Friday, October 19, 2007

The Deadly Spatula

Kayla tries to check out Phillip's injuries while he threatens to have Steve arrested. Steve thinks Phillip should apologize to Kayla. Phillip softens and apologizes. Kayla tells him she just wants the baby happy and well. Phillip thinks Patch wants him out of the picture. "I wouldn't place a puppy with you," says Patch the diplomat, "Let alone Pocket."

"Tyler," yells Phillip, "His name is Tyler! Once the doctor says he is OK, I'm taking my son home."

Shawn knows Bo put his reputation on the line to get him in the police academy. Bo's reputation and a buck will get you a cup of coffee at the commissary. He wonders why Bo is laying the "mom" guilt trip on him, though. He wonders if Bo thinks he doesn't have what it takes to become a police officer. "Of course I think you do," says Bo, "But Zack's death really took it out of your mom."

"Not as much as it took it out of Zack."

Bo says, "There was a time I didn't think she'd come out of it." CENSORED! DO NOT CLICK ON THIS LINK!

Shawn doesn't want Hope worrying about her. "How about Marlena," asks Bo, "How well do you think she slept last night."

"Not well," says Shawn, "But that doesn't mean she won't sleep again." Bo says sometimes during the past couple of years he has woken up and found Hope pacing the floors over Zack. He tells Shawn he can limit the risks in his life. Shawn thinks Hope put Bo up to this. He swears he will be careful.

"John was careful," warns Bo, "except for when he dove in front of that car."

Bo remembers John's death scene, "I'm having a hard time wrapping my brain around it."

Shawn pictures an amoeba trying to wrap itself around a mountain, "So this just isn't about mom?"

"No," says Bo, "If something ever happened to you, I couldn't take it."

Patch says, "You're not taking the baby away." Phillip reminds him protective services already did. Patch asks, "What's up with you. There is not one drop of your blood in Claire's veins, but you chased her all over the world." Kayla referees. Phillip says he's taking Tocket home.

Patch mocks, "What – Another acquisition, Phillip? Another Kiriakis trophy?"

The doctor and Mrs. Meyer come out. Dr. Davidoff suggests they focus on why the child has been getting sick.

Shawn and Bo keep it up. "It's not all car chases and catching bad guys," says Bo.

Shawn knows, "Some days, though, you get the bad guys."

"Yeah," says Bo, "We've caught our share of couriers, not to mention vandals who drive vehicles into buildings. But the good guys are outnumbered."

Shawn reminds Bo of when he told OMB and Caroline he wanted to be a cop. Bo smiles, "Yeah, she came at me with her deadly spatula. I had no idea spatulas could do so much brain damage. But, you know, Ma and Pa really didn't have a choice."

"I know I've done stupid things," says Shawn... Shawn wins the Emmy for the understatement of the year, "But I didn't know who that guy was then. Now, I want to make a difference. I learned from John's death the good guys need all the help they can get.

"Then why are you joining the police force," asks Bo. He backs off. He says they will deal with it somehow. Hugs.

Marlena tells Belle and Sami she loves them but doesn't want them staying there. She may be grieving, but hasn't gone totally out of her mind, "You have your own families to take care of." She turns to Sami, "And you have a litter on the way." They try to convince her. No dice, "Your families need you. And the twins."

"They will need me later," says Sami, "Right now they are still in the original packaging."

Marlena asks if Sami is still planning to marry EJ. Sami tells her she is. Belle says there has to be some other way, "You're rewarding the DiMeras for killing my father." Sami stands her ground.

Dr. Davidoff says they have rerun the diagnostics, "He wasn't poisoned. He has a rare genetic disorder, CWS – Crummy Writers Syndrome. It causes the body to produce chemicals interfering with digestion. It is, however, controllable. Pocket will be just fine."

Mrs. Meyers says the case is closed. Phillip asks if he can take him home, but Mrs. Myers says the paternity hasn't yet been established.

Wayne and Ruth Wilkins bounce in and ask about Pocket. Dr. Davidoff brings them up to speed and Mrs. Meyers introduces them as Pocket's new foster Parents. Wayne and Ruth bet the Johnsons sure missed Pocket. Steve and Kayla are thrilled that's what the Wilkins are calling him. Mrs. Meyers continues the introductions, "This is Phillip Kiriakis. He may be the father."

Ruth starts to break down. They have fallen in love with Pocket. They ask to see him. Phillip doesn't think that's a good idea, but Mrs. Meyers cuts him off at the knees.

Ruth and Wayne, soapdom's new supercouple, walk over to the crib and make over Pocket, "You gave your mommy and daddy quite a scare." They pull out all the stops and give him his blankie. Kayla bites her lip.

Meanwhile, back at Marlena's, the girls munch the 10,000-calorie breakfast. Belle wants the DiMeras to know they don't run Sami's life. Sami wants to stop the vendetta. She thinks the DiMeras went after John. Belle wonders what if it's a trap, "What if they don't let you go?"

"I'll find a way to get out."

"What if they are drugging you," asks Belle, "What if they force you to watch DOOL? "

Sami says she has power over EJ because he loves her but she doesn't love him. Marlena reminds her Stefano said he loved Marlena. Sami thinks this time it will be different. Marlena doesn't think so, "He has a black heart. He's Stefano's son. Do you think you can control that?"

"I have to."

Marlena says, "You're taking on something incredibly dangerous and it could end with your life."

Sami says she isn't becoming a DiMera. She will always be a Brady. Belle asks if John would want her to do this.

"I think John would be right behind me," says Sami.

"Right now, nobody could stand in front of you," says Belle.

Sami says, "Stefano wants his father's soul at rest. What else could he want?"

"A child," says Marlena.

Sami gasps, "I am not sleeping with EJ. EJ said he would lie about that to Stefano."

"What if he forces himself on you," asks Belle, "He has done that before." Sami says once Stefano is gone she is out of there. She thinks the two of them are ganging up on her. Belle about breaks her neck doing a 180. Suddenly she remembers how she risked everything for her own daughter. She reminds Marlena she jumped out of a plane to save Kayla, "I'm done arguing with everyone."

Marlena appeals to Belle, "Talk to her. Tell her it's the biggest mistake of her life."

"I'm not sure I can."


Old Ironpants runs up with the recruits. Bo says, "Commander Flynn!"

PrevuzeFlynn says, "So, Brady, I wonder if Shawn has what it takes to join the thin blue line."

"He's got the matching thin gray brain," says Bo.

Shawn says he starts tomorrow. "You have a lot of catching up to do," barks Flynn, "Why don't you join me at oh-five-hundred for breakfast and we can start then."

"Could we make that oh-nine-hundred," asks Shawn, "and make sure you have strawberry jelly for my toast."

"HUT-TWO-THREE-FOUR... HUT-TWO-THREE-FOUR..." Ironpants and the troops jog off.

Bo thinks Shawn might have the opportunity to get on Ironpants' good side, "All you have to do is kiss a little iron."

Mrs. Meyers says Pocket will remain with the Wilkins. Phillip protests. "Mr. and Mrs. Wilkins are born parents," says Mrs. Myers, "I've never seen anyone bond like this."

Phillip growls, "They better be just as good at letting go."

Meyers says they want to adopt, "Pocket seems to have won everyone's heart." She goes to sign his release.

Philip and Patch stare. Three eyes. Two men. One goal. No sense.

Phillip and Patch bicker over who has what to offer Pocket. As he walks off Patch snarls, "You want company, get a dog."

Kayla tells Phillip, "He loves that baby like nobody's business." Philip asks if they will try to adopt him. Kayla says no, because she suspects Phillip is the father. Kayla asks Phillip if he is ready to commit, "Pocket needs to heal right now."

"Pocket is my son."

Kayla screams, "Tyler! His name is Tyler!" If he's your son, that might mean doing the right thing by letting go. I know you have a big hole in your heart where Claire used to be. I don't think Pocket can fill that up, do you?"

Belle says Sami reminded her of when she ran away with Claire, "We have to stand strong – as sisters." I Am Woman plays in the background as Belle and Sami stand at attention next to each other. Ironpants would be proud.

"You're crazy," says Marlena. It runs in the family.

Marlena wonders what will happen when Stefano dies. She thinks EJ would rather see Sami dead than married to Lucas.

Sami thinks they shouldn't talk about this. Marlena needs to rest. Marlena says she can't rest, only grieve. Sami decides to go. Marlena asks if she is leaving angry. Sami smiles, I'm leaving energized." She walks off and we all hope she keeps going... and going... and going...

Marlena sighs, "She scares me, that girl." Belle suggests Marlena sleep. Marlena thinks sleep would be a welcome relief. Belle has to go pick up Claire at school. She leaves, but says she will be back.

Marlena contemplates the bed and the flag. She sits down on the bed and makes a call, "Roman? Are you busy tonight? "

Shawn thanks Bo for speaking up for him. Bo thinks Shawn is up to the responsibility, "Speaking of which, when are you going to marry Belle? You gotta do it before Claire is old enough to be the maid of honor."

"Too late," says Shawn.

"Trust me," says Bo, "It's better with a ring, although that makes your nose sore at first."

Shawn leaves. Bo contemplates, "He's gonna be all right. My boy is gonna be all right."

Belle lights a candle in the sanctuary. Phillip comes in, "What's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this? "

Belle zones, "I remember once being lost at a carnival. I cried, but my dad found me and held my hand and I remember how safe that made me feel. It's hard to believe that carnival was just last week. I'm still my daddy's little girl. Who's going to hold my hand now?"

Phillip jumps on that one like white on rice. He holds her hand and she asks about Tyler. He fills her in. He thinks Tyler's foster parents are amazing, "I can't believe I'm about to say this. I think I have to give my son up."

Kayla holds Pocket. Ruth knows how Kayla feels. Ruth and Wayne assure the Johnsons they will take good care of him. Kayla thanks Pocket for blessing their lives. Patch takes him and says goodbye. Pocket fusses. The Wilkins walk out with him.

"I loved that little dude," says Patch, "He was the best drinking buddy I ever had."

"I know you loved him," says Kayla, "Me too."

Patch rationalizes, "He could be Phillip's kid and if we get more attached to him we could still lose him. Let's just focus on our family right now... You... me... the slut. Maybe we can have a baby someday."

Kayla shakes her head. "Never say never," says Patch. Kayla says they will talk bout it someday, but only if he is ready. Smooches and hugs.

Phillip says he will give up Tyler because he wanted him for all the wrong reasons, "A kid deserves two parents." Belle says she is sorry.

"Tyler can't fix me," says Phillip.

Belle takes the bait, "Who can?"

"The plastic surgeons have been trying," says Phillip, "But you can. I love you Belle. I had everything. I want it back. I want you back."

Belle gasps, "Phillip."

Phillip moves in, "To hell with lighting a candle. Let's light a fire."

DA-dumb... DA-dumb... dadumdadumdadum... Shawn walks into the church. He reaches for the sanctuary door.

Sami rushes back into Marlena's bedroom in a dither, "Mom, what's wrong?" Marlena says she didn't like the way they left things.

Sami whines, "You had me really scared..." PAIN! Sami doubles over.

Marlena calls the hospital. Sami huffs and puffs, "Mom, these babies are coming now!"

"I'd better call a doctor," says Marlena.

William Howard Taft was the least humorous President, and Bill Clinton the most, according to a recent study by Stanford University. We can at least partially confirm this is true, confident in the knowledge that William Howard Taft never once read Prevuze. We aren't certain about Bill Clinton.


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Anonymous Bill Clinton said...

Are you kidding? I wouldn't start my day without Prevuze and a good cigar.

Bill Clinton

3:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow, sami could win an award for quickest labor ever, as soon as she starts contractions, the babies are ready to come. Amazing, lol!

4:20 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Phillip and Patch bicker over who has what to offer Pocket. As he walks off Patch snarls, "You want company, get a dog."

Phillip says “you’re right. I think I’ll go hit on Belle”.

Marlena contemplates the bed and the flag. She sits down on the bed and makes a call, "Roman? Are you busy tonight? "

Which Roman? Josh Taylor or Wayne Northrup?

I’ve got to hand it to Prevuze. You have a most impressive list of readers. Bill Clinton is good but getting a post from Voltaire was a major coup. Gotta love Prevuze!

5:27 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

What self-respecting police force would hire someone who'd crashed their motorcycle through a church window, a house, a guardrail?...

Of course they gotta have Sami deliver those twins pretty soon. Sweeps is almost over.

Loved the forbidden link, two men three eyes and no sense" and especially the carnival being last week. HAHAHAHHA

Great Prevuze today!

6:22 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

Prevuze, I can't believe you missed this one --

Marlena says, "Your families need you. And the twins."

"They will need me later," says Sami, "Right now they are still in the original packaging."

Yeah, but the expiration date was a MONTH ago!!!

6:39 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

DAYS is just bristling with medical information now-a-days. Like Belle's instructions to John and largely unknown, but rampant, CWS - Crummy Writers' Syndrome. LOLOL

Philip single-mindedly pursued Claire for MONTHS. Philip single-mindedly pursued Lauren/Tyler for MONTHS. And we're supposed to believe that after just finding his son he spends 30 seconds with a couple of people he doesn't even know drooling over his kid and he's ready to give him up??

And speaking of the Wilkins - they had Pocket all of 3-5 days and suddenly they are deeply attached to him???

It's like the writers aren't even trying to make sense of this story any more.

Prevuze, however, is always right on the money!

6:40 AM  
Anonymous tom1978 said...

Applecheeks I really don´t agree with you. Phillip pursued both Claire and Tayler, but what he really wanted all the time was Belle. If something, his sudden obsession with children didn´t make much sense. But there was never any doubt that he is really in love with Belle. And now, when she no longer act like she doesn´t care, he is ready to fight. Besides, the last thing we need is another child we never see anyway, so it´s very smart from Ed Scott he decided to send him away.

I´m probably one of few but I´m really starting to love the show lately. No more stalling, no more filler. All storylines are going full steam ahead.

8:09 AM  
Blogger Angel said...

I think when Chloe comes back, Phillip will want Tyler so that he can play "house" with Chloe and Tyler. Plus, I don't think it will go well with Victor thta Phil gave up a son.

I know the contract was up but I wonder if Mimi will ever come back in the pic since she's Tyler's mom. She's lookin' pretty heartless for someone who was just dieing to have a baby w/Shawn.

I wonder if one of Sami's twin is a DiMera and one a Roberts.... hhmmm....

8:23 AM  
Anonymous chaya said...

Hey Prevuze - glad I remembered to read you before work today.

And if Bill Clinton reads Kinky Friedman, then for sure he'd like Prevuze - you are even consistently more funny!

Can't you guys just see the future ...

"Hi I'm Pocket and I'm an alcoholic ..."

sure no wonder with a name like that

8:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bulldog sweeps hasnt even started yet. the next sweeps month is november.

not that i really care about what happens with shelle, but from reading the next day preview, i cant believe how easy belle is sleeping with phillip. she wouldnt give it up to shawn for years and now she's giving it to phillip like its candy.

9:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll bet that when the DNA tests come back on Tyler (sorry, just can't use the "P" name!), it will show that Belle and Philip are his parents. And since they are already proving they still have feelings for each other, they'll be back together in a heartbeat.

10:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In my opinion, this Belle and Phillip have WAY more chemistry than the supposed "super couple" Belle and Shawn.

10:40 AM  
Anonymous Scolly said...

Anon -

I agree about the Bellip chemistry. But the trouble with the Days writers is once they get it in their heads two people HAVE to be a "supercouple" there's just no changing their minds. I'm afraid we're stuck with Shelle for all the Days of Our Lives.

After watching today's I had a question - - Marlena walked around the place noticing stuff like whatever Squints had tossed over the back of the chair, the coffee cup and so on. Hadn't she been in there before this? If not where'd she get the clothes she was wearing to the funeral? Either she was wearing new clothes to the funeral or the same ones she'd been in for days. Anyway, Prevuze shouldn't blame itself for calling it the penthouse because it looked like the same old penthouse set to me.

11:35 AM  
Blogger Fwickafwee said...

Philip and Patch stare. Three eyes. Two men. One goal. No sense.

I laughed until I cried when I read this one.

Thanks Prevuze!

1:01 PM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

Boy oh boy. Belle and Phillip together agian. Like we didn't know he was an obsessed freak. I don't think I want to see another triangle with these guys. Belle pining for Shawn--again--

Wish my labors would have went from zero to 60 in 60 seconds.
Hey didn't I pick Oct. 19th for my "second chance" pick? Do I get any points for her going into labor on that day's episode? Right, she won't actually have the babies until Thursday.

Iron pants putting Spawns plans on hold for further review. How did they slip someone in that might raise a red flag over his past behavior and not want to give him a gun and a taser. Definitely not a Salem native.

1:46 PM  
Blogger Deb said...

Checking the Lumi baby chart...Yes Brenda you DID have the 19th.

BUT Sami hasn't actually given BIRTH yet.

Her labor might last until Wed or Friday of next week!

So sorry, to win you would have actually had to have picked the day they were BORN, not the day she went into labor.

DOOL rules, not mine.


But, we can salvage some hope.

We know this episode doesn't happen till Monday, the 22nd.
So lets all pick the day Sami gives Birth!!

I say....Tuesday the 23rd.

Anyone else?

2:32 PM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Seeing as it is DAYS, I'm thinking more like Friday, October 26.

3:04 PM  
Blogger Angel said...

I agree that Belle and Phil have more chemistry but I believe it's due to the actors themselves. The old Belle and Shawn "looked" better together.... That's why the old Shawn and Mimi looked awesome together.... This new Shawn always looks so troll-like with the messed up hair and stuff....

Belle only wants Phillip cause he's a war hero and she needs a hero in place of her daddy.

Phillip wants Belle cause Chloe is not in the picture yet. He needs a damsel in distress and right now, Belle is the only one around.. Everyone else is either too young, knocked up, or taken...

I'm curious to know what that DNA thing said that Stefano had in his hand.

4:03 PM  
Anonymous sue said...

Thanks for the laughs and Prevuze!

What is it with Marlena becoming so
sanctimonious? - I get that she's in mourning, but now EJ has a black heart? Guess the fact John was Stefano's mercenary must have slipped her mind (as well as the concept of not passing judgement on others). I sure hope Sheffer gives us the real Marlena instead of another of his fake heroines who are a step away from sainthood.

And why does the image of Sami giving birth in Marlena and John's bed gross me out? I'd guess Marlena won't be smelling those sheets anymore.

LOL at Shawn walking in on Phil and Belle - that should be fun to see!

4:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chemistry, "they have more CHEMISTRY." Who cares, chemistry is all acting.. Oh, Sami and EJ have chemistry, Sami and Lucas have no chemistry, Bell and Philip have chemistry, Bell and Shawn (Sean) have no chemistry. I took chemistry in high school and in collage. I have chemistry in my house, it's under the sink and used for cleaning. WHO CARES if these "super" couples have chemistry. It's the weak writers at DOOL that say who will be together, Chemistry be damned...Beside, it's a Soap. My rant is now over.

6:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the idea of Belle and Phillip (and especially the new Phillip)... They have way more desire than with Shawn (maybe I just can't forget Shawn was with that SL*T, whats-her-face, so fast, after Belle!)
I always loved the old Phillip - and even though I hated the new Phillip chasing Shawn, Belle and Claire around the oceans... I really like this new Phillip and think Belle is better off with him (let's face it - he's better off to care for her 'high maintenance' tendencies - better than Shawn!)

JMO - don't shoot me!

Great Job Prevuze - as usual!

11:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok. I have two things to mention about this episode. First, in the early scene where Marlena and the kids were curled up in the bed, the girls were acting so childish. Belle was practically whining her lines. I told my husband that with that bad acting I would have expected them to the parts of Belle and Sami will be played by Artemis and DeMarquette. Then, you see the two of them with Marlena wearing blonde wigs.
Anyway, one to issue two.
Didn't Belle leave Marlena in the room saying she was going to pick up Claire at daycare? First, I think Claire has been at preschool since Belle went to the clinic to do her clinicals that fateful night. But, funny. Belle said she was going to pick Claire up and in the next scene, she's lighting a candle in the church. Belle gets easily sidetracked.

10:10 PM  

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