Friday, September 19, 2008

A Constipated Busybody

Trent calls Nicole and tells her to get her butt and her checkbook over to the pub unless she wants Victor to get the news bulletin about their marriage. Then he calls to cover the spread on the Chicago–Tampa Bay game.

Max and Stephanie arrive back in the US and go straight to the Brady pub. He thanks Stephanie for helping find his sister, but doesn't think it was much of a way to spend her summer. Stephanie asks, "What better way to spend the summer than to be in Paris with the guy who loves you and spend most of it in jail? "

"Think of the stories you can tell your grandkids," says Max.

"Or their boyfriends if I turn out like Kate," says Stephanie. Suddenly she notices Trent inside and decides she wants to go elsewhere. Max catches on. Stephanie tries to stop him as he rushes inside. As Max charges Trent like a mad bull, Stephanie calls Patch.

Max rushes in and says, "Hey, Dad." POW! A genu-wine Lucas Horton sucker punch! DOWN GOES TRENT!

Abe wanders aimlessly. He stumbles into his house and pays Kelsey, the babysitter. She asks about staying with Theo next week and Abe says he'll get back with her. She gives him an envelope containing Theo's latest evaluation and leaves. Abe sits and plays with Theo.

"HACK! COUGH! SPEW! RORLAMMPFF!" Phillip rushes out and hauls Maxine the nurse in.

Daniel gives his tear-jerking speech about how great Lexie is. A few of the board members stay awake. No one in the audience does. He and Lexie leave. Pruneface Thomas poses the question, "We will now vote on whether to dump Dr. Carver or keep the hospital on the slippery slope to oblivion."

Outside, Lexie tells Daniel thanks. "They'd be fools to get rid of you," says Daniel.

"That's not encouraging," says Lexie, "We know they're fools because they hired me in the first place."

"Don't worry," says Daniel, "The board knows Eleanor is just a constipated busybody with too much time on her hands." Lexie knows she let her personal life interfere with her job.

"You're doing a hell of a job," says Daniel.

"Does that mean you think I'm doing a good job," asks Lexie.

"No," says Daniel, "It means you've got the hospital on a path to hell."

"HACK! COUGH! SPEW! RORLAMMPFF!" Phillip calls Lucas, "You'd better get down to the hospital right away. Bring a mop and a bucket."

Abe and Theo play. Abe tells him he's going to be around more from now on. He opens the evaluation and reads, "Well, well, well, what do you know?"

"I know I wouldn't be dumb enough to get my nose out of joint and quit my job," says Theo.

Daniel asks, "Lexie... are you having second thoughts."

"I'm hardly capable of a first thought," says Lexie, "There is a lot of pressure. If I had known about Theo I might not have accepted the job in the first place."

Lucas runs up and Phillip fills him in. Nurse Maxine comes out and tells them they can go see her. Lucas goes in while Phillip makes a call. "Mom," he asks, "how are you?"

"Go away," says Mommie Dearest.

"Are you disowning me," asks Lucas, "That's a switch."

Trent struggles to get up, "What the hell was that about?" Max tells him he ran into Claude in France. Trent plays innocent. "You remember Claude," says Max, "You set your daughter up with him. You pimped out your own daughter!"

Pete comes up and hands an ice pack to Trent. Trent rages about what Max did. "I saw nothing," says Pete. Max rushes Trent again and Stephanie separates them. Melanie shows up. Trent is shocked she's there.

Melanie says hello to Daddy... SLAP!

Bo and Hope confront Nicole. "Misty Circle," says Bo.

"We'd like a word with you," says Hope.

Phillip comes in as Kate insists nothing is wrong.

Daniel suggests maybe Lexie should just take a break. Lexie thinks Theo needs a full time mom. "Then you know what you have to do," says Daniel, "Find someone who would make a good mother and hire her." Mickey comes out to get Lexie.

Pruneface speechifies, "It was a tough decision, but the board..."

Before she gets another word out of her mouth, Lexie stops her and promptly resigns. Julie and Mickey question her but Lexie is adamant. She says she will continue her practice but with a flexible schedule. Pruneface says this is unexpected and gives her the option to reconsider, since the board had just voted to retain her. Lexie says her family comes first. Daniel grabs her hand and squeezes it as she leaves.

Phillip and Lucas tell Kate they are staying until she gets x-rays. Phillip gets a call, tells Kate not to worry and runs out. Kate wants to know what they are up to.

Bo asks, "Would you prefer we call you Mrs. Trent Robbins?" Bo and Hope proceed to tell Nicole about what they dug up on Trent, "He's married to a woman named Misty Circle."

Nicole is smug, "Remind me to send an anniversary card."

Bo turns to Hope, "Maybe we should take her down to the station."

Nicole asks, "What do you want from me?"

Hope says, "How about the truth?"

Melanie and Max spew hatred on Trent. Melanie wants to know why he didn't tell her she had a brother. Max says when the university people find out about him his career will be over. Trent starts to drag Melanie out. Max grabs a beer bottle, smashes it, gets him in a headlock and shoves the jagged glass up against Trent's throat.

The Marines have arrived! Patch rushes up to Max, "You know better than this! Don't ever let me see you waste a full bottle of beer like that again! " Kayla and Caroline follow him in.

Victor asks Daniel if he has a minute, "What the hell were you thinking when you got together with Kate?"

"The same thing you were thinking when you slammed her," says Daniel.

Kate badmouths Chloe. Lucas wishes Kate would give Chloe a chance. She thinks Lucas is falling too fast and too hard. "She makes me happy," says Lucas.

Kate asks, "The same way she made Phillip happy?" Kate gets a game misconduct for that one. Kate vows to keep an open mind since Chloe is a step up from Sami. Lucas thinks she doesn't approve of his women. Nurse Maxine interrupts with a wheelchair. Lucas stuffs Kate in the chair and they wheel her off.

Daniel tells Victor he and Kate were together only a couple of times. Victor's sarcasm runneth over, "How commendable of you. You are a great disappointment to me. Your ill-advised dalliance with my granddaughter is over."

"No," says Daniel, "When she gets back we're going to sit down and talk."

"Not if I have anything to say about it," says Victor, "

Daniel says, "I'm not giving up on Chelsea."

Victor snorts, "You are not going anywhere near my granddaughter."

Abe plays with Theo. Theo gets a few things right, which is more than his parents are capable of. Lexie comes in. Abe asks, "How was the meeting?"

No answer. Lexie goes for Theo. Abe asks Theo to match a piece with the place it goes on the board and Theo gets it right. Lexie can't believe it. She is sooo proud. Abe has Lexie look at the report, and then he asks about the hospital again. Lexie tells Abe they voted her in, but she turned them down, "I resigned as Chief of Staph." Oops.

Lucas and Phillip talk. Lucas gets a call. He wants to let it go to voice mail. Phillip asks, "Who is it, Chloe? All I want is for her to be happy. We tried to make it work twice and it just didn't. You have my blessing. You get all my hand me downs."

Lucas says he has to prove he's a reliable parent, "That's not easy without a job."

Phillip has an idea, "Why don't you come back to Titan? The company has been doing really well lately and we need some doofus to turn it around."

Lexie tells Abe why she resigned. Abe tells her he resigned. They stand there facing each other and wet themselves.

Nicole tells Bo and Hope about her history with Trent, "Things were fine at first, but after a while his true colors started to show. He started to gamble, drink and became abusive. One time he came home trashed and told me I would be on the streets if not for him."

"The truth can be so painful," says Hope.

Nicole goes on, "He slammed me against the wall and I couldn't tell anyone because he would just do it again. You are the first ones I've told. One day I just left. I assumed he filed for divorce."

"You realize there are legal ramifications," says Hope.

"We have to tell Victor," says Bo.

Patch orders, "Give me the bottle, Max." Max claims his actions are justified.


Caroline steps in and begs, "Pop would not approve. He didn't like people who wasted beer any more than Patch does. Is this how you honor him?"

Abe tells Lexie about his great day. Lexie reminds him how much the therapies cost, "We have a mortgage, a car payment..." Not to worry, Abe says he's already getting feelers from consulting firms. Lexie thinks this is about Stefano.

Phillip offers four weeks vacation. Lucas accepts. Titan has a new janitor. Maxine wheels Kate back in. Phillip pulls out a computer and says it's time for a family meeting.

He opens the computer up and a voice says, "Mama, it's me!"

Kate gasps, "Oh, Billie!" Another voice pipes in. Another gasp from Kate, "Austin! I don't believe this. Where are the twins? "

"Back in their space-pod," says Lucas.

Maxine brings the x-rays to Daniel. Victor finds out Kate is still there and runs to the trauma center. Not bad for a guy who just had a stroke.

Max' beer bottle hovers as Caroline whimpers. Max lets go. Bo wants to know what's going on. Trent says he will press charges and wants Max arrested for attempted drama. Bo takes Max aside. Stephanie asks Melanie why she would encourage Max like that.

Max babbles. Bo tells Max to shut up, "What is going on?"

Lexie says she wants Abe's attention to be on Theo, not Stefano. Abe says he's doing this for Theo and he's going after Stefano.

Theo pipes up, "Choo choo." Abe and Lexie gasp, run over to him and see he finished his train puzzle. The jobless vagrants are so proud of their kid.

Kate smiles, "Good-bye! I love you, too!" She tells the boys their little intervention worked. Victor comes in. She wonders how he knew she was there.

"Daniel told me."

Daniel puts the x-ray back in its folder, "This can't be right. Maxine, tell Dr. Hoffman down in radiology I want another set of these."

"Eight by ten or wallet size," asks Maxine.

Nick tells Trent he seems calm for someone whose career is going up in smoke. "We won't let that happen," says Trent, "It might not be wise for someone with your academic potential to cross me."

Bo wants to know what Max was doing. Max insists he was protecting his family. Bo says Max could be in a lot of trouble and if he wants to stay out of prison he has to start by apologizing to Trent. Max refuses.

Trent tells Melanie he hopes they can rise above all this. "Not in a million years," says Melanie, "I hate you I would kill you with my bare hands if I could."


You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website. Prevuze II should be up no later than noon, Eastern Time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I first read the title"A Constipated Busybody" I was wondering if it was Maggie or Hope.Is anyone out there as sick and tired of the Max, Melanie, Stephanie,and Trent thing as I am? I know Trent is suppose to die soon,but couldn't we get a two for one special on the deaths of any of the above. Now Abe and Lexie are unemployed with child with a very expensive illness. Can you say dumb? I can see these two at the Stephnoes in no time.
Now Hope the blabbermouth is going to be the new commisioner? Whats up with that? She has only been reinstated to the force since spring?
Kate has lung cancer.Wonder if she can produce an heir while going through radiation?
Nicole pregnant. With no uterus. Now thats a neat trick. Where will she carry the baby? Who is the daddy? EJ, Phillip or maybe her husband Trent.I can hardly bear the suspence.I guess I'm slightly jaded. How many WHOS THE DADDY stories can we swallow. Sorry for my attitude up early and will grochey all day. thanks for the warning. Not watching today. c

3:46 AM  
Anonymous The Waitress said...

Well, anonymous #1 I vote for Phil. Talk about a couple who would turn heads and shatter Salem. I don't think Nicole doesn't have a uterus, I think her fallopian tubes were shot to pieces so she'd have trouble ovulating.

Nice to see that DH writing is as subtle as a brick along side your head. Murder mystery coming up with numerous Salem Suspects even though we all know it'll be some anonymous loan shark.

Don't see much reason to tune in. Looks like a whole lotta nuttin'.

5:04 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Max rushes in and says, "Hey, Dad." POW! A genu-wine Lucas Horton sucker punch!
Max would have to be shorter for a truly genu-wine Lucas Horton sucker punch.
Outside, Lexie tells Daniel thanks. "They'd be fools to get rid of you," says Daniel.

"That's not encouraging," says Lexie, "We know they're fools because they hired me in the first place."

Ain’t that the truth!
Max grabs a beer bottle, smashes it, gets him in a headlock and shoves the jagged glass up against Trent's throat.
Give me a break.  Just how over the top is this ridiculous move?
Victor asks Daniel if he has a minute, "What the hell were you thinking when you got together with Kate?"

"The same thing you were thinking when you slammed her," says Daniel.

…and that would be “she’s easy”.
Lucas stuffs Kate in the chair and they wheel her off.
Now, if he could stuff something in her mouth, we would all be saved.
Caroline steps in and begs, "Pop would not approve. He didn't like people who wasted beer any more than Patch does.
Who does?
Says Melanie, "I hate you I would kill you with my bare hands if I could."
Please do it now so the viewers can be put out of their misery.  Go lord, what drivel.  Once again, Prevuze takes it in the chops for the faithful.

5:42 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

Re the "Who's the daddy" debate, I vote for Daniel. When he and Nicole were talking in the pub the other day, he asked her something that she said was a little personal, and he replied "We're well past talking about the weather". At the time it puzzled me, and then it occurred to me that maybe THEY had a little fling. That would certainly show Daniel up to be the player that he is and explain why Victor is so adamant that he stay away from Chelsea.

5:58 AM  
Blogger t67days said...

Lexie tells Abe why she resigned. Abe tells her he resigned. They stand there facing each other and wet themselves.

That one had me giggling :D

6:25 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

all great comments - most of them i was going to make myself! ha

all for the best, i'll be typing one-handed for a few days which means pretty slow going. thus no caps. too hard to do, so bear with me.

another of my lol moments was Max risking arrest for attempted drama.

my huh!? moment today:

"c" revealing that HOPE will be the new commish??? wtf!

6:37 AM  
Anonymous dazeisdum said...

I've been warned time and time again. Yet I continue to do it. I read prevuze with a hot steaming cup of coffee, taking occasional sips. Thus far, my keyboard and monitor have been spared, but was the day they were spewed on.
"The same thing you were thinking when you slammed her," says Daniel.
Coffee everywhere.

6:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

According to Bo, Max can stay out of prison by apologizing to Trent. WTH? That doesn't work for most criminals. They obviously have a different legal system in Salem. Come to think of it, there aren't too many characters who haven't killed somebody.

6:48 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

OK, I know I'm more than a little slow. But what case are Ho and Dope on that they're interrogating Nicole? Other than personal Brady business, what reason do they have to be digging into Trent's background? Aren't they all supposed to be finding something out on Stefano and the lockdown?

If Hope turns out to be the new boss I will have to replace my tv. I will toss a brick thru my current one.

It seems like Theo does a lot better with anyone (the brat, EJ, Abe, the babysitter) than Lexie. I think she should've kept her day job and maybe he would improve dramatically. HAHAHAHA

LOL over the Jawlena picture as well as "a few of the board members stay awake. Nobody in the audience does." How true!

Thanks, Prevuze! TGIP!

7:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So if Kate has lung cancer, will they give her a lung transplant to save her, same as they gave Phillip a face transplant?

I guess it would be too easy to believe that EJ impregnated Nicole huh? I too, wondered why Daniel told Nicole that they were way past ordinary drivel that day in the Brady Pub? So maybe they did have a fling? Who knows who the daddy of her baby will be? I am still wondering is she is Melanie's mother? As to the reference can we get two for the price of one on DOOL, I think Stefano is about to be murdered as well as Trent. It seems they are lining him up now with a lot of suspects who want to see him dead for real this time. I personally wish they would get rid of Kate as well. I suppose this is their way of making her pay for all her sins that she keeps getting away with on DOOL?

I agree that having both Abe and Lexie quit their jobs at the same time is just plain stupid, although she did say she was keeping her private practice job.

Is Dena Higley still the head writer? I thought she quit several weeks ago. Can someone please answer my questions?

Thanks very much.

8:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I first saw the scene with Daniel and Nicole last night and I thought the same thing about them possibly having a "fling". I also thought they had pretty good chemistry - better chemistry than any other couple on the show actually!

9:26 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

anon - in the order you asked:
this is days, of course they will.
way too easy.
i must have zapped through that scene, i don't remember it. so, maybe and who knows.
that would be too weird - how old would that make nicole?
could be.
and finally, dh is`still head writer. she just walked out a few weeks ago and corday ended up firing scott instead.

9:38 AM  
Blogger t67days said...

To Bulldog:

Hope and Bo are investigating anything they can find on Trent because Steve is now a PI, and he asked them to check out his background for Max and Stephanie's sake. Also, Trent had hired Steve as a PI to find out where Nick went.

10:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No one has mentioned that Nicole said she came back to Salem for one man, then when that didn't work out, stayed for another. So could that first man could have been Daniel? Then EJ was the second?

11:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Daniel wasn't here yet when Nicole came back... or maybe she knew he was coming? This show makes my head spin! But I watched my first episode in a long time last night... and I still just can't shake the fact that I love DOOL. It's like a car wreck.. Thank Heavens for Prevuze!

I really hope EJ is not the babydaddy... he thinks way too much of Nicole, she stopped being a lady when she became Misty Circle or River or whatever. I would like the daddy to be Daniel. Nicole might be Mel's mom, seems how Daddy's trying to pimp her out... OR maybe she had a fling with Stefano and NICOLE is bringing the new heir to the throne.

One day we find out Sami had been kidnapped after she had the twins and she is with real John and soon they will blow through Salem with guns ablazin'!! Sami and EJ will take over the Dimera empire and raise Allie and Giovanni, while Lucas becomes their errand boy..

anything can happen right?

11:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Apparently the actress that plays Morgan has been canned and there are more firings in the future for Days. Just read that in todays paper, thought someone might care.


12:11 PM  
Anonymous Ellie said...

lol! I'm watching now and I heard the line about the Chicago-Tampay Bay game. I thought that was a Prevuze joke! Truth is stranger than fiction, I guess.

1:06 PM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

t67days - so it's as I suspected. Bo and Hope are interrogating Nicole about her past for personal reasons, not official police business. And on police time, no less. Just because a brother-in-
law is a PI and asks them to look something up or a brother is hot against some guy isn't grounds for Nicole to have to reveal anything. So what's with Bo's snotty "Or we can take her down to the station" threat?

Of course since they're BRADYS they can, as always, get away with whatever they want.

Thanks for answering my question, tho. I frequently am asking 'Huh'? about DOOL. HA

PS: If they have to make budget cuts, I wish they'd keep Morgan and get rid of either Stephanie or the Chelsea.

1:14 PM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

I heard the line about the Chicago-Tampay Bay game. I thought that was a Prevuze joke!

I tried to make a joke out of it, but couldn't come up with anything that worked.

1:24 PM  

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