Thursday, April 05, 2007

Rendezvous By The Dashboard Lights

Clink! Abe and Celeste are at dinner. Celeste says they forgot to make a toast. Abe says, "You know, it's been so long since I've been out with a beautiful woman, among other things. You're a remarkable friend. Clink!

Abe takes her hand. She has been his strength the last few months. Celeste tells him it's been great being a part of a family again. Kate interrupts. The fireball on the screen is Abe and Celeste's wonderful evening going up in flames. Kate wants to talk to Celeste. She wants to know what's gong on with her and Sami.

Lucas goes through computer printouts, "This is Insane! There are some really big numbers on this sheet. Some of them even have commas in them. What's up with that?"

Billie says, "Insane? There's a lot of that going around."

Lucas says, "Sami's put a condemned sign on my future and Mom's on my case. With EJ in my face it's all getting to me."

"It's hard to avoid a guy you work for," says Billie.

Lucas rants about EJ not leaving Sami alone. Billie points out Sami is pregnant, "Crying is part of the package.

"Just how long has Belle been pregnant," asks Lucas, "You're defending the guy who's tearing my family apart."

Sami and EJ keep it up and head for the couch. Sami says she can't breathe. EJ says they'll come up for air once he's satisfied she belongs to him.

Abe says, "If you don't mind Kate, we're trying to have dinner."

Kate scoots into a chair, "I don't mind. I've already eaten." Celeste notices Kate has been drinking. Kate pleads guilty and moves right into her own agenda like a runaway freight train, "You and dear, sweet Sami. The oddest odd couple in Salem I would say."

Kate can't figure why Celeste would have anything to do with Sami after what Sami did to Lexie. Kate knows something is going on. And Lucas is smack in the middle of it. She needs to know what's going on so she can stop her son from making the biggest mistake of his life.

Billie and Lucas argue. Lucas says EJ is laying money Sami will pull a 'runaway bride' on him. Lucas knows EJ's up to something but he doesn't know what. Billie tires to calm him down. She goes through a folder and finds the information Lucas has been looking for. "This doesn't make sense," says Lucas, "The numbers are all off."

"Go talk to the guy," says Billie.

"One problem," says Lucas, "The CFO is EJ."

Sami worries about Lucas walking in on them.

"Let him," says EJ, "He'll find out eventually."

Sami decides there is a way to do this without being cruel, "I have to tell him."

EJ says, "It will hurt a lot less if you do it sooner." Sami asks him to let her do it her way. EJ says nothing is happening her way. He's calling the shots.

"Oh," says Sami, "That is so charming."

"I don't trust you," says EJ, "You have 24 hours to tell Lucas the wedding is off."

Sami gasps, "That's impossible."

"You'll make it happen and then meet me at that old cabin," says EJ, "If you don't, I'm going to summon Lucas up there and give him a play-by-play of what happened that night. And then I'll have to tell him what I was doing there and give away one of our last secrets – Our rendezvous by the dashboard lights. Do we understand each other?"

Sami says, "Well, there is nothing that screams romance like an ultimatum." After meeting at the cabin EJ says he is going to take her to Vegas and they will go to a wedding chapel and promise to "Love honor and obey."

"They took the part out about obeying," says Sami, "

"I'm a traditionalist," says EJ. Sami says she didn't realize she was headed for marriage with EJ. She insists she is serious, but could use a little breathing room. EJ says time is a luxury he can't afford. He also likes the fact that a wife cannot testify against her husband, "And Lucas would have no claim to the child. It makes things so much simpler, don't you think?"

Lucas and Billie go over the figures. Lucas thinks EJ is cooking the books, "He's skimming. If the board catches wind of this he's going to jail. No one's been able to pin a thing on this guy, but it looks like I got him right now."

Billie says, "I'm not gonna let you take him down."

Kate rambles on about how Celeste crashed Sami's wedding shower and then they got back together at the penthouse grill and shared secrets. Celeste says, "Oh, would you shut up, Kate?"

"Oh, would you shut up, Kate?" Sorry. I just had to rewind and hear that one again.

Celeste lectures, "It's always about you. Your pettiness and your jealousy."

Abe tries to referee – I hope he's getting hazardous-duty pay for this scene. Celeste says she asked for and received a truce with Sami. She's sorry to disappoint Kate. Kate thinks it's all a crock. She thinks Sami had help that night at the cabin. Abe doesn't think so. Celeste tells Kate she sure knows how to ruin a good evening. Kate accuses her of finding out and keeping it from everyone. Kate turns to Abe, "Please, think about this. I hate to grasp at straws, but I'm appealing to your instincts as a cop."

Billie and Lucas argue about whether or not EJ is embezzling. Lucas gets the 2006 financial record CDs to take home and load on his computer. Billie says, "Lucas, do I have to remind you if EJ goes down our mother goes down too? I'm speaking financially, of course." She begs him not to send Kate to jail, "Just let it go."

Sami says she knows this is hurting Lucas and breaking up her family, but she can't stop wanting EJ. She says she has taken risks for him, "The question is, is it worth it?" EJ says he fell for her and she upset his plans. But at least he's presenting the next generation DiMera to his father. He wishes she had told him from the beginning the child was his. He would have embraced her with his trust. Now he has to extort that from her. If she denies him she will lose everything including the baby, "If you're not gonna be my wife then I'm not gonna let you be a mother to this child."

Abe says his instincts tell him if Celeste says there is nothing going on he believes her.

"Even if it goes against all common sense," asks Kate.

"What does common sense have to do with anything in Salem," asks Abe. Kate thinks Sami told Celeste what happened that night. Kate doesn't know why Celeste would protect Sami. She thinks Abe just doesn't want to hear anything she has to say. Kate brings up Lexie's indiscretions.

Abe explodes, "How dare you talk about that when you are sleeping with EJ!"

Sami says she understands why EJ doesn't trust her. She says she wanted him, but hated herself for it. Now he's getting her. All of her. But Sami says trust works two ways. She has to know he will honor her role as the mother. EJ says that's a vow he will happily keep. He sits her down and talks about their future. He doesn't want her to have any regrets about loving him. He has wanted her since that night in the car, "Let me make love to you." EJ moves in.

Abe says Kate offends her. He knows EJ is a stone cold killer, "But there is no proof. Just like the bull you've has been flinging around." Kate points out she helped get info on EJ. Abe tells her until she has rock solid proof he doesn't want to hear another word. He cares nothing about Kate, but Celeste is family, "If you can't respect that you can go straight to hell."

"I've already made my reservations," says Kate, "It's a one-way ticket."

EJ starts to undress Sami. She gasps. He tells her to relax and dives in. Of course, she is saved by a knock at the door. It's Lucas, "Sami, can you help me with the door? My hands are full."

"So are EJ's," says Sami. She tells EJ she will meet him as planned. She reminds him they made a deal and she has 24 hours to tell Lucas. EJ kisses her and runs for the bathroom.

Lucas comes in with a truckload of packages. He tells Sami, "Because of our green wedding theme, I bought a tux made out of organic hemp. After the wedding is over, we can smoke it."

Sami is distracted. She says she doesn't want to see it. Lucas asks why. "It's bad luck for the bride to see the groom's tux before the wedding," says Sami. Lucas wonders where she got that, but takes the stuff into the bedroom.

EJ comes out, "I think someone's about to have his heart broken. I almost feel sorry for the poor bastard."

Sami tries to get EJ to go. EJ strokes her neck, "You have such a lovely neck... It would be such a shame if you let me down." Sami insists she won't let him down. He threatens to tell the world Sami and he planned to kill Lucas instead of rescue him that night. Sami says she understands. She tells him to go. Lucas calls – he can't find his dress shoes. EJ leaves. Lucas comes out and wants to know who was at the door. She tells him it was kids selling magazine subscriptions.

Lucas says the only thing that matters is for them to be husband and wife. Smooches.

EJ meets Billie in the hall. He thinks Billie should make a pitch to Bo about the security system since Bo is ripe for the picking after having his house broken into and burned. Billie says she won't play Bo like a trick, "I got out of that business along time ago."

"You're in business with me now," says EJ, "It amounts to the same thing."

Kate says sooner or later Abe will find out she was right. She advises him to watch Celeste like a hawk, and leaves. Celeste thinks Abe is apprehensive about something. He says they should forget about Kate, "It's just you and me now. Is there something you want to tell me? Something you've been afraid to share... Now's the time." Celeste sips her wine.


Abe finds it odd she is spending time with Sami. She assures him they are trying to heal old wounds. Abe doesn't want Celeste to get sucked into one of Sami's messes. He warns her to be careful for his sake and Theo's. They need her. Celeste promises. Abe decides this calls for a celebration and leaves to order champagne. Celeste stares.

EJ thinks Billie should develop more of a killer instinct. He thinks she dropped the ball by not moving in on Bo like a hungry jackal. Billie doesn't care what EJ thinks, "What're you trying to teach me? How to succeed in business by lying cheating stealing? If you're so disappointed in me I'll take my business elsewhere." EJ wonders if something has changed in the way she views him. He wonders why she wants to dissolve the partnership. Billie says she has had a bad day. She just wants to be alone. She goes inside her apartment.

Sami stops Lucas. He makes another try. Sami thinks they have to stop or he won't find his shoes, "I don't need any shoes," says Lucas, "Or clothes for that matter." He reminds her they have a wedding picture session tomorrow night, as if any groom would remember something like that. He leaves. Sami makes a call, "I have to talk to you about the plan regarding EJ. I'm in."


Kate tells Lucas, "The person that you're angry at is not EJ. It's Sami."

Phillip says, "I'm not scared of you." EJ says, "That's something we have in common." Phillip says, "As is finding Shawn Brady."

Patch says, "Find someone who won't put you at risk." Kayla says, "Love is risk."

Celeste says, "One match and the world will be rid of Elvis DiMera's evil." Sami says, "After that I'll have EJ's blood on my hands. And I will be guilty of murder."

Zerp-zerp-zerp-zerp-zerp... "Oh, would you shut up, Kate?" Actually, that wasn't in the previews, but I just wanted to hear it one more time.


Anonymous Law Student 2011 said...

Love Steve and the Soap Mag pic, you made me laugh with that one before work. Thanks gang as always.
Lucas and the tux "we can smoke it after" ;)

4:43 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

The problem with Prevuze like today's is my coffee gets cold. I'm afraid to drink it while reading since my keyboard can take only so much liquid sprayed on it!!

LOL at the professional numbskulls, "I Slept With Kate Day" at the ballpark, Patch's magazine.

Abe joining the "I Did Her Mother Club" is right on the mark but, oh so creepy!

Great morning picker-upper. Now I have to go warm up that coffee! Then, zerp, zerp, zerp I need to go back and re-read the good parts.

6:38 AM  
Anonymous Point of law said...

There is no law that says a wife cannot testify against her husband. The law says that a person is not OBLIGATED to testify against their spouse.

7:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know we say almost every day that this show defies all logic, but I think the current Sami/EJ story line takes the cake. Everyone in Salem has been looking for a way to find evidence that will put EJ away. He RAPED Sami, and instead of going to the police and doing just that, she conspires to murder him. What the hell??????

7:49 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

And not only should Sami have done that, Anonymous, Billie should butt out and let Lucas take the information about EJ and the crooked books to the cops. (I can't imagine at this point he'd care if Kate went down with him.) Maybe they could get EJ like Al Capone and his taxes.

I think I'll definitely have to zerp Celeste's remark, too.

It might be a bit creepy but I'm still laughing over Abe's fascination and Kate day at the ballpark. HAHAHAHHA

Prevuze, you hit a home run with this one!! :D

8:36 AM  
Blogger Vampire Bear said...

I have always wanted to know the sound effect of a rewinding vcr / dvr. Thanks for letting us know how that goes, prevuze! :)

9:09 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

I have always wanted to know the sound effect of a rewinding vcr / dvr. Thanks for letting us know how that goes, prevuze! :)

Always happy to be of service, VB. The actual word is sounded out by quickly sucking air into your mouth so that your tongue flaps against your gum. As you might expect, the spelling for that is difficult to come up with.

Of course, as you might have guessed, fast forwarding is Prez-prez-prez-prez-prez. This must be shown five times in quick succession, or it will be confused with George W. Bush, who is just... Prez.

10:03 AM  
Anonymous tj7812 said...

OK, I get the Nick and Roman reference in the "I Did Her Mother" club, but Doug and Jack?? Can anyone shed any light here? Thanks!

1:23 PM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

Doug: Julie and her mother, Addie.

Jack: Jennifer and her mother, Laura (while the two of them were at some hospital/rehab and didn't recognize one another for some reason I can't really remember right now)

1:45 PM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

As far as I can remember about Doug, he and Julie were a hot item. Then something happened and they had a huge fight. Just out of spite Doug married Addie, Julie's mother. They had a daughter, Hope. (That's how Hope is Julie's stepdaughter and half sister at the same time.) Later Addie was killed when Hope was a baby and Doug and Julie ended up together and raised Hope as their

1:46 PM  

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