - mutually exclusive. But PUH-LEEZE!

12:45 PM  
Anonymous WingNut '75 said...

"While you're in the car, lecture him on his smoking."

The doctor gasps, "You smoke? In this day and age?"

"Just an occasional cigar," says Darryl.

"Are you a moron?," asks the doctor.

You know, I had a rant of a post a couple of weeks ago in which I was complaining about the "politically correct" PSA's that DOOL keeps inserting into their story lines. I deleted it before I posted it, however. Now, after seeing this, I'm wishing I had posted it because I would look like I was inside the DOOL writers's heads. I said something to the effect of going green, autism, etc, etc, what is the next PSA we're going to get from them? Stop smoking?

Maybe this can be a new game for Prevuze - we can start a big pool for what the next PC PSA to air on DOOL will be!

1:11 PM  
Anonymous Scolly said...

Applecheeks - you're so correct on the Lucas/Phillip age thing. Which is what I think of whenever Clucas are together. Since she was in Phillip's class this almost makes Lucas bordering on Dr. Dan territory.

Of course the DOOL writers either don't remember the history of the Ghoul Girl saga or think we've all forgotten that by now.

1:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's a novel idea: Caroline really did kill Trent and Bope are covering for her. It is not like the Brady's have not covered for Chelsea and Shaun in the past.

Why do I see Willow, every time Melanie appears???

5:32 PM  
Blogger Days Daily Chat on MySpace said...

Ooh I love this show I just want LUMI back!


6:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is the object in Kate's x-ray? I can't figure it out.

9:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The thing in Kate's x-ray is a hand grenade.

12:37 AM  

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