Friday, December 14, 2007

Playing Mind Games In The Kiddie Pool

Nick is at Chez Rouge planning a big romantic evening with Chelsea. He goes over the details with Maggie and asks if he should wait over by the bar.

"Yes," says Maggie, "If you're dating Chelsea, I'd recommend starting with a few triple martinis."

Chelsea has been listening in, "You could do that, or you could stand there and look totally hot." Nick gives her flowers. Maggie goes back to work. She has a lot to do. It seems Hope is challenging her status as town gossip, and Maggie just can't have that.

Chelsea surveys the spread and wonders what's going on. She thought they were just meeting for drinks, and says she has a lot of stuff to finish at the sorority house. She's buried with class work and Ford is, well, just plain buried. "That can all wait," says Nick, "This can't..." He moves in for a hot kiss.

Stephanie has arrived at the sorority house. Morgan tells her Cordy is holed up and won't come out, "If she cracks, it's over for all of us."

Cordy lies in bed and zones. Flashback to Ford's death. Stephanie goes to her door and calls out, "Cordy, it's Steph. Open up." Cordy cries. Stephanie says, "She'll snap out of it."

Lucas is on the phone ranting at the delivery company, "NEXT TIME CHECK THE ID YOU IDIOT!" The guy on the other end thinks Lucas is the idiot they should have checked the ID on. Sami listens and rages. She demands to know what is in the package. Lucas lies and tells her its' a check. Sami wonders why he's freaking out like this. She offers to help but he tells her she can't. Sami says, "I think you are lying to me and I want you to tell me the truth."

Lucas finally comes clean, "My gun is inside the package."

EJ studies the gun as Bo calls. Bo says he knows EJ has acquired a package addressed to Lucas. EJ says he signed for it like a good neighbor. He also says he didn't open it and it's sitting in front of him. Bo is on his way. Kate listens. EJ, with gloves back on, puts the gun back in the box.

Cordy opens the door and gets back in bed. Morgan and Stephanie try to help, but Cordy thinks Ford is out there taunting her. They comfort her but Cordy won't have any of it. She thinks they have to call the police.

Nick has taken Chelsea's cell phone. He wants no interruptions tonight. Chelsea is distant. Nick asks if it's Ford Decker that's bothering her. She claims not. He says dinner will be there right away. She's surprised he's already ordered for both of them. "I've ordered everything from soup to nuts," says Nick, "Except we're not having soup... or nuts." He has big expectations for dessert, though. Chelsea remains inattentive. Nick toasts the good and bad. Chelsea zones. She remembers Ford's toast at the sorority house.

Nick clears his throat. Chelsea pops back in. Nick says, "Maybe I should have my legs shaved and wear a dress and join IFT and that would get your attention."

The guy at the next table leans over, "It would certainly get mine, honey."

Sami grills Lucas about the gun. He gets a call. Sami grabs the phone and sees it's Kate. Lucas claims he bought the gun for their protection. Sami tosses the phone and asks who shipped him the gun in the first place. "I shipped it to myself," says Lucas.

"Next time," says Sami, "Ship it to someone with half a brain." She asks if he shot EJ.

EJ repacks the package and puts it in the bureau. Stefano knocks. EJ answers and tells him there is no change in his condition. Stefano is upset that Johnny isn't there. He's there to let EJ know Rolf has cleared him for travel. He's going off on business. Stefano encourages EJ to take Sami and Johnny to Italy after the holidays, "You're not the only one who has to deal with a difficult woman. But this one will be neutralized in due time."

EJ says, "You've got to tell me a little bit more about it."

Stefano hands him a stack of letters, "Read these letters. They'll tell you everything you want to know."

Lucas swears he wouldn't put Sami in danger and also says he never left the apartment. His phone interrupts. He answers and Kate tells him EJ has the gun. Lucas says he already knows. Kate also tells him Bo is on the way.

Lucas hangs up and asks Sami to watch the kids. He says EJ has the gun. Sami says, "You didn't shoot EJ so the gun proves nothing, right?" For once, Motormouth is silent.

EJ reads the letters. He sees the mystery woman is threatening Stefano, "What do you plan to do?"

"Take care of things once and for all," says Stefano, "She has vital information that could destroy what I have worked for. The DiMera family could be ruined."

Chelsea stops Nick from pouring another round of champagne and says she's reached her limit. Nick says he has ordered a car so she can get completely plastered. She asks if she tells him something will he promise not to send back the champagne. Suddenly, she sees Max walk in and does a 180. She gets up and sits on his lap. Dessert comes early. Nick suggests forgetting dinner and taking the dessert to go.

Stephanie says, "We'll get through this."

"What," asks Cordy, "By lying for all the Days Of Our Lives? " She blames herself. If she hadn't told about the rape, Ford would be alive right now, "Neither of you were raped. You don't know how it is. You don't care that he's dead, either."

Billie arrives and lectures Carmen for not keeping the door locked. She says she's there to talk about Ford.

Lucas says he has to get to the gun before Bo does. He wants Sami to have faith in him like she asked him to do when she married EJ. Sami decides to go with him, "We're still in this together."

Carmen goes for the other girls. Billie waits.

Inside Cordy's room Morgan says, "We are so busted."

Chelsea's phone interrupts the festivities at Chez Rouge. Morgan tells her to get back there. Nick listens as she says, "I can't get You Know Who out of my head."

"He's not in your head," says Morgan, "He's in the basement." Morgan presses and Chelsea agrees to go back to the house. She hangs up and tells Nick it's an emergency. He gives her the chocolate covered strawberries for the meeting. She promises to make it up to him.

The girls strategize inside Cordy's room. They decide they have to stall until Chelsea arrives. Cordy wants to talk to Billie. The girls don't think that's a good idea. Cordy says Ford has a family that will be worried about him. Cordy starts to go out into the next room, but the girls block her path.

Max sits down with Nick and surveys the spread, "Oh, for me? That's so sweet!" Nick isn't in the mood. Max says, "The way she ran out – you need help."

Lucas says he will trash EJ's apartment until he finds the gun. Sami insists, "Lucas, you are not going without me!"

Stephano gives EJ some free advice, "Never let a woman dictate your life." EJ claims he can handle Sami. Stefano vows to get the best doctors to get EJ out of that chair. He leaves.

EJ putters around his apartment until he hears a knock at his door. He opens the door and Lucas stands there, "Where is it?"

Sami backs him up, "You have something that belongs to us."

"I do," says EJ. He takes the box out of the bureau and asks, "Is this what you are looking for?"

"What do you want for it," asks Sami.

"Well," says EJ, "There is something I had in mind." He says he wants to take Sami and Johnny to Italy.

Lucas has one of his patented conniptions, "NO WAY." In that case, EJ says the package stays with him because Lucas can only take a guy in a wheel chair if the guy's hands are tied.

Sami jumps in and says she will think about it. EJ says Bo is coming. Lucas claims he has already talked to Bo as he goes for the package. He and EJ have a tug-o-war as Bo walks in.

Max advises Nick about his love life, "If you had to do all of this to get her attention, you didn't have it in the first place."

Chelsea walks into the sorority house. Billie lectures her for going out by herself with a rapist running around campus. She says she is there to talk about Ford. Chelsea goes to get everybody. Inside, she says, "My mom has that look on her face." They scheme about what they are going to do and work on Cordy not to blab. Cordy zones.

The girls are concerned that the tapes will show Ford never left the sorority house. Stephanie says someone wearing Ford's clothes left. The girls jump all over her for bringing someone else in on the secret. Stephanie claims she had no choice and needed help moving the body, "So the tapes will show him leaving."

Morgan asks, "Did he look like Ford?"

"Close enough," says Stephanie, "We'll tell them while he was in here, Ford went on a crash diet and lost 40 pounds and fell and broke his shoulders off."

Billie knocks, "The fun is over girls. Open up or I will just come in." They let Billie in. Cordy decides to come out and join the big confab with the rest of them.

Nick wants to go find out what's going on at the sorority. Max tells him to go home, take a cold shower and trust him, "If you're such a ladies man," asks Nick, "Why are you hanging out with me?"

"I couldn't resist," says Max, "I heard you talking about shaving your legs and putting on a dress."

Lucas gives Bo the box and walks over to his apartment. Bo asks Sami if she knows what is inside. Sami evades and then admits it's a gun. She swears Lucas didn't shoot EJ.

Bo tells her Lucas hired a nurse to watch the twins the night of the shooting. Sami defends him. She'll kill him later. Bo says he will run tests and find out. He leaves. Sami frets, "I know he's innocent... a dirty, rotten liar, but innocent."

Max defends his relationship with Stephanie, "We are a special case. The usual rules don't apply."

Nick says, "I might dive in too fast, but at least I'm in the water instead of playing mind games in the kiddie pool. There's Stephanie, there's Morgan...Which one is it? Do you even know?"

"I'm working on it," says Max. Nick is headed for the sorority house and thinks Max should go so he can have a real conversation with a real girl. Max will drive. They book. Maggie comes out with the big dinner Nick pre-ordered. Stiffed again.

Billie announces Ford is missing. She says no one has called the police yet. Crawford knows Ford was at the sorority house because of the tapes. Chelsea says he was drunk and slept it off. Billie can't believe they let a rapist in. They all claim they watched him in shifts. Cordy starts to leave. Billie asks if she has something to add.

Sami asks if EJ set Lucas up. EJ says he didn't and also claims he didn't open the box. Sami snorts, "Lucas is innocent."

"I hope so for your sake and Ali's," says EJ, "Because betrayal is a horrible thing, isn't it?" Sami leaves. EJ locks his door and lies on his couch.

Over in the other apartment, Sami changes her tune. She confronts Lucas about the nurse, and his lie. Lucas deflects things by ranting about her being married to EJ. He says he hates him but didn't try to kill him. Bo knocks and interrupts their little dust-up. He asks for Lucas' passport. Lucas whines and protests but Bo says it's just routine procedure. "I don't even know where it is," says Lucas. Sami goes to get it. Bo asks if Lucas wants to tell him anything. Lucas has nothing to say.

"I hate to do this to you," says Bo.

"Where is the package," asks Lucas.

"On the way to the station," says Bo, "Ballistics will be back after the holidays. We're not doing it in house because the bullet is still in the victim. Also, we don't want the tests to be screwed up." Bo tells him to call if he wants to talk to him. Sami brings Bo the passport and he leaves. Lucas sits. Sami stews.

Billie wants them to call security if anyone sees or hears from Ford. Stephanie speculates he took off for someplace like the Caribbean. Billie leaves.

Carmen and Morgan worry. Chelsea comes back from letting Billie out. Stephanie announces Cordy is gone, "I have a bad feeling about this."

Sami wants to know everything Lucas did that night. Lucas thinks EJ set him up for this. Sami says this isn't about EJ, "It's about us. What happened? We have to learn to trust each other. You can tell me. Everything."

Lucas says, "All right. I went to the church but lost my nerve and left. Don't ask about any more." A baby cries. Sami goes to check. Lucas makes a call, "It's me. Bo has the package and my passport. I don't know how much longer I can hold him off."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Mini-me one is the best! LMAO!!! They're all funny today. Lucas isn't too swift for losing his package, I knew that was a bad idea when he did it. But I think the Doofus of the Year Award has to go to Shawn! He's sooooo dumb and he's such a dork!

4:18 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

He's sooooo dumb

Ed: How dumb is he?

Johnny: He's sooooo dumb he couldn't win the Doofus of the Year Award.

5:32 AM  
Anonymous victoria said...

Why would EJ lie about opening the package?How dumb.

5:33 AM  
Anonymous Ellie said...

Great Prevuze this morning! Happy to see Maggie's name.. I've missed her. They should really use her more.

(And can't wait for the previews video! Thanks again for posting that every day.)

6:10 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Nick says, "Maybe I should have my legs shaved and wear a dress and join IFT and that would get your attention."

The guy at the next table leans over, "It would certainly get mine, honey."

Oh, Prevuze, that is so funny!

"If you're such a ladies man," asks Nick, "Why are you hanging out with me?"

"I couldn't resist," says Max, "I heard you talking about shaving your legs and putting on a dress."

Oh, Prevuze, that is even funnier! Lordy, you just crack me up!

Now, just who is sending those letters to Stefano? Gosh, I hope it’s not Colleen. The last thing I want to see is Santo’s lover wrinkled and using a walker to get around. I hope it’s the sick and twisted avenger Marlena.

Great Prevuze and funny, funny pictures.

6:21 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

Victoria -- EJ probably lied about opening the package so that he couldn't be accused of switching the contents. Although how they could not know that the package had been opened is beyond me . . . oh, wait, I forgot, this is the SALEM PD we're talking about here!!

6:40 AM  
Anonymous Ellie said...

Leslie - I also hope it's not Colleen. But I don't think it's Marlena... didn't Stefano have that line a week or two ago: "My nemesis is alive"? He would have had no reason to say that if it were Marlena.

6:48 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

(And can't wait for the previews video! Thanks again for posting that every day.)

I'm glad that wasn't a subtle hint.

The previews video has been posted.

7:16 AM  
Anonymous Ellie said...

lol! It's your fault - you've gotten us all addicted! :p Now I need my coffee, my Prevuze and my Previews every morning. (And thanks!!) :)

7:27 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Did they actually show EJ putting the gun back in the box? If EJ kept the gun and put something else in the box he could keep blackmailing Lumi into doing anything he wants. Plus, the look on Bo's face when they find out there's not a gun in there would be priceless. HAHAHAHA

Nick, get a clue and get out now while you can. Why would anyone put up with all of this just to be with the brat??!

Loved Maggie competing with Hope (isn't that the truth?) and a lot of great pictures today! The Picturepalooza tomorrow will be just the thing to brighten what is forecasted to be a snowy Saturday. :D

8:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Close enough," says Stephanie, "We'll tell them while he was in here, Ford went on a crash diet and lost 40 pounds and fell and broke his shoulders off."

OMG hahahahahaha!!!!!!!

8:13 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Shawn's lost brain and broccoli teeth really got me going. Talk about a doofus!

If this mystery woman is Stephano's lifelong "nemesis" wonder why we haven't heard about her before?? TLT

Loved all the pictures and prevuisms.

9:10 AM  
Anonymous MoonDancingNana said...

Hmmm, I wonder if EJ set-up someone to shoot at him and they were supposed to miss therefore he switched guns. Or maybe not.

The sin'n Nun is probably the woman tormenting Stefano. OH, wait, that would be his mother? Ok so maybe it's EJ's mother? Anyone's mother?

12:49 PM  
Anonymous This storyline Again? said...

I don't think that whoever shot EJ (if they were aiming at EJ) was a Brady because they waited until AFTER they were pronounced married. Don't you think if it was Lucas or Sami's family; they'd shoot EJ BEFORE Sami & EJ married?

This "Who shot EJ" thing reminds me of "Who shot JR"!

Btw: Did anyone else catch Shawn call himself "BRAINLESS" on yesterday's show?? HAHAHAHAHAHA
He must either be reading prevuze or Belle & Philip's minds!

8:34 PM  

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