Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Max is busy at the garage as Mimi "stops by." She sees he is involved with a lot of important things and offers to come by another time if it's more convenient. Max tells her he can put his important work aside for her and invites her in. Mimi comes in as Max leans the broom against the wall.

Meanwhile, over at his garage, NASCAR champ Jimmie Johnson is able to sweep up his garage uninterrupted. When he finishes that task, he moves on to take out the garbage and recycle the oil.

Mimi tells Max about her visit with Patrick. She insists he's not a bad person but he got mixed up with bad people. Max tries to cheer her up. She thinks he should go ahead an open the garage instead of listening to her bellyaching.

Marlena sits at John's bedside and tells him she is staying strong. She asks him for a sign. John squints. Now we know everything will be OK.

Belle walks in. She tells Marlena Shawn took Claire so she could spend some time with her and John. Belle thinks life is strange. Bo and Hope have a new baby and they could be losing her dad. Marlena assures her John will be fine.

Shawn and Claire visit Bo, Hope and Claire's nameless aunt. Bo and Shawn pull the baby switch. Shawn looks down at his little sister, "She has Zack's eyes."

"No," says Hope, "Abe does."

Shawn asks if they have thought about a name. Stares.

Patch and Kayla arrive at the hospital with gifts for the baby. Patch has a little baby harmonica for her. They reminisce about Patch teaching John to play. He butchered summertime. Kayla starts to take the stuff into Hope's room.

Some little brat comes up and starts messing with the balloons in Kayla's package. Kayla gently scolds him and turns him around, revealing his shirt, which says, "I'm a little devil." Steve reels at the sight of Satan on the shirt and goes into a trance. He then either does the old Freaky Deaky or has a convulsion. Either way, Kayla comes to his rescue.

Bo tells Shawn they have decided on the name "Doodlebug." Shawn is impressed. He decides to take Claire and run errands. They talk about John, and how it could have been Bo at the boathouse.

Patch contorts. He comes out of it. Kayla asks what happened. Steve insists he will be fine. He just needs some sleep. Kayla thinks something is really wrong. Patch tells her there is a sound in his head banging over and over. Kayla vows to cut back on the nagging, and says she wants to get a neurologist. Patch insists he is just tired. Kayla freaks and heads for the neurologist. Patch sees visions of the devil shirt again.

Belle walks over to John's bedside, "Hey, Daddy, it's Tink. I miss you calling me that." Tink turns as the doctor comes in. He says he doesn't have good news. Stare and gasp.

Max is glad Mimi came to see him. Mimi thinks he is a really good friend. He offers money to help with Patrick's defense. She don' wan' his stinkin' money. She just needs a shoulder to cry on.

"You know," says Max, "This is more than just friendship."

Mimi thinks she should go. Her mom might wonder where she is. Max says, "I don't want you to go." They kiss as Shawn walks in holding Claire. Mimi has a Big Max attack.

Hope looks through a baby book for a name. Bo says, "I don't want to name her after some plant, especially since we already have a child with the IQ of one."

Hope suggests making a contest out of it. Bo thinks this will incite war between the Brady's and Hortons. Hope thinks it will be fun.

Kayla brings Dr. Carlisle to meet Steve. He tells the doc Kayla is making too big a deal out of things. The doctor suggests an MRI. Right now. Steve agrees to do it. As Patch and the doctor start to leave, Kayla lectures him for walking away without a kiss. Patch comes back and embraces her. He sweeps her off her feet. "That's better," says Kayla.

"My brain is on the fritz," says Patch, "But my lips work fine."

The doctor says John is stable, but his brain was deprived of oxygen, "There could be permanent damage."

"What about his GCS," says Dr. Evans.

"Four," says Dr. Tucker.

"Is something wrong with the GCS I gave Dad for Christmas," asks Belle.

"That was a GPS, Tink," says Marlena.

"John is in a coma and very likely won't come out of it," says the doctor.

Max and Mimi put on an X-rated display for Shawn and Claire. They discover the audience. Mimi jumps away and says, "You should learn to knock!"

"You should learn to lock the door when you are... busy," says Shawn. He says he came over to apologize for acting like a jerk.

Kayla comes into Bo and Hope's room with her pack of toys and balloons. She asks if Bo fainted when this baby was born like he did when Shawn was born. They kid around about that at Bo's expense. Hope gets out of the hospital today. Kayla offers to help her once she is back home. Bo asks about Steve. Kayla tells them about the MRI and his "episodes."

Bo thinks it might be an inner ear thing, "I've always known the guy has a screw loose." Bo tells Kayla to hang out there with Hope and he will go check on Steve. He hands the baby off to Kayla.

"You're really worried aren't you," asks Hope.

Belle is shocked, "You're telling me my dad might never wake up?"

The doctor says, "The odds are not in his favor." "

I guess that's not too bad," says Belle, "I haven't had a conscious thought in years and it doesn't bother me too much."


Dr. Tucker says, "Even if he did wake up, his cognitive functioning could be impaired. I'm sorry."

Marlena's demons return, "THAT'S WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY? YOU'RE SORRY?"

The doctor says he will have John transferred to a long-term care facility.

"ABSOLUTELY NOT," says Marlena.

Shawn says he was a jerk. He lost it. He's sorry. Everybody is sorry. They all decide to move on. Mimi asks how her "best friend" Belle is doing. Shawn says better. Everybody wishes everybody the best.

Shawn asks, "What about you two?"

"We're taking things slow," says Mimi. She realizes how ridiculous that sounded, "At least, we were until about ten seconds before you walked in."

Mimi takes Claire to see the litter of kittens down the street.

Max asks if Shawn is really cool with everything. Shawn stares.

Patch tells Bo that Kayla is overreacting. He doesn't have the results of the MRI yet, but doesn't think they will show anything.

Bo asks about what John said. Patch says other people were in the room besides him. He figured John was talking about EJ when he said, "Killer." Bo says Marlena thinks John got agitated because of Patch.

Patch says John got agitated because he was afraid he was going to die. He suggests checking in on him.

Kayla tells Hope thinks she may be overreacting. She can't help herself, "I have this fear that I'm gonna wake up someday and he's gonna be gone."

Marlena blasts the doctor, "It's too early for a prognosis." Dr. Tucker insists John will need special care in a long-term care facility. Belle thinks maybe the doctor is right.

Marlena says no. Marlena will take him elsewhere if the doctors won't help him fight for his life.

Dr. Tucker encourages a second opinion but stands by his prognosis and wishes them luck. He leaves. Marlena refuses to accept this, "I have not yet begun to fight," says John-Paul Evans.

Bo and Patch walk in. Marlena tells them about Dr. Tucker's bogus prognosis. Eerie John-Patch vibes fill the room.

Hope tells Kayla not to worry about Steve leaving. Kayla is still scared. She grieved forever and can't trust it now that they are back together. Kayla doesn't think Steve trusts himself, "He is afraid of the missing years." She doesn't know how to help him.

EMERGENCY! EMERGENCY! John's heart rate has gone up. Dr. Tucker rushes in and tends to him. Bo wonders what caused this. Marlena thinks it was because Steve came into the room. Dr. Tucker says that doesn't make any sense, "John's brain doesn't process stimuli."

"Thank God things are getting back to normal," says Marlena. She argues medicine with Dr. Tucker. It's kind of like Abbot and Costello arguing nuclear fusion Marlena demands a second EEG.

Shawn says he is OK with Max and Mimi. He asks for his job back. Max says he has been looking for a good mechanic, but since none is available, Shawn can have his old job. Buddy shake.

Mimi plays with Claire inside an inner tube. Some sleazy guy pops up from behind a chain link fence and takes several pictures. Meems screams, "What the hell? What are you doing? Who are you?"

Hope tells Kayla she has to stand by Steve no matter what. Dr. Carlisle comes in. Intros. He discusses Steve's MRI. The results were within limits. He suggests a complete physical.

Dr. Carlisle leaves. Hope thinks this is good news. Kayla worries about the episodes. Hope suggests a therapist. Kayla has been thinking of hypnosis. Hope suggests Marlena.

Bo and Patch talk about John. Patch asks, "You don't believe what Marlena said – that he was responding to me being in the room, do you?"

Bo says, "Well, he definitely got worked up about something." Patch goes into a trance and holds his head.

Marlena says this time she will go with John and not leave his side. Belle wants to go too. Marlena tells her to stay with Claire. Marlena insists she will be OK as long as she is with John. Hugs.

Shawn looks over the Vette in the garage. He vets the Vette. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, God, I've got to back off on the caffeine. Screamin' Mimi comes running back to the garage. She points out the guy who was taking pictures as we hear the sound of screeching tires in the background.

Max and Mimi come inside. Mimi wonders what the creep will do with those pictures. Max suggests getting back to what they were doing before Shawn so rudely interrupted them. Mimi thinks the moment has passed, "Maybe it's for the best. We agreed to take things slow. And then when it happens, if it happens, it will be that much more incredible."

"I'll remember that when I'm taking my cold showers," says Max.

Mimi turns to leave. She slams the door and comes back, "Oh, what the heck! You only live once!" They maul each other.

Shawn comes into the chapel where Belle sits amidst lit candles. Shawn has talked to Dr. Tucker, so he knows what's up with John's condition. Belle says her mom doesn't want to believe it. Belle doesn't know what to think. She senses something is wrong with Shawn. He reminds her of Beverly Healy. He thinks she is right about her. He thinks Beverly is investigating them.

Beverly asks the photographer if he got the pictures. "We are ready to make our move," he says.

Kayla decides to wait to ask Marlena for help. Doodlebug cries. Kayla asks about her name on the way out. "Doodlebug," says Hope. Kayla likes it.

Patch holds his head. Bo asks if he is OK. "Yeah."

They wheel John out. Patch says if Marlena thinks John was reacting to his presence, he will do anything to help them figure out what is going on.

John's hand trembles. They head down the hall. Steve stares. FF.


Bonnie says, "What would really be a big help to me right now is if you and Chelsea could find another place to live." Billie gasps, "You're kicking us out?"

Abby snorts, "I am not your little sister, Max. I am a woman." She slaps a book into his chest and walks out.

Patch says, "Victor is filing for full custody of Claire." Shawn says, "I am not letting anyone take our baby."

Marlena screams, "I'm right here darling. I'm right beside you." John struggles and calls her name.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whats is Mimi going to do when the world runs out of Bradys?

5:35 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

LOL at Billie's home business and Bo having a child with the IQ of a plant. (A slap in the face to plants everywhere, I might add.) HAHAHAHA

Unless she's a reality show wannabe, what mother is going to suggest making a contest of naming her baby??? Puh-leeeze!

Great Prevuze!

6:43 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"Whats is Mimi going to do when the world runs out of Bradys?"

As Prevuze sees it, she has at least a couple of options:

a) Cheer along with the rest of us.

b) Watch closely and copy whatever Sami and Carrie do when Kate runs out of sons.

7:06 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

ARGH!! It took years for me to get totally sick of "Sailor Man", days to get totally sick of "Tiny Man" and only ONCE to practically hurl at "Doodlebug".

Great Prevuisms today - Jr with the plant IQ, Squints squinting so everything will be OK, and I'm still laughing at the Freaky Deaky. HAHAHAHAHA

Thanks, Prevuze, I'll be chuckling all day! (Well, except for the Doodlebug thing....)

7:55 AM  
Anonymous Frog said...

If Ho and Dope put the baby option name up for sale on e-bay they'd at least make some dough off of it.

8:02 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"ARGH!! It took years for me to get totally sick of "Sailor Man", days to get totally sick of "Tiny Man" and only ONCE to practically hurl at "Doodlebug"."

You must have loved "Tink."

8:03 AM  
Anonymous KOTU said...

"You must have loved Tink."

Well, luckily for viewers, Belle shot right through most of the 'Tink' years by the writers aging her from 6 to 16 literally within a 2-3 week period. Wasn't a whole lot of time for John to use the cutesy nick-name.

11:52 AM  

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