Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Scary Crazy

Dr. Daniel apologizes to Chelsea for taking himself off her case. This has fantasy written all over it. Either that or Dr. Dan is still plastered.

Chelsea asks, "So does this mean you're still gonna be my doctor?"

Daniel says, "I wanna be more than just your doctor."

Chelsea asks, "Like what... my father? You're old enough."

"Truth is," says Doctor D, "I think I'm falling in love with you."

Yep. Hope snaps her out of it.

Bo stops Daniel in the hallway. Daniel tells him Chelsea has been discharged, "There's no sign of infection. She's clear. I wish my mind were, but a hangover this big will take some time to go away. Bo blames himself for Chelsea's predicament.

Nick sits in the pub and works on his numbers. Max brings him a coffee refill and asks about his work. Nick tells him about it, "Now I have to figure out how to make this thing work. That's the hardest part."

Abe and Lexie come in. They figure they've been patronizing the pub so much they should have their own booth. "Or at least," says Abe, "I should have a sandwich named after me – The Abe Carver."

"What would that be," asks Lexie.

"It should be obvious," says Abe, "corned beef and a whole lot of baloney." They discuss the fact that last night didn't go exactly as they planned. Abe was restless. Lexie didn't sleep either. Lexie has to grab a quick meal and get to the hospital. She's worried about Bo. Abe says he'll make sure Bo doesn't push things at work, "Why start now? " He reminds Lexie they have made a pact – their relationship will be a priority.

"Maybe that was a mistake," says Lexie.

Patch, Kayla and Stephanie are all asleep on the living room couch. They seem to have been watching a movie and dozed off. A half filled bowl of popcorn sits in front of them. Apparently walking in on Patch and Ava doing the horizontal hula was standard fare for Kayla, and she's going to let bygones be bygones. Suddenly everyone snaps awake. Stephanie explains she came back and saw them crashed out and joined them. We have big hugs. Everyone missed everyone during the recent ordeal. Patch and Kayla promise Stephanie they will keep safe and out of trouble from now on. Translation: Danger – trouble ahead.

"The first part," says Patch, "keeping safe – is easy. Staying out of trouble is the hard part."

"Apparently not," says Stephanie, "Mom seems pretty indifferent to your little peccadillo."

Ava wiggles and yanks at her restraints. She calls for Patch. A cop stands there. Ava rages, "What are you looking at? GET OUT OF HERE! Or you will be sorry like the rest of them." She screams for help, "DADDY!"

A nurse comes in and injects magic potion into her IV, "This stuff will calm you down. Once this kicks in, you could even watch DOOL without hurling."

Ava continues screaming as the nurse leaves. Chelsea hears the screams and wonders what's going on. Hope is obtuse as she brushes off the situation. Hope wants to know what was on Chelsea's mind when she came up to her. Chelsea is also obtuse. They're an obtwosome.

Bo walks up with Daniel and tells Chelsea she's been released. Daniel excuses himself. Chelsea pouts. Hope goes over and thanks Daniel. Daniel tells her Bo is blaming himself. Hope asks him to give Chelsea her final instructions before leaving the hospital. "I can't," says Daniel, "Chelsea isn't my patient any more."

Max watches Nick cipher. He suggests Nick take a break. Nick suggests Max get back to work. Max sits and tells him his stuff looks complicated. Nick wants to concentrate. Max picks up Nick's calculator and plays with it.

Abe and Lexie discuss their self-induced dilemma. They both work and that has never happened to any couple ever before. Abe thinks the hospital can take care of itself for one hour while the Chief of Staph has breakfast. Lexie agrees.

Patch and Kayla aren't sure what they are up to today. "First of all," says Patch, "I'd better take a shower." Nobody disagrees with that. Patch saunters into the next room. The flies follow. Stephanie lectures Kayla for nearly dying. Kayla says she wants to talk about Stephanie. "What a coincidence," says Stephanie, "Talking about ME is what I want to do, too. I've never been happier in my life."

Kayla asks, "And why is that."

Stephanie says, "Because I'm in love."

Kayla asks, "With which family member?"

Ava is delirious, "Take care of them, Daddy! Kill 'em all!"

Kayla is sooooo happy. She thinks Max is a great guy. Stephanie asks, "Is this the way you felt about Dad?"

"No," says Kayla, "It's more like the thing I had for uncle Cedric. The thing with your dad was more complicated." Stephanie hopes they lock Ava up and throw away the key. Kayla wants to talk about Max.

Stephanie tells Kayla, "Max was incredible through the whole ordeal – Understanding, loving, patient..."

Back in the shower, Patch sings the "I Got Away With The Big One Blues."

Max fiddles with the calculator. "Look, Nick! I plugged in some of your calculations and came up with a totally different answer."

Lexie is distracted. She thinks things between her and Abe are forced. Abe reminds her, "Marriages take work. Between your affairs, that is."

"I wonder if counseling would help," asks Lexie.

"I think a chastity belt would help more," says Abe. But he says he will do whatever it takes. He has to go and decides to ride to the hospital with Lexie so he can ask Ava a few questions.

Bo tells Chelsea they have her room ready for her. She tells him her life isn't over. The audience moans. Bo says her doctor said the same thing, but he isn't her doctor any more. Chelsea just wants to go home. And for the first time in a long time she'll feel like she really is at home.

Daniel shrugs off the fact that Chelsea isn't his patient any more. Hope presses. "Believe what you want, Mrs. Brady," says Daniel, "I'm outta here." Daniel walks off. Hope stares.

Patch comes up. He says he's there to see Ava. He walks in and finds her sleeping. The cop in the room tells him they sedated her. Patch sits by her bed, "I'm sorry Ava... I did this to you."

Nick works the numbers and finds the calculations are all wrong. He thinks he would have caught the mistake later, though.

Lexie bounces up and wheels Chelsea off to the pharmacy.

Kayla tells a tech she wants Ava's meds analyzed.

Stephanie comes into Ava's room. Staredown.

Max is making Nick nervous. Nick gets a call. Daniel tells him Chelsea is being released and going to Bo and Hope's house. Nick hangs up, "I gotta go."

"Second door on the right," says Max.

Lexie brings Chelsea back. We have a giggly goodbye as Daniel comes up. He says he's there to say goodbye. Chelsea says, "Thanks for being my doctor – at least for a while."

"Just because I'm not your doctor doesn't mean we can't be friends," says Daniel, "and just because I don't own a cradle doesn't mean I can't rob one." They roll.

Daniel walks away and says to himself, "I can't let it happen. Not again." Lexie watches as he walks off.

Stephanie gives Ava a piece of her mind. Of necessity, it's a small piece. "You terrorized my family. Trying to force someone to be with you when they don't want to. I know all about that. You don't deserve sympathy."

Ava slurs, "Well you must be Patch's daughter. You remind me of him." Kayla comes in and tells Stephanie to calm down. Abe walks in as Kayla drags Stephanie out.

Abe wants to have a chat with Ava. He sends the guard outside, walks over to Ava's bed and asks, "Are you strong enough to answer questions?"

"Actually I'm strong enough not to," says Ava.

Back at Bo and Hope's house, Chelsea crashes on the couch. Hope tells Bo, I want you in the kitchen. The walk in, Bo sees the pile of dirty dishes and gets to work.

Nick arrives with flowers. He tells Chelsea Dr. Jonas told him she got sprung. Chelsea is so thrilled he's there she's actually able to suppress her urge to vomit.

Stephanie calls Max and asks him to meet her at her parent's place.

Lexie asks Daniel if he's OK. He claims he is and has decided to take the rest of the day off. In fact he's going to take the rest of his life off. His work is done there.

Abe questions Ava about the plane crash. Ava deflects the question. She says Daddy will take care of everything. Abe says justice will prevail and he doesn't give a damn who her daddy is.

Stephanie tells Max she confronted Ava, "I kind of lost it on her."

Max hesitates, "That's..."

"Stupid," asks Stephanie.

"For a normal person, yes," says Max, "But I'm proud of you for having the guts to do it."

Stephanie says, "I thought seeing Ava would make me feel better, but that woman was scary crazy." Max reassures her. He promises things will be OK.

Nick has also brought magazines and Chelsea's favorite cookies from the pub – chowdah cookies. He says he loves her more than ever. "I so do not deserve you," says Chelsea.

Nick consults the Guy Manual under "Things they say right before they dump you: 1) I so do not deserve you."

Nick stumbles for words, "You... don't think the... you not being able to have kids matters?"

Chelsea sits him down and rambles as Bo and Hope come in. She gets up and tells Bo it wasn't his fault and she would do it again. Bo hugs her.

Abe wants Ava to admit to the kidnapping and shooting Hope, "We're taking it easy because of your... mental state."

"You mean because I'm crazy," says Ava, "Daddy will get me justice."

"Justice is exactly what you will get," says Abe. He leaves. Patch gives her a stare and follows. Ava bawls.

Outside, Patch tells Abe death and destruction follow Daddy. "No one will get away with that in Salem," vows Abe, "Not while I'm around."

"You're out of town a lot, aren't you," asks Patch.

The orderly rushes up to Kayla with the results of the analysis on Ava's drugs.

Chelsea and Nick snooze on the couch. Bo and Hope come in and watch. Out in the back yard, Ciara splashes around in her kiddie pool and plays with the electric outlet next to it.

Daniel calls and books a flight to Sydney Australia.

Max thinks Ava is going to jail for a long time. Stephanie hopes he's right. He wishes he could have seen Stephanie let her have it. "I wonder how you got to be so smart," says Stephanie, "There's a lot more to you than meet she eye. I saw it when we were up in your room."

Patch says Abe doesn't want Martino Vitali for an enemy. Abe isn't letting Ava walk free. Kayla comes up. Lexie joins them. Kayla dangles a baggie, "Those pills that Ava was taking. You're not gonna believe what they are."

"Offhand," says Lexie, "I'm guessing they're not Altoids."


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Anonymous Leslie said...

Daniel says, "I wanna be more than just your doctor."

Chelsea asks, "Like what... my father? You're old enough."

Truth, justice, and the Prevuze way!!! On a barf bag scale of one to ten, a forty-something doctor hitting on his twenty-something patient is a twenty-eight.

"Or at least," says Abe, "I should have a sandwich named after me – The Abe Carver."

Abe is confusing Brady Pub with Boston Market.

A nurse comes in and injects magic potion into her IV, "This stuff will calm you down. Once this kicks in, you could even watch DOOL without hurling."

We need to get some of that stuff and make it stat!!!!!!!

The whole Ava mess continues to get even more stupid. Frankly, I didn’t think that was possible but somehow the DOOL writers have reached a new level of improbability. First, the Feds would be questioning Ava not Abe, and secondly, and certainly more importantly, Patch and his family would not be having contact with Ava. Why is Kayla dealing with Ava’s prescriptions? How likely is it that Ava would be in shouting distance from Hope and Chelsea? Yuck.

This episode is must not see TV. Thank you Prevuze for taking another one for the faithful!! I hate golf but I loved I Kayla ball crushing remark!!! As usual, another great job by Prevuze!!!

5:39 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

I hate golf

I play golf whenever I get the chance. Sometimes every day in the summer. I probably hate it more than you do.

6:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting. Now Chelsea is moving to live with Bo/Hope and Nicol and Chloe were kicked out too. I´m willing to bet we will not see the Kiriakis mansion for a while because it´s not in budget to keep both sets, mansion and Bo/Hope house. (there is space for only a few permanent sets in the studio, everything else has to be assembled and dissasembled again for each taping) In some way, it´s really admirable how the writers and people behind are still able to tell their stories with so many budget, cast and sets restrictions.

6:46 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

I was kind of wondering the same thing, Leslie. Wouldn't Ava be in the psych ward? Of course, this is Salem so maybe every ward is a psych ward.

"Abe says he'll make sure Bo doesn't push things at work, "Why start now?" Yeah, we wouldn't want Ho or Dope to have to actually go too work too soon.

And Prevuze needs to start it's own dictionary. I love obtwosome.

I don't know anything about golf. Birdies, Bogeys or Mulligans. Prevuze might have to 'splain that one to me. I LOL over what Kayla knows about it, tho. HAHAHAHA

Great Prevuze today! :D

7:16 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Speaking of cruel and unusual punishments, I had an 8:00AM meeting on health plan options. Talk about snoozifying! Thank goodness I could come back and wallow in the craziness that is Prevuze. That got my adrenaline flowing again.

Outstanding pictures today - especially the update on Belch's adventures outside the Bermuda Triangle and the golf caption. I am shocked, however, that the "body part" picture wasn't behind a censored link. HAHAHA

Abe says he'll make sure Bo doesn't push things at work, "Why start now? "

Still laughing over that one.

Lexie bounces up and wheels Chelsea off to the pharmacy. The Chief of Staph doesn’t have anything better to do than a volunteer’s job?? On the other hand, for the patients' sakes, that's the best thing she could be doing.

Finally, I love learning new words and we've had a couple recently. I just caught up on the late comments in yesterday's report and found Prevuze response to the suffering inflicted by watching the show in order to report:

Self-Doolification on a daily basis.

And, of course, today's gem:

They're an obtwosome.

Thanks for the pick-me-up today, Prevuze.

7:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Laugh out loud moment of the day:

"No one will get away with that in Salem," vows Abe, "Not while I'm around."

"You're out of town a lot, aren't you," asks Patch.

So many other funny moments too, Prevuze! Thanks!!!!

8:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...



8:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Watching this show is scary crazy!

8:32 AM  
Anonymous Ms. Ryan said...

I can't wait to watch this episode. All the Daniel and Chelsea stuff looks so good.

I hate that Chelsea is back at Bo's...I am going to miss Victor's house.

IF it were not for the Daniel/Chelsea storyline I don't think I could watch the show at all - none of the other stories grab me. Hope that changes but for is all about Daniel and Chelsea for me. They are MUST SEE TV!!

9:15 AM  
Blogger ~*Robin said...

Thanks for the Prevuze today. Many LOL moments which others already commented on.

Let's please get back to the Sami/EJ storyline along with Jawn /Marlena.

Leslie, I agree that it's absolutely ridiculous that Abe is questing Ava instead of the Feds. We all know there is not realization when it comes to DOOL.

Can you believe it? Abe and Lexie both work? So they can't spend all the DOOL with each other feeding each other The Abe Carver? What a pity.

9:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, so who wants to guess that Ava's daddy gave her meds to keep her "scary crazy" and when they take her off of them, she'll become "Saint Ava"? Then, all will be forgiven!

That's my guess on how they'll redeem sick.

10:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"So they can't spend all the DOOL with each other feeding each other The Abe Carver?"


11:16 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

"Or at least," says Abe, "I should have a sandwich named after me – The Abe Carver."

"What would that be," asks Lexie.

"It should be obvious," says Abe, "corned beef and a whole lot of baloney

A whole lot of baloney, truer words were never spoken.

Drugs, drugs, drugs-- I agree with anonymous' assessment of Satan/Saint Ava. Perhaps they can pass some the pills around to the audience so we can be crazy enough not to notice the inconsistancies, fallacies and totally unrealistic storylines.

More Jawn, Anna, Tony and Samantha fighting with EJ and that wayward ho Nicole.

What the hell is Max doing to Nick's stuff? Are we to believe that Max is correcting Nick's work or is trying to sabotage it? I'm not sure.

Are they bringing Brady back to Salem? I think I'd like to see that. Who am I kidding, I haven't watched an episode of DOOL in months.

11:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So what are these pills, already just spill it!! That is the big cliff hanger of the day?? Whatever. The Ava SL is a big snooze.

The only thing I know about golf is where to find the 19th hole.

11:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

An episode without Philip. I guess i will skip this episode.

1:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am having the hardest time being motivated to watch the show now. I know it's been bad before but at least then we had couples I could root for, I'd rather have dental surgery awake then watch Chelsea and Daniel.


1:44 PM  
Anonymous Klaus said...

Ava is pretty, so I can watch crazy like that.

I like to think the Bermuda Triangle would reject Shawn and Belle.

This Max & Nick is starting to wear thin. Either tell him you're helping him and throw his work into a fire.

"and just because I don't own a cradle doesn't mean I can't rob one."
Hahaha! Excellent, Prevuze.

Abe says justice will prevail...
Heh, of course it will Abe. Of course it will.

I love how the Salem PD think they're big men on campus when they couldn't even stop Stefano or even some two-bit loser like Ford Decker.

Hopefully Daniel leaves to hit it off with some lovely koala girls.

"Those pills that Ava was taking. You're not gonna believe what they are."
They're placebos.

2:48 PM  

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