Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Transformers From Cybertron

We pan up from a picture of Tom and Alice. We move across other pictures as the party gets rolling in the background. Merriment abounds as Bo, Hope and Chelsea decorate the tree. Chelsea picks Zack's bulb out of the box. So much for the merriment. Chelsea zones. She sees Ford standing outside the window. Ford drones, "Another year another victim. You know they say – it gets easier after the second one." Chelsea drops her Christmas bulb. Bo makes a diving catch and asks her if she's OK.

Max herds the kids and assures him Santa is on the way. The kids want to know if Nick is the genuine St. Nick. He brushes them off with candy. Max hopes Santa Steve gets there. Nick asks where Stephanie is. He thinks maybe she would know where Patch is.

Max says, "She and I really aren't in synch right now."

Marlena knocks on the door of a dry cleaning place, "Hello? Are you there?" She turns in exasperation, "Of course they aren't there. It's Christmas for heaven's sake." So why did you come in the first place?

Ahh. She came to set up the meeting with Crystal, who just won the competition on "I want to be a Psychic."

Crystal walks up behind Marlena, "I know why you've come."

EJ wheels himself in to see Stefano. Stefano says this is a surprise, since he thought EJ would be spending the holidays with his wife and son. EJ gives him the old standard, "Well, I have some good news and some bad news."

Stefano wants the bad news first. EJ tells him Sami has gone back to Lucas.

"That's certainly bad news for Lucas," he says, "But it's an unacceptable situation."

The good news," says EJ, "Is that DOOL has been canceled." Stefano can't contain his joy until EJ says that's not really the good news, but he just wanted to spread a little Christmas cheer. He then gives Stefano the real good news by standing up.

Stefano hugs him, "This is wonderful. It's almost as good as DOOL being canceled."

Sami arrives at the party with Johnny D. She tells Maggie Lucas will be there in a few minutes.

Deep, dreadful piano music plays as Lucas contemplates a bottle o' booze. Kate turns and asks, "Lucas, what are you doing?" Lucas sighs and stares.

Roman tells the crowd gathered around, "The strange thing is, the last time I talked to Marlena, she said she would be here."

Caroline gasps, "Oh!" That was a shocking piece of news, wasn't it? She turns to Abe and suggests maybe Lexie has seen her.

"So where the hell is Lexie," asks Abe. Patch and Abe decide this calls for a mission to find Marlena.

Max asks to talk to Kayla in private. He tells her he hoped Stephanie would be there. Kayla says Stephanie decided to stay home and pout, but Cordy will be there. Max wonders if he did something wrong he way Stephanie has been brushing him off. Kayla says it's not that. "What is it, then," asks Max, "Why doesn't she just tell me?"

"How could we drag this out forever if she does that," asks Kayla.

Chelsea zones. She tells Hope, "I miss Zack."

"No," says Hope, "You didn't miss. That's why he's not here." Chelsea fall apart and runs off.

Bo comes up. Hope says it was seeing Zack's ornament that teed her off.

Outside, Chelsea broods as Bo comes out. She tells him she's also worried about Ford. Bo comforts her.

Lucas pours the booze down the drain. He says he wasn't going to drink it. Kate says drinking never helps when you're under stress, "That's why John always went straight to the pills." She asks if he can handle the lonely road out there. Lucas says he has a lot to stay sober for as he picks up Ali and bounces her.

Billie and Phillip arrive. They see the suitcase packed and sitting off to the side. "Something is wrong and one of you better start talking," says Billie. You'll never guess which one does the talking.

Stefano is beside himself. EJ stands beside him, too. EJ gives him a gift. Stefano opens it to find a picture of EJ and Johnny D. Stefano is overjoyed, "I will treasure this all the Days Of Our Lives." He puts it on a desk, never to be seen again. Stefano says he may be a man who has everything but he also has an empty house. EJ tells Stefano he has him. He thinks they have a lot to celebrate.

Stefano thinks it will be a banner year, "This will be the year the Brady's will finally reap their just rewards."

Marlena says she got a call saying her dry cleaning was ready, "So I thought I'd be the first woman in history who tried to pick up her dry cleaning on Christmas." Crystal thinks it was fate that brought her there.

She invites Marlena in to her Psychic Emporium, "Do you believe in the spirit world?"

"I've been there more times than you can count," says Marlena. But she doesn't believe you can contact a dead person though. Which doesn't mean she couldn't contact John.

Crystal says, "I can bring your loved one back to you."

Shawn and Belle arrive with Claire. Belle tells Sami she was excited to hear about her and Lucas getting back together. They wonder where Marlena is. Sami also doesn't know what's keeping Lucas.

"Someone going on a trip," asks Billie. Lucas claims it's the stuff Sami brought over in the process of moving back in. His phone rings. Lucas looks at the number and doesn't answer. That does it. Now Phillip really wants to know what's going on. Lucas brushes it off and says he'll just take the call later, "AND... Ali's godmother has a job to do."

Billie realizes it's all over, "Be safe."


Billie takes Ali. Phillip leaves as Lucas says his tear-jerking goodbye to Ali. Billie carts her off.

The kids chant, "Santa! Santa! Santa!" Nick stalls by doing an amazing magic trick. He turns Chelsea into someone who is likable.

Kayla tells Max not to give up on Stephanie. Max asks, "Is there something you're not telling me." Kayla claims there isn't.

Abe and Steve are worried Marlena might be walking into a trap. They know she went to the dry cleaners and as we all know, that's almost always a trap. Patch decides to go search for her. A smooch to Kayla and he's off. He's also headed downtown. Nick asks where he is going. Patch fills him in. Nick worries about who will play Santa. Kayla elects Max.

Back in the dressing room, Kayla hugs Max and thanks him for doing this. Nick thinks Max looks ridiculous, "And it will be even worse when you get that Santa costume on." The angry Santa pounces. Kayla leaves.

Max decides Nick will be his elf. He holds the Spock-elf ears up for a preview and decides Nick will look good in them.

Santa takes a kid on his lap and reads the Christmas story. Meanwhile, Lucas packs as we pan through bulbs and family scenes.

After the reading, a little girl in front announces she is Jewish and wants to know why Santa didn't read a story for her. "Get your own holiday," growls Santa. Another little girl decides she wants Kwanzaa story. Christmas has changed.

Maggie discovers Jeremy's bulb is broken. Alice says, "We'll get another one for next year."

Nick revises the Christmas story to fit all faiths and beliefs. God listens and scribbles notes for the next version of the Bible. Max gets the spirit, "You could be a Christian or Jewish or a Buddhist... You could even be transformers from Cybertron... but today is about hope and peace and, most of all..." He looks at Stephanie, "...about love."

Marlena tells crystal she should be ashamed for huckstering herself on Christmas.

"Oh, yeah," says Crystal, "If you think that's bad, wait until you see the cheesy product placement ad later in this episode. But, I see a man in a forest reading... a plaque with his name on it."

Marlena takes the hint, "John? His name was Forest for a while. And after that, he changed his name to Plaque! "

"Black," says Crystal, "I see a long black flowing robe. Did he ever wear a long black flowing robe?"

"Well, he was an chronic cross-dresser," says Marlena, "And for a while he was a priest."

That does it. Crystal is certain, "He's not dead."

Lucas leaves an envelope for Sami. Kate says she'll be where they said they would meet. Lucas takes a final look around and walks out.

Outside, Phillip intercepts him and says, "I guess this is it. I'm not stupid. I can see what's going on here. How can you walk away from your family? When I left Belle it was the biggest mistake in my life."

"I thought you said you weren't stupid," says Lucas, "Uh... Merry Christmas, OK?" Hugs. Lucas tells him to take care of their mom and leaves.

Marlena tells Crystal she watched John die. Crystal asks if she always believes what she sees, "He's still out there. You will be together again."

Patch finds them. He lectures Marlena for worrying everyone.

Marlena explains, "I was just down here to pick up my dry cleaning when I bumped into..." The mysterious Crystal is gone. Marlena says they were just talking. Patch asks if Crystal upset her.

"No," says Marlena, "In fact, she gave me hope."

Back at the party. They all ask Billie where Lucas is. Billie tells Sami Lucas asked her to bring Ali, "He wanted to make sure Ali was well taken care of if something happened. He had a suitcase packed." Sami panics and runs out.

Nick notices Chelsea isn't the life of the party and asks her who died. She apologies and says it hasn't been her best Christmas. Nick has a solution – Elf loving. "I love it when you get kinky," says Chelsea. They run off together.

Max meets up with Stephanie. They share an uncomfortable hello. Stephanie knows things have been tense but says it's her fault. Max, of course, cares. He strokes her hair and she brushes him away like a swarm of flies.

Sami runs into her apartment and finds Kate and Phillip. Everything is silent, so she knows Lucas isn't there. Kate hands her the note.

Sami reads, "Sami – Remember you told me we are sometimes forced to do things we don't want to do. This is the hardest. But I hope you will understand. I love you and our kids and you'll have to be strong. I'll do anything to protect you guys – especially run out on you like a spineless coward."

Stephanie says it will never work for her and Max. Max should be overjoyed, but instead says he won't accept that. He says if she gives him a chance he's in 100%. She runs off. "I'll take that as a 'no,'" says Max.

Nick plays around on his computer and brings up some pictures of him and Chelsea. In one of the most blatant, cheesy, disgusting Christmas product placement ads ever, he explains he's at a W*lgreen's website where you can get cool pictures, just like at a thousand other websites. And if you want... not that they would ever pressure you to do it... you can buy prints. Imagine that. She loves him, pointy ears and all.

Nick and Chelsea share an elf-lovin' hug. Ford watches, "Gee Chelsea I wonder who your next victim will be." He disappears.

Stefano reminisces about their winter trips to Cortina. He and EJ exchange Christmas greetings and then EJ limps off. Rolf arrives. He announces, "He is prepared." Stefano wants to put the finishing touches on himself.

It starts to snow. Patch offers a lift to Marlena, but she's too mesmerized by the snow. Patch says, "The first Christmas is the hardest." He says he's talking about Benjy as well as John.

Marlena says, "John isn't..." She stops herself, "John is always with me." Patch knows.

Doug sings "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas." We roll through several scenes. Patch comforts as Marlena shivers in the show. Sami runs and yells for Lucas. She collapses in a heap o' tears in front of the letter. Kayla comforts a bawling Stephanie. Ford searches for someone to zombie rape. Abe and Theo hang a bulb. The family listens and sways to the music. Shawn and Belle hold Claire. The baby sucks her thumb. So does Claire. Alice wishes Tom a merry Christmas.

Sounds of the labooooooratory fill the scene.

Double, double toil and trouble,
Like a hell-broth boil and bubble...

Rolf prepares a hypo the size of the Seattle space needle. Stefano takes it and does the honors, "A new life for a new year."


The monitor on the wall shows a flatline. Suddenly, it begins to pulse and beep. An eye pops open. Stephano says, "Welcome home."

And from Prevuze, Happy Christmas, everyone.


You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website.


Anonymous Ellie said...

Great Prevuze!! Love the Alice's tree pic. (And I really, really hope you're joking about Walgreens.) Sounds like a sweet show. Happy holidays!

4:28 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

And I really, really hope you're joking about Walgreens.

Prevuze hates to be a Scrooge, but there is one Christmas wish you won't be getting.

5:22 AM  
Anonymous Ellie said...

Oh my goodness... that's ridiculous. What's next - flashing the phone number for the Psychic Friends Network during Crystal's scenes??

5:39 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

Merry Christmas Prevuze!!!

And a Happy ChrismaHanuKwanza to everyone in our happy little DOOL family!!

Now, someone PLEASE tell me WHY Stephanie just doesn't tell Max already!!
I mean come ON!! The guy helps her dispose of a guy she and her friends killed and she STILL doesn't trust him???

5:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Prevuze!
Thanks for the laughs this morning - and through the year!

6:04 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

This was definitely a great Christmas present. All the pictures were hilarious..Santa's coal delivery for Salem, Alice's Christmas tree, the zombie-making drivel, the tough get bawling. It was hard to pick a favorite, but Stephano deciding Hope could be a replacement for his vendetta has to rank right up there.

Christmas....cheesy product placement....yeah, this is an NBC show for sure.

...the last time I talked to Marlena, she said she would be here." Caroline gasps, "Oh!" That was a shocking piece of news, wasn't it? Well, when you get as little air time as Caroline, you have to overact like crazy in whatever little bit they dole out to compensate. LOLOL

Prevuze definitely should have its own bulb on Alice's tree!

6:21 AM  
Anonymous Klaus said...

"No," says Hope, "You didn't miss. That's why he's not here."
Ouch, sometimes I wish the characters would say these things. Y'know, for kicks.

Maggie discovers Jeremy's bulb is broken. Alice says, "We'll get another one for next year."

I wonder what they're implying here. Hmm.

Fantastic Walgreen's, I feel like going over there soon. lol.

Merry Chris-err... Happy Holidays.

7:46 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Merry Christmas, Prevuze!

Haven't the time to read the post but LOVED the picture of Alice's tree!

Thanks for the gift of laughter and snark throughout the year, and Merry Christmas everyone!

11:20 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

I'm very late getting to Prevuze but it's sort of like a final Christmas gift!

"Marlena is the first person in history to try to pick up her dry cleaning on Christmas." HAHAHHA What in the world are the writers doing??

"Where the hell is Lexie?"
Yeah, good question. Where was she?

Loved the Chloe and Horton tree pictures. Excellent holiday Prevuze!

4:56 PM  
Anonymous Scolly said...

I thought as soon as a shameless promotion was mentioned we were getting another look at Hope's jewelry.

Merry Christmas everyone!

5:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reading Prevuze tonight was the highlight of my day. LOL.
At least we know now that it's John in the lab...maybe?

Have a happy, generic, politically correct December celebration of your choice.


5:53 PM  
Anonymous KOTU said...

Did John have blue eyes? The patient in the labooooooratory has blue eyes.

With Brady mysteriously missing I would have guessed that he is the new "soldier". However, the "eye" looked like it had a few crows feet. Not sure Brady would be that care-worn yet.

'Course, living with Chloe for a year or two might have SORASed him into his 50's.

Reading Prevuze is like opening a great Christmas present every day.

7:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just had a thought! Maybe the evil Dr cloned a Steve double. He was always a 'good soldier' right? That way Steven Nichols could appear without that ever present, annoying patch. Steve has blue eyes I think.


5:48 AM  

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