Thursday, September 18, 2008


Well, apparently Phillip and Nicole are old buddies since she shared her fantasy with him. They're back together in the pub and Nicole is whining because she has been invited to a wedding and doesn't want to go alone, "I'd rather have a root canal."

Phillip tries to be helpful, "Or watch DOOL."

"Are you kidding," says Nicole, "I'd have ten root canals before sitting through that swill again." She tells Phillip she knows she's met the man of her dreams but isn't sure how he feels.

As always, the timing on DOOL is impeccable. EJ walks in and Phillip says, "Here's your chance." He leaves to give the lovebirds some chirping room.

EJ walks up to Nicole's table and eyes her juice glass, "The first mimosa of the morning, I hope."

Nicole says, "Oh, that's... an orange juice." EJ gives it the taste test.


EJ asks how Nicole is doing. "I think I have a bug," she says, "It's probably just some minor STD. No big deal. By the way, are you allergic to penicillin? Just asking." He joins her for breakfast.

Kate is on the phone playing business tycoon. Phillip walks up to her as she barks orders... "HACK! COUGH! SPEW! RORLAMMPFF!" She tries to continue the conversation but Phillip takes the phone from her.

Daniel rushes into the hospital and runs up to Lexie, "I got called in for a meeting."

Lexie asks, "You're here to testify at my board hearing, aren't you?"

"I'm sorry," says Daniel, "I just found out."

Lexie scowls, "DAMMIT!"

Daniel says, "I was going to testify in your favor, but I am going to have to dump on you for using language like that."

Abe tells Roman about the upcoming board inquisition. Roman thinks Stefano, not Lexie, should be held responsible for the lockdown. Abe vows to get Stefano, "I'll do whatever it takes to nail him."

"Usually," says Roman, "That would be a hammer and nails."

Kate insists it's nothing. Phillip disagrees. She promises to make an appointment if it doesn't go away. Phillip calls Chris and clears Kate's schedule, "We're going to the hospital."

EJ asks how things are going at the Salem Inn. Nicole says she wanted privacy after her divorce, but now she has too much. EJ says he has had enough of Casa DiMera. He tells Nicole about the cocktail party. He says he thinks Marlena did a good job of standing up for herself. He brings up Trent and wonders why Nicole doesn't just take her big divorce settlement and go to Tahiti. Nicole says she likes Salem and wonders why she has to be the one to leave, "Besides, I would want someone to share the island with."

Abe heads for the hospital to support Lexie. Roman gets a call, "Really? Well, if it can't wait it can't wait." Abe comes back with a report. Roman says, "I just got a call from the Mayor. He has something important to discuss... with both of us."

Lexie can't believe they are dragging Daniel into this. Daniel insists this is a positive thing. "This could be ugly," says Lexie, "Have you met Eleanor Thomas?"

"Yes," says Daniel, "You're right. She's as ugly as a mud fence. But I think I can take her. I once wrestled a Gila monster in Borneo, but I have to admit I've never taken on anything as nasty as Eleanor."

Lexie tells him she has fallen behind on some of her duties. Daniel says everyone gets behind now and then. She thinks there may be things she can't defend. Julie comes up, "Hello Lexie. I just want you to know Mickey and I are both on your side."

"Great," says Lexie, "With Mickey on my side I might as well just go in and resign right now."

"Victor is on your side, too," says Daniel.

EJ says there is nothing more he would like to do than go with her. Nicole asks, "How do you know I was talking about you?"

EJ swallows his tongue and asks if she is seeing someone else. He says he would be devastated if she were, "I think we should explore our feelings."

Phillip drags Kate into the hospital. Daniel walks by and says he has some time to examine her.

Roman greets the Mayor, "What brings you here today?"

Like all politicians, the Mayor doesn't answer the question. Instead, he looks at all the Bear-aphernalia on Roman's shelf, "I see you're a Bears fan."

"I sure am," says Roman, "McMahon, Singletary, The Fridge... what a team! "

The Mayor is stunned, "But that was over 20 years ago."

"I've been out of town," says Roman.

The Mayor tells them they have a serious problem, "There is no easy way to make it go away." He tells them about the op-ed piece in today's paper.

Abe reads and huffs, "A tepid response during the crisis at the hospital."

The Mayor asks if the SPD thought of involving Homeland Security, the National Guard or the local ROTC. Roman says they thought of those things but they knew Stefano was in there. The Mayor says watchdog groups want him to take care of this.

They accuse him of letting Stefano walk. The Mayor wants evidence that Stefano had culpability, "We don't have evidence of that but there is evidence the SPD came up short. We need to determine who was most responsible."

"And then what," asks Abe.

"And then it is up to you."

Crotchety Eleanor hands Victor the agenda to the meeting. Mickey wonders how the old bat got to be chairman of the board. Lexie and Julie come in. Julie insists Lexie will be just fine.

Kate says she would be more comfortable with Kayla as her doctor. Less likely to survive, but more comfortable. She goes to make an appointment. Daniel tells Phillip things can't wait, "If she needs to see a doctor..."

Phillip cuts him off, "She's already seen enough of you." Daniel asks Phillip to put aside his animosity in favor of his mother's health. He says he wants a proper checkup and asks for Phillip's help. Kate comes up and says she has made an appointment. Phillip says he wants the x-rays today. Daniel piles on and says he doesn't think they should wait.

EJ suggests exploring with a proper date. Nicole asks what that means. EJ elaborates, "A standard dinner and a movie and a kiss goodnight... Actually, you don't strike me as a dinner and a movie type girl."

"What do you see me as?" EJ hesitates. Nicole asks, "Is it that hard to nail me down? Uh... probably a bad choice of words."

EJ says, "I think you're a goofy golf girl followed by a cheeseburger at Buddy's. Seriously, we'd start with an early evening drink... Dinner at The Towers... Lobster... A leisurely diner.... Then work it off."

"AHA," says Nicole, "I see where this is going."

"We'd work it off with a nice romantic moonlit stroll."

"A stroll?"

"I'm a gentleman," says EJ, "You deserve to be treated like a lady. I would walk you to your door and top off the evening with a chaste kiss. I would tell you I would call the next day and make good on that."

Nicole breaks down in tears, "That sounds perfect."

EJ surreptitiously turns to read the next chapter in the Guy Manual, "What To Tell Her After You've Handed Her That Load Of Crap."

Kate gripes about everything she has to go through. Daniel tells her to relax and grills her about her cough and other symptoms. He asks Maxine to check her vitals while he runs upstairs to destroy Lexie's career. Phillip takes him aside and Daniel says they will find out what the problem is soon enough. He says he will be back soon.

Abe says he knows the Mayor is looking for a scapegoat. Abe insists he followed proper protocols. The Mayor insists it was a half-hearted effort. Abe blows. The Mayor tells him the people of Salem deserve better.

Crotchety Eleanor says Lexie has been delinquent in her job, "There has been no fund-raiser this year and when it comes to healthcare at Salem Hospital, it's money over patients every time." Lexie says she takes responsibility for failing to have the fund-raiser. Eleanor blows her stack, "You never contacted the fundraising committee. That's what it's there for! I want to know why!" Mickey and Julie throw their support to Lexie. Eleanor thinks she is unqualified.

Daniel walks in, "I couldn't disagree more."

The Mayor points out Stefano was comatose during the lockdown and couldn't have been responsible for the mayhem, "How would he have orchestrated something like that in his condition?"

"And what I would like to know," says Abe, "is how much money it took for Stefano to bribe you."

Nicole wipes the tears away, "You almost had me EJ." She gets up and says she knows what will happen, "Sami will dig her claws in." She's not ready for that to happen again. She needs Sami completely out of the picture. EJ says Sami will always be a part of his life because of Johnny. If Nicole can't understand Johnny will take precedence, a relationship will be nearly impossible.

"HACK! COUGH! SPEW! RORLAMMPFF!" Phillip gives Kate a glass of water. A whole bucket wouldn't help. Kate wants to leave. Phillip gives her an over-the-top sappy story about when she took care of him when he had the chicken pox, "You took care of me and now it's my turn to take care of you."

Daniel sticks up for Lexie. He says he likes the way things work around there and that says a lot for the person in charge. Pruneface asks if Daniel has a good working relationship with Lexie and he says yes.

Eleanor asks about the autism. Daniel says Lexie's personal life didn't interfere with her work. Lexie, of course, doesn't have the mental capacity to keep her mouth shut. She says her son's situation might have affected her work but not her commitment.

Nicole says she knows Johnny is the most important person in EJ's life and that's part of why she likes him. She wouldn't have a problem sharing him with Johnny. BUT she doesn't want to share him with Sami. EJ reminds Nicole that Sami is Johnny's mother. Nicole thinks it over, "Can't we send her to that deserted island?" The audience cheers.

EJ needs to know if Nicole is willing to be flexible. Nicole says,
"I can be, but Sami has to do the same. So... Are you gonna ask me out or what?"

The Mayor is indignant that Abe would even suggest he took a bribe. Abe says they know Stefano bought his way out of jail. Abe thinks Stefano started with the DA and worked his way up to the Mayor. Abe says he voted for the Mayor, "I saw you as a young, energetic guy who would bring strength and courage to city hall. I was wrong."

The Mayor gets nasty, "If you persist I will fire you." Abe says he doesn't want to work for a corrupt coward. He'll find a way to get Stefano on his own.

Roman sees what's developing, "Abe...Don't do this."

Abe sighs, "Sorry, Roman." He hands the Mayor his badge, "I quit." He stomps out. Roman and the Mayor have a staredown.

Eleanor has one more question. She asks Daniel, "When a Chief of Staph fails, what should happen?" Daniel says he isn't in a position to say. But he will say Lexie is first and foremost a physician. He thinks they are fortunate to have her. Eleanor thanks him and asks him and Lexie to step out. Daniel asks to say one more thing. The Battle Hymn Of The Republic plays as Daniel goes WAY over the top, then Daniel and Lexie leave. Eleanor calls for a vote to keep or can.

Kate has completely turned her attitude around, "I'm sorry I was difficult. It won't happen again, and I... HACK! COUGH! SPEW! RORLAMMPFF!


Phillip dodges the red river and runs out screaming, "NURSE! SOMEBODY! HELP!"


You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website. Prevuze II should be up no later than noon, Eastern Time.


Blogger cfish said...

EJ asks how Nicole is doing. "I think I have a bug," she says, "It's probably just some minor STD. No big deal. By the way, are you allergic to penicillin? Just asking."

I have to admit, I'm usually pretty good at stifling my laughter while reading PREVUZE here at work, but when I got to that one, a little cackle slipped out, eliciting a hairy eyeball from the woman in the next cubicle.

"I see you're a Bears fan."
"I sure am," says Roman, "McMahon, Singletary, The Fridge... what a team! "
The Mayor is stunned, "But that was over 20 years ago."
"I've been out of town," says Roman.

I had to LOL at that one -- I think my boss is on the phone with Security even as I type...

I also had to chuckle at Eleanor's description, and Kayla's doctoring skills...ah, I never liked working here anyway...

Just kidding! Great today as always, PREVUZE!!

6:23 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Loved the censored link.

So Abe quits right after he tells Lexie he can support them if she gets canned. Look out, Celeste, they're gonna be moving in soon. HAHAHAHA

Julie and Mickey are testifying on Lexie's behalf. Where's Doug? Oh yeah - they didn't want to splurge and pay both Jugs and Doolie in one episode.

I'm so sick of Kate's hacking. Kill her off already and GET ON WITH IT!!!

Sorry - had to vent. Thanks, Prevuze, for the chuckles. Friday's almost here. :D

8:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When Kate starts coughing up blood at the very end, what da hell came out of her mouth? That apparently was supposed to be blood, but it was NOT liquid--did she literally cough up her lung? LOL!!


9:00 AM  
Anonymous Saggy Baskets said...

Would it be too much for me to hope that Nicole and Phil have been chummy for awhile but keeping it on the down low so poppa Vic didn't find out?

9:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be funny if Abe and Lexie both lost their jobs and moved into the Dimera mansion with all the others? Poor Stephano would have a whole houseful of family or as he lovingly calls them, "TRAITORS!!" I think I'd lock myself in the east wing too.

But, I still wonder what happened to EJ's apartment? Did he lose it when Stephano took away all his inheritance? I must have missed that one.

A few episodes ago, Anna and Stefano were looking at baby pictures of Tony. Oh, now I 'd have loved to have seen those.
Why didn't someone fix up a baby picture with Thao's face in it and put it on prevuze? I bet he was an adorable baby. A face only a mother could love.
So, what's happenin' with the slackjawed brother and sister team of Max and Mel? Aren't they cute? Another Donny and Marie. Last I heard they were on their way back to the states. Must take longer to get back than it did to get to France. They made it look like Max and Stephanie took the train from Salem to France.

Is there a little lovey dovey starting with Nicole and Dan?

10:33 AM  
Anonymous Scolly said...

Anon - I think EJ's apartment is where Patch and Kayla are staying. But as far as we know Sami's apartment is empty since Lucas, EJ, the kids and Sami had all moved to the mansion. Lucas went from the mansion to Horton island. So there's still an available apartment out there for grabs. Maybe Lucas will move back in or Melanie will when she and Max are transported back to Salem.

Excellent Prevuze today!

10:39 AM  
Anonymous em said...

It is time for either 1) The Gal Manual; or 2) The Gal's Guide to Translating The Guy Manual.

"I think we should explore our feelings."

Yes, that means "Let's %&*@!"

11:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so tired of "Feelings" really is there no other word they can replace it with.

2:03 PM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Got to read Prevuze before some minor surgery and laughed so hard
at the censored link, the pic of the Dimera family playing Clue, and all of the various prevuisms I almost didn't need anesthesia.


I have since happily dipped into a bag o'pills Jawn would envy!

However, the brain isn't firing on all cylinders, so not much more in the comment area from me except THANKS!

3:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Apple cheeks Hope you feel better. Prevuze. thanks again for taking that bullet. c

6:23 PM  

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