Monday, April 21, 2008

What You Don't Know Won't Hurt Me

Daniel examines Chelsea as Kate and Nick look on. Victor arrives and stirs things up.

Daniel tells them he just got the test results back, "It's peritonitis."

What's causing it," asks Victor.

"It should be obvious," says Daniel, "Her periton is inflamed."

"What the hell is a periton," asks Victor.

"I was hoping you knew," says Daniel.

Kate rages that she warned everyone this would happen. Victor wonders where Bo is.

Lexie tries to reach Bo. She leaves a message and tells him to get over to the hospital ASAP.

Sami runs on her treadmill and then collapses. EJ comes in. He's impressed she ran five miles. Dog miles. EJ tries to ramp his machine up, "I can't find the hounds of hell chomping at my behind setting." He wonders where the twins are.

Sami says she dumped them on the gym's babysitter. Nicole walks up and is glad to see Sami is working off the postpartum pounds. She says she has a theory on why Lucas shot EJ, "He opted to go to prison because the sex is better there than it is with you."

Morgan comes in and admires Phillip's arms of steel. "It's my leg that's steel," says the self deprecating Phillip.

Paul meets with John. John wants to know what Phillip and Victor are up to, "Did Phillip or Victor ever try to bribe you?" Paul is silent. "I'll take that as a yes," says John, "So much for your loyalty and for me keeping you out of jail."

Sami treads backwards and warns EJ he will wind up walking that fuzzball of a dog if he keeps pandering to Nicole. She decides she needs a sauna.

Paul says he didn't take any Kiriakis money. He tells John Victor and Phillip wanted him to let their shipments in. Paul swears he is loyal to John. John wants to know how he will prove that.

Phillip tells Morgan he knows her dad was accepting bribes. He warns her to tell him to stay away from John.

Daniel says Chelsea knew the risks. Chelsea backs him up. He orders an antibiotic cocktail and a probiotic cocktail, apparently so they will cancel each other out.

Kate takes Daniel aside, "Is she really going to be all right?"

Daniel says "Well, I'll do my damndest to make sure."

Sami and EJ bicker about what she should be doing with her day. Nicole interrupts, "Well, I hope your make-up sex is as good as mine was with Lucas. On second thought, that would be impossible."

Maggie shows up. Nicole hurls insults as Jillian walks in. Maggie introduces her as her personal trainer. Jillian sizes up the girls and turns to Nicole, "These days we like to say no investment no return. And it looks like your assets are bottoming out." Sami and Maggie soak it in.

Nicole moons us, "There ain't noting wrong with these assets."

Phillip tells Morgan, "John has ruined your father's job and reputation. If he keeps hitching his future to John things will get much worse."

Jillian tells Maggie she's doing well and informs Sami and Nicole she has morning sessions available. Sami has already signed up. Jillian doesn't expect Nicole to do that, however. "That's OK," says Sami, "Nicole hydrates. She drinks two quarts... of something... a day." Sami leaves.

Nicole goes into a rage, "Could she be a bigger loser?" Did you notice how subtle they were with that?

Nicole asks EJ if he can go over her case. EJ agrees and turns to Maggie to congratulate her on getting her 'green restaurant' certification. "What does that mean," asks Nicole.

EJ explains, "It means anyone who eats there is guaranteed to turn green."

John says he bets the Kiriakis' didn't offer Paul enough or he would have gone over to their side, "I see you as a 'highest bidder' kind of guy. Paul wants his life back. John says he will be in touch. Paul wants to know what John will expect from him. John thinks he should cut him loose and let him fry.

Paul gets his hackles up, "That you are not gonna do."

"Are you giving the orders now," asks John, "I don't think so."

Lexie tells Victor she can't find Bo – Same with Steve and Hope. She tells him about Bo not wanting to involve Abe. Victor says Bo asked him about the Vitalis. Lexie asks if she should tell Abe about this. "If Bo didn't want the cops brought into this, he had good reason. Bo's no fool. But he aspires to it someday."

Nurse Jenny says she hasn't ever seen probiotics used for peritonitis. "Now you have," says the ever-confident Daniel. He asks Chelsea how she's doing. She says she's ready to get out of there and do a little surfing. Daniel thinks it's a little cold, but when she gets out of there they can join the penguin club. Nick watches and leaves with his tail between his legs.

Morgan and Phillip talk about Paul's mistakes.

John knows Paul needs money and needs his reputation back. In order to accomplish that, John says Paul is going to help John ruin the Kiriakis' reputation. Paul thinks John has him right in his pocket. John reminds him it's a deep pocket. He tells him to keep his nose clean until things come down. He won't reveal his plan, though, "What you don't know won't hurt me."

Maggie stops Sami and asks if something is wrong. Sami says the sauna reminded her of when Lucas saved her life. "And EJ's," says Maggie. Maggie never forgets a detail.

"Sometimes we make mistakes," says Sami. Maggie asks if Sami has seen Lucas in prison. Sami tells her she's tried but Lucas refuses, "He only has eyes for Carmine now."

Nicole drinks her juice, "Juice without vodka is like a day without sunshine." EJ fills her in on the divorce plan. Nicole thinks getting rid of Victor will be worth every penny she has to pay him. EJ leaves. Nicole sneaks off.

John tells Paul either to trust him or go back to his life as a loser. Paul says he is in. John hands him a wad-o-cash and tells him to wait and soon another scandal will come along and he will be yesterday's news. Paul thinks he's about to lose his daughter's respect. They toast their shady partnership.

Morgan tells Phillip she isn't just another southern Belle. She got her first bloody nose in a fight at 11, and thinks she can take care of herself.

"Probably better than your daddy can," says Phillip. A referee steps in and penalizes Phillip fifteen yards for unsportsmanlike conduct. Morgan says she doesn't want her father near John Black DiMera. Phillip is glad they agree on something.

Sami tells Maggie she didn't expect her life to turn out this way. Suddenly, she sees Nicole holding Allie and rushes out into the hall.

Daniel tells Nurse Jenny he needs the lab analysis. She leaves as Kate and Nick walk in. Jenny comes right back in with the analysis. Daniel looks at it, "Now we are getting somewhere." He prepares a hypodermic needle and walks over to Chelsea, "Big girls don't cry." He injects. "I can't do this by myself," says Daniel, "You gotta fight. Let your mind believe it."

Time passes. Daniel takes Chelsea's temperature and shows Kate it's coming down. Daniel puts another notch on his stethoscope, "Another day, another miracle." Kate is contrite. Magnanimous Daniel understands. He leaves to tell Victor the crisis is past.

Outside, Daniel gives Victor the good news. Victor is grateful. Daniel asks if he wants to tell Bo and Hope. Victor says he would if he could reach them "First Brady goes missing and now my son and his wife. How lucky can a guy get? "

Sami rages at Nicole and says she is the only one authorized to take the kids out of the babysitting area. EJ reminds her she isn’t. Allie cries and Sami hustles her off.

Morgan tells Phillip about Chelsea. John has arrived at the health club and overhears their conversation.

Chelsea says, "I feel like Dorothy at the end of the Wizard of Oz."

"You look more like Toto," says Kate.

"There's no place like home," says Chelsea. She talks about going surfing. Nick pouts. Daniel watches through the half-open door.

John eavesdrops as Morgan and Phillip talk about Chelsea. Phillip offers to call Victor to see what's going on. He leaves. John eyes Morgan.

Sami warns Nicole to stay away from her children. She turns to EJ, "I don't want them near this thing."

"I don't even know which brat I was holding," says Nicole, "EJ's baby or Lucas' baby. Good thing you didn't have triplets. Can't tell the fathers without a program."

POW! She gives Nicole a bona-fide Lucas Roberts-Horton sucker-punch.

Nicole collapses into a heap on the floor.

Chelsea wakes to find Dr. Surfer Boy standing there. She asks how long he has been there. "The whole time you were out," says Daniel, "I was admiring your strength and courage."

Chelsea blushes, "Are you sure you weren't admiring my breasts?"

"No," says Daniel, "I left my microscope in the lab. I love you so much."

"I love you too," says Chelsea. Hot kiss.

She pops out of it to find Nick and tells him she was dreaming.

Phillip calls and asks Victor how Chelsea is doing. He fills him in. Phillip hangs up and tells Morgan. She wants to see her. Phillip offers a ride. She says she has her car there. Phillip says, "If I ask like a country gentleman will you tell your father to stay away from John Black? I'd hate to see you get caught in the crossfire."

John wanders through the gym and phones Paul, "We just got a break. Victor is dealing with a family crisis. Couldn't be a better time to make a move." He walks over to Phillip and Morgan, "It's paramount to stay in shape because you never knew when something's coming to get you."

Nicole wants to sue. EJ tells her she can't, "The way she blindsided you, it's an open-and-shut case, but Mickey's firm has a policy against winning."

Nicole says, "I hope this doesn't bruise, because I have a date with John Black." Sami hears that and nukes.


You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website.


Anonymous Leslie said...

Nicole walks up and is glad to see Sami is working off the postpartum pounds. She says she has a theory on why Lucas shot EJ, "He opted to go to prison because the sex is better there than it is with you."

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! This just goes to show you that the writers ARE reading Prevuze!!!!

"It's my leg that's steel," says the self deprecating Phillip.

Example #2 that the writers are referring to Prevuze!!! Either that or Prevuze is getting paid to submit ideas to DOOL.

Nicole goes into a rage, "Could she be a bigger loser?" Did you notice how subtle they were with that?

Hey, writers, just keep taking notes and get rid of loser lines like that one.

Sami tells her she's tried but Lucas refuses, "He only has eyes for Carmine now."

Prevuze comes up with a zinger again!!!

"The whole time you were out," says Daniel, "I was admiring your strength and courage."

Chelsea blushes, "Are you sure you weren't admiring my breasts?"

Hmmmm…Prevuze that actually begs the question “what breasts”?

Except for Chelsea and the surfer dude doctor, this appears to be an entertaining Daze. With that said, it can’t be half as entertaining as Prevuze and the killer photos and captions!!!!

6:00 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

How true is that first picture of Ava? HAHAHAHA

I look forward to Jawcole's date. Maybe Sami will pull a Lucas and put limburger in his car.

This episode sounds good if for no other reason than there's no Ava, Payla, Ho and Dope!

Loved the surfer picture and "It should be obvious," said Daniel, "Her periton is inflamed."

What a great way to start a Monday. Thanks, Prevuze! :D

6:01 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Killer pictures indeed! Loved 'em all.

I had the same reaction as Leslie to several statements - was that an unmarked prevuism or the writers actually coming up with a few snarks of their own? Another one was EJ looking for the "hounds of hell snapping at your backside setting" on his treadmill. LOLOL

As always, Prevuze is the ONLY way to start a Monday. Thanks!

6:30 AM  
Anonymous Roselyn said...

I love Dr. Dan, but I think his over confidence may come back and bite him the ass.

Poor Nick, even while hovering close to death she is not thinking of him.

8:09 AM  
Blogger Tripp said...

Hee, love the microscope line. That made me laugh out loud.

I must say how much I appreciate your jabs at the great "Dr. Daniel Jonas" who has had more propping than Shawn and Max combined (which is a lot!)

8:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just reading Saturday's - wouldn't #15 also have been submitted by Sami, referring to E.J. rescuing Lucas from under the beam in the cabin?

9:06 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

Geez, when is Nick gonna grow a pair and tell the little b--ubblehead to take a hike???

9:31 AM  
Blogger Sarolite said...

OMG, it's gym day today? Who's going to man the pub and Chez Rouge while 99% of the town is at the gym???

10:01 AM  
Blogger Firstfall said...

Thanks for including Sami punching Nicloe in Prevuze 2! Loved it!

Loved Prevuze too - wouldn't come here everyday if I didn't! :)

10:32 AM  
Blogger chaya said...

LOL for the "Her periton is inflamed" line. I forgot for a moment I was at work and did the "OL" part.

Agree with everyone - Nicole coming back is the best thing they've done for this show in years - the lines they are writing for her are great.

10:56 AM  
Blogger G Brown said...

I agree with chaya, Nicole is a great "asset" for the show! Keep up the good work Prevuze. Loved it as usual.

7:58 PM  

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