Tuesday, January 15, 2008

If I Set You Free, You Won't Be Free

Shawn and Phillip are hunkered down behind boxes at the dock, waiting to intercept the van with the kidnapped Belle and Claire. "We just have to sit tight," says Shawn.

"You're right about that," says Phillip, "I don't see any restrooms anywhere around here."

Shawn reminds him the police helicopter spotted the van headed their way. Phillip is impatient, "So where is it then?"

In the sky," says Shawn, "Where else would a helicopter be?" Phillip decides Shawn's helicopter is missing a couple blades and perhaps he's better off on his own. He starts to leave but Shawn stops him and tells him good police work takes patience.

"I knew Patience in high school," says Phillip, "Is she a cop now?" He worries about Claire.

Shawn says Belle will make Claire think this is some kind of an adventure, "But after this is all over the same rules apply. Claire is my daughter, so keep your distance."

Bo walks up. He's says he's spotted the van and it's en-route.

Belle hugs Claire and hyperventilates. She remembers Phillip's warning, meeting Crystal at Sami's, and then the kidnapping. Crystal gets in back with her and says they saw the helicopter. Belle wants heat. Crystal says she can't keep the van running because the cops might see it. She insists she's trying to help Belle. Belle panics and offers her money if she will let them go. Crystal isn't impressed. She wants to sedate Claire with cough medicine. Belle won't have it.

John is strapped to his bed, "We had a deal, no hospitals no drugs. But I was only kidding about the drug part." Marlena says he is better off at the hospital. John says she has some things to make up to him. Marlena asks, "Make it up to you for what?"

John says, "For lying."

Marlena says, "I said I was sorry..."

John interrupts, "Prove it. Break me out of here and we'll just call it even." He snaps his hands up and pulls the restraints. Marlena rolls her eyes.

Marlena says she can't let him escape, "You don't know who you are or who I am."

John grits his teeth, "Let's go someplace and find out." He begs her to help him get out, "You're hot, use it. Find a cop. Smile that smile and get a key."

"You don't have any idea who I am," says Marlena, "Especially if you think I'm hot."

"What do you want to hear," asks John.

"Who am I to you?"

"A beautiful woman who will get me out of here," he says. Marlena can't. John argues, "I'll come up with some kind of plan, Doc. Maybe I can fake being unconscious..." He pauses as Marlena smiles, "What are you doing?"

"It's Doc."

"What's Doc?"

"You called me Doc."


"I've missed you so much," says Marlena. John sighs in exasperation.

Bo and the boys reconnoiter. Bo says he knows where the van is and he's called off the copter because it might scare them off. Bo thinks they will take Belle and Claire somewhere by boat.

Back on the island of Tinda Lao, they put up a no-vacancy sign.

Bo tells the guys to stand aside, "This is a police action."

"Ah," says Phillip, "I wondered why things were going so badly." Phillip tells him if things go wrong all bets are off.

Shawn and Phillip go hide as Bo watches the pier. He remembers confronting Rob. Snow crunches. Bo holds his gun up and sees Rob and a stranger approach each other. Phillip wonders what Bo is doing. Shawn says it's too soon to make a move. Phillip worries that something is wrong. Shawn tells him to be patient and not blow the operation.

Crystal peers out of the van. She comes back with Belle but won't answer her questions. She claims she wants what is best for her and Claire. Belle lectures her for gunning down the police officer in front of Claire. Crystal says when Belle realizes what this is about maybe they can be friends. Belle softens. She asks for coffee. Crystal gives her a cup as they talk about Claire.

Marlena works on John, "I still sleep on my side of the bed. I pretend you are there. I even throw the covers off myself to make it seem real. It's been like dying for me, too. Only I came back before you did." John zones and plans his escape. Marlena tells him there is no joy without him.

He asks her to bat her eyes at the cop outside and the rest will take care of itself, "He'll think you're coming on to him and will run like a scared rabbit. Then once the room is unguarded, you can get me out of here."

Crystal hands Belle the coffee, "It's hot. Be careful."

Belle yells, "You, too." She flings the cup of hot coffee into Crystal's face.

Crystal screams as she goes down, "That was a Starbuck's vente latte! Do you know how much that cost? " Belle runs with Claire.

Back at the dock, Bo watches Rob and the stranger exchange money. After the deal comes down and the stranger is long gone, Bo steps out of the shadows, "FREEZE! POLICE!" Immediately, all the cops on the dock freeze.

Bo asks, "Where are Belle and Claire?" Belle runs up screaming as Rob grabs Claire and tells Bo to drop the gun.

Marlena says she would do anything for John but wants to know why she should help a complete stranger. John gets snappy and Marlena tells him barking orders at her never works. She wants their life back.

John grumbles, "Good luck with that. You got me out of that rat hole but I gotta be honest, I don't love you."

Marlena drags out pictures of Brady and Belle. She tells John about Isabella. Then she trumps it all with a picture of Claire, "She calls you Pop-Pop. Or sometimes Squint-Squint. These are the people you love. You fight for them and protect them. If you could feel a little bit of the love you'd never go away."

"They are just faces," says John. Marlena says she will prove they have a wonderful life together. John threatens, "If you don't work with me I will make so much noise they will throw us out of here. I'm giving you to the count of three. One... two..."

It's a Keystone Cops Smackdown on the dock. Chaos reigns. Shawn grabs out for Belle and they both get shoved. They reel backwards right into the icy drink. Phillip sees them go in and does a dying swan dive after them. Rob grabs Claire, runs to the van and takes off with Crystal.

Phillip drags the unconscious Belle ashore and gives her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, "Don't you die on me!" The audience screams for Phillip to back off. Bo joins him. Phillip looks up at Bo, "She's not breathing!" Bo thinks maybe he finds a pulse and assures Phillip and the unconscious Belle they will find Claire.

John asks, "What comes after two?"

Marlena puts her hand over his mouth, "If you wanna play hardball, I'm your girl. I said I wouldn't leave you. But if you don't let go of me I will scream so loud they will put you in a straight jacket. I'm taking my had away from your mouth on the count of three. One... two... three..."

"Nice move," says John, "I'm getting conflicting information here. If you had the guts to break in to the DiMera mansion, getting me out of here is a piece of cake."

"If I set you free," says Marlena, "You won't be free."

"I'll have to think about that one for a minute," says John.

Marlena tells him if he had a hint about them the rest would be easy, "We were magic. Stefano couldn't change that."

John asks to see the picture of Claire again. Marlena shows it to him, "You're a grandfather, a husband, a friend, a zombie." She asks if he would like to meet them.

John bristles, "If I do will you shut the hell up?"

"If you meet them you will not want to go."

"Don't count on it."

They take Belle off as Phillip shivers and remembers Belle talking to him in the Java Café. Bo tells the medics to alert Kayla and Marlena at the hospital. Belle calls for Claire. They assure her Claire is fine and on the way home. They tell her Shawn will meet her at the hospital with Claire. Filthy rotten liars.

Marlena says it might take a while to get Belle and Sami over there. John thinks she's stalling. Marlena insists she's not. John wigs out, "NURSE! NURSE! NURSE!"

The nurse rushes in, "What are you doing?"

Marlena smiles, "Just talking." The nurse says she has to sedate John if he becomes violent. She prepares the hypo. John licks his chops.

Bo goes to check things out as Belle frets about Claire. Belle flatlines as they start to move her. The medics haul out the defibrillator, "CLEAR!" ZAP! "CLEAR!" ZAP!! "CLEAR!" ZAP! The medic lowers his head, "She's dead."

Phillip asks, "How soon before she comes back?"

The paramedics back away in despair. Phillip demands they give her another shot. They tell him it's too late, so Phillip starts pounding on her chest trying to resuscitate her. Bo pulls him back, "It's over." The medics pull the shroud over Belle's cold, dead face.


That's not Phillip's reaction to Belle's death. It's the audience response when the little twit comes back to life.

Belle starts choking and gasping for air. "Thank God," screams Phillip.

Bo pulls Phillip aside and tells him not to tell Belle the truth about Claire, "Shawn can talk to his wife about their daughter. Stay out of their life."

Shawn comes up with his arm bleeding and hanging by a thread. He announces that he has lost Claire.

Marlena asks the nurse to wait to inject John. She borrows the nurse's pen and scribbles something on John's chart. Then she tells the nurse as the next of kin and as a doctor herself, she is overriding John's doctor's orders. The nurse leaves.

"You're a doctor," says John, "Doc. Got it." John still wants out, "So you're hot and smart. What else should I know about you?"

"I'm as nutty as a Stuckey's Pecan Log," says Marlena.

John decides he wants a refresher course on their lives. He pulls at his restraints, "It's better with two hands."

"I'm not falling for that," says Marlena. She tenderly tells him about their life. She says he can't be replaced. Their love is too strong to be forgotten no matter what Stefano does to him.

Shawn says he stayed on the van and broke the window and almost got them. They tell him about Belle's near death experience.

Phillip says he told Belle Claire was fine, "Belle wasn't strong enough for the truth. It's up to you to tell her when it's time. I'll back off."

"Thanks." Bo offers to drive Shawn to the hospital. "No thanks," says Shawn, "I will drive myself. I can get there quicker since I will go through buildings instead of around them."

John wants out. He asks what kind of doctor Marlena is. She tells him and he laughs, "I married a shrink. Don't try to get inside my skull."

"As thick as it is, you don't have to worry about that," says Marlena. She says she will help him by loving him. John don' wan' no stinkin' love. He insists he can't love anyone. Marlena tells him he will in time, "Until then I will love you enough for both of us. Trust me. Take my hand. I'll bring you home."


You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website.


Blogger Angel said...

OMG - I absolutely was in stitches as I read today's prevuze.

Thanks a bunch.

By the way, I read Marlena at one point had 5 clones that not even the psychics could account for. Is this true? or all they dead and gone? (Just wondering)

4:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great prevuze today!! Prevuze did miss a recycled script moment though. Remember when Marlena was being brainwashed by whathisface? John stood by her side and spouted the same crap to her that she's spouting off to him.


5:28 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

John still wants out, "So you're hot and smart. What else should I know about you?"

"I'm as nutty as a Stuckey's Pecan Log," says Marlena.

…and that’s extremely nutty!!! Good one Prevuze!!!

Phillip pulls Belle out of the drink. Does this mean his prosthetic leg is also a floatation device? With Belle in the hospital, I’m hoping she will be administered massive amounts of sedatives. If not, I will need massive amounts of sedatives to get me through this story line. By the way, what’s with the tattoo on Rob’s forearm?

Now that John is one of the undead, I’m wondering if DOOL has Anne Rice on their scab writing team. A little Lestat could go a long way in making this a tad bit more interesting. I just wonder how long Marlena is going to have to work on John before he gets his libido back. Yicks! This could be the never ending story line. Fortunately, we have the ever entertaining Prevuze!!!

6:01 AM  
Anonymous mayfield said...

Too many Prevuze moments to mention - good thing the coffee was already downed before I started reading.

I was going to ask about Rob's tattoo also. It caught me by surprise, so I didn't get a good look at it.

So Phillip the hero saved Belle's life. That wins the "Lame Storyline of the Week" award.

And John thinks Marlena's hot?? Was this before or after he got the hypo?

6:14 AM  
Anonymous tnchargerfan said...

That was hilarious.

6:31 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

It's not often that something actually makes me laugh out loud but today dear Prevuze you did just that.

"You don't have any idea who I am," says Marlena, "Especially if you think I'm hot."

BTW, this just in, Shirley Jones's first appearance as Colleen will be Jan 31st.

7:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This episode sounds like its going to be great. John and Marlena saga. Shelle and Philip saga. I'm so excited. I personally love that Philip is the hero.

7:35 AM  
Anonymous i challenge you to a DOOL said...

Ugh, what is with all of the weird Karate-Kid-mentor lines for Marlena? Besides "If I set you free, you won't be free", there were a couple of doozies last week, too.

Great Prevuze!

7:39 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

It's not often that something actually makes me laugh out loud but today dear Prevuze you did just that.

Mission accomplished!

7:51 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

I almost did a spit-take with my regular coffee when I got to the Starbuck's latte.

And it really IS a Keystone Cops moment. Why can't they send someone to an assignment other than that nincompoop Bo?!?? Talk about inept! (BTW, I totally believed the Prevuism "Bo said "Police! Freeze!" and all of the cops did." HAHAHAHAHA)

Funny Prevuze today, thanks!

8:01 AM  
Anonymous em said...

Hilarious rendition today, and special kudos for the Bel-Air/Belle Airhead pics!

There must have been a new temp writer working on this script, however. Wasn't that uncharacteristically smart of Belle to throw the coffee in Crystal's face?

I realize there is no semblance of real time on dool, but . . . if Belle & Shawn fell into the water together, where was Shawn all the time that Phil was diving in, pulling out Belle, eagerly administering mouth-to-mouth, medics arrive, watching Belle arrrest again, blah blah? Did I miss Shawn fighting off a shark attack which all this was going on?

Thanks for another great Prevuze!

8:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you say Belle offers Crystal money? Ha Ha Ha LOL!!!!
It's a good thing she didn't take the deal... or poor Shawn would really be working his butt off to pay back that debt!!!!!
Or of course, Phillip could take care of it... he seems to have the 'lock' on helping all of the troubled 'Damsels of Salem', (including Chloe, Kate, Belle, and Lucas - oh sorry, strike that last one!)

GREAT job Privuze!!!!

8:32 AM  
Anonymous Pretty Girl said...

The John Story line is soooooo frustrating!!! It is the same story line that Steve and Kayla just went through. I am so disappointed!!

8:40 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

...the troubled 'Damsels of Salem', (including Chloe, Kate, Belle, and Lucas - oh sorry, strike that last one!) and Phillip pulls Belle out of the drink. Does this mean his prosthetic leg is also a floatation device? It's great when the commentors are as good as Prevuze.

Oops! Strike that. NO ONE is AS good as Prevuze (ego stroke, ego stroke).

This was a funny Prevuze. I, too, had a problem with where Shawn was in all of the hullabaloo. And speaking of time warps - did Rob & Crystal take the van on a scenic tour of Salem once they snatched Clara-Bell? How did everyone else have time to bluster and bumble and still manage to beat them to the docks?

Loved this Prevuze moment no one has mentioned yet - Bo thinks they will take Belle and Claire somewhere by boat. Back on the island of Tinda Lao, they put up a no-vacancy sign.

My DOOLism of the day: Belle flatlines as they start to move her. Geez what a wimp! She falls in the cold water for 30 seconds and dies!!?? She must have the constitution of a mayfly.

Loved today's report. TX

9:01 AM  
Blogger Gordon Davidescu said...

I have a great idea how this could well resolve itself re: John and Marlena.

It should start with Marlena trying to bring back John's memories by showing him photos and other such things, telling him stories, etc. Then he should get really grumpy with her and go to a bar in Cincinnati where he will play billiards with a slutty looking woman and drink beer until Marlena comes after him. She'll convince him to come back but he still won't remember anything.

After that, he can struggle to remember things and then once, while playing darts, call her "Doc" - and everyone will get really excited. Then he will tell her that he's not interested in her and she will get dejected. He'll go to the docks and find Billie, and they'll make out. They will start sneaking around and Belle will tell him not to dare hurt her mother.

They will get tricked into going into a hospital room where they will get poisoned and while John immediately recovers, Marlena will not and John will ask Hope for some crib notes so he can pretend that he remembers everything.

Then when Marlena comes to and he apologizes for faking, she takes him to New Orleans where they go to Maison Blanche and after taking a nap on a couch he starts freaking out as DOOL shows us flashback after flashback of their lives together and he cries out that he remembers everything and then has to convince her that he remembers everything.

Aw, wait - they already did that. I guess that won't stop them from doing it again, though.

9:26 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

I'm sorry to get off the track of today's PREVUZE, but I just had a EUREKA! moment as to how they're going to end the Ford Decker debacle --

Billie's character is being written off the show, right? So how about if Billie gets Chelsea to confess everything to her, and then Billie writes a letter to the Salem PD confessing that SHE killed Ford, and then either conveniently commits suicide or leaves town for parts unknown. Sound feasible to anyone?

10:20 AM  
Anonymous Scolly said...

Gordon -

And don't forget a couple of other things they could have in the Jolena story...Belle could inexplicably start calling Squints PaPa and then he and Marlena can try to have another kid.

And Cfish - sounds illogical. So they'll probably do it!

10:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nutty as a Stuckey's Pecan Log.........I almost choked to death on my coffee. That was priceless. No day is complete without you Prevuze.

11:01 AM  
Anonymous theresa said...

It's not often that something actually makes me laugh out loud but today dear Prevuze you did just that.

Mission accomplished!

And here I thought you set your goals higher than that. I bet you can get them to pee a little....just sayin

11:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gorden D...that is a great storyline!!! But to add to the fun, John should spend some time in a mental institution drooling on himself. Then he can help Sami and the twins escape to Canada in a stolen truck.


11:57 AM  
Anonymous Cindyjh said...

Great Prevuze as always!

Surprised that the writers didn't take the opportunity when Belle flatlined to have her have a near death experience in which she chooses between Shwan and Philip.

11:57 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

Posting late so I am sure no one will read this BUT,

John is faking.

His "death" was planned by him and Colleen, who he found out was his mom, hence the picture.

And who else is in on this little magical mystery tour?
Dr. Rolf!!!!
He is helping John by pretending to make him a zombie.
He's stalling to give Colleen time to gather her grandchildren together and get them out of harms way when the "caca hits the rotating wind producing device".

In other news, Shawn is being re cast (finally, I hate this one)
It's just a rumor for now, but we all know how that goes.

12:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where do you get your information, Deb? I sure hope it's correct....

1:18 PM  
Blogger cfish said...

Aha! I knew Colleen was kidnapping her grandchildren and great-grandchild to keep them "safe". I like the bit about John faking, though -- that's actually almost clever. I can't believe the DOOL writers thought of it -- or did you have it that way on your blog, Deb?

Now, is Marlena in on the scheme, or not?

And just one other thing -- since Brady apparently was injured, and Belle almost died while being taken to be kept "safe", wouldn't it have just been better for Colleen herself to go to them, explain everything, and get them to go peacefully?

1:49 PM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Now, is Marlena in on the scheme, or not?

If she claimed to have John’s body French fried, wouldn’t she have to be?

2:04 PM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

And just one other thing -- since Brady apparently was injured, and Belle almost died while being taken to be kept "safe", wouldn't it have just been better for Colleen herself to go to them, explain everything, and get them to go peacefully?

Why, of course it would have been! That's exactly why you'll never see anything like that on DOOL. And look at all the mileage we've gotten out of the fact that they didn't!

Long live the idiots who write (and) DrOOL!

3:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

cfish: about billie taking the fall for Chelsea...first; she already did that with Zach and also; they did that last year with Bonnie & Mimi. So, they'll probably do it again - since DOOL can't seem to think of anything orignial.

Speaking of FORD DECKER - I'm glad he's dead (for real I hope) - he was freaky-scary looking.

I don't think Marlena's in on it or else she wouldn't be talking to John like that when nobody else was around. I also don't think John is faking. Maybe John is really somewhere with Coleen and thisjohn is really a robot that Rolf switched behind Stephano's back?

BTW: Did anyone notice that he cop of the pier that Shawn ran up to and said that he was Claire's Dad and wanted to know what was going on? That cop was the same cop that yelled at Shawn for ruining that crime scene. But they showned no recognition for each other? Is DOOL recycling extras along with scripts now?

12:06 AM  

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