Thursday, January 04, 2007


Max and Mimi romp. Max checks up (that's race driver talk for slowing down). Mimi asks, "You're not sure?" Oh, Max is sure, all right. He's just not sure. He wants it to be special. Not in a greasy garage. Mimi is certain it is special. Right there. Right now.

Max suggests her place. "No," says Mimi, "With my mother there? The garage floor would be more romantic."

Billie joins Bonnie at the pub. Bonnie asked to meet with her. Bonnie tells her Patrick is in jail. Billie knows. She's sooooo sorry. Billie offers help, if there is anything she can do. Bonnie tells her Connor will be visiting, "What would really be a big help to me right now is if you and Chelsea could find another place to live."

Billie gasps, "You're kicking us out?"

Belle frets about being investigated. Shawn tells her about the photographer. Shawn thinks he is working for CPS to get anything Victor can use against them. He reminds her how mad Victor got when they cut off his visits with Claire, "He has some crazy idea that Phillip will be Claire's father." Belle babbles.

Kayla asks Steve how John is doing. Not good, "They say his brain might be damaged beyond repair."

"Maybe it's a rare case of reverse heredity," says Kayla.

"He's unresponsive, but he had the same kind of reaction with me today that he had last night."

Dr. Kayla can't explain John's reaction, but miracles happen. Patch wonders why John is only responding to him. Kayla can't explain that either, "Maybe it's as simple as you are his friend." Kiss. Kayla wants to stop by the chapel on the way home and light a candle for John. They head for the chapel.

John struggles and calls Marlena's name. Marlena screams, "I'm right here darling. I'm right beside you."

Marlena wakes up, "I'm here. I'm here. I'm right by your side."

Roman interrupts. Marlena falls into his arms crying.

Marlena tells Roman about her dream. She feels guilty that she can't help John. Roman says it was nothing to feel guilty about.

"He's in there," says Marlena, "I know he is." Roman says he talked to Dr. Tucker. He knows the prognosis. Marlena stops him. She won't hear this. She won't believe John is gone. Roman thinks she needs to go home and get some rest. Right after she takes a couple Prozac.

Marlena says, "What I need is for you to bring in the man who did this to my husband and put him behind bars for all the Days Of Our Lives."

Roman says, "Doc, I am sorry. EJ Wells got away."


Shawn tries to calm Belle down. He reminds her nothing has happened yet.

"We're not talking about what's going on in my mind," says Belle.

Shawn assures her Victor won't take Claire, "If that's what he thinks he's gonna do, then let him take his best shot." They discuss the pictures they guy took of Mimi and Claire. They wonder why he took them. They decide to try to get Bo to have Victor back off, since Bo is Victor's son.

They start to leave the chapel. Beverly stands there as Shawn opens the door, "Shawn Brady, I'm here to take Claire." Shawn slams the door and locks it. Beverly pounds.

Max suggests he and Mimi go to his "crib." Mimi wonders why guys call their place a crib, "It's so blankie-teddy as if guys weren't big enough babies anyway."

Mimi asks, "Is your 'crib' clean? Are there pizza boxes lying around the place?"

Max asks, "With or without pizza?"

"When was the last time you changed your sheets?"


"Which year?"

Max doesn't want to do it on the garage floor. It would be cheap. Mimi thinks the garage is special. This is where they got to know each other. OK. Max clears the desk. Clothes fly and passion rages. Outside, the door slams. Max and Mimi rush to dress as Abby comes in.

Abby says she had some things to catch up on, "Next time hang a tie on the door!" She leaves.

"Now I feel cheap," says Mimi.

Bonnie says they need space with Connor coming home. She just wants them out for now. Bonnie suggests staying at Kate's. Billie says she wouldn't survive. Bonnie breaks down, "We'll just have to find a way to make it work, then." She turns on the spigot, "I don't know what to do. Patrick is going to prison and all."

Billie says she will figure something out. Bonnie says she would be happy to help her pack. Billie can handle it. She leaves. Bonnie dries her tears and chomps on the celery from her Bloody Mary.

Marlena rants about Roman letting EJ get away. Roman tells her EJ has been seen in Mexico City. He vows to get him even if he has to grab him illegally.

The CPS guys pound. Patch and Kayla walk up and ask what is going on. Beverly shows them her ID and the court order to take Claire. Kayla asks Simon Legree and Calamity Jane if they can go in and talk to Belle and Shawn. Beverly gives them five minutes. Steve knocks and asks Shawn to let them in. Steve turns and tells the Gestapo he will get Claire out safely, "You want that, don't you? That is your job... protecting children, right?"

Patch and Kayla go inside. Belle is a mountain of tears. Shawn asks if Patch saw the court order. Patch says he did, "Victor is filing for full custody of Claire."

Shawn says, "I am not letting anyone take our baby."

The whole situation makes no sense to Shawn but then again, most things don't. He vows he will not let anyone take Claire.

Max, Mimi and Abby huff around the garage. Max goes into the office to talk to Abby. He can see she's upset. "Get a room," says Abby, "I have work to do." For one thing, she has to get all the stuff back on her desk.

Dr. Tucker interrupts Marlena and Roman. There has been no change. Marlena reminds him John responded to Steve. The doctor doesn't buy it. Marlena is peeved. She goes off. Dr. Tucker gives Roman the card of a colleague who specializes in severe brain injuries, "He even brought back a DOOL viewer after she watched a whole week worth of tapes in one day."

Marlena begs John to wake up. Roman tries to bring her back to reality, but Marlena won't have it.

The She-Devil pounds at the chapel door, "Your five minutes are up!"

Shawn asks Patch to distract the cop while they bolt. "And then what," asks Patch.

"We drive," says Shawn.

"Into which living room," asks Patch.

"Where are you going to go," asks Kayla.

"Far away from here," says Shawn, "No one will ever find us." Hey, this is starting to sound kind of appealing.

Patch tells Shawn running away will just get him in deeper. "What would you do if you were me," asks Shawn.

Patch says a few years back he would have done what Shawn wants to do, "Turn a lousy situation into a train wreck. But now I know you have to give Claire up and fight."

Shawn takes Claire and tells Belle, "You say the word and we are outta here."

The audience chants, "Say the word. Say the word."

Patch and Kayla beg them to look at things realistically. "We once lived a life on the run," says Kayla, "It's no good. And what kind of a life would it be for Claire?"

Patch says the people who love them will help them fight, "What's it gonna be?"

The barbarians pound at the gate, "All right! We're coming in!"

"Science is not on our side," says Marlena.

"Neither is intelligence," says Roman, "You could try other facilities."

Marlena says she won't let John go to a nursing home where they don't know who he is, "He has special needs. Like a Tourette's wing." Roman knows when the time comes Marlena will make the right decision. Yes she will. Roman offers help – by being her friend.

Max wants to know what is bugging Abby. Abby says she has been loyal. She has gotten the office in order. She practically froze her butt off looking for them on Christmas, "And what do I get? Not even a thank you or a token of your appreciation. Why should I stay in this low-rent job?"

"Because I need you."

Mimi meets Bonnie at the pub. Bonnie says it's about Connor. He is now out of troubled-teen boot camp. He's coming home. But he didn't show at the bus depot this morning.

Mimi is shocked, "You sent him cash to buy a bus ticket, and you wonder why he didn't show up? He did what you would do. He took the money and ran."

Billie sits at the counter and looks for a place to live in the paper. Caroline sticks her nose in. Billie tells her what she is up to. Caroline thinks Bonnie has given her pretty short notice. Billie asks about rooms above the pub. "Well," says Caroline, "There is Bo's room. You could ask him if you can use it."

Bonnie thinks Connor would never book on her. Mimi practically chokes, "Huh? Did he have a big personality transplant? Connor should be at home with us or living with Dad."

"We're not talking about your father," says Bonnie, "the Civil War hero."

"OK," says Mimi, "We'll pretend he never existed. I just wish this family wasn't so high maintenance."

Max apologizes if he hasn't shown he appreciated Abby. He will never take her for granted again. He wants her back. They are a good team.

Abby asks, "So where is my Christmas bonus, boss?"

Max goes to a file drawer and gets a present, "It's right here." Abby smiles.

Billie doesn't think it would be a good idea for her to move into Bo's room. Besides, it would be a little cramped for her and the brat. If she can find something affordable, it will get her away from the Lockhart craziness. Caroline says she would let Chelsea use the spare bedroom in her place. Billie thanks her, "I may just take you up on that." Caroline walks away. Billie goes back to apartment hunting in the newspaper.


Roman asks Marlena to go home and get some sleep. She has to be strong for John. Marlena asks for another minute with John. Roman goes outside. Marlena hugs John and smiles.

CPS yells, "Time is up." Patch asks Shawn what his decision is. Shawn nods. Patch opens the door.

The Wicked Witch of the West storms in threatening to turn Patch in for obstruction of justice.

Belle begs Beverly not to take the baby. Shawn gets in her face, "Victor sent you to take our daughter. How much did he pay you? How much does it cost to destroy a family?"

Abby opens the present. It's a book. Shakespeare sonnets. Max asks, "Have you read it?"

"Yeah," says Abby, "But I love it. They're my favorite." Abby opens the card, "To a friend, a confidant, and the closest thing to a little sister I will ever have." OMG! HE USED THE "S" WORD!

Abby snorts, "I am not your little sister, Max. I am a woman. Hear me roar." She slaps the book into his chest and walks out.

Bonnie worries something may have happened to Connor. She gets a call, "I'll be right there." She hangs up and tells Mimi, "It was the police. Your little brother has been arrested." Mimi rolls her eyes.

Beverly assures them she works for the county, not Victor. Belle freaks. Beverly threatens to ask the officer to intervene.

Kayla begs Belle to relent. Belle tells Claire she is going with Mommy and Daddy's friend. Beverly takes Claire and throws Belle a look. She leaves. Belle bawls.

Marlena tells John she has to go home to get some rest. She will be back. Whatever it was he wanted to tell her the night it happened, she will be there again to listen to him. She kisses his cheek, gets up and cries her way out of the room.

John whispers, "Maarrlleennaa..." FF


Sami says, "I think I know a way you and Chelsea could live alone. Would you be interested?" Billie shouts, "YES!"

Abby says, "Nick, you've got to stop whining for Chelsea and find a girl who likes you for you. You're not going to stay a virgin forever, right?"

Victor says, "Well, I'll see you all in court. Belle says, "That man doesn't deserve to live, does he?"

Patch has a bona-fide Belle fit, "That man! She's his granddaughter!" Bo tries to calm him down.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was thinking Max could be the uncle of the year. He had flings with 2 of his nieces and then start a relationship with his nephews wife even tho its not by blood. is there any other nephews and nieces he can go through lol

3:42 AM  
Blogger L said...

Funny about Abby and the "Virgin forever" comment.

Jack told Jennifer something similar, without being explicit about her virginity - after he had disrupted her wedding to the doofus Emilio, he said something about 'you're 12 years old - why do you want a commitment now' (She was 21, but he was being, as usual, Jack!! It was a great scene.

In a different scene he said to her that when you were ready for the right person to find you, they would (in a rare moment of wisdom for the young and not so wise Jack)

4:10 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"I was thinking Max could be the uncle of the year. He had flings with 2 of his nieces and then start a relationship with his nephews wife even tho its not by blood. is there any other nephews and nieces he can go through lol"

Maybe Uncle Max is really Uncle

4:49 AM  
Anonymous AJ said...

In Formula 1 and Indy racing, you 'check up.' In NASCAR, you 'whoa-her-up.' For example:

"I'z followin' Dale Jr. too close when he spinned out, so I whoa'd-her-up." I don't think Max 'checked up.' I think he 'whoa'd-her-up.'

6:02 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

"Whoa-her-up" LOL

It wouldn't be DAYS if the situations characters got in weren't ridiculous, but I agree with Bulldog's point - wasn't there a bedroom somewhere Nillie could have gone to? Anyone of three or four other people live in that house and could have walked in the front door any time!

Loved the Prevuism about a doctor who was able to bring a DOOL viewer back after watching a week's worth of DAYS' tapes in one day. I know from personal experience that is nigh unto impossible. The doc must be a true miracle worker!! HAHAHAHA

6:18 AM  
Anonymous kotu said...

What was with the CPS gang's over-the-top threats?? Shawn, Belle and the baby were in a hospital chapel.
Wasn't like they were going to tunnel their way out or threaten to hurt Claire if the stormtroopers didn't back off!

6:22 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

It would've been great if when Abby snarked "Why should I stay in this low-rent job?" Max had answered "So don't. You're fired."

Great Prevuisms today - I loved "We drive - into which living room?" and the crowd cheering "Say the word". Also Squints bedpan demand. HAHAHAHA

Excellent Prevuze today. :D

8:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

All the time I hear nurses talking about how they mess up the medical terminologys and procedures on this show so now it's my turn. I am a social worker and there is NO WAY this would happen this way. In cases like this you have to prove neglect. You also have to investigate by interviewing grandparents and family members and find one of them who could procide support before you would hand her over to a great grandparent who has such animosity toward the couple. You would also interview friends and find clear indication that harm is being done to the child. Phillip legally could have blocked the paternity test, but since he didn't and it proved Shawn was the father, then Phillip is no longer the legal father, and Phillip willingly left her. Try to get a child back after you willingly abandon her. Not only that, since Shawn did not know he was the legal father they can't prove abandonment and Belle is the legal mother and has never abandoned her and is the most stable influence Claire has. This is just silly.

8:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks to Anonymous for clearing the CPS stuff !
I really don't think they could get the order to take Claire on THE SAME DAY they took the picture with Mimi ! Oh yes, the one hour development!
and in Salem, you can get an MRI on the same day also, so anything is possible ! it's dazes !

9:08 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"I really don't think they could get the order to take Claire on THE SAME DAY they took the picture with Mimi ! Oh yes, the one hour development!
and in Salem, you can get an MRI on the same day also, so anything is possible ! it's dazes !

In Salem, some things like this have to happen very quickly to make up for the fact that pregnancies apparently last 12 grueling months.

9:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's face it, it's DOOL. More than 90 percent of the things that happen in Salem are impossible or ridiculous (naked teenagers falling out of the sky or Marlena's possession, just to name a couple). That's why it's so fun and easy to make fun of the show. The whole thing is silly. You gotta love it.

9:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm with the other anonymous. This stuff doesn't happen in one day. Claire has not been neglected or abused (except that she has Belle & Shawn for parents, poor thing.) They didn't even remember making her for crying out loud! Of course, Belle's gestation period was about 18 months instead of 9.

3:30 PM  

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