Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I Was Cleaning My Fist And The Damn Thing Went Off

Bo storms into his house. Officer Cooper assures him things are secure. Bo isn't sure – after all, Officer cooper is a Salem cop. Cooper leaves. There are three types of people in the world... those who make things happen... those who watch things happen... and those who wonder what happened. Bo wonders what happened.

Nick and Chelsea come up to Bo's house and speculate about why Bo wants to see her. Chelsea wonders, "Why do I feel like I'm a dead brat walking?"

"I don't want to hear that kind of talk," says Nick, "Let's not get everyone's hopes up until we know for sure."

The brat really doesn't know why Bo wanted to see her, but doesn't think he knows the hairbrush is missing. They go inside for the grilling. "I want to talk to you," says Bo, "About the fire."

Lucas calls to book the DE-luxe honeymoon suite. "I want the best," he says, "Something that screams rock star." The clerk books him into the Clay Aiken room. No one has any problem sleeping in there. He books it in the name of Mr. and Mrs. Roberts. Sami rushes out and tells him about Kayla's accident. She heads for the hospital and tells Lucas to stay there. He asks her not to forget about the photographer tomorrow night. He has a surprise after, too. Sami hesitates. She has too much to do. Lucas says he isn't taking no for an answer.

Sami heads out. Outside, she says, "I can't do this. I can't kill EJ."

EJ brings flowers to Kayla, "I tried to warn you but you wouldn't listen. Maybe you'll listen now, Eh?"

The doctor orders a full blood panel for Patch, "His fever spiked at 105." The doctor and the attendants leave. Patch surveys the room. He's handcuffed to the bed. An officer comes in and taunts him. He tells Patch his fever broke and he should sleep through the night, "Lucky for me."

Patch moans. He asks the cop to get a nurse. The cop leaves and Patch goes into action. He shoves pills into the cops bottle of pop, "I knew these dolls would come in handy."

The cop brings aspirin, "I tried to get a nurse, but this is all your health insurance will allow." He gives Patch a drink and he takes the aspirin. The cop guzzles his drink.

"Thanks again," says Steve, "I'm feeling better already."

EJ finds Sami in the hall. Sami wonders how he heard about Kayla's accident. He tells her bad news travels fast. He reminds her their future begins tomorrow night, "Are you excited as I am?"

"Yes," says Sami, "Nervous too."

EJ knows it can't be easy for her to have to dump the bad news on Lucas.

Lucas goes over printouts. Will comes in. Lucas tells him about Kayla. Will wonders what all the papers are. Lucas tells him this is all he needs to prove EJ is an embezzler, "Its the ticket to save our family." Will wonders how the papers could do that. Lucas says, "Well, it will take down a crazed maniac who will then hate us forever and probably ruin our lives because of it. In the meantime I will lose my job and we'll be out on the street and homeless."

Bo's first priority is the safety of his family. The brat freaks and says she wouldn't do anything to hurt him. Bo says that's not what this is all about. He brought her over to apologize for suspecting her.

The cop sleeps. Patch reaches for the keys and unlocks his cuffs, "Here I come, Sweetness."

Sami tells EJ she will talk to Lucas before the photo shoot, "After that, I'm yours for all the Days Of Our Lives. EJ gets frisky. Sami stops him. He wants to know why she is hesitant. "We're in public," says Sami.

EJ thinks her feelings for him have been waning, "I hope you're not stupid enough to play me for a fool."

Sami plays along. She says she knows he doesn't trust her, but she's happy this child is his. She's standoffish because she knows this will hurt Lucas, "You'll have to wait and I'll give you what you deserve." EJ wonders if she's a woman of her word or as foolish as her aunt. Sami gives him his answer by kissing him. EJ leaves. Sami steams.

Steve's room is dark. A nurse checks his pulse. We pan to the guy in the bed and see it's the cop. The nurse leaves and Steve comes out of the bathroom wearing the cop's uniform. He sneaks out into the hall disguised to the hilt with a neon sign over his head pointing to his patch.

Sami visits Kayla. She tells her she was in an accident. Kayla is confused and has a headache. She begs Sami not to tell Steve about her accident.

"Too late for that," says officer Steve as he comes into the room.

"You shouldn't be here," gasps Kayla.

"No," says Patch, "It's you who shouldn't be here." He asks Sami for a little time with Kayla. Sami leaves. Kayla begs him to go back to the hospital. Steve says, "I'm sorry, Sweetness, I'm not going anywhere until you tell me how you almost got yourself killed tonight."

"Well," says Kayla, "Everyone knows the only way to get rid of a tailgater is to remain calm, flip your car and let him pass."

Will sits in his living room. There is a knock at the door. Will answers. EJ. He tells Will he wants to see him. He wants to know if there is a way to show cell phone images on a TV set. Will tells him all he needs is a VGA converter, "You can get them for about $200 at Radio Barn. They're only $50 at MicroCenter, but you can afford it."

Will leaves and Lucas comes out. EJ wonders what's up with all the papers scattered around the room. Lucas says the Myth-Ick numbers don't add up, "But I wanted to talk to you before I call the SEC."

Bo is sorry it took him so long to come around. The brat cries – Happy tears. Bo says once they get the DNA results from the hairbrush, the case will be closed. The brat wonders what if the DNA doesn't match Willow's. "It will," says Bo, "Don't sweat it."

"When are you and Hope moving back in," asks Nick.

"That depends on your girlfriend," says Bo.

Kayla tells Patch about the accident. She begs him to go. Steve thinks this was EJ's work. Kayla asks why he cares, since they have declared their relationship DOA, "What are you trying to prove?"

Lucas thinks this all looks like fraud. EJ wonders what he is up to. Lucas tells him and says he told Kate about it, too. EJ says he's sorry to burst Lucas' bubble, "But your smoking gun isn't loaded. The SEC would only give me a little fine if it found out about this."

Lucas says he would go bankrupt when the stockholders get wind of it.

"And you would go down too," says EJ, "Just what do you want from me?

Patch says he does nothing but hurt Kayla, and she still fights for him. He's there to watch her back the way she watches his. He insists EJ does not control him, "Tonight I'm going to prove that." As he leaves, Kayla begs him to go back to the hospital.

Out in the hall, Steve asks Sami to borrow her car. She gives him the keys and Patch leaves. Sami goes back inside. Kayla is calling Bo to tell him about Steve's escape. She says she's worried he's going to kill EJ. Sami grabs the phone, "Would that be so bad?"

EJ asks Lucas, "Is this where you tell me to get out of Dodge?"

"No," says Lucas, "Just stay away from Sami."

Lucas just doesn't want EJ around anymore. His obsession with Sami has to stop or he'll tell the SEC, "I'll call my boys in Washington just to show I mean business. I'm sure they'll stop panhandling in the subways long enough to bring you down."

Sami makes a case for killing EJ. Kayla worries what will happen to Steve and their future if Steve kills EJ.

"What if he thinks of a way of doing it without getting caught," asks Sami.

"No one gets away with murder," says Kayla.

"The DOOL writers do," says Sami.

"I am calling Bo," says Kayla, "And I am telling him it's a matter of life and death."

Bo tells the brat they want her to move in with them, "This is where you belong. You'd be doing me a big favor to let me show you I have changed just as much as you have. We can work on the father-brat relationship. And you can help Hope with little Cockroach." Chelsea says she would just love to do that. She's really, really happy. Hugs.

"There's another plus for me," says Bo, "It'll be good having someone here with Hope when I'm at the office once a year."

Bo gets a call and leaves. The brat is soooooo excited. Nick is really happy for her. She says he doesn't seem that happy. He says it's the hairbrush thing, "Someone might start asking questions."

On the phone, Kayla tells Bo Steve escaped. Bo asks, "How did he get out of his DOOL contract? " Bo vows to find him. He goes back in and tells the kids he has to take off. He'll help Chelsea move if Billie is OK with it. He leaves.

Chelsea turns to Nick, "Don't say it. I know there could be trouble ahead but just let me enjoy this for a little bit." Hugs.

EJ wonders if fate could intervene between now and the wedding. He leaves. Lucas chains the door.

Out in the hall Steve comes up behind EJ and sticks his pistol up to his head, "If you ever go near Kayla again I will kill you! Do you hear me?

EJ says, "I think you made your point. Now, get off of me."

"No," says Steve, "Open the door." EJ opens the door and Steve hauls him inside. We remain outside and listen. SMACK!

Nick says they aren't out of trouble yet. Chelsea insists they are, "Bo will think Willow either caught a break or had someone steal the brush. The only way we will get busted is if the brush turns up. Since we dumped it in the trash, we're in the clear, aren't we? And it's all because of you." Kiss.

Sami comes back into the apartment. Apparently, she walked back from the hospital since Steve has her car. She asks why Lucas is so happy. He says tonight will be a night they will never forget, "EJ made his final appearance. He will never come by again. I threatened him and he blinked."

"What have you done," gasps Sami, "Do you know what he's capable of?"

Lucas knows. Sami insists EJ will never leave them alone, "The only way to stop him would be to put him in the ground."

Lucas asks, "You gonna kill him?" They just don't come any sharper than Lucas, do they?

"Of course not," says Sami, "It's just a figure of speech." Sami doesn't want to think about EJ. Smooch. "I need you so much."

Bo goes to EJ's apartment. EJ comes out with an ice pack on his jaw. Bo says he is there to warn him Patch is on the loose, "But it looks like I am too late."

"Not at all," says EJ, "I was cleaning my fist and the damn thing went off."

Bo wants to know why EJ is protecting Steve. EJ brushes him off and closes the door.

Bo calls Kayla. He tells her about EJ's bruise. He'll keep looking for Steve. Kayla thinks she messed up this time. Steve went after EJ because EJ went after her. Bo tries to cheer her up and tells her to get some sleep.

Kayla hangs up and stares into the empty void, "Steve, where are you?"

Patch hooks himself back up. The cop comes to, "My head feels like it was hit with a wrecking ball. How long have I been out?"

"A while," says Steve, "Don't worry. It'll be our little secret." He gives an evil chuckle.


The sheriff tells Belle, "Kiriakis put a bounty on your heads." Belle asks, "A quarter of a million dollars?" The sheriff says, "Some people on this island would sell their mothers for a hell of a lot less."

Kayla tells EJ, "That little accident just gives me all the more reason to keep digging until I find enough evidence to put you away."

Bo says to Steve, "He wants you in that loony bin where he can get to you any time he wants."

Gabby tells Shawn, "There is an easy way to get off this island if you take me with you."


Anonymous Law Student 2011 said...

Ok, I have to laugh, Sami knows that Steve is locked up in a looney bin, yet she hands him her car keys, (LMAO). Then she's magically back at the apartment. Gotta love the writers.
Thanks Prevuze, as always great reading over my morning coffee.

4:13 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

And how about Lucas who wants to talk to EJ before going to the SEC so that EJ will have plenty of time to cover his tracks? Great strategy. HAHAHAHAHA

"DOOL writers get away with murder".....death by boredom. Thank goodness Prevuze is here to save the day!

6:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really though applecheeks that makes sense for Lucas. He isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer.
So Kayla got to see inside the mind of a writer when she stared into the empty void. Poor Kayla...

6:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He says it's the hairbrush thing, "Someone might start asking questions."....Nah!

Only a real police department and crime lab would notice when evidence is missing...so I think they're safe!

7:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Only a real police department and crime lab would notice when evidence is missing...so I think they're safe!

Unless it involves the day of the court case, to boost the drama! I.E. Chelsea's video *buddump* --'What was that?' --Your lil' brother who must have LAID DOWN in order for you to treat him like a speed bump! C.C It's okay, though. I'm sure he would have grown up to be an ass like his older brother. :)

7:17 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

I wonder if the Clay Aiken room is adjacent to the Josh Grobin room?

Lucas and Kayla must be charter members of the Lets Tell EJ What We're Planning Group. DUH!!!

Loved the donuts and Kayla's driving pictures. And it's always great to have a forbidden link.

Excellent Prevuze today!

8:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Guess we can take Kayla off the potential murder suspects list.

9:05 AM  
Anonymous Get the jerk some eyedrops said...

"EJ made his final appearance. He will never come by again. I threatened him and he blinked."

lmaoooooooooo! Who says the writers don't have a sense of humor?

11:46 AM  
Blogger athan said...

LUCAS: ...In the meantime I will lose my job and we'll be out on the street and homeless."

not if he does in fact marry sami. everyone knows a brady can still live the life dining out and planning expensive (green) weddings what have you w/o going to work but once a year. i think they must get paid for mentioning work tho. cuz at least they are thinking about it.

this had me LOL tho:
He sneaks out into the hall disguised to the hilt with a neon sign over his head pointing to his patch.

well that and everything else you write and caption.

keep it up !

1:37 PM  

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