Friday, September 12, 2008


Abe is on the phone raging because Stefano is free. Hope paces and shares the rage. Bo comes in, "Everything OK?"

"It was until you came in," says Hope. Bo throws a fit and wants to share the rage, too. Abe thinks Stefano knows how to work the system and is just loving this. Hope wonders what made John change his mind about wanting to put Stefano away.

Trent calls Melanie and leaves a message and then has a pimpback to their phone call when he tried to get her to "have a drink" with Claude. Nicole runs into him. She's peeved to be around him again and wants to know what he's doing there. Trent tells her he's meeting John. Nicole tells him she's not giving him a dime. She looks inside and sees Marlena sitting at a table, "If you need money talk to the shrink inside. Maybe she'll pay you to be a lab rat." Nicole huffs inside. Trent follows and goes to Marlena's table. Marlena sits there, ignores him and concentrates. She mumbles, "OK, how do I calculate a 3% tip?"

Anna and Tony bicker as they come back to the DiMera mansion after a presentation. Tony tells her she was putting people to sleep. "That's not true," honks Anna, "The president never took his eyes off of me!"

Tony snorts, "PERVERT!" Tony decides to do some perving himself and moves in on her. Anna giggles and walks into the next room. She sees it all set up with fine wine and the trimmings, "Tony," she squeals, "You shouldn't have!"

"I didn't." They wonder who set the room up.

Stefano barges in, "I did. It's for a special occasion and you are not a part of it."

Tony grumbles, "I figured we'd find you slithering in sometime." Stefano tells them he is entertaining a lady. "If she's associating with you," says Tony, "she can't be a lady." Kate walks in.

The rage continues in Abe's office. The boredom continues in the audience. Bo wonders if there is something beside Stefano bothering Abe. Abe says he is feeling a bit out of sorts at home, "I'm feeling pretty useless these days." Lexie comes in and listens to the whining.

Marlena continues to concentrate, "So... three per cent of a buck for tea is... oh, this is impossible!" She finally looks up and sees Trent seeping sewage above her, "I wasn't looking for company." Trent wonders how things are going with John. She tells him she's decided on a divorce.

Trent suspects John wasn't happy about that, "I'll be he doesn't want to shell out money on a settlement."

Marlena is shocked Trent would even bring that up, "I don't care about his money. It's not about that."

"I understand," says Trent, "You're probably loaded in your own right."

"I wouldn't say I'm loaded," says Marlena, "I only put a few drops of booze in the tea."

Stefano and Kate smooch. Anna is completely grossed out, "Stefano, I know you've been going through a dry spell, but maybe you should try speed dating."

Stefano tells them he and Kate have been friends for a long time. He asks them to excuse themselves so he and Kate can have some privacy. Tony says he and Anna aren't going anywhere.

Hope and Lexie hug and cluck. Hope drags Bo out. Bo protests, "I wasn't through raging." Lexie tells Abe she overheard the conversation. She assures Abe Theo is making progress. Abe isn't so sure. He wonders if they couldn't take a vacation. Lexie no-can-do, "It would throw's Theo schedule off."

"Who the hell said anything about taking Theo," asks Abe.

Lexie gets a call. She listens and then goes into whine-mode, "Oh, I could have sworn it was tomorrow." She cups her hand over the phone and tells Abe she goofed and missed an important meeting, "The board wanted to decide if we should replace Twinkies with Ding Dongs in the vending machines."

Trent brings Marlena a cup of tea, along with one for himself. Marlena says she doesn't want it. "I'm feeling a frost," says Trent. Frosty Marlena asks when he last spoke to Max. Trent says, "All parents have issues with their children. I know you do."

Marlena says, "My life is not a topic of conversation. Neither are my children."


"Then don't cast stones,," says Trent. John watches from outside.

Tony asks the ladies to excuse them. He asks Anna and Kate also. They walk away. Tony turns to Stefano, "May I ask your intentions with Kate?" Stefano chuckles.

Anna tells Kate, "I didn't realize you two were still... uh... "chummy." Why did he invite you here?"

HACK – SPEW – HACK – WHEEZE – COUGH! "With Stefano, I know better than to ask questions."

Anna goes back to Tony, "I suggest we leave."

Tony looks up the word "suggest" in the guy manual... "suggest, v. – see command, demand or order." He and Anna leave.

Outside, Tony eavesdrops. Stefano says, "It's wonderful to look at a friendly and beautiful face. It's also nice to see your face." He talks about how wonderful it is to be free and makes a toast, "To new beginnings. To us."

Tony listens and turns to Anna, "What kind of game is he playing?"

Anna says Kate isn't in danger, "He probably wants a dinner companion and had the bad taste to choose Kate." Tony thinks Kate needs their help. He thinks they have to thwart Stefano's plan.

Anna drags him off, "I have an idea. I think I also know how we can help Kate."

John watches Trent and Marlena. Nicole comes out and talks about how disgusting Trent is. She tells him Trent will do whatever it takes to get what he wants, "In fact, I say Trent is more dangerous than Stefano because no one realizes what he is capable of."

"Well then," drones John, "he has to be stopped." John goes inside and walks up to Trent.


Stefano thinks Kate seems restless. She says she can't get her mind off of work. He congratulates her on her newfound success. Kate tells him Tony produced a fabulous ad campaign. Tony and Anna come in wearing aprons and holding food and wine, "Cook had a little accident. We put the finishing touches on the food." Stefano wonders if they will be standing by to make sure they don't choke on their food during dinner. He wants Tony and Anna to go, but they insist on filling in for the cook.

Stefano sighs, "If we have any hope of a decent meal, I guess we have to put up with these idiotic antics."

Lexie gets back on the phone, apologizes for missing the Twinkie/Ding Dong meeting and says she will reschedule. Things get nasty. Lexie blows up and then hangs up. She tells Abe she missed an important meeting again. She says she's been making a lot of mistakes lately. Hugs.

Trent lies on the floor of the pub oozing blood and groaning. John kicks him. Marlena says, "John! Never kick a man when he is down!"

"You're right," says John. He kneels down and beats him to a pulp instead. Suddenly, John has an attack of his own. He goes to his knees and zones, then looks up at Marlena and blows his stack, "Why are you looking at me like that?"

Kate says dinner was delicious. Tony is glad they enjoyed it. Stefano dismisses them. Anna says they haven't had dessert. Stefano declines. Anna is desperate, "How about a game of Scrabble?"

"I have a few choice words for you," says Stefano, "but I'm not in the mood for games." He tells them to leave.

On the way out, Tony gives a parting shot, "If you need help, just scream."

Stefano apologizes for the stupidity, but says he thinks Kate enjoyed needling Anna, "But now it's time for important discussions. I would like to make a proposal."

Trent struggles, gets up and threatens to call the police. John has his own problems now. He slams his hands up against his own head. Marlena says she wants an explanation. "I am the one who deserves an explanation," says John, "I thought you knew I didn't want you to be around Trent. You're still my wife!"

"Not for long," says Marlena, "I tried to love you because I thought some part of my husband lived inside you, but I was wrong."

John thinks Marlena doesn't understand. Marlena thinks John doesn't understand. Nobody understands. Marlena thinks he's exactly like Stefano and that's why she's divorcing him, "Stay the hell away from me."

John pulls a wad-o-cash out of his Pocket and tosses it at no one in particular, "This should cover the damage to the pub." Customers scramble and grovel for the cash.

Trent turns, "How about the damage to my face?" John tosses a wad-o-cash at Trent." More scrambling and groveling ensues.

As John storms out, "Joe Schmoe screams, "What about my pain and suffering?"

Marlena turns and tells Trent he isn't innocent in this, "If you try me again I will rearrange your face."

"What," asks Trent, "You mean you'll put it back the way it was?"

Abe gives Lexie a back rub. Lexie doesn't think anything can relieve her stress right now. She whines, "How will Theo ever learn how to socialize when I'm not there to teach him?"

Abe asks, "How are you going to teach him when you haven't learned yet yourself?" Insecure Abe wants to know what he can do to help. Lexie doesn't want him pulling back on work hours. She says she'll figure out a way to balance everything.

Lexie gets another phone call. She listens and then says, "Oh, great..."

Bo and Hope sit at their respective computers competing. Hope is really into it, "I love playing World Of Warcraft" on company time." Suddenly Hope stops playing and reads, "Wow, the name of Trent Robbins wife is... Misty Circle..."

"I recognize that name," says Bo. He then attempts to dislodge his foot from his mouth.

Kate thinks Stefano wants to talk about a business proposal. Stefano says his proposal is more intimate than business. Outside, Tony wonders what Stefano is talking about. Kate wonders what's up, "What are you interested in?"

"You," says Stefano, "I am proposing marriage."

Tony and Anna practically faint. Kate follows suit. "I adore you and respect you," says Stefano, "What do you say, shall we tie the knot?"

"Misty Circle is a porn star," says Hope, "Trent was married to a porn star? And how come YOU are so familiar with that name?"

Bo puts up the deflector shields, "I never saw the video."

At this point, Hope couldn't give a flying leap about he case, "Beauregard... How is it you know that name?"

Bo checks the guy manual, "You're on your own, buddy."

Desperate Bo finally says, "We're related."

Nicole comes up to John and says she saw what happened inside, "I hope it's not because of anything I said." John is silent. Nicole slinks away.

Marlena tells Trent to stay away from John and her and the Bradys. Nicole walks past, "Give him hell Marlena!" Suddenly Nicole turns, covers her mouth and runs out of the pub. Oh, no... she's either pregnant or she saw they were playing DOOL on the TV above the bar.

Anna thinks Stefano must be drunk, "Kate would have to be insane to accept."

"If that's the case," says Tony, "Lean in here with me and listen to her acceptance speech."

Kate says, "This is unexpected." She hesitates...

Lexie gets off the phone and tells Abe she's been summoned to appear before the review board. Abe says they have a few friends on the board and offers to make a few calls. Lexie tells him she can handle it. Translation: Lexie's prayers will be answered and she will have a lot of time on her hands to be a stay-at-home mom for Theo.

Bo stammers, "Misty Circle was my step mom. She was married to my biological father."

Hope gasps, "Trent was married to... Nicole Walker?" A referee steps in and gives Bo two points for a reversal.

Kate is stunned. Stefano is infatuated. Kate wants to know where this idea is coming form. Stefano says for the last few months all he could do was lie in his bed and think. He realized he wanted her.

Kate asks, "Are you saying you are in love with me?"

Stefano plays the diplomat, "I'm saying I want you to be by my side."

Kate asks, "What about Marlena? I thought she was your Queen of the Night."

"She was," says Stefano, "But your intern Chris is Salem's new Queen of the Night. I'm not done with Marlena. I have special plans for her."

Nicole hurls and curses Caroline and her chowder. She also curses John for not finishing off Trent.

Marlena leaves. Trent obsesses, "You shouldn't have messed with me, Marlena."

Outside, Marlena asks herself, "What's wrong with you, John?"

John is all decked out in safety glasses. He loads his gun, "I won't let you win. Even if it means I have to kill you." He aims the pistol...



You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website. Prevuze II should be up no later than noon, Eastern Time.


Blogger cfish said...

Boy, that EJ must be some stud, huh? Apparently he's two-for-two in the "sleep with 'em once and get 'em pregnant" category...

6:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I just wanted to thank you for making me wet my pants this morning (one of the UNFORTUNATE side effects of menopause!) with the picture of Stefano asking Kate if she's part of a package that includes Billie and Chelsea!! :D

Joe Schmoe asking what about his pain and about a wad-o-cash for Prevuze for taking the hit for all of us faithful readers!

Trent asking Marlena if she was going to put his face back the way it was before John got a hold of it...LOL!

And, as we all know, Nicole will be preggers with EJ's baby...I just hope they write in Allison's pregnancy to make it that much more interesting. I wonder when Chloe will start having morning sickness?!?

Have a great weekend everyone!

6:30 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

My first HUH?! moment for today:

Lexi says she's been making a lot of mistakes lately.

Lately?? I’d say pronouncing a dozen people dead when they were actually still alive was a pretty big mistake and that happened a few years ago. Has she ever STOPPED making mistakes?

The second one:
"I adore you and respect you," says Stefano.

Says Stefano to the woman he pimped out for years in the past.

Stefano and Kate smooch. Anna is completely grossed out, "Stefano, I know you've been going through a dry spell, but maybe you should try speed dating."

Good one, Anna!!

"Then don't cast stones," says Trent.

Good one, Trent!

Tony looks up the word "suggest" in the guy manual... "suggest, v. – see command, demand or order."

Good one, Guy Manual!

"She was," says Stefano, "But your intern, Chris, is Salem's new Queen of the Night.”

ROFLMAO! Great one, Prevuze

What a fabulous fun Friday feature.

6:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It looks like Salem will be hit by baby boomers, how about Morgan?

6:50 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Trent tells her he's meeting John. Nicole tells him she's not giving him a dime.

Nicole just got a divorce settlement for a gazillion dollars. You would think giving Trent $20,000 to get him off her back would be worth every penny. Nicole should also think about doing some shopping and getting some clothes constructed with more than a yard of material.

Stefano tells them he is entertaining a lady. "If she's associating with you," says Tony, "she can't be a lady." Kate walks in.

Well, that says it all.

Stefano and Kate smooch. Anna is completely grossed out.

…and so is the audience.

She cups her hand over the phone and tells Abe she goofed and missed an important meeting, "The board wanted to decide if we should replace Twinkies with Ding Dongs in the vending machines."

Lexie, go with the Ding Dongs.

Stefano says, "It's wonderful to look at a friendly and beautiful face. It's also nice to see your face."

Prevuze, are you sure about that? It looks like it would take a putty knife to scrape off all the makeup and actually get down to Kate’s face.

As John storms out, "Joe Schmoe screams, "What about my pain and suffering?"

Is Mickey Horton at the door yet? I assume he handles bodily injury cases too.

Stefano says for the last few months all he could do was lie in his bed and think. He realized he wanted her.

Stefano spent all that time in a coma, and Kate is the best he could come up with? Good lord!

Nicole hurls and curses Caroline and her chowder.

Here’s hoping the viewers won’t be cursing EJ and the elevator tryst. If so, Dena Higley had better polish up her chainmail. She’s going to need it.

7:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I could be wrong I usually am. I seem to remember that Nicole can't have children.(Although that has never stopped anyone from getting pregnant on this show) Didn't she take a bullet for Victor? c

7:59 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

"Nicole hurls and curses Caroline and her chowder. LOL over this one.

Not only don't the writers remember that Nicole can't have kids, Anon, they apparently don't remember Jawn had cameras installed so he could see what's going on in the mansion. If they know about them Tanna could just go watch and listen in instead of putting their ear to the door.

Nicole, Morgan, Chloe all getting preggers. Next will be Kate. Yes, Kate. If Marlena and Hope can do it post-menopause why not Kate? HHAHAAHAHA

Prevuze, thanks for the laughs on this rainy rainy gloomy day. TGIP!

8:10 AM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

Another great prevuze. You guys are awesome!

I really want a guy manual.

9:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had heard a rumor that Stefano was going to want Kate to produce him an heir. Naturally, at their age, I thought it was just a silly rumor. DOOL needs to seriously face a reality check on this storyline if they proceed with it. It was ridiculous enough having Hope, Kayla, and Marlena get pregnant at their ages. Maybe it is time that DOOL got cancelled if this is all they can come up with? And I thought Dena Higley was fired several weeks ago? Why are they continuing on with her drivel then?

9:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! Nicole's dress was so short, way too short for a woman her age to be wearing.

So will Bo and Hope be able to figure out Victor and Nicole were never legally married now? Then tell Victor and he will relieve Nicole of all that money he gave her as a divorce settlement? Then us seeing Nicole tossed back out on the streets again?

9:50 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

Oh, yeah, Victor will find out Nicole and he were never legally married, Nicole will lose all her money, she'll be kicked to the curb and EJ will have to take her in because she's carrying his child, just when he and Sami will be starting to get close again... AARRRGGGHHH!!!! Can't these writers make up their minds who should be with whom???

10:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bulldog, interesting that you mentioned that you suspect Kate will become pregnant - I have been wondering if that is the reason that she is so against having an x-ray done - maybe the good Dr. Dan got her pregnant...and now she will marry Stefano and pretend the baby is his.....?

10:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stefano is way too smart to not have a DNA test done on any child he might think is his. He would not let Kate get away with passing off Daniel's kid as his. No way!

I still think the writers are going to have Trent killed off the show very soon. Then it will be a who-done-it trying to figure out which one of Salem's citizens actually did it. The list of prospective suspects grows daily. With Max and John both saying they are going to kill him, we know it won't be either of them though. Probably will end up being some college girl he scorned.

I have a question: If Trent was married to Nicole, then is Nicole Melanie's Mother? Did Trent take her child away and tell her it had died at birth or what?
Is that why he was pimping Melanie out? Like Mother, like daughter?

11:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WHO DRESSED MARLENA?!!! I can't believe nobody's said anything about that clown outfit from 1970 yet. That blouse looks like the cat chewed up the easter decorations and hacked it back up. Those pants are just awful. They make her look fat and then they had the nerve to slap that satinish string around her waist and tie it on the side. Did all of her wardrobe get burned up in a fire or something? This looks like something my dear auntie would wear to the market in 1969 with her cat eye glasses and dangly earrings.

Oh, I figured out who Chelsea's husband will be. So far, everybody has done her mother or her grandmother and now Nick is getting cozy with Melanie. Poor Poor Chelsea. Just keeps burning those bridges. BUT.... WAIT....There's more.... She needs a man that won't argue with her, thinks she's the cats pj's, is needy of her and won't talk back.
She's already met the perfect man for her and she doesn't know it.
Theo Carver. I really don't think Billie will want Theo. Kate...maybe. But, will Theo want Kate? Naaaahhhhhhh

8:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's too bad Trent won't be around much longer. He's the only character who actually calls Marlena on being a complete hypocrite.

12:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I truly hope that Nicole is not pregnant with EJ's baby. I want EJ and Sami together. I hope they make Sami preggers on here so she can at least not hide behind things - I hate when they do that it's so annoying!
If Sami and Nicole are both pregnant that would be something but didn't ( not that it matters on here) Nicole have like her insides removed and couldn't get pregnant. Too many kids at once - it's dumb they are pregnant for like 18 months you see the kid once in a while and then their grown up in 5 years. In real time EJ should only be like 14 at the most. Dumb show WHY DO I KEEP WATCHING!!!?? AHHHHH

9:14 AM  
Anonymous RosannaDanna said...

I think it would have been a better threat if Marlena would have told Trent she would put him into a living prison just like she did Stefano. But to threaten to physically beat him up, I'm amazed Trent didn't laugh until he pissed his pants.

Marlena couldn't scare Claire.

8:29 PM  
Anonymous UpsetFred said...

anonymous, that explains why Trent must be killed off.

He doesn't worship at her feet.

8:30 PM  
Anonymous Salemnite said...

What's with all this focus on ex-pornstar NicHO?! I never like her character and she is an unwelcome intrusion to Ejami. I mean where does she get off thinking she has any claims on EJ at all?! And the way EJ's character is being written is sicking.

EJ's main focus has always been about his love for Samantha?! Such devotion! This is what made him different from Austin, Franco and looser Pucas. Only Brandon came as close as EJ have with Samantha. No wonder Samantha dosen't trust Men. I hope EJ will break that mold.

As for NicHO, It needs to crawls back under what ever rock it came from...

6:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NO Nicole pregancy -
PLEASE, I'm begging you.

And hey - you can totally skip 58 minutes of days on Monday - the last 2 min are the only ones worth watching - it's 58 min of word for word, scene for scene rendering of the Film Noir fantasy. KID YOU NOT!

Then EJ bursts in and yells at Nicole. THAT"S IT.

3:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know. We were outraged at that. My husband and I look forward to t-voing Days and watching it over dinner. Last night, we just fast forwarded through the entire show. What a rip off!! Seems everyone but Nicole and Phillip had the day off.

4:35 PM  

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