Friday, December 15, 2006

Pit Viper


We ended yesterday's exciting episode with the observation that the music behind the credits sounded like Ray Stevens humming Ahab the Arab. Well... we heard from Ray. OK, actually we heard from Ray's peeps. They let us know how excited they were to hear that music when the episode airs in the US. So we had to come clean: the music really didn't sound that much like Ahab. In fact, what brought Ahab to mind was the instrument playing the music and its similarity to an instrument in Ahab. So we made the connection and made the little joke.

Now, it's time to admit the awful truth. OMG, this is difficult... (choke) Prevuze... sometimes... stretches... the... truth... (full-blown tears) Prevuze... toys... with... reality... (SOB) I... can't... go... on... It's... ALL RIGHT! ALL RIGHT! PREVUZE LIES LIKE MIMI ON A BINGE! THERE! ARE YOU SATISFIED?

Must... move on... under this dark cloud of humiliation... and get the episode out...

Daddy Shawn comes into his parent's house. He goes over to Claire and Belle who are playing with their toys in the center of the room. Oh! The heartache! The poor little baby doesn't recognize him. Neither does Claire. Belle thinks Shawn just needs to be spending more time with her. Shawn says he can do that now, since he is moving back there. Belle asks about his apartment. He tells her he ended things with Willow and she torched the place. Belle doesn't know what to say. Anyway, Shawn is moving back there temporarily. He feels like a loser. Belle tells him he was just trying to help Willow. She tells him Claire and her are staying there too. Now they can bond as a dysfunctional family.

Victor calls Belle. He is going on a business trip and needs a favor. He wants one last visit with Claire. He can come and pick her up now. Belle isn't too excited about this. Victor presses and Belle caves in. Victor says he will be right over.

Shawn picks up on the conversation and asks, "Belle, what are you doing?"

EJ rages. Sami comes to the door. He sees her and asks how long she has been there. Sami stares.

John tells the goon he's giving Marlena five minutes with Stefano. If Marlena isn't out by then, he's going in. Good thing John is too cagy to ever tip his hand.

Marlena asks, "What do you want from me, Stefano?" He grabs her hand. His magic DiMera decoder ring flashes and an image of a Phoenix flaps its wings. I wonder how many cereal boxes he had to send in for that.

Marlena says she and John need answers. She wants the truth about EJ. Stefano vegetates. He uses every ounce of his strength to point at the bureau with pictures sitting on top of it. Marlena looks at them. ELVIS!

"Two minutes and counting," says John.

Marlena picks up the picture of Susan and her son Elvis Junior, "E–- J–- EJ! EJ is your son!"

EJ asks if Sami was listening to his conversation. She says she just heard him giving someone hell. He says he loses his temper sometimes. Sami is just glad it wasn't her on the other end of the call. He reminds her they were going up to his room to toast their success. Sami declines the invitation. She claims her shoes are killing her. EJ offers to walk her to her room.

Sami fishes for her room keys. She can't find them, so she says she has to go to the front desk to get another key. She'll see him later. He smooches her, "Hurry, now. I'm feeling festive."

EJ leaves and Sami digs out her phone. She practically falls apart as she says, "Pick up! Please pick up!"

Victor announces Phillip's new face is available. But first Phillip needs another meeting with Claire, so they will have a nice transition when they get custody. Kate thinks Belle will fight for Claire. Victor says, "Bring it on." Kate wants to go to Montreal with them. She asks what he did with Max and Mimi.

Victor assures her they are safe. He tells her she needs to stay and lie through her teeth when people start asking questions. She has to do it for Phillip. Kate looks at the mummy. The mummy stares like, uh, a mummy. Kate sighs.

Shawn isn't happy about Belle letting Victor come to get Claire. She thinks Shawn has a problem with that because Claire still thinks of Phillip as her father. Shawn admits it. It kills him. Belle thinks they need to reach out to Victor and let him see Claire, "Maybe it will be a peace offering."

Roman arrives. He wants to talk about Victor. Belle tells him he is on his way over. Roman says she shouldn't let Victor take Claire. They believe Victor was behind her disappearance. Max and Mimi's too. Shawn didn't know Max and Mimi was missing. Roman fills him in and then says he has something else to tell them, "Max and Mimi found out about Phillip being wounded. He was transferred to Georgia, and then mysteriously disappeared."

Shawn asks if Roman thinks Victor took him. That's what they believe. He thinks it's no coincidence that when Phillip went missing Victor started wanting to spend more time with Claire. He warns them, "Do not let Victor take Claire!"

Lucas comes into the room. Sami is so glad he is there. She was mad at him for following but she says she heard EJ on the phone. Lucas wants to get her away from there but Sami says she can't just vanish. She tells Lucas about hearing EJ mention Stefano, "Dad and Uncle Bo were right all along. EJ is connected to the DiMeras."

Lucas says, "We've gotta get you out of here right now before you get yourself killed."

John sneers at the goon, "Time's up, pal"

Marlena says, "So Elvis Jr. is EJ." Stefano motions. She asks him why he would send EJ to Salem. Stefano takes her hand and gets a death grip on it. She screams for John. John tussles with the goon. Marlena yells, "John, no!"

Shawn wonders what they will tell Victor if they aren't going to let him take Claire. Victor arrives. Shawn gets in his face, "This is a wasted trip." Victor comes in and asks where Claire is. Belle says she changed her mind, "It's important for Shawn to spend time with Claire. Victor argues.

Shawn steps in, "She changed her mind."

Victor threatens, "If you keep her from me you will regret it."

"You can leave," says Shawn.

"What's really going on here," asks Victor.

Shawn says he guesses this has something to do with Phillip. They ask Victor what he knows about Phillip, Max and Mimi.

Victor says, "Someone has been putting crazy ideas in your heads."

"No," says Shawn, "They've been there all along."

"I think Roman Brady is behind this," says Victor.

Roman rings the doorbell at the Kiriakis mansion. Kate answers. Roman is surprised to see her there. She says she is there to help Victor organize for his business trip. Roman is suspicious. He says he thought Victor had minions to help with things like that. He asks about Phillip, "and now Max and Mimi are missing too. Weren't you supposed to check something out for them – something to do with Victor's jet? Come on Kate, you know something. I can tell. What are you and Victor hiding?" The mummy stares.

Lucas wants to get Sami away ASAP. Sami can't believe this. She thought EJ was her friend. Friend and rapist. He supported her and it was a lie. Lucas tells her to stop blaming herself. "You think I'd learn to recognize a pit viper when I saw one," says Sami.

Lucas says, "He could be the gloved hand himself; he could even be Eve's murderer. If that's the case you're in danger we have to get you out of here now!"

Sami frets, "If I don't show up he'll know something is wrong. I think I convinced him I didn't hear his phone conversation. I have to go to him or he will come looking for me. If he disappears Dad and Abe will never find him. What if he does something to Will?"

Lucas has a more immediate concern, "What if he does something to you?"

"I have an idea," says Sami.

Marlena screams as John busts in and yanks her away. Marlena says she thought she heard a gunshot. Outside the open door, the medical staff works on the goon lying in a heap on the floor. A nurse yells for help.

Marlena tells John EJ is Stefano's son and shows him the picture. "OMG," Gasps John, "Give me a minute alone with the old man." He goes over to Stefano, "You're not looking so good. Tell me why you sent Elvis to Salem or I will make sure you stay dead. John simultaneously cocks his gun and his head.

Sami tells Lucas to go call Will and have him call her from his cell phone. It's important that Will call her instead of Lucas, since EJ might check her caller ID. She will go up to EJ's suite and make up an emergency when Will calls and that will get her out of there. Lucas says, "If you're not back in five minutes I'm coming up and short-sheet his bed." Lucas leaves.

Sami starts to go up, but meets EJ coming out of the elevator. This saves the show from having to have a room set. He says he thought she was going to her room, "What's going on?"

John rants as someone knocks at the door. Marlena opens it. The nurse stands there and jabbers in Italian. Marlena smiles sweetly, points her gun at the nurse and says, "I'm so sorry we're still talking to Mr. DiMera."

John gives Stefano three seconds to talk, "One... two..." Stefano hands him a card – the death card.

Victor swears he had nothing to do with Max and Mimi's disappearance. He insists Claire misses Phillip.

"He isn't her father and never was," says Shawn, "You're not spending time with her tonight, or any other."

Victor asks, "Do you feel the same way, Belle."

Belle says, "Until we find out what happened to Max and Mimi."

Victor walks to the door, turns and gives his parting shot, "You should know better than to make an enemy of me."

Kate insists she got no information out of Victor. Roman wants to look around. Kate says she can't let him do that, "You don't have a search warrant."

"What's that," asks Roman, "You're afraid I might find something." Roman starts to search, "Who knows I might just get lucky, and I might find Phillip."

Belle comes down. Claire is back to sleep. They speculate about Victor. They decide they have to protect their daughter. Belle is worried about Max and Mimi. Shawn thinks Victor is behind their disappearance.

Belle asks, "If Victor knows where Phillip is why wouldn't he tell anyone?"

Shawn says, "I don't want to scare you, but I think Victor and Phillip are in this together. They are trying to take Claire away from us."


The mummy looks at Claire's picture as Kate tries to stop Roman from searching. Roman stops at the secret door.

Sami tells EJ a potential investor stopped her. EJ asks where he is. Sami nervously looks around the room, "That's weird... he was just right here." Sami gets her call.

EJ grabs the phone and checks the number. She takes the phone back from him and answers, "Will... OMG! Appendicitis! You're in the ER? Don't tell me not to worry! I'm on my way!"

Will is clueless, "Mom... I'm fine... Are you OK?"

Sami says, "I'll call Grandma Caroline and have her go to the hospital to sign the consent form."

Will's head spins, "Should I be worried about you?"

"I'll be fine," says Sami, "I'm on my way. I love you. Just hang in there." Will rolls his eyes and hangs up.

Sami tells EJ she has to go. He understands.

Marlena holds the medical crew at bay. She turns and tells John the police are coming.

John growls, "You tell me who EJ's next victim is or, by God, it will be you."

Stefano laughs, "Do it! Do it! Do it, you coward! Shoot me!" Marlena runs in and says if John shoots him they will never get out alive, "We're finished here," says John. He grabs Marlena's hand and they run out as the medical team runs in. Stefano gives his evil laugh.

Sami says this is painful. She thanks EJ for understanding. She hates to duck out on him. EJ says they will have champagne back in Salem.

Will calls again and asks if everything is OK, "If I'm so sick, can I skip school tomorrow?" Sami tells him she will be right home. She hangs up, apologies to EJ and runs into the elevator. EJ cocks his head.

Roman inspects the empty room, "Somebody has been here, Kate. The coffee is still warm. You take your coffee with cream, don't you? This coffee is black."

So is Victor's mood. He storms in and asks Roman, "What the hell do you think you are doing."

"I want to talk to you about Max and Mimi," says Roman.

"Get out," says Victor, "Or you can kiss that shiny badge goodbye. You're in here making accusations and you don't have a search warrant. I'll sue the Salem PD for everything it's got."

Roman asks, "What are these search warrant thingies everyone keeps yapping about? I can issue threats, too. If you harm Max or Mimi you will get what's coming to you and you won't like it."

Kate comes back in and announces Roman is gone. Victor tells the mummy to come out. Kate says she is going to Montreal with them. Victor argues. Phillip holds up a sign. "Let Mom go." Victor concedes. Kate goes home to pack. Victor tells the mummy the will come back a new man and be reunited with Claire.

Shawn plays with a stuffed doggie. Belle comes back down. Claire is sleeping like an angel.

"Our angel," says Shawn, "If Victor tries to take her, I will drive through whatever walls I have to in order to stop him." Hugs.

Sami meets Lucas outside the hotel. She thinks EJ bought her story, "Will probably thinks I am crazy."

"Wouldn't be the first time," says Lucas, "Just kidding." Smooch. He huddles her in his arms and takes her away.

John shows Marlena the death card, "All I got out of the old man was craziness and wheezing."

The great opera Plota Getta Amore Ridulosa plays in the background.

Rico is on the phone, "The hour has come. Your father gave the death card to John. Your orders are to kill John Black, and leave Salem forever."

EJ folds his phone and scowls. FF.


Chelsea says, "I guess Lonely Splicer is having a really good effect on me." Nick says, "Lonely Splicer sounds pretty deep." Abby says, "And in way over his head."

Roman asks, "And if you get caught?" Bo says, "I got nothin' to lose."

Marlena says to Patch and Kayla, "Looks like I missed a chapter – or two." Kayla smiles.

Marlena holds the death card in front of John's face, "What is that?" John smacks his lips.

As the credits roll, the music playing in the background doesn't sound like anything Ray Stevens ever did or would ever do. It sounds more like something from The Exorcist, which is not to imply we want to hear from Satan's peeps.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the way Sami and Lucas are working together and how she called him right away.

5:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wondered why Sami would go away, or work for a guy who attempted to rape her. But then Marlena is her mother, the queen of putting herself in situations that she can't handle that she thinks she can.

6:59 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

Prevuze confession was so (sniff)... touching (sob)...and REAL (wail)...I can't stand it. OK! I confess!! I laughed like a hyena all the way through it. SO SUE ME!

Pryomaniac, Patch's tatoos, all the pictures were great. I did a spit-take when I got to the "search warrant thingies" and the great opera "Amore Ridiculosa".

Prevuze was mucho stupendioso this morning!!

Oh, and a does Belle know WHAT Claire is thinking? The kid is less than two years old!

7:13 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"Oh, and a does Belle know WHAT Claire is thinking? The kid is less than two years old!"

Belle relates well to that level of mentality.

7:38 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

Prevuze embellishes on the truth?!? No way! I mean that's the real name of that opera, isn't it? Don't they all sound the same? HAHAHAHAA

I hope they explain how EJ came to be indluenced by Stef. It seems like Susan and Edmund snuck away with baby Elvis and was going to raise him so that Stefano would never know. Unless I'm remembering it wrong.

Loved Jr/Belle playing with Claire's toys, Lucas short-sheeting the bed and just one squint from Squints. Great Prevuze to end the week! :D

7:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do we really get to see Stefano?

9:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do we get to see full face and everything of Stefano or is it just a hand that could be anyone's?

9:17 AM  
Anonymous tj7812 said...

"It sounds more like something from The Exorcist, which is not to imply we want to hear from Satan's peeps."

But I thought that's who was writing the show???? Its really the only explanation.....

9:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kerri from RI

LOL I used to love watching Days. Then it got....hmmm what's the word...Stupid? No not strong enough....Idiotic??? Nooo.. let's see...Unrealistic? There ya go! hahaha

Instead I would read prevuze and get SO much more out of the show. I love Prevuze and the pictures are great! My friend Tina sends me the links all the time when something is hysterical...Just like todays disclaimer and all.

Keep up the Truth hehehe

9:47 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"Do we get to see full face and everything of Stefano or is it just a hand that could be anyone's?"

We should've been more discriptive, but there is nothing to describe. You hit the nail on the head, VB. He's in one of the old-style oxygen tents and all you can see is his hand. And, IMO, his voice is nothing like Mascolo's either.

9:59 AM  
Anonymous Theresa said...

I REFUSE to believe Prevuse embelishes. I believe the Ray Stevens people FORCED her to say that and this is all apart of the Stephano scheme to make Prevuse admit SHE is Kristen.

UGH! Now I have confused myself, my head hurts.


10:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Theresa, I feel your pain. I, too, have gotten headaches from the confusion in my head trying to follow DOOL storylines.

I loved the Prevuze confession, very touching and honest, though I don't think you toy with reality or embellish, at least not as much DOOL writers do. But I have a confession also. I don't know who the hell Ray Stevens is...sorry to all Ray Stevens fans.

10:33 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"I don't know who the hell Ray Stevens is..."

What? OMG!! Ahab the Arab! The Streak! Everything is Beautiful! What, do you waste your time listening to stuffy old operas like Plota Getta Amore Ridulosa? Ray is an American classic.

11:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Couldn't EJ check to see if Will actually went to the hospital? The lie could be easily exposed, Sami should have thought about that when she thought about the caller id.

12:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about that! Prevuze is EDUCATIONAL as well as humorous. Thanks for enlightening me. :)

12:26 PM  
Anonymous kotu said...

Lordy, lordy....Michelle must belong to that YOUNG generation. You know, the one that's never had to mess with rabbit ears and tin foil for TV reception or to walk over to the TV to turn off the ridiculous DOOL plots.

On the other hand, by admitting we know and love "Ahab, the Arab, Prince of the Burning Sand" (imagine very bad singing)....Prevuze and I have certainly dated ourselves, haven't we? HAHAHAHA

12:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not really - I know who that is and I am 25. I remember when I was about 8 or 9 commercials for his greatest hits would always come on TV and my best friend's grandmother owned all of his stuff. She just thought he was hilarious.

1:18 PM  
Anonymous Theresa said...

my best friend's grandmother owned all of his stuff.


2:27 PM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"Prevuze and I have certainly dated ourselves, haven't we?"

Speak for yourself. I'm not old. I've been SORASed.

2:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Elvis Junior (EJ) is Marlena and Stefanos son and he is a brother to sami, if i am correct, then NOTHING LIKE KEEPING IT IN THE FAMILY EH? LOL LOL LOL...
On another note, its about Sami came to her senses lol...I like Sami and Lucas together as a couple.
I had no idea that this was gonna get so GOOD in just a couple of months and Stefano coming abck for a short period (i read nit eh december 26th issue of Soap Opera Digest) that Joseph Mascolo is not coming back *sigh* Oh well. At least the character of Stefano is back :-).

11:16 PM  

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