Monday, April 09, 2007

Elvis, The Titanic And The Mother Ship

Steve tosses cards into a bedpan. Marlena comes in.

"Well," says Patch, "I see they're bringing in the 'A' team. Marlena too."

Marlena is mad about the way Steve treated John. "I had an inkling," says Steve, "That's not as good as having a clue, but it's better than drooling mindlessness."

He remembers the last time they were together, "The mace, the hypo... You are the last person in the world I want to see right now."

Bo fiddles with his phone at Chez Rouge. Kayla meets him. She doesn't get it, "I went to Italy and brought back pictures. That should be enough for you to bring EJ in and get him convicted."

Bo says it's not even close, "Even though they were the best pictures I have ever seen of the Coliseum." He reminds her she had this conversation with Roman.

"It doesn't count until we've been over it a dozen times," says Kayla. She makes her case, "I followed my gut."

"No," says Bo, "You followed John's guts. And the last time I followed my gut, I almost got kicked off the force. I know you are desperate to help Steve."

Kayla says she won't stop until EJ is behind bars. Bo thinks EJ will come after her. He doesn't want her to wind up in a coffin.

EJ is on the phone. He tells the person on the other end to proceed. Phillip walks up and asks if he is putting out a contract. EJ claims he isn't. They wait outside Bo's house while the painter finishes. EJ says, "I can't wait to find the whereabouts of Shawn D."

Marlena says she had to tranq Patch back at the cabin. He tells her no hard feelings, and asks her to leave, "I have baskets to weave." Marlena accuses him of putting on an act. She wants to talk. She's been talking to Dr. Kraft about his treatment.

"So much for doctor-patient confidentiality," says Patch.

"Doctor-patient what," asks Marlena. Marlena says it's professional, so it's not a breach of confidentiality. She tells him they knew he was brainwashed when he was missing and presumed dead. She knows he still is.

The chip on Steve's shoulder weighs him down so much he has to sit down, "Why don't you tell me something I don't know?"

Bo insists Kayla doesn't want Wells coming after her, "It's not only dangerous but also stupid." Kayla wonders if Hope would help him under the same circumstances. He says they aren't talking about a hypothetical situation. He and Roman will help her but she has to back off. Kayla just can't sit around and wait. She says she will stop if the police get off their lazy butts and find something to do.

"We've done everything we know how to do," says Bo, "We got a double order of donuts this morning." He says all the evidence proves is someone had surgery. Kayla says any surgeon would testify that the scar is consistent with a transplant. Bo says her evidence won't put anybody behind bars, "Steve testifying is the only way to convict EJ."

Bo says the cops have to handle this, not some vigilante, "Don't do something stupid. That's my job."

Kayla says, "You know the only foolish thing that I have done here is expecting you would help me."

EJ and Phillip go into Bo's house as Peter painter picks a pan of paint. Peter wants to know who they are. Phillip says they are from H&S Electric, "He's H, and I'm S... Harebrain and Simpleton." Peter is skeptical. He didn't hear about any electric company coming in. Phillip gives him a load of jive and promises to lock up when they go. Peter the painter starts to make a call to check things out.

Phillip stops him and gives him a work order. Peter buys it. He leaves and Phillip and EJ go to work. Phillip loads the program on a laptop conveniently sitting in the middle of the living room. EJ goes upstairs to set up the cameras and microphones.

Outside, Peter snoops, "What the hell? Something's not right here." He makes a call. Inside, Phillip chuckles and types.

Bo and Kayla argue. Kayla says they may not be able to find Shawn for a statement. Bo insists Shawn and Belle will call to let them know they are OK. Bo tells her to stay away from it. She can't, "If something happens to me you and Roman have my blood on your hands." She leaves. Bo gets a call. Peter the painter tells him about the strange guys who have shown up at his house, "They're inside but probably shouldn't be." Bo goes into action.

Patch knows he was brainwashed, "What other news you got for me? Did Elvis die? Did the Titanic go down? Is DOOL boring? "

Marlena says, "You have to recognize you are helpless."

"What is this," asks Steve, "Screw-Loose anonymous? Do I have to listen to this psychobabble all day?"

Marlena wonders if he might not be taking his meds, "The people that brainwashed you did a good job. This can be undone if you have the courage to try something radical. Patch isn't interested, but he's curious, "Just what is this radical approach that could be my only way of getting out of this dump?"

Marlena says, "De-programming."


Patch thinks that's scary. Marlena says it's worth a shot. Steve says he is willing to try, "But we don't have much time. We gotta start now because in a few day's I'm supposed to lie down and the mother ship is going to beam me up."

"I have an excellent psychotherapist in mind," says Marlena, "If we can locate him... It's some guy named Alex North." Steve says his HMO doesn't cover de-programming. He doesn't want to lose what's left of his mind. The Steve she used to know is AWOL. Marlena asks why he is so afraid to try this.

Lights jiggle as the mother ship begins to take off. Oh, waitaminute, it's Kayla's car. She makes a call and gets Bo's voicemail. She says she wants to apologize for what she said. It was awful. She didn't mean it. Blinding lights come up behind her. Closer... closer...

EJ comes downstairs. He announces the cameras are installed. EJ says he saw the painter hanging around outside so they need to get out. Phillip finishes loading the program and they scurry around.

Bo comes up to Peter the painter outside his house. Peter says the guys inside said they were electricians. Bo says he didn't hire any electricians. The lights go out inside the house. Bo tells Peter to call 911. He starts to open the door.

Kayla waves for the guy behind her to go around. She fumbles for her cell phone, and drops it. Since nothing else is working she drives her car into a ditch.

There was a time Marlena wanted Steve to hurt as bad as Steve hurt John. Then she thought about who he really is. Steve is sick of this. The only reason he's staying there is because Kayla promised not to tell Stephanie about his condition. That and the locks on the door. "They cooked my brain," says Steve, "It's not gettin' uncooked. I'm not your science project. Leave me alone."

Marlena says she at least had to try for Kayla. She leaves. Outside she gets a call, "Hello. GASP! Oh no! Not Kayla!"

Bo sneaks into his house. His gun is cocked. Bo is half cocked. He snoops around, moving and twirling his gun like he used to do when he did that fire dance with his baton in high school.

Deputy Fife comes in, "Bo! I have bad news about your sister. She's still on the show."

Deputy Fife says Kayla was in an accident, "She just went off the road." EJ and Phillip cower upstairs. Bo tells Deputy Fife to watch the place. Bo heads for the hospital. Deputy Fife's idea of watching the place is to go outside and have another donut. EJ and Phillip bolt.

Steve is back to chucking cards into a bedpan. Marlena comes back into his cell. "You're as bad as my wife," says Steve. Marlena tells him about Kayla's accident. She starts to leave. Patch stops her. he asks if he can borrow $20 for the vending machines since the food there is so lousy. Marlena digs into her purse, gives it to him and takes off. Steve runs to the door and shouts, "Thanks for the double-sawbuck! Give Kayla my best!" Once Marlena is out of sight, he summons Hector the orderly and offers him $20 if he will do him a favor.

EJ and Phillip sit at a table in Chez Rouge and celebrate their adventure. EJ gets on his cell phone and shows Phillip the cameras are working in the house. "My sister is a freaking genius," says Phillip.

"I thought Billie was your sister," says EJ. He tours the rest of the house via cell phone. He shows Phillip the phone as they watch the police search the house. Phillip toasts Bo and hopes he finds his son very soon. EJ says he will contact Phillip immediately. Phillip says, "If you think of holding out on me..."

Guttural cries from the depths of hell are heard in the background as Hector comes up to Steve's cell door and unlocks it. He is back from the janitor's closet where he got Steve the lye soap he wanted. Hector leaves. Steve strips to the waste and sticks the soap under his armpit. At least that will do something for the aroma in the room.

Bo is with Kayla in her hospital room. She has a concussion. Kayla says it was her fault. Bo says it was his. "Those lights," she mumbles, "Behind me. They wouldn't go away."

Bo assures her everything will be OK. He tells her to rest. They will talk later. Marlena arrives, "She's been through so much."

"She's been through hell," says Bo. He tells Marlena about the wreck, "They don't know who ran her off the road." Marlena wonders what it will take this time to bring EJ in. Bo stares.

Phillip says he wasn't threatening EJ. He was just restating their agreement, "If I were threatening you, you'd know it."

"I know you'd be very foolish," says EJ. Phillip knows EJ has his own agenda. For the record, Phillip doesn't trust anyone. He says they will have a rewarding association as long as they treat each other as equals. EJ says, "Don't ever make the mistake of thinking that you and I are equals." Phillip thanks him for the compliment.

Bo says Wells will be questioned, but he and Marlena both know if he was involved he will make sure it can't be traced to him. Marlena rages, "Someone has to stop him."

Bo tells her about his argument with Kayla. Marlena says it's not his fault. Marlena says she told Patch about the accident, "He didn't seem to care much. He's not the same Steve we knew."

"You're right," says Bo, "He's not."

Patch vegetates. He's used the lye soap to raise his body temperature.
"How long has be been like this," asks a nurse.

"I just found him," says Hector.

The nurse shouts, "His temperature is 104° – get a gurney and get him to the hospital! Something is very wrong." Everyone leaves the room. Patch inserts the soap under his arm again, "I'm coming, Sweetness. I'm coming." Fade Out.


Steve sits at Kayla's bedside in a cop uniform and says, "I'm sorry, Sweetness, I'm not going anywhere until you tell me how you almost got yourself killed tonight."

Bo walks up to Chelsea, "I want to talk to you... about the fire."

Sami yells, "The only way to stop him would be to put him in the ground." Lucas asks, "You gonna kill him?" Sami turns away.

Officer Patch points a gun at EJ, "If you ever go near Kayla again I will kill you! Do you hear me? EJ says, "I think you made your point."


Anonymous KOTU said... doesn't count unless we've been over it a dozen times. O.M.G.!! Prevuze has hit on the reason DAYS is so mind-numbingly repetitious.

According to research, in order for anything to move from your short-term memory into long-term memory it has to be used or done or repeated at least 17 times.

TPTB at DAYS apparently think fans won't remember a plot-point unless it is driven into the ground!

6:28 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

Inspirational bon-fire...

Imus dissing Days' females...

Belle mortified by Shawn's lack of fashion sense...

Prevuze is de-best!

6:31 AM  
Anonymous LUMI said...

Man this show is crazy.
I was watching DOOL and i saw the clips between SAMI&EJ those kisses were great shotsd,But when it cam to SAMI & LUCAS there was of holding back and ponding. what is up with that and a lote of shadowing kisses,I want to now which is it ALI doing are is it BRY doing and who's husband or girlfriend who does'nt like it.


6:57 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Thank God for Prevuze. I won't be watching this ridiculous episode of DOOL, it's horrible. I'm so sick of Steve and Kayla I almost forgot I was sick of John and Marlena.

7:34 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

Does lye soap really raise your temperature like that? We need medical confirmation of this plot point.

"No, you followed John's guts." HAHAHAHAHA I LOL over that and loved the pizza boy/arson pics.

Just the thing to wake me up on a Monday. Prevuze, De-lightful as always! :D

8:31 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

Does lye soap really raise your temperature like that?

Well... so we Googled "lye soap" and "body temperature" and it brought up today's episode of Prevuze! Anyway, it also brought a page on "How to fake a fever." According to this page, "Place a bar of Lye soap (available at your local grocery) under your armpit. Hold it there for about 3 minutes prior to taking your oral temperature. It should raise your temperature (temporarily) about 5-6 degrees."

For a full description, click here.

10:09 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

I should've known Prevuze would have the straight skinny on this. Thanks!

I should bring a bar of that soap to work. :P

10:38 AM  

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