Monday, September 22, 2008

All's Well That Ends Well

Nicole stands outside the pub and the fakey looking wind simulating a night breeze blows her hair. She picks up a megaphone and says, "ATTENTION, SALEM! ATTENTION, SALEM! If Victor finds out I'm married to Trent, I'll have to give his money back."

Three guesses who walks up behind her. If you guessed it was Victor, you win a FREE COPY OF TODAY'S PREVUZE! Victor asks, "Nicole, what the hell are you babbling about now?"

The blood drains from Nicole's head, "OMG, Victor, did you hear me?"

"No," says Victor, "But if you're talking, I know it's babbling."

Lexie comes in and rages at Stefano, "How could you do this to me?"

Max insists he was protecting his family. Bo lectures and tells him to cool down. Patch backs Bo up. Bo tells Max he has to apologize to Trent. Max refuses.

Melanie stomps in and Trent stops her. He thinks they can rise above this. Melanie says she won't forgive him. She threatens to kill him with her bare hands. Trent denies pimping her out. Max pulls her away. Trent tells him to stay out of it, "You turned my daughter against me." Patch separates them. "You saw what happened," says Trent.

"With my left eye," says Patch.

"I didn't see anything," says Bo, "I'm a Salem cop — our observation skills aren't exactly too keen."

Melanie tells Trent she would have gotten him the money if he had just asked. "How," asks Trent.

"I prefer to pimp myself out," says Melanie. Caroline tells Trent to leave.

Bo tries to step in but this situation requires someone who can handle it. Caroline bats him away like a gnat and laces into Trent. Trent and Caroline bicker. Melanie runs out of the pub. Max tries to follow but Patch stops him.

Caroline spews, "You are a sickening disgrace!" She walks off in disgust. Patch tells Trent to go. Max continues to try to get at him. Trent says, "This isn't the end of this. No one smears my good name and gets away with it." He leaves.

Patch tells Max to calm down. Stephanie tries to help and tells him Melanie is safe now. "NO SHE'S NOT," screams Max, "She's still my sister and that's not safe for anyone."

Nick runs into Melanie, "He's a jerk. He doesn't deserve your tears. No one is that despicable." Big hug. Three guesses who walks up behind her. If you guessed it was Chelsea, you win a FREE COPY OF TODAY'S PREVUZE II!

Stefano tells Lexie to calm down. She tells him about the review board and accuses him of masterminding the lockdown. Stefano muses, "All's well that ends well." Lexie tells him she resigned anyway.

Stefano can't believe it, "They exonerated you but you quit your job anyway? It's a darn good thing Abe can support you."

Lexie drops the other shoe, "Abe quit his job today, too."

"You're not the sharpest couple in Salem," says Stefano, "but you certainly are entertaining." Stefano isn't sorry his nemesis Abe quit. Lexie tells him Abe quit because people like Stefano manipulate the system.

"I'm innocent," says Stefano, "There is no way I could mastermind something as stupid as a couple with an autistic child needing expensive care both quitting their jobs on the same day. I'm good, but not that good." Lexie says now Abe will go after Stefano with everything he's got.

Bo, Hope and Caroline debrief. Victor gets a call. Bo watches, "We need to tell him the truth now."

Bo makes Caroline promise to stay away from Trent. Caroline snorts, "I don't need a babysitter... I AM THE BABYSITTER! "

Bo approaches Victor and tells him about the incident with Trent and Max. Victor thinks Trent is despicable. Bo says there is something Victor needs to know about Nicole.

Stefano reminds Lexie Abe has failed to thwart him in the past. "He's not a cop now," says Lexie, "so there are no restrictions or regulations to stop him."


"When did regulations and restrictions ever bother him before," asks Stefano. Lexie says Bo, Roman, John and the whole family are all out to get him, too.

"So it's that load of nutcases against me," asks Stefano, "At least it's a level playing field." Lexie suggests he leave Salem. Stefano interprets that means she cares for him.

"You've gone unpunished far too long," says Lexie.

Stefano remains calm, "That's not true. For starters, you are my daughter." He thinks his children are disloyal to him for sending him to the facility when he was a vegetable.

"I did everything I knew how as a physician," says Lexie.

"No wonder I didn't recover," says Stefano, "I deserve better than that." Lexie says maybe they could have done more but didn't try.

Nicole asks for privacy. Bo leaves. Nicole and Victor go outside.

Bo sits with Hope and says Nicole wants to tell Victor about her marriage to Trent in private. Hope is skeptical that Nicole will tell the truth.

Nicole begins her tale of woe, "My past has caught up with me."

"The past is in the past," says Victor.

That's true," says Nicole, "But when you find out what I did, my past will be in the future."

"Then you're future's not too bright," says Victor.

"Neither am I," says Nicole.
She tells him he was her third husband. She tells him she was married to Trent.

"Why the hell should I care," asks Victor.

"Trent and I are still legally married," says Nicole. Victor's eyebrows crash into the Brady pub sign above his head.

Patch and Kayla sit with Stephanie. Patch asks about France. Stephanie tells the story. "I knew it," says Patch, "Next time I'm following my gut."

"You don't need to follow it," says Kayla, "You can always find it bellied up to the bar."

"I'd like your advice," says Stephanie.

"Why," asks Kayla, "You never follow it anyway. But if you want it, I'd just let Max talk things through with Caroline. So... how's Melanie?"

"Let's just say I'm not her biggest fan."

Nick and Melanie hug. The brat walks up and watches. Nick says they will get through it together. Trent walks up and shoots off a few snide remarks.

Inside, Chelsea grabs Stephanie and tells her about the disgusting PDA Nick and Melanie are putting on outside. Stephanie tells Chelsea Max tried to kill Trent and Caroline saved the day. She tells her about Melanie and Trent's fight. Chelsea thinks Nick must've fallen for Melanie's act.

"You know," says Stephanie, "it's OK to admit you're jealous."

Victor plays it cool. Nicole asks, "Don't you want to know how this happened?"

Victor is his old sarcastic self, "Is that a trick question?"

Nicole tells him she just figured she and Trent were divorced, "Back then I went by a different name... Misty Circle." Victor just about has another stroke laughing. Nicole tells him about the abuse. She says eventually she worked up the courage to leave Trent and changed her name to Nicole Walker. Victor chuckles uncontrollably.

Stefano says Lexie didn't do enough for him. She starts to leave but he rants. Lexie reminds him of the number of times he has thrown his children to the wolves. She wants an explanation.

Chelsea says, "I'm not jealous. I just think Melanie isn't the girl for Nick."

"And you think maybe you are," asks Stephanie.

"No," says the brat, "Nick and I are just friends and I don't want to see him get hurt, unless I'm the one doing the hurting." Stephanie tells her to let it go unless she wants to get back with him.

Nick threatens to call the cops but Melanie tells him she will talk to Trent. Nick thinks that's a big mistake, but leaves them to go at each other again. Trent apologizes. Melanie doesn't buy it. Trent claims he's sincere, "Uh... Do I still owe Claude money?"

Melanie explodes, "He's in jail for attempted rape and his friend is in jail for attempted murder! And I'm sure Claude blames you for all of it."

Bo joins Max and Caroline. Caroline rants on about Trent, "How could a parent do that? There is nothing I wouldn't do to protect you kids. Nothing."

"We're not kids, Ma," says Bo, "We're adults."

"When did that happen," asks Caroline.

Victor stops chuckling long enough to take a breath, "Nicole, if nothing else, you were always entertaining."

"That was before I got this part on DOOL," says Nicole.

Victor says he isn't going to let her keep his money, "We were never married — I don't owe you a settlement. Prepare yourself to become dirt poor again. Suddenly Nicole runs off to be sick. Victor laughs.

Lexie and Stefano continue to argue. Lexie disowns him, "You're dead to me."

Trent worries that Claude will solve his problems with the law and he will still owe the money. Melanie tries to run. Trent grabs her, "Remember, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree."

Chelsea walks up to Nick and asks if everything is OK. Nick zones, "It will be once I get Trent away from Melanie."

Bo wants Max to promise he'll back away from his feud with Trent. Max growls, "I don't make promises I can't keep."

Stefano appeals to Lexie to reconsider. Lexie stands firm. Stefano insists his grandson will not be kept from him. He says he knows about Theo's autism, "I can see he gets the best treatment money can buy. I happen to know an expert in the field who will exclusively care for Theodore."

Lexie tosses Theo's chances into the crapper, "You disgust me!"

Kayla advises Stephanie just to go away somewhere with Max. "I just did that," says Stephanie, "And that's what got us in this mess in the first place."

Trent belittles Melanie, "I know about all your boyfriends. You can't fool me." Max walks up and tells him to get away.

Trent gets a call, "We'll continue this later." The audience groans. Trent walks off and Max takes Melanie back inside.

Nicole comes back from her hurl-a-thon and tells Victor she's better. Victor says he really couldn't care less, but he does care about his money, "You'll hear from my lawyers. It's always a pleasure, Nicole." Victor walks off.

Nicole stews, "Trent, you are so gonna pay for this."

Inside, Victor joins Bo and Hope. He thanks them for their help and tells them about Kate as the brat walks up.

Max brings Melanie up and formally introduces her to Caroline, "Ma owns the pub. It's practically a local landmark."

"Why is that," asks Melanie.

"She and Pa built it just before the American revolution."

"It has so much character," says Melanie.

"It had one more character when Pa was around," says Max. Caroline tells Melanie she can make the pub her home. Max excuses himself and runs off. Stephanie follows.

Caroline wants to show Melanie her room. Nick says he will hang out while Melanie gets settled.

Victor fills Chelsea in on Kate's condition. He says they will know more tomorrow. Chelsea decides she wants to see her. Bo says it's late, and the brat decides she will call Kate in the morning.

Victor tells Bo and Hope he will make Nicole pay him back back but will not have her charged with fraud. He still doesn't like Trent even though it turns out Trent has actually helped him.

Chelsea walks up to Nick and asks how he is feeling. Nick is non-communicative. "Would you like some company," she asks. "Great idea," says Nick, "I'll run up and see if Melanie can join me."

Victor calls Nico and says there is something he wants him to do concerning Trent.

Trent is on the phone, "I understand. I will."

Bo asks Chelsea what happened in France. Chelsea fills him in. Bo goes to make a call. Hope and the brat share a tender moment, "The important thing," says Hope, "is you didn't lose Nick."

"Of course not," says Chelsea, "We're friends."

Hope cuts to the chase, "You still love him don't you?"

Stephanie comes back and sits wtih Patch and Kayla. It seems she ran after Max, but couldn't catch up wtih him, "He was here one minute and the next he's gone."

"Didn't we just do the 'Where's Max' story line," asks Kayla.

Stefano appeals to Lexie to think about what is best for Theo. She storms out. Stefano wonders, "How could my children be so stupid?"

Trent stops Nicole. Nicole seethes, "You bastard, you owe me money." Trent says Victor is not his problem and walks off.

Nicole says, "Believe me, Trent, he will be."


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You just gotta love ole Vic.
On to Lexie and Stephano. Unemployed but think of your child first,lets just turn our nose up and not think of how much medical bills are. Oh thats right this is the land of DOOL where hardly anyone has a job and everything is free.Never pay for a meal at a resturant,always shopping and wearing designer clothes, no rent, no car payment.Huh,What and I saying? You think maybe they would let me come and stay for just a little while. Happy Monday C

6:24 AM  
Anonymous dazeisdum said...

So are they completely rewriting history here?? Are we supposed to forget that Nicole has a mother and a brother named Walker??? Not only does she have a mother and brother, but it was a huge storyline a few years ago. Brandon Walker is Abe's son and was engaged to Sami at some point. I give up.

7:13 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

dazeisdum - that was also a "Huh?" moment for me when Nicole said that. Why would she have to change her name back to Walker just because she used a fake stage name? That didn't make sense.

I guess none of the Bradys are bright enough to just get some kind of restraining order so Trent can't come in and hang around the pub 24/7.

And speaking of hanging at the pub, Kayla suggests Stephanie go somewhere with Max. If she's going to dole out advice how about advising Stephanie actually go to some classes and Max look for a job (or at least work at the one he's got)?

Loved the L'il Joe pic and LOL over "Next time I'm following my gut." "You don't need to follow it," says Kayla, "You can always find it bellied up to the bar." HAHAHAHA

Thanks for the Monday morning pick-me-up, Prevuze!

7:28 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Re: changing her name back - Nicole has said that her dad made her legally change her name to Misty Circle when he got her into porn. That's why she had to change it back.

Great recap today:
"I didn't see anything," says Bo, "I'm a Salem cop — our observation skills aren't exactly too keen."

HA Their concept of ignoring the law whenever they feel like it seems to be pretty well ingrained however.

"I'm innocent," says Stefano, "There is no way I could mastermind something as stupid as a couple with an autistic child needing expensive care both quitting their jobs on the same day. I'm good, but not that good."

Had to LOL at Abe in the previous episode lecturing Lexi about not talking to him before resigning and then, in the next breath, confessing he did the same thing.

I know they are trying to make it look like everyone in Salem has a motive to kill Trent, but I had a real HUH!? moment when they threw Caroline under that particular bus. She hardly knows Trent and just met Melanie. Why in the world would she be pissed enough at Trent to kill him?? TLT

At this point they might as well throw Alice into the pot as well. Maybe Trent dissed her donuts at some point.

As always, a lovely spot of Prevuze during a Monday moanin'.
yway -

8:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

BORING!!! Thanks (again) for taking the hit Prevuze. Now I can go do my errands and not worry about missing something good THAT'S ever gonna happen! :D


10:54 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Trent claims he's sincere, "Uh... Do I still owe Claude money?"

Melanie explodes, "He's in jail for attempted rape and his friend is in jail for attempted murder! And I'm sure Claude blames you for all of it."

Trent is going to be in a body bag shortly.  The SPD will being running around like chickens with their heads cut off, and the DOOL scribes will be planting red herrings everywhere.  In other words, it’s going to be business as usual on Daze.  At least it will be a cure for insomnia because the drivel will put everyone in a stupor.  Anyway, we all know that none of the Salem denizens will actually have pulled off the crime so it’s got to be some sort of French connection.  The other option is that we will never find out.  The writing team, also known as “plot holes R us”, may simply ignore the conundrum.  Does anyone recall who threw Paul in the drink?  I sure don’t, and I’m betting the writers don’t either. 
Suddenly Nicole runs off to be sick.
I’m with Nicole on this one.  Excuse me while I hurl chunks.  OK, I feel better, and I can guarantee you that I’m not pregnant.  I confess.  I read spoilers.  Guess who is also going to be PG?  You got it, and it didn’t even take three guesses.  You’re a brilliant bunch…you read Prevuze.  Now for the thought process of a decidedly unbrilliant bunch…TPTB.  Duh, we got us an actress dat’s preggers, and it’s going to take a lot of creative (would someone get the definition of “creative” for me again) camera work to hide her pregnancy.  Here’s an outstanding idea.  Let’s make Sami pregnant!  Now, here’s a real hoot.  Let’s make Nicole pregnant, too.  Let’s even make it better and have EJ be the father of both babies…BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  Good one, guys, let’s got for it!!!!  Der yeah hey, this is going to send the ratings through the roof.  It will also make a lot of the viewers’ heads explode but, what the heck; you’ve got to expect some collateral damage.  Chuckle, chuckle, chortle, chortle…oh what a minute, maybe we can even turn this into something unique…a “who’s your daddy” plot with Nicole’s baby.  High fives, slam dunk, touch down, a shot and a goal!!!!!  Puck, vomit, heave, pass the barf bags!!!
I love you Prevuze!!!  You get it!!!  Sadly, the writers don’t.  End of rant.

11:13 AM  
Anonymous Klaus said...

What an excellent episode. I'm surprised the fork, the spoon, the dish and the moon didn't threaten Trent as well.

Common sense; don't make death threats in public people, or perhaps at all.

Also, I NEVER got the impression that Stefano was using Theo, I thought his intention was to help and what Lexie accused of him of was a side benefit. Why he wants the loyalty of those screw ups, I'll never know.

Stefano is a lunatic so it might be better to appease him and accept his help than declare yourself a mortal enemy, or just maybe, turn him down... nicely.

Especially when you're jobless and have a mortgage and other such bills to pay. But I suppose morality has a high price.

I did love Victor's little chat with Bo and Hope at the end. "I take glee in her torment, but the tormentor is unforgivable!" Haha

Addendum - leslie
No one threw Paul anywhere, John or Ava kidnapped him and he was living in captivity in the DiMera mansion? He was there at John's behest.

I want a pregnant Kate, give me a pregnant Kate! DAMN YOU TPTB!

11:23 AM  
Anonymous Egg Salad said...

It is bad when my eyes even glaze over reading about DAYS (not the snark though).

Can it get any more boring?

1:29 PM  
Anonymous Lesllie said...


Paul was unconscious on the dock along with two sets of bodiless feet. I can’t remember if he was shoved or kicked into the water. DOOL often puts me in a fog but I didn’t dream up this scenario.

3:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

John told Paul that he had him fished out after that goon on the dock threw him into the Salem river or he would have been a dead man.

I cannot believe they are going to make Hope Commissioner instead of Roman.

Nico is Victor's goon. Seems like even though Victor doesn't care much for Nicole, he is still willing to make Trent pay for what he did to her? Like she is still a part of his family and he will get even for her.

I don't think the double pregnancy will go over very well. EJ needs to donate his sperm to fertility banks if he is that potent. I am tired of seeing Sami pregnant all the time. Why not just have them live as polygamists then in the same house? They had Sami and Nicole livng in the same apt back when Austin was in town building his new business. Maybe Nicole will move into the DiMera mansion too? That place is getting pretty full. Must be to give plenty of suspects when Stefano is finally killed off DOOL.

I do not want to see Kate get pregnant. Let those older women enjoy post menopause as they should, instead of pretending they can still get pregnant at their ages. I would like to see Kate and Stefano have to pay for all the crimes they have committed.

7:35 PM  
Anonymous Scolly said...

Hope becoming commissioner would be a good storyline if the writers handled it like it would be in real life - Roman jealous as hell and steamed he didn't get the job. DOOL would never have a saintly Brady feel that way, tho.

8:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kate makes an excellent witch. Why not have her tag team with Stephano and get some good, bad stuff going!?!
Days could benefit from a great villainess.

Besides, new mama Nicole can't be the bad guy now. She will become the next down trodden, damsel in distress. She'll become worthy of EJ's love and drive Sami nuts.

9:10 PM  

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