Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I'll Give Her A Jump

The Halloween party rocks at the Felta house. Chelsea, appropriately dressed as She-Satan, comes downstairs.

A couple of witches, a goblin or two and a zombie wander through. Oops... check that. The zombie was John Black crashing the party.

Stephanie the racing wallflower watches.

Morgan is either a retro 1970's flight stewardess with a plastic hat or a Tupperware container. She walks up behind Max, "Coffee, tea or me?"

Max misses the opportunity, "Coffee?"

"Guess again."

Max realizes it's a trick question, "Tea?" He turns around and sees Morgan, "Oh, Definitely you."

Chelsea and Stephanie soak it in.

"I wonder where she got the costume," says Stephanie, "Retail tramp? I'm surprised they didn't come as bride and groom. Two days ago Morgan's website said 'uncommitted,' and now it says 'in a relationship.'"

Chelsea advises her to get over it, "Where did you go last night? I was looking for you." Stephanie flashes back to evil things and ducks the question. She says she is trying to move on but feels like she has no control over her life. She just knows things would be different with Max. She tells Chelsea about her job at the Cheatin' Heart and says she's trying to figure a way to tell Max about it, too.

Max interrupts. They compliment his non-costume. Max says he came as a bartender and then turns to Stephanie, "I hear you got a job at the Cheatin' Heart." Chelsea books. Max says he's glad about her getting the job, "But why didn't you tell me?"

Santo Domingo. White robe clad Sami and Lucas stand on the balcony of their hotel room as Sami calls to check in with Kayla, "I wanted to check on my babies – I forgot, how many of them were there again? " Lucas can't believe they did this on the twins' first night home. He's concerned that their Santo Domingo lawyer had 10 grand worth of bling on his wrist. Lucas thinks all this means EJ won and the DiMeras get exactly what they want.

EJ meets Kate in the hospital. He asks what this is about. She tells him the DNA results are in. EJ stares.

Sami and Lucas hug and reminisce about an old movie. Sami decides just because something is intangible doesn't mean it's not real, "No matter what we go through you will be in my heart for all the Days Of Our Lives."

EJ presses, "Am I the father?" Kate hands the results over to him. EJ jumps for joy, "YES! I HAVE A SON! I AM THE FATHER!"

Chelsea looks around the party to see if Professor Fallon has arrived. Just in the "nick" of time, he walks in the door dressed as an angel. They smooch and she thanks him for coming. Nick gets maudlin on us. He was supposed to be trick or treating with the kids. She knows it's hard for him but thinks it's better this way. He decides tonight is about them.

Morgan asks Cordy to join them. Cordy says she isn't in the mood. Outside Ford chases a girl through the hallway and Cordy slams the door.

Back to Ford and his latest prey, "You are smokin' hot!"

Max thinks he ought to bounce Ford. Stephanie tries to get him to talk about the job. She hopes it's not awkward for him with her working there. Max asks why it would be. Then he drops the dreaded F-word on her, "After all, we're just friends." Morgan comes up wearing her Tupperware hat as Stephanie removes the dagger from her heart.

Morgan says, "I was wondering where y'all ran off to. So what'd I miss?"

EJ is ecstatic, "This is a bond that can't be broken until we get the next DNA test. If Sami loves the boy, she will also open up her heart to me."

Kate thinks he's underestimating the bond between Sami and Lucas, "For all you know, they won't go through with the divorce."

Lucas says romantic movies always end happily. Sami says theirs will too. She wants to take advantage of the room. Lucas isn't into it. Sami thinks she can help get him in the mood.

A knock interrupts and Sami answers. A guy has brought the divorce papers for Sami to sign. Lucas walks out and asks if he has to sign, too. Perry Mason asks, "Are you her husband? I just assumed you were the..."

Lucas interrupts, "New model? He's back in Salem waiting for his bride."

Perry's head spins. Sami tries to be helpful, "It's complicated." She starts to sign the papers, but hesitates.

"This is crazy," says Lucas, "We'll find another way."

Morgan "likes" Stephanie's costume, "You look just like one of the boys." Before the eye-scratching contest has time to get started, one of the sisters interrupts and says the girls are complaining about Ford. Macho Max offers to go beat him to a pulp, but Morgan says that won't be necessary yet. She goes to talk to the nuisance.

Max asks where Stephanie went last night. "No place. How come you changed the subject when Morgan came up? Why wouldn't you want her to know about your job?"

"Morgan is concerned about our past," says Max, "I told her we moved on."

"Did you tell her about the cave," asks Stephanie.

Max is uncomfortable, "I didn't go into details."

Stephanie presses, "Why not? Would she think there is still something gong on?"

EJ wants Kate to find out where his son is while Sami and Lucas are in Santo Domingo. Kate says she will do what she can. EJ goes to share the good news with Stefano.

Lucas wants Perry to leave so he and Sami can beat the dead horse again. Lucas takes an Australia clipping out of his wallet, "Remember, we were going to go there on our first anniversary. I picked it because it's such a cheap place to go since neither of us have jobs, and we could let the twins hang out with that Ciara-Pocket gang and send Will back for another round with Helge in Switzerland." Now, he thinks their dreams are over. Sami says they can still do things like that. Lucas says EJ won't let her. He tells her about threatening to kill EJ, "I said I would kill him with my bare hands."

"You might be able to take him if your bare hands were holding an Uzi," says Sami, "But you really have to stop making threats like that."

Lucas asks, "But what if there is a way to make EJ Wells disappear forever?"

Sami asks, "Won't that happen when NBC drops this bomb in favor of a good show?" She forbids him to kill EJ and reminds him how "wonderful" it was to be on death row. Lucas agrees, but says it's hard for him. Sami says it's hard for her too. They think it's hard? They don't have to watch this tripe. Now that's hard. She hesitates and then signs the papers. She hands the pen to Lucas. He waits an eternity, and then takes it and signs. Sami breaks down.

Max and Stephanie decide they're just friends. Stephanie is OK with him seeing Morgan but doesn't think she's his type. "Oh," asks Max, "And just who is my type?"

"Maybe someone who can drive a stickshift," says Stephanie. She decides she is fine with it and happy for them.

Max smooches her cheek, "Oh, and for the record, you don't look like just one of the guys."

"But does this racing suit make my butt look fat?"

Max is diplomatic and doesn't answer, but does think she shouldn't have sewn the "Goodyear" patch back there.

After Max walks away, Chelsea comes up to Stephanie and says she saw Max kiss her. "It was on the cheek," says Stephanie, "It doesn't count. She thinks working at the Cheatin' Heart will be sheer torture, "I blew it. Max was one of the good guys and I let him get away."

A group of sisters ooh and aah as Nick challenges them to get water from a saucer into a glass without touching the saucer. Carmen takes him up on it.

Stephanie wretches as Morgan and Max dance. She tells Chelsea she kind of likes Morgan, in a homicidal kind of way. Chelsea advises Stephanie to play the field. Stephanie says that's what Kayla told her to do. She goes outside for some air. Max watches.

Perry Mason leaves with the signed documents. Sami tells Lucas they did the right thing and vows they will get back together as soon as they can, "Maybe we'll go to Australia for our second honeymoon."

Lucas looks in her eyes, "I'm gonna miss this face."

"And I'm gonna miss being short-sheeted."

Lucas sits her down and decides to make tonight about them.

"I love you," says Sami.

Lucas moves in, "I love you, too."

Stefano listens to classical music. He turns it off when EJ arrives. Stefano sees the look on EJ's face and senses the results are in. "Congratulations," says EJ, "You have a grandson."

Stefano claps his hands together, "BRAVO!"

Ford the sot puts his arm around Max and says he likes him. Morgan gives him coffee. He orders beer nuts to go with the coffee, and then drops the cup, "My bad. I guess that's my cue to leave."

Ford takes out his car keys and Morgan snatches them, "You're not driving anywhere." Ford insists he is in good enough shape to drive.

"Maybe I can call my mom to drive you," says Chelsea, "She's the head of security here at the university."

Ford about faints, "That's your mom? That hot chick with the brown hair? Yeah! Let's call her!"

Chelsea wretches, "You really are sick."

Chelsea takes Max aside and the conversation moves from the high-school level to the seventh grade, "What do you think of Stephanie?"

Max asks, "Did she ask you to ask me?"

"I think she'd like you to ask her to the sock hop."

"Well," says Max, "I think she's a great girl."

"That's not what you said when you were trapped in the cave," says Chelsea.

Max says all Stephanie wants is a friend. Chelsea wants Stephanie to be happy. He goes back to Morgan and Ford.

Chelsea answers the doorbell. Cordy's sourpuss parents have come to pick her up. Chelsea invites them in. They decline and say they will wait in the car. Stephanie joins Chelsea and they go to check on Cordy.

As the girls go past them, Ford and Max argue.

Chelsea tells Cordy her parents are waiting for her. Cordy hears Ford yelling outside and breaks down. The girls press, but Cordy says, "I can't talk about it."

EJ tells Stefano Sami doesn't know about the test results yet. Stefano toasts, "La vita buono."

"Life is good," says EJ. He tells Stefano the stem cells have been stored and toasts Stefano's good health. Stefano asks about a name. EJ says Sami has narrowed it down to John or Squints as a tribute to John Black. Stefano says, "I will call him Gianni – A powerful name. And I will be his mentor."

Sami and Lucas smooch on the bed. Lucas offers a massage. He goes to get the oil, "Save my spot." As Lucas leaves, someone slides a note under the door.

Sami gets it and opens it, "Oh, God, what does EJ want?" She reads the note, "DNA test confirms that the boy is mine. We have a son." Sami looks over in the direction of poor Lucas.

Ford holds up four fingers, "How many fingers am I holding up? Right – three." Nick walks up. Ford slurs, "Who invited the professor?"

Nick tells Max, "Therese's car needs a jump. Can you help."

"I'll do it," says Ford, "I'll give her a jump."

"SHUT IT," says Max, as he and Nick walk out.

Ford tells Morgan he either wants his keys or a lift. Morgan will drive him. As she goes to get her stuff, Ford spikes her drink. Morgan comes back and Ford toasts Halloween. Morgan drains the cup and they leave.

Max comes back inside and looks around like a lost puppy.

Stephanie comes in and tells Cordy Ford left. Chelsea says whatever she tells her will not leave this room, "What did he do to you?"

Cordy trembles, "He... he... raped me."

Stefano thinks the boy should grow up in Italy, "And then off to an English boarding school like his father. Where is he? I want to meet him?"

Kate shows up right on cue. EJ brings her in and says, "I assume you have located my son."

"I should get a finders fee," says Kate. Stefano welcomes her with a kiss. Kate says the twins are with Patch and Kayla. Stefano has a meltdown, "MY GRANDSON IS WITH THAT INSANE STEVE JOHNSON?"

"Not for long father," says EJ.

Lucas comes back with the oil. Sami wads up the note. Lucas senses something is wrong and asks Sami what it is. "I'm sorry," she cries, "It's just hormones kicking in again."

He has her lay down and massages, "Think about happy places and happy times."


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Blogger cfish said...

Deb must be late logging in today, so I'll fill in for her ...

'Chelsea says whatever she tells her will not leave this room, "What did he do to you?"

Cordy trembles, "He... he... raped me."'

Okay, everyone who didn't see THAT one coming, raise your hand ...

***<<<< crickets >>>>***

I thought so.

5:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And I'll bet it leaves the room quicker than you can say "Chelsea has a big mouth."

6:26 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

The boy is a Dimera. How freakin' predictable. The only interesting twist they could make of this SL is if the boy turns out to be good and the girl-who-remains-nameless is the evil twin. HAHAHA

Loved Patch's Halloween costume and the lab tech finalizing the DNA test.

And here's a thought to ponder....the latest issue of SOD has an article about a looming Hollywood writers' strike. If it happens it would involve the soap writers. Sheffer was interviewed and asked what would happen to the soaps if the writers did go out. He guessed that the studios would try to get scabs to cross the lines and write the shows.

I say, to heck with scabs! The Prevuze team and its commentors should volunteer and show them how it's done!!

Happy Halloween everyone!

6:34 AM  
Anonymous KOTU said...

Lucas agrees, but says it's hard for him. Sami says it's hard for her too. They think it's hard? They don't have to watch this tripe. Now that's hard. How true, how true! LOL

I thought there for a second they were going to have Lumi jump in the sack for some divorce sex....two days after she gave birth to twins! That would have proved, beyond a doubt, the writers were all male.

Prevuze, you are so funny it's scary

6:39 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...


, everyone who didn't see THAT one coming, raise your hand ...

***<<<< crickets >>>>***

I thought so.


6:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This how sucks what the hell is going on first 2 baby dadies,I give up.

6:51 AM  
Anonymous LB said...

If there is a writer's strike, the actor's could probably ad lib better stuff than they've been getting. Of course, then the SL's will actually move along and just might make sense.

Applecheeks is right--the girl being a Dimera would have been great. A female with Sami & EJ's genes & Stefano "mentoring" vs Marlena's infuence has a lot more potential than a boy.

7:05 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Lucas says romantic movies always end happily. Sami says theirs will too.

Obviously, they haven’t seen “Casablanca”.

Lucas says EJ won't let her. He tells her about threatening to kill EJ, "I said I would kill him with my bare hands."

Yeah, right, Lucas. Since you’re about three feet shorter than your adversary, strangling EJ’s knee caps isn’t going to get the job done. I can’t believe Sami is reminicing about death row with the person who framed her for murder, and this is the guy she wants to spend the rest of her life with? Sami should be wanting Lucas to get a taste of his own medicine so he can find out what it’s like to rot in prison. This whole last night of marriage is creeping me out. First, they leave the twins with “babysitters”, and now it sounds like Sami and Lucas are revving up for a night of, ahem, passion. What’s that all about? Didn’t Sami just give birth? Isn’t there a two month rule? Am I trying to use logic? Since logic and DOOL are contradictory terms, am I going nuts? Yes.

Does anyone care about Max/Stephanie/Morgan? I didn’t think so.

7:18 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

Yeah, cfish I was on early but didn't have time to do a comment. Thanks for stepping up! LOL

As far as the writers strike goes, since when did DOOL need anyone to write anything NEW????

They've been recycling SL right and left for the past year, why stop now??

Chloe's comming back so they can just dig up some of her old scripts.
Or since it looks like Marlena will be taking the Crazy Train to Psycho Killer town they can just drag out the Salem Slasher/Salem Strangler scripts and pass those pages out.
All they would have to do is change the names around.

Oh and since we now know Ford is a great big loser, his new name shall be....Ford Granada!
For those of you who are late 70's early 80's challenged, the Ford Granada was the ugliest, lamest, POS car Ford had produced since the Edsel. They were a true Grandma car without the charm. LOL

Someone was wondering what role the latest winner of Who Wants To Be A Soap Star will be doing when she hits days. Since Ashlee Holland is an African American something tells me she will end up being Artemis and DeMarquette's mom, and Nick will have to help her find the boys who have been kidnapped.

7:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know, it was one thing when we had characters we actually cared about in school: Phillip, Chloe, Shawn, Belle, and Mimi. But does anyone care about Ford, Morgan, Cordy, etc.? If getting rid of John was for "trimming down the staff" purposes, couldn't we have gotten rid of these characters, as well as Jett and "I need a storyline" Billie?

7:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can this show get any more ridiculous???? Usually TLT doesn't bother me too much ..... it is a soap! BUT, now we are to believe not only are LUMI leaving newborn twins with babysitters but that EJ tells Stefano the stem cells have been stored. What, Marlena is an expert at preserving cord blood while she delivers twins with complications??? Not bad for a shrink! Cord blood can only be collected in specialized hospitals. The writers really are insulting anyone who has ever given birth.

7:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just in case anyone cares - the character of Jett will soon be no longer. He has been let go.

***<<<< crickets >>>>***

Hmm those seem to be popular today

8:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree, this storyline with Lumi is just frustrating. I have two kids and the whole thing of hopping on a plane and leaving your baby(ies) is just ridiculous.

And Ford raping Cordie.... I agree
<< crickets <<<

I wonder if EJ looked closely enough at the DNA report, it would be a good twist to have him think the boy is his when it is really little no name.

8:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I totally agree. They have insulted all of the viewers.

No One, and I don't think anyone here would disagree... no one could actually HAVE SEX a day after giving birth... and to twins!!!!!! OMG. Then EJ says the stem cells/blood have been collected? by whom??? OMG! The fact that Sami LEFT newborn twins and WENT OUT OF THE COUNTRY is stupid. By the way, IS SHE BREASTFEEDING? Hmmmmm, long distance breastfeeding! That's a new one.
Kate miraculously has the test results? Wasn't Marlena watching those results 'with her life?'... But Kate has them???? Before the mother and father do???

You know, if the writers are wondering why their ratings are in the toilet - they should watch this episode over again.... While just reading it I can find 'fault' with almost every scene.

If they WANT to save Days - they need to fire the current writers and hire a few people who have some realistic thoughts. And please hire at least 1 woman... just one.... so that birthing, pregnancy, etc... stuff isn't sooooo obnoxiously WRONG!

Hmmmpphhh.... I feel so insulted by all of this nonsense! I want my 'Days' back! I just want to be able to enjoy it again, like it used to be!

Ok, so NOW I'll tell you how I REALLY feel!!!! LOL!
Thanks for letting me vent...

Great job Prevuze, as usual! You Keep Us All Sane Through This Mess!

8:55 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

Hmmm, good point Anonymous -- Kate getting the supposedly "guarded with my life" DNA test results is a little fishy. Anybody think she might have fabricated some fake test results just to mess with EJ's and Stefano's heads? I certainly hope not -- we've had enough fake DNA tests to last all the DAYS OF OUR LIVES!!!

9:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now-Now....dont be so hard on Sami and Lookis for leaving the babies, afterall, they are not treating those kids any different than they did Will. Heck, they will practically raise themselves, dont you know.
Funny ~ but this soap manages to make Britney Spears a better parent than Sami...and Belle...and marlena...and Hope...all combined.

11:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't forget by leaving the babies behind this means that Sami and Lucas will be able to come home to the rapidly aged 5 year old twins. If they don't leave them they can't age drastically in a day - it would be WAY to obvious.

Though we all know that things are only BLATANTLY obvious to us watchers and not to the writers who have to repeatedly beat their SL into our heads with gross repetition of lines and insane whining.


11:16 AM  
Anonymous Salemnite said...

OMFG, Now let me get this straight. Samantha just had Twins, She leaves them on their first day out of the Hospital. And she having ((gags)) more LUMI lovin' with 'Pucas'?! All with in one week...WTF?!

Any Woman who has borne a Child can feel my bewilderment, lol.

As for EJ having a Son.... "I'm Shocked" lol. It will be even better if "Both" twins are EJ's. LUMI doesn't need more kids. I'm just waiting to see what surprise Stefano has in store for EJAMI?!

11:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Kate did something to the test results. How come that the actual mother of the twins isn't the first to know? Days has really gotten stupid and I agree that they need new writers. The whole frat/sorority story is lame. I really don't give a crap about them. And the whole Marquis and Demarquette story is totally absurd. Nick must be a saint to take care of 2 brats that aren't his. They should let the whole cast go with the exception of Sami, Lucas, EJ, Marlena, Bo, Hope, and Kate.

11:55 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

LOVED Patch's "costume". :D

Prevuze was blocked in this hotel and I had to get permission to leave comments. Must be from all the forbidden links. HAHAHAHA

I'm with Applecheeks, couldn't they have surprised us and let both kids be Lucas's or something??

Great Prevuze, I'll have to read all of the comments when I get back.

12:15 PM  
Anonymous Theresa said...

Ford bends down over the unconscious Morgan lying on a bed, "Lookin' hot baby, and you want it."

OOH LOOK...Ford has been taking love lessons from that HUNK of crap EJ! What is it with these writers and forced and/or coerced sex?

12:55 PM  
Anonymous moposh said...

I'm a little confused. For a brief period there, it seemed like Kate wanted Lumi to stay together. Now it seems she's on Team DiMera. She wants Lucas to be happy yet she's doing all she can to split him and Sami up, thus resulting in his unhappiness.

While I saw Ford as the rapist and Johnny as EJ Jr. it's okay.

I'd just like to know why Hogan was going to be so great and wonderful for the show. He hasn't impressed me.

1:14 PM  
Anonymous sue said...

LMAO at the John comment - a very twisted yet fitting way to start Prevuze!

So lucas and sami are going to have sex. That just sounds like so much fun - maybe Sheffer needs to try something equal to having two babies and then sex. Might open his eyes a wee bit.

But a huge cheers to a quickie divorce!! Maybe we'll get a couple days without the recycled why she shouldn't / why she should stuff.

And a yes to a new DiMera heir - lucas has Will and he wanted a daughter anyway (even if he did daydream her in an extremely negative way and called her blubber-butt = grrrrr!!)

Stephanie needs to get a grip and leave her uncle alone. Morgan's great and it's nice seeing Max with someone he's not related to. Maybe she could go after lucas - I don't think they're related are they?

11:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It would be a WELCOME change to see a who killed EJ.R.!

You people make fun of Lucas but this EJ.R. is a FRICKIN psycho! Planting his seed???? By gunpoint yet! Bullsh*tting Sami into this marriage. Whoever doesn't see EJ.R. planting those rings are more niave than the twins! OH and what a way to show your undying love, by THREATENING and HARRASSING the woman to leave the man she's been pining over all these years.

Oh yeah that EJ.R. is a real classy guy and one we should all admire and adore!

Then again if you're looking for a soft porn flick, you're going to have to find another soap. The porn couple of the Soap world has been split.

5:22 AM  

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