Thursday, July 24, 2008


Caroline arrives to bug... uh... visit Patch and Kayla. Kayla assures her L'il Joe slept through the night. Caroline gives Kayla yet another present for L'il Joe. Kayla tells her Patch is out somewhere so Caroline decides they can talk. Lucky Kayla. Caroline says she is concerned about Bo.

Steve arrives at Bo's house and invites him to go have a beer. "But it's 11AM," says Bo.

"You're right," says Patch, "It's a little late to get started, but I'm sure we can catch up."

Bo thinks he might have told Patch too much last night when he was under the influence. Patch, of course, thinks Bo did the right thing. Bo thinks Phillip may have killed Hollingsworth. Bo says, "I could lose my badge. I could lose everything... including Hope."

Bo insists he can't involve Hope in this. Patch thinks Hope will figure it out eventually.

Kate is eating with Phillip at the mansion. 11AM. Late breakfast? Early lunch? Brunch? Phillip thinks Bo thinks he might have killed Hollingsworth. That's a lot of thinking for that family.

Kate says, "Well he might not be the only one."

Ava tells John, "Last night was incredible and this morning wasn't bad either." John ignores her and zones in on his newspaper. She thinks they are acting like an old married couple.

"That's not true," says John, "We're not on the verge of killing each other. I read here that they found Paul's jacket in the river and are dragging for his body. Too bad it's a waste of time."

Marlena comes in, "How do you know it's a waste of time?"

"Anything on this show is a waste of time," says John. John is thrilled to see her, "You just can't get enough of this place can you, Blondie? But you are always welcome here because you are my wife."

"You don't act like it," says Marlena. EJ joins the party and asks to talk to Ava.

Bo just can't let Hope get involved in this. He's not sure what to think about Phillip's involvement. Patch will see what else he can dig up on Paul. "Good idea," says Bo, "I'm sure the town's only 11AM drunk can do a better job than the police force." He doesn't feel good about keeping secrets.

"These secrets have a way of coming back and biting you," says Patch. Believe me, I know."

"I'm going to call it off," says Bo, "I know I can't keep this from Hope."

Kayla and Caroline talk about Bo and Victor's heart rate monitor going berserk when they were together. Now Daniel doesn't allow any visitors. Caroline senses tension between Victor and Bo. "Victor asked me to tell Bo he said thank you. I wonder what that was all about."

Caroline thinks this may have something to do with the Hollingsworth case. She says she was there when Bo found out they found Paul's jacket. She also says she talked to Hope for hours last night on the phone and Hope said Bo won't say anything. Bo might not have anything to say, but it sounds like Hope and Caroline make up for it. Caroline thinks Bo might confide in Patch. Kayla says she sent Steve on a mission to pry info out of Bo but he hasn't said anything.

Kayla seamlessly shifts gears into the Ava story. She has unresolved feelings about that situation, "Maybe I'm just being hormonal or something." Then she moves into Stephanie's wild goose chase and back to Bo, "Bo should know what can happen if you keep secrets in a message."

"Yeah," says Caroline, "In his marriage it could be lethal."

Kate swears she believes in Phillip. Phillip thinks she's being judgmental and swears he didn't do anything. Henderson comes in with a note he found on the front doorstep.

Kayla wonders what the secret could be. "I don't have a clue," says Caroline, "I don’t' know what the secret could be either."

Patch comes in. Kayla tells him Caroline came over to see the baby.

"Isn't he something," asks the proud father.

"Who knows," asks Caroline, "You don't think we'd actually go look at him, do you?"

Kayla says Caroline is also concerned about Bo. Patch says there is nothing they need to be concerned about. He saw him this morning and Bo seemed all right. Caroline and Kayla pester him. Patch really wishes he'd had that 11AM beer. He insists they have nothing to worry about, but they don't buy it. That does it. Caroline decides she has to go talk to Bo. Kayla decides she has to go with her. Poor Bo. Patch babysits.

Phillip opens the note. He reads it over and hands it to Kate. Kate takes it and reads, "I know your secret."

Ava wants to talk later. She throws a glance at Marlena, "Dr. Evans works for the other side. The dark side." Now that she has Marlena's full attention she turns to John, "Thank you for last night. And for this morning." Uncomfortable EJ walks over to the desk and gets to work as Ava walks off.

Marlena says, "Seems like you and Ava have gotten mighty friendly."

"She really loves her foot massages," says John, "And she isn't trying to change me."

"Don't you understand that was infidelity," says Marlena.

John says, "Well, I suppose you have grounds for divorce, then."

Marlena asks, "Shall I do that? Is that what you want?" John falls to his knees and thanks the dear Lord in heaven for the sweetest words he has ever heard.

"I can't give you what you want," says John.

"What's sad," says Marlena, "is you never even tried."

"With you as a wife I didn't have much to work with."

Marlena goes off to talk to Rolf. Rolf is hesitant. Marlena says they are working on immunity for him. Rolf says there is nothing he can do. Marlena pressures and assures him John will never find out Rolf is working behind his back, "I'm losing him. The truth is he's falling in love with someone else."

"I'll bet you say that about all your husbands," says Rolf.

EJ tells John he may be needing a divorce lawyer as well. John says he can't even imagine going back to be the guy he was. EJ says it doesn't pay to pretend to be someone you're not. John tells him it's not easy to jump ship from the Bradys to the DiMeras and he still has to prove himself. EJ is ready to do that. "We'll see," says John.

Judge Fitzpatrick arrives. She thanks John for his generous donation. EJ wants to talk to her about Ava.

Ava catches Marlena at the pub. She tries to apologize about her and John, if that has hurt Marlena. Marlena says she's going to fight for her husband.

"Which one," asks Ava, "The John you knew doesn't exist any more."

"I don't believe that," says Marlena, "The man that you slept with isn't my husband. But he's in there somewhere. Enjoy it while it lasts. It won't be long and when the real John comes back he will be through with you."

The flock of hens arrives at Bo's house. Caroline, who was so hot to talk to Bo in the first place, now decides to go up to see Ciara. Kayla tells Bo she knows something is upsetting him, "I don't like to see you suffer."

"Then why are you still here," asks Bo. He says he has changed his mind on the surprise for Hope, "The timing isn't right." Kayla badgers him to go through with it. Since she just got there, she decides it's time to go home, "Don't cancel that surprise, and tell Hope about whatever is bothering you. You know she will understand." Kayla leaves. Caroline comes down, "What she just said is true. By the way, I guess I'm going to need a ride home."

Ava drops in on Patch, "I just want to talk. You, Kayla and me."

Patch growls, "Kayla isn't here right now."

"Drat the bad luck. Can I come in?"

Patch consults the guy manual, "If there is a chance in hell your wife might come home while she is there do not let her in." Patch tosses the Guy Manual into the wastebasket and lets her in.

Ava apologizes about all the trouble she caused. She says she is there to assure him she is a different person since she is not on the drugs, "As much as I did love you once, I am finally moving on."

Patch mumbles, "With a married man." A referee flags Patch for unsportsmanlike conduct.

"We are a couple of misfits aren't we," asks Ava, "I have a favor to ask. I was hoping you may consider testifying on my behalf."

Judge Fitzpatrick doesn't know what she could possibly do to help with Ava. EJ says he wants to have the trial moved back to the US. Fitz doesn't think that's unreasonable at all. They gush on about what good friends they are becoming and EJ wants to keep it that way.

Phillip has a flashback to Bo confronting him, "Someone is obviously trying to get to me and I do not like it." Kate wonders who is doing it. Phillip thinks it's John, "And I'm gonna put a stop to it right now." He storms out.

John and EJ are alone. EJ thinks the conversation with Judge Fitzpatrick went well. He also thinks having her as a friend with John's trial coming up won't hurt. Hurricane Morgan interrupts their conversation, "I want to know what you did with my father!"

Patch says he won't lie for Ava. She says he can testify to the fact she was a different person when the drugs messed with her head. "I'm confused," says Patch, "I thought you wanted to pay for what you did." She says John helped her to see she is not responsible. Patch reluctantly agrees to tell them about the person Ava once was, "But that's all I'm gonna do."

No, Patch, you're gonna grovel and pay. Why? Because in walks Kayla.

Ava tells her, "I'm on my way out."

It's a good thing Kayla is unarmed, "WHAT WAS THAT?"

Patch digs through the wastebasket like a dog after a buried bone, "She was here to ask if I would testify for her. I told her I would tell the truth."

"You're not very good at that," says Kayla. She softens, "How's our baby boy."

"Still sawing logs," says Patch, "It's amazing how quiet he can be when we've got him drugged. Sweetness listen..."

"I trust you," says Kayla, "I have always trusted you."

"You're not very good at telling the truth either."

"We both have made mistakes," says Kayla, "I just hope we've learned from them." Hugs.

Caroline reminds Bo Daniel took away Victor's visiting privileges because Bo upset him. Bo thinks Daniel has it out for him because he doesn't like him dating Chelsea. Bo says the pressure on him is work related. If it's work related, Caroline wonders why he doesn't talk to Hope about it, "So... what about the surprise?"

"It's going on as planned," says Bo, "Nothing to worry about."

Morgan erupts, "You killed my father! Admit it, John, before I kill you myself!"

Eddie walks in. John tells him, "Not a good time, and Ava isn't here." Eddie tells John she's on her way. She wanted him to be present when she talks to her attorney.

Morgan goes nuts. She screams that she isn't leaving until she gets answers.

Kate burns the note, "If John or anyone else threatens my son it will be the last thing they do."

John understands Morgan is upset. Morgan swears John will pay. He gives her his word he didn't hurt Paul. Morgan explodes into a total verbgasm and when she finally comes up for air asks, "WHERE IS HE?"

Phillip rushes in. Morgan insists she's not going anywhere until she gets answers. She digs into her purse. Eddie reacts and pulls out his pistol. Eddie aims. Phillip dives.


John grimaces.


You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website. Prevuze II should be up no later than noon, Eastern Time.


Anonymous LB said...

This is somewhat random but as I was "watching" last night, I wondered -- what happened to Nick? Did I completely miss something or did he "go upstairs"?

5:43 AM  
Blogger Gordon Davidescu said...

Verbgasm. That was the highlight this morning. :) I'm sure I will be just sitting there, going through work and it will pop into mind and I will have to giggle like a schoolgirl. Thanks for that!

6:05 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

"Thanks for the mammories." Good one, ShelbyDee. LOLOL

"Anything on this show is a waste of time," says John.

Except for providing fodder for Prevuze.

"Isn't he something," asks the proud father. "Who knows," asks Caroline, "You don't think we'd actually go look at him, do you?"

Yeah, brand new miracle baby and the two women sit around rehashing old news. They could have least shown the two of them coming out of a bedroom like they actually checked to see if Joe was still breathing.

Judge Fitzpatrick arrives. She thanks John for his generous donation. EJ wants to talk to her about Ava.

Uh, writers. How about that pesky thing called judicial ethics? You know, no ex-parte discussions with the judge about your client? I know Fitzpatrick accepted a “donation” and if she isn't going to observe judicial ethics she should at least be smart enough not to show up at a potential defendant’s home to discuss upcoming cases! TLT

Except for the last few minutes, this show looks like another total waste of time. Thanks for saving me from total boredom, Prevuze!

6:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When is this show not a waste of time? If I remember correctly, it was sometime in the 80s.

7:11 AM  
Anonymous Dazeisdum said...

In yesterdays episode Anna tells Kate that CArrie and Austin are trying for a baby. Uh....isn't Carrie as barren as the...well Sahara Dessert?
Sorry I'm trying to hold the writers accountable to the history of the show. Bad Viewer, bad.
Anyway, this episode sounds like all the rest of them...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Except for the exciting end where Phillip gets shot. Whooppee, another body part to go missing.

7:20 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

If Eddie is Ava's bodyguard why isn't he with her?

And the whole waste of time with Kayla going over to Bo's to leave in two seconds was just so she would dramatically walk in on Pava. It's so obvious.

LOL over Bo's organizational skills. If I look in the office fridge today and see labels like that I think I'm gonna head for the hills for safety! HAHAHAHA

Great Prevuze today!

7:32 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

"Patch will see what else he can dig up on Paul."

Should we say he's going "fishing" for information?


And for dazeisdum...
"Except for the exciting end where Phillip gets shot. Whooppee, another body part to go missing."


9:23 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Steve arrives at Bo's house and invites him to go have a beer. "But it's 11AM," says Bo.
…and we’re supposed to believe this has come out of the mouth of the stepson of an Irishman who owns a pub?  Good grief!
Kate is eating with Phillip at the mansion. 11AM. Late breakfast? Early lunch? Brunch?
I bet Kate wouldn’t have a problem washing down the eggs Benedict with a cocktail.
Marlena comes in, "How do you know it's a waste of time?"

"Anything on this show is a waste of time," says John.

Even my DVR can’t be bothered recording it.  I was going to delete the last two episodes and found they hadn’t even been recorded.  Apparently, I have a rather discriminating recording device.
Patch says he won't lie for Ava. She says he can testify to the fact she was a different person when the drugs messed with her head.
…so Ava is going to use the Twinkie defense.
Eddie reacts and pulls out his pistol. Eddie aims. Phillip dives.


John grimaces.

Oh great, another one bites the dust so it’s off to the hospital once again.  Hmmm…I wonder who will be treating our newest victim.  Could it be Dr. Strangelove?  We know he can perform tonsillectomies with the greatest of ease so I’m sure he can patch up a bullet wound.
Mary Kay, you are on quite a roll!!!  Prevuze, thanks once again for more than a few chuckles to get my blood pumping first thing in the morning!!! 

9:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Eddie is Ava's bodyguard, where is Angelo? He was the cousin I thought would be her main bodyguard because it's obvious he really does care about her. I thought it would be Eddie who was going to get immunity from the police to testify against Ava? Maybe Ava has a lot of cousins though instead of just those two and maybe Angelo is with Ava now guarding her, even though it hasn't shown him doing that in any of her scenes? I am guessing it was Eddie who killed Paul, unless Paul is not really dead at all, and came to when the goon tossed his body into the water, and climbed out later. Paul had his coat on when that happened, so something definitely happened AFTER his body was tossed into the water off the pier, or else the SPD wouldn't have found his coat floating in the river.

LB, Nick is just really busy working on his grant allocated prototype right now, so DOOL is using that as an excuse to not have him on for the time being so Chelsea and Daniel can be sickeningly onscreen.
Nick is the one who gave Chelsea that $50K he won in Vegas, so I hope she finds out it was him who gave it to Kate to give to her anonymously.
I still think old Daniel must be boinking Kate on the side. Why else would Kate have known exactly where to show up at his new apartment?

I don't know of any self-respecting woman who would hang onto a man like Marlena does John with him telling her to let him go because the man she loves is gone? It's not like she has not had a lot of relationships with other men. And I don't like how John ignores Ava after he gets what he wants from her either. With Ava telling him sex with him is magical, amazing, and awesome, his head is only going to get even bigger now. lol

When John and Ava kiss, it reminds me of a vacuum cleaner's suction, the way John's mouth completely envelopes her mouth. lol Maybe that is why Marlena always use to make little noise-like moans and groans? lol

10:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Apparently the actor that plays Nick got a part on a real TV show so maybe he just won't be mentioned again and will be fazed out only to reappear months/years later as a completely different looking person. Here's the info:

"Blake Berris is heading to primetime, where he'll be working alongside the likes of Debra Messing in her USA series "The Starter Wife", which returns this fall. Stay tuned for more info about his character, Corey, and what this new gig means for everyone's favorite Salem braniac, Nick."


10:53 AM  
Anonymous whatsmyname? said...

Bought her a pony!

I didn't need to read anything else.

11:03 AM  
Blogger ~*Robin said...

Dazedisdumb... I thought it came out that Carrie is not barren..Sami was blackmailing Lexie to tell her that which was why Lexie got fired from the hospital.

11:45 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Even my DVR can’t be bothered recording it. I was going to delete the last two episodes and found they hadn’t even been recorded. Apparently, I have a rather discriminating recording device.

Same thing happened to me this week!! Perhaps some sort of AI conspiracy DOES exist and our electronic devices are uniting to revolt against DAZED stupidity.

Their motton is probably "We DROOL* Stuff"!

*DROOL - Don't Record Obviously Outrageously Lame

11:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For the person that was wondering why Angelo wasn't Ava's bodyguard anymore. Remember? When her Daddy was shot, Angelo was taken into custody. He didn't use his uncle Martino's money to get him out like Martino's daughter did.

12:49 PM  

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