Friday, March 30, 2007

A Flock Of Angry Chickens

Abby 2.0 cackles on the phone and Oooooo, Gwen Stefani is staying at the same hotel! I might just wet myself. She is interrupted by a knock at the door. Who else – The Jackster.

Kayla and Max chortle about pulling one over on Stefano. They drink to burying EJ Wells.

EJ is just stunned. He was absolutely certain the child was his. He tells Sami he has reached the point of his life where the money and fame mean nothing. Being a father is what has meaning, "It's amazing how one little piece of paper can change your life."

Phillip grills Gabby. Kate walks up to him and says, "Well, I can die a happy woman now that I've shared the back of a pickup truck with a flock of angry chickens."

Back in the pickup truck, Chicken Little says, "Well, I can die a happy chicken now that I've shared the back of a pickup truck with an angry whore."

Phillip continues to give Gabby the third degree as Shawn watches. He runs upstairs and tells Belle they have to get out now. "Phillip is here. He's interrogating Gabby right now and he's not leaving until he gets what he wants."

Belle is as frantic as a bipolar adult with the mentality of a child running away to a remote pacific island. Shawn insists Gabby will cover for them. Belle runs right off the deep end, "So it all depends on Gabby – someone we barely know. Our lives are in her hands, Shawn. Do you realize that?"


Gabby claims she hasn't seen Shawn and Belle. Phillip presses. Gabby asks if he is calling her a liar and insists she hasn't seen them. Kate needs a drink. No one seems to be responding to her highness, so she goes to get one herself. As she walks around the bar she finds a teething ring sitting there, "OK, NOW we're calling you a liar." Gabby stares.

It turns out Jack met a Gwen something-or-other in the elevator. He describes her and Abby has a cow. Jack whips out the autograph he had Gwen sign for Abby. Oh, he's just the best dad ever. Jack suggests a carriage ride in Central Park. Abby says she always wanted to do that, but with a guy. Jack checks himself out for guy clues. He tells her he talked to Aunt Maggie this week. "What about," asks Abby.

"Max Brady."

Max says this is the most fun he's had since Frankie left town. The Brady's are great and all but with Frankie gone, he feels lost. "I understand how you feel," says Kayla, "I'm there now."

EJ is crushed. His plans are ruined. Sami reminds him this isn't about his plans. It's her life and her baby, "You didn't succeed in planting the DiMera seed in me. It's over. Get over it."

EJ says, "I don't think you do understand. Because this isn't just my loss. This is your loss, too."

Nick beats around the bush as he tells Maggie a certain friend asked him to do a certain thing he could do but can't do. The town gossip senses a juicy story here and goes in for the kill.

Sami tells EJ this is great news to her. EJ says, "My father told me my brother Tony's only flaw was a weakness for the ladies, well, except for tasting exceptionally good to tigers. Anyway, I decided to avoid that flaw. And I did, until I met you."

Sami tells him it's over. She may have felt something for him once, but not now. He raped her. They did not have a passionate night of beautiful lovemaking. He forced her, but now it's over and she can get on with her life, "You forced me to put my life on hold while I waited for the results of this test. And now I know Lucas is the father of my child; which means we are done here and will never have a connection again for all the Days Of Our Lives."

Max says, "What you're telling me is the love of my life is – my brother. Actually I came on this trip because I wanted to be a part of something that was bigger than I am... and to... see... someone."

"Not just anyone. Someone special. Could it be... Abby Devereaux," asks Kayla.

Abby gets defensive, "SO! You've been talking to Aunt Maggie about my love life?"

Upon finding there is a love life, Jack has a minor stroke. Abby insists nothing is going on, "We're just having fun."

"Define fun," says Jack, "Listen, he's a lot more experienced than you. He's what, ten years older than you?"

"Six years," says Abby, "He was ten years older than me last week." Jack has a meltdown and warns her to stay away from Max Brady.

Kayla wonders where Mimi fits in with all this. "She's in Arizona and I'm here," says Max.

"So the coast is clear," says Kayla.

Max says he's been around the block a few times, but has never run into anything like this, I just think about Abby all the time... how sweet she is. She can even take apart a carburetor, which would have been a really useful skill if cars still had carburetors. When I'm around her, it feels like home."

Sami admits she and EJ may have had some kind of momentary chemistry, but when she found out who he was all she wanted to do was get him out of her life. EJ wonders where she would be if he had been out of his life – Lucas would be dead.

"Well he's not," says Sami, "That bargain we made on that mountain road never happened. That's all I want from you."

"That's it," asks EJ, "You've got it." He reaches out his hand to shake. Sami puts her hand out and he grabs her and reels her in, "The thing is, Samantha, you are probably the only woman who could have made me into the man I thought I was." He kisses her hand, backs off, turns and leaves.

Shawn says since Phillip seems to be able to find them no matter where they go, he may have to confront him. Belle wonders what she would do if Shawn doesn't come back. He tells her to go to Gabby's boat at the marina and wait. If he doesn't come back, she should go to Australia with Claire. Belle couldn't find her butt with both hands, but she might just be able to stumble onto something as big as a continent.

Gabby claims the teething ring belongs to the neighbor's kid. Phillip reminds her she said there were no kids around there. "New kids," says Gabby, "I thought that's what you meant."

Phillip gets nasty. He grabs her and twists her arm, "You'd better start talking, you hear me?"

Gabby squeals, "Fine! They're here, all right?" Kate enjoys the show.

Nick wonders what he should do. Maggie tells him, "Any friend who truly cares about you would never ask you to compromise your principles. Just remember that, OK?" Maggie walks off. Nick stares.

Max reminisces about all the relationships he has screwed up. Stephanie for one, "Abby is different. She's...," he chokes at the very thought of the word, "innocent... She collects teddy bears, and her collection is bigger than mine."

Kayla encourages him to go see her when the plane lands in New York, "You'll be surprised how far a little honesty will take you."

Abby tells Jack she is well aware of Max' past, but that's all it is... a past.

Jack asks, "Have you ever heard the saying, 'Those who don't learn from history are destined to wind up in a DOOL flashback? '" He tells her he and Jennifer are in agreement on this. They want her to enjoy her time at Salem U and not miss out on things because of some guy.

Abby promises, "Max will not interfere with my college education. Happy now?"


Now that things are resolved they decide to do something fun. Jack will meet her in the lobby. His parting shot is, "For the record, I do believe in you."

Gabby tells Phillip Belle and Shawn were there, but they left. Phillip runs off the rails, "Do I look like an idiot to you?"

"More like a world-class jerk."

Phillip grabs her, "For the last time, where are they?"

Belle refuses to split up, "Two heads are better than one. If you have a head in the first place." Shawn promises they won't split up, but says he has to go downstairs and check things out. "Promise you won't do anything..."

Shawn interrupts, "I know... stupid. In fact sutpid is all I know." Shawn heads downstairs.

Kayla encourages Max as he starts to lose his nerve. The pilot announces the plane will land in fifteen minutes. "So," says Kayla, "You have fifteen minutes to make a decision. Are you gonna stay on the plane with me, or go out and find that girl who may be the love of your life?"

"By gosh," says Max, "I'm gonna find the love of my life. I may look up Abby while I'm here in New York, too."

Celeste shows up at Sami's apartment. Sami tells her EJ bought the story. When she told him, at times he almost seemed desperate. "Desperate," asks Celeste, "Darling, I thought you knew what you were doing. Obviously, you don't even have a clue."

EJ gets a call at Chez Rouge. Kayla tells him she's just been to Europe and knows all about John's kidney, "Now that I've had my little Italian getaway, I have the proof I need to lock you up forever. Enjoy your evening." EJ yells for her to wait as she hangs up. He flings a wad-o-cash onto the table and runs out of the restaurant.

Phillip has a screaming Gabby in a half-nelson. Kate tells him to let go. Phillip doesn't listen so Kate storms over, pulls Gabby away from him and flings her across the room. That'll teach Phillip. Gabby picks up the pieces and tells Phillip Shawn and Belle left. Phillip doesn't believe her.

Gabby holds up Belle's ring, "Maybe you'll believe this. They left it here to take care of the bill."

"Man," says Phillip, "I guess they stayed in the Presidential Suite."

Abby walks into her room and gets a call. Max asks how things are going in New York. Abby tells him things are fabulous. Max asks if she caught the Yankee's home opener against the Salem Sluts. Abby said she didn't. Max says that's too bad considering it's such a nice day there in NY. Abby gets the idea he's in town and Max tells her about the trip with Kayla. She's disappointed he didn't stop by and see her. There is a knock at Abby's door. Max. Abby. Hugs. Joy.

Celeste thinks EJ played Sami like a violin. He enjoys stringing her along. Sami says it doesn't matter because the DNA report shows Lucas is the father. "If you believe that," says Celeste, "then you're more naïve than I thought. No, darling, it is not the end. It's only the beginning. Either you destroy him or he will destroy you and raise your child as a DiMera."

Nick returns to the lab and wrestles with his conscience as he tries to talk himself into faking the DNA evidence for the brat. He rushes into the lab before he chickens out. EJ turns and stares at him as he comes in.

Belle hyperventilates as she tells Claire things will be OK.

"Easy for you to say," says Claire, "You don't have a couple of dingbats for parents."

Phillip, sharp as a tack as always, recognizes Belle's wedding ring. He's crushed. Kate is sooooo sorry. Gabby says, "So there's your proof, Tarzan. Shawn and Belle are gone. Now do you believe me?" Gabby sees Shawn watching.

Abby and Max are giddy. Suddenly, Abby remembers Jack and tells Max he has to get out. Jack knocks at the door, "Hey, Abigail, I thought we were gonna meet downstairs. What's up? Let me in!"

Kayla sits on the plane and contemplates a picture of Patch. The pilot announces the plane is about to take off for the short flight to Salem. "Don't worry, Steve," says Kayla, "I'm coming. EJ Wells is never gonna hurt our family again."

Sami insists EJ is not getting her baby. "Not if you get to him first," says Celeste. Sami tells her to give it a rest. Celeste says Sami has to use the one thing EJ wants, "He's incapable of love, but he is capable of lust. Seduce him in order to get rid of him. After all, it wouldn't be a stretch for you."

Sami shows her the door. As she leaves Celeste turns and asks Sami to reconsider. Sami tells her the only thing she is considering right now is her wedding. EJ is no longer a part of her life, "And frankly, I'd prefer it if you weren't either."

Nick tells EJ he isn't allowed to be there. EJ yanks the phone out of the wall and winds the cord into a garrote, "Mr. Fallon, I wonder if you're going to be a good boy and forget I was ever here, or if you're going to need to learn a lesson." Nick votes for the good-boy route. EJ taps his cheek with his rubber glove clad hand, "Good choice." He leaves.

Outside, EJ chucks his rubber gloves and stops at a payphone to make a call. He speaks in a southern drawl – well, southern England, anyway, as he asks to leave a message for Mr. Lucas Roberts, "This is Dr. Young from University Hospital. I'm afraid we had a problem with Miss Brady's amniocentesis. We're going to have to ask Mr. Roberts to come in." EJ hangs up and winks at nobody in particular. FF.


Phillip says to Gabby, "Which is why I'm not leaving here until I know for a fact you are telling the truth."

Lucas asks, "Why don't you just get over it?" EJ asks, "Get over what?" Lucas says, "Your sick obsession with Sami – that's what."

Sami says, "There is no way that this baby is EJ's." Nick asks, "No way?" Sami says, "It is totally and completely impossible."

Patch has Kayla penned down, "Stay away from those people." Kayla screams, "STOP IT!" Patch kisses her.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was Kayla looking at a picture of Jack, or did you mean Steve?

Waste of Jack here. Good that he's freaking out over men and Abby given his past, nice nod to the past with "I believe in you", ridiculous that he thinks he can stop hi 18 yo daughter from having a boyfriend.

Any Jack is great, of course. Any Jack at all, but with his rich history with Steve & Kayla, they are wasting amazing character chemistry opportunity here.

4:20 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

Was Kayla looking at a picture of Jack, or did you mean Steve?

It was Steve. But, hey, on this show, you never can tell.

4:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

would have been cool if it were Jack because then she would been contemplating involving him... or remembering her own negative past with him.

6:02 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

I realize this is one of DAYS' patented TLTs (the logic thing), but why in God's name would Kayla call EJ and announce her plans?

LOL at the picture captions of trading Belle's ring for waterwings and flippers, Phil's mommy, and the Prevuisms like "those who don't learn from history are doomed to land up in DOOL flashbacks".

Fine Friday Finale!

6:51 AM  
Anonymous KOTU said...

Speaking of history and current events, Applecheeks....Max really doesn't need to worry about missing his flight from NY to Salem. Nowadays, him flying in from overseas, getting off and not continuing on to his ticketed destination will trigger a security lockdown that will delay that plane for hours!!

By the time the plane and passengers are offloaded, searched for explosives, and cleared for take-off Max can spend a few hours with Abs and make it back in plenty of time to continue on to Salem. HAHAHA

7:08 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

would have been cool if it were Jack

Oh, heck, maybe it is Jack. Prevuze is on the road today and that means the quality of the download we get to see is about the same as the quality of the writing on this show -- lousy. So maybe it's Jack, or maybe it's Steve, but the thing it looks the most like is a grainy picture of Pluto taken from the Hubble telescope - with an eye patch in the northern hemisphere.

7:17 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

I had the same, thought, Applecheeks - Kayla calling EJ and taunting him instead of just taking what info she has to the cops is the dumbest thing. It would almost serve her right if EJ went over to the hospital and offed Patch just to get even. Dunce!

Loved the DOOL Circle of Hell and Salem Sluts. HAHAHAHAHA

A highly entertaining Prevuze on a gloomy Friday! :D

7:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some thoughts I had today:

Belle: "So it all depends on Gabby – someone we barely know. Our lives are in her hands, Shawn. Do you realize that?" - soooo, what are you gonna do about it now??? I mean what was the point of that little exchange?

I loved the comment about Abby's skill being useful if carberators were still around. Max is not only a jerk, but a cradle robber - being so turned on by her "innocence" and "teddy bear collection". Wierd!

Loved the observation that Tony's main flaw was being extra tasty to tigers. LOL!

And finally, Sami telling E.J. the would never have a connection again pretty much gaurantees that they will have a connection till the end of time. But I didn't have to tell you seasoned Daze vets that did I?

Happy Friday!!

8:21 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

I mean what was the point of that little exchange?

I can sum it up in three little letters - TMI. You might think that means "Too Much Information," meaning, they had some time to fill so they packed it with Belle's rant. However, that's not it. It's that Belle has to vent or else she will have a meltdown. TMI - Three Mile Island.

8:45 AM  
Anonymous pineapplegirl said...

With all the security cameras in Steve's hospital room the cops of Salem could confirm his involvement with EJ very his lips! Pineapplegirl

3:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I brought my mommy. HAHAHAHAHAHA! ROFLMAO!

5:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Steve and Kayla again! This is pure torture! I'm done with Days just like the Early Edition!

9:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Patch and Kayla are indeed bringing the ratings down just like they did in 1988 and 1989!

9:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Please...Steve and Kayla are fantastic now and were fantastic then. What's hurting the ratings are the idiots Claire has to try and figure out how to escape from.

11:16 AM  

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