Thursday, February 01, 2007

Teacup Poodle

Sami and Kate are at Chez Rouge with the big honcho producer Harry Samuels, and the director Bruce. These people just can't stop eating. Anyway, Sami thanks Kate for doing this, but Kate cautions her it's not a done-deal because these Hollywood types are so hinky. Especially the ones who produce shows like DOOL.

EJ shows Lucas the ropes. He tells him Kate is organizing some sort of spectacular event that will skyrocket Mythic to new heights; or at least out of the toilet. Lucas thinks EJ's personal life will harm the company. EJ tells him there is no such thing as bad press. Lucas wonders if EJ's projections for company growth are right. EJ assures him he will pass over the big communications companies in the next five years. EJ must have read the story of David and Goliath. Of course, David had God on his side. EJ and Kate seem to be playing for another team. Lucas sighs and tells EJ he is simply not interested in the job.

Merle thinks Shawn's trick with the cops was a bad idea, "He didn't even get to finish his can of Molson." Merle heads for the station to see what he can do there. Belle is in rare form. To say she panics would be the same like saying a nuclear blast goes 'bang.' Nick and Chelsea try to convince her Phillip won't show up. Belle is inconsolable. They try to get her to calm down. "Calm down," she screams, "Don't you get it? Shawn is in jail and Phillip is on his way! How am I supposed to protect my little girl without Shawn?"

Shawn asks the guard to let him go back to Mason Street. Pete the guard tells him there are lots of charges against him. His bail is $8,600, or about $15 U.S.. Shawn says he must be joking. Pete saves his jokes for open-mike night at the Elks Club. Shawn saves his for every appearance he makes on DOOL. A voice off in the distance says, "Don't believe a word this man says, officer." Phillip and Willow stand there.

Shawn looks at Phillip and Willow, "Well, well. One whore deserves another."

"I have a proposition for you," says Phillip. Poor choice of words for someone just accused of being a whore.

Merle arrives at the station. He asks Pete about Shawn. Pete says they will have to hold him unless he has a pile of cash.

Phillip's big proposition is that he will pay the bail if Shawn tells him where Belle and Claire are. "Never," snorts Shawn.

Belle is in full-blown hysteria. Chelsea tries to calm her down.

Sami tells her rescue story. Kate eggs her on. The honchos listen attentively. When she finishes, they applaud. Apparently, her story was right on the beam.

Lucas tells EJ he changed his mind. He still needs a job, though. EJ wants to know why he wouldn't come to work for him. Lucas says he just doesn't like him, "In fact, it's way beyond that."

Lucas starts to storm out. He turns and says if EJ lays a finger on Sami it will be the last move he ever makes. EJ gives his word that he won't. Lucas doesn't believe him. EJ asks if he believes Sami. She said there was nothing going on between them, "Are you saying you don't believe her?"

Lucas says she isn't worried about Sami being attracted to EJ. EJ wonders what the real reason is that Lucas doesn't want to work for him. "Simple," says Lucas, "You're a DiMera." EJ doesn't think that's fair. After all, Lucas' mommy isn't exactly a saint. EJ insists he isn't a crook. He didn't shoot John. Lucas doesn't care. He doesn't want to work for EJ. EJ thinks Lucas doesn't want to work for his mommy.

Mommy tells the producers they have to grab the rights to this. They need time to think it over. Harry says they recently did a story about a woman lifting a car off a kid. He tells Bruce to go check it out. Kate tells them she wants an answer, because others are interested.

Sami turns to Kate, "Others are interested?"

"Yes," says Kate, "Don't you remember? I told you NBC called. NBC will put any kind of crap on the air."

Bruce comes back and tells Harry the car story was over a year ago. That might seal the deal, but Harry asks Sami to take them to the cabin where it all happened.

Chelsea suggests Nick get Belle hot tea and a barrel of Prozac. That sends Belle into a new tizzy – Tea, that's what her daddy used to get her. "You have a lot on your mind says Chelsea. Kind of like trying to carry a two-ton load in a Tonka-toy truck. I'm sure it feels like everyone turned off all their lights and the world is dark and you have to find your way home."

"How did you know," asks Belle. She gasps, "The Bensons!"

Chelsea talks about the Bensons. She tells Belle her family back home is supporting her. Somewhere her dad is too. Nick comes back with the tea. He says he was eavesdropping. He backs up what Chelsea said. Belle is worried Phillip will get there first. "If he does," says Nick, "We will figure out something else.

Merle gets back to the halfwit house and announces Shawn's bail is $8,600. "We can cover it," says Nick. Belle worries they won't have money left over for the freighter. Merle also tells them, "There was a pretty boy and spacey blonde at the station, too."

"OMG," gasps Belle, "Phillip is here!"

"And he must be with a pretty boy," says Nick.

Shawn tells Phillip to save his bail money. Phillip freaks and tries to choke Shawn through the bars. They argue. Phillip backs off, "You have words. I have freedom and money." Shawn tells Phillip Belle and Claire left Toronto last night. Phillip doesn't buy it. More arguing. Screaming. Phillip hits a crescendo, "You will find out how far I will go to get Claire back!"

EJ understands, "Kate isn't exactly a soccer mom. She's more like a mom you would like to sock." Lucas says he doesn't mind working for his mom. It's EJ he doesn't want to work for. Lucas wonders why EJ wants him. EJ ups the ante, but Lucas passes. EJ says Lucas is being selfish. He has mouth to feed.

The aforementioned mouth arrives. He takes one look at EJ and asks, "Aren't you supposed to be in jail?"

Belle takes ranting and raving to a new level. Belleissima. Nick says he will go to the station and spring Shawn. He asks Merle if he can keep Phillip out while he's away. Merle says he stays out of domestic situations, "I gave that stuff up when I left Barney Miller."

Chelsea steps up to the plate. She will keep Phillip out. Nick asks, "How are you going to keep Phillip away? You're not exactly a heavyweight. You're just a little teacup poodle." Apparently Nick found Merle's stash.

"My bite is much worse than my bark," says the little teacup poodle.

Belle introduces Stacey to the group. Stacey tries to reassure Belle. Chelsea says Stacey is right. If they stick together they can even handle Phillip.

Belle settles down and asks if Chelsea really thinks they can handle Phillip. Chelsea says they handled him at the airport. Chelsea is the last person Belle ever thought she would rely on. That's the way Chelsea was with Nick. She was wrong about him. Belle says Shawn will be proud of Chelsea. Chelsea doesn't think she can make things right with him.

Belle says the brat will make things right with Belle, and that will matter with Shawn. The girls decide they'd better start packing. Chelsea holds Claire.

Phillip vows to find Claire. He leaves. "Poor Shawn is frustrated," says Willow.

Shawn just about comes through the bars, "Did you ever look in the mirror and wonder how you turned out the way you did – What you do for a dollar?"

Willow holds her tummy, "You're right. I'd do just about anything but be a courier."

Pete tells Phillip they swept the hideout and found no one. Phillip shows him the court order naming him as the legal parent to Claire, "Which means Shawn is guilty of kidnapping."

EJ says he was only guilty of being rude to Lucas. He excuses himself. Will asks what Lucas was doing with EJ. Lucas tells him about the job offer. Will tells him he has to work somewhere with a new baby on the way. Lucas tells him to keep it down.

EJ comes back and asks if Will wants a PlayStation 3. Yeah," says Will, "I guess I could use it. But if I really needed one I'd ask my dad to get it."

The producers say they would hire an actress to act out what Sami did. "Well, she'd better be gorgeous," says the ever-modest Sami.

Harry tells her they will buy the rights to her story. Sami thanks Kate. "My pleasure," says the spider to the fly.

EJ says the PlayStation will just gather dust if Will doesn't take it. Will says he can make up his own mind. EJ apologizes and throws it in the trash. Will about has a heart attack. EJ says this was his clumsy way of saying he's sorry. Lucas collapses like a house of cards and tells Will to take it. Will perks up and thanks everyone as he grabs the PlayStation 3 from the trash and heads for his room with his filthy lucre.

EJ says Will is a good kid. Lucas agrees. EJ smiles, "Why don't you have more kids?"

Sami thanks Kate for all this. Kate says she knows she has made mistakes. The whole scene turns into a mutual admiration society. Kate regrets trying to make her look bad in Lucas' eyes.

"You're gonna make me look good in front of the entire country now," says Sami.

It's Kate's way of saying she's sorry. Sami is going to tell Lucas about the show and also that she and Kate have made peace. Hugs.

Sami leaves. The producers watch. Kate calls them back to her table.

Nick stalks at the station. Phillip tells Shawn it's over, "You can't stop me."

"From what?"

"You'll find out."

Phillip leaves as Shawn screams, "Oh yeah, you're going after a woman and a baby. What a big man!"

Phillip tells Willow he's going to get Claire. "The cops won't let you do their job," says Willow, "You're not in Salem, you know."

"They won't know unless you tell them," growls Phillip, "You wouldn't do anything that stupid, would you?"


Nick comes up to Shawn's cell. He tells Shawn he and Chelsea are in town and he is there to bail him out. Shawn calls for Pete and tells Nick Phillip is there. Nick joins in as they scream for the guard.

Belle tells Chelsea, "No time for tears. I gotta pack."

"Wow," says the brat, "If you don't have time for tears, you really must be busy."

Belle runs down the inventory of what they need. She asks the brat to go buy Stacey's little girl food and a snowsuit.

Chelsea says just a few days ago she thought the most important thing in the world was finding out who Billie slept with and who her Internet guy was. She was selfish and shallow. But this changes everything. Now I'm going to be caring and selfish and shallow. You are so giving to everyone."

Belle says, "You're right. I give it to everyone. You came all the way there to give us money. That's not selfish or shallow."

Chelsea wonders if she will be the same as she was, or like Belle when she gets back. Her tear ducts aren't developed enough for her to be like Belle.

EJ thinks if they had another mouth to feed, Lucas would almost be forced to come to work for him.

Sami busts in. Uncomfortable moment. EJ leaves. Sami is distant. She tells Lucas about the show. Lucas thinks that's great. They are going to need the money. Lucas says, "I can't work with him. The guy even tried to play the family card on me, which in my case was the joker. The practical-joker, that is. He said I'd need the income if we had another baby. I can't believe the nerve."

Harry says, "Sami took the bait."

Bruce says, "It won't be cheap."

"Just give us half up-front and Project Sami begins," says Harry.

"It's not the beginning – It's the finish I'm interested in," says Kate.

They have cleared the big hurdle, getting Sami to believe they are a director and producer. Kate says, "When Sami can't reenact the scene, it will expose her lie." Harry says it's none of his business, but asks what it is about Sami Kate hates so much. "You're right," says Kate, "It's none of your business."

Harry and Bruce go off to count their cash. Kate stands alone and says, "She's a lying skank who dug her nails into my son."

Sami wonders if EJ suspects she is pregnant. Lucas wonders if he's being selfish not taking the job. He doesn't think they need EJ in their lives.

EJ pops in again, "Lucas, you really should learn to keep this door locked. I'm here to invite you to the company retreat. Please bring Sami, too. And the kid."

Sami gasps, "What?

"Will," says EJ, "Will is the kid, right?"

"Oh," says Sami, "I thought you meant Lucas."

Shawn begs Pete to let him out. Pete says there is a problem – Phillip is charging him with kidnapping.

Chelsea says they have to go, "Shawn and Nick will be back in a minute."

Outside, someone pounds on the door. Phillip rages, "I want Claire! You hear me?"


Note: The following preview appeared in yesterday's post:

Shawn is behind bars. Willow says, "Belle helped you take my dream away." Shawn asks, "What are you talking about?" Willow says, "Our future, our house with a white picket fence, kids." Shawn's mouth looks like the entrance to the Holland Tunnel.

As far as we could tell, this scene was not in today's show. They're toying with our minds again.


Phillip says, "You think this is about Shawn? There is only one person I want to see suffer for the hell I've gone through. And that's you, Belle."

Shawn holds Claire. Chelsea says, "We did it." Nick says, "No. You did it."

Sami tries to lift the beam as Kate, Lucas and the producers look on. Looselips screams, "Stop! You're gonna hurt the baby! Enough! Kate asks, "Are you pregnant?"


Anonymous Bulldog said...

I hope Sami points out to Kate she doesn't have the adrenaline going that she supposedly did and that's why she can't lift the beam. Or maybe motormouth Lucas interrupts before she could.

LOL over Jr.'s bail being $15 and the cops not letting anyone do their job because they aren't Salem cops. So true! HA

Great Prevuze to get us going on a gloomy/freezing day! :D

2:24 PM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

Awwww, Bulldog beat me to that obvious comment - Sami not being able to lift the beam without the rush a real life emergency would create doesn't prove a thing!

Loved Belle being so busy she didn't have time to cry, the half-wit house, Jr in jail for driving a Zamboni into the stands, and the brat not getting laid even as a prostitute. HAHAHA

2:42 PM  
Anonymous KOTU said...

Phil to Vic yesterday, "My superiors in the Marines trusted that I could complete any mission - and I did."

Let's see, no sooner did he get overseas on his first deployment than he was kidnapped by Tony and held prisoner. Got freed and within the hour was rushing out into combat, getting his leg blown off. When he snuck back in the Marines he went overseas and promptly got so badly injured he was mummy-wrapped for months and needed a new face. Was his mission screwing up constantly? If so, he achieved it! HAHAHAHA

2:42 PM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

All of you DOOL fan, can't you just see this up-coming storyline? Thought of it when Prevuze reported that Willow told Philip she'd be in his life for a long, long time:

Somehow she'll get him into bed and then pass the baby she's expecting off as his? (And won't THAT mess with Phil's head. Thinking he has another kid and then, a few years down the line, he finds out that, once again, it's Shawn's.)

2:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And speaking of Phillip obsessing about his come he is so obsessed with getting Claire (who isn't his biological kid) but seems to have forgotten about his kid he has with Mimi and the surrogate? They haven't mentioned that surrogate storyline in awhile...maybe the writers are just blowing it off. But it makes no sense that this new version of Phillip, or Victor for that matter, doesn't want that baby.

Seems to me that the writers are so old-fashioned sexist, with every ninny female having to be rescued by her macho man all the time, and none of them using birth control. Not even the hooker uses birth control.

I'm glad I found the new site...I was going through withdrawal for a few days. I never watch the show anymore, I only read Prevuze.

2:43 PM  

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