Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Merry Christmas, Losers!

Max and Mimi wake up after "sleeping together." Standard, trite, double-entendre laced, suggestive banter ensues. Mimi is glad Max was there to keep her warm.

Max says, "We're both adults – I use the term loosely – and it's not like either one of us are reading anything into it. They proceed to mutually read things into it. Closer... closer...

Shawn and Belle talk about Claire's trip to see Santa and reminisce about her first year. She was surprised Claire didn't cry when she was with Santa, and is really proud of Shawn because he didn't cry either. Belle thought this would be an unhappy Christmas but had a good day today. She's upset that they haven't found Max and Mimi, though. Shawn can't believe Victor would hurt them. He's decided to make peace with them when they come back. Even with Mimi. And he will ask Max for his job back. Belle doesn't want anything to do with the dirty money he earned.

Kayla and Hope decorate the tree at the pub. This used to be Hope's favorite time of year what with Christmas, her anniversary and her birthday.

Patrick interrupts, "We need to talk."

Roman, Abe, John and Marlena talk about EJ being Elvis. John is sure his plans will escalate. Bo barges in. Abe wonders why he is there. Roman says he asked him to come in. Abe isn't sure he should have done that. John supports him, "Besides, you're going to need Bo. As of right now, I'm resigning from the bad-guy business." Marlena is ecstatic.

Sami and Lucas arrive home. Lucas says she has to tell her dad what she heard in the hotel. She doesn’t want to go to the police. She wants it to be over. Lucas argues. Sami says, "I am afraid of EJ. He is violent. He is capable of anything – including murder." She won't give him a reason to target her, Lucas or Will.

Lucas reminds her of all the people who won't be spared if she doesn't tell. She has to come forward. Sami don' wanna. She doesn't want to mess things up. Lucas says things are already getting messed up. He wants her to show people the Sami he is proud of.

Roman asks John to reconsider. Marlena won't have it. They all work on Abe to reinstate Bo. Abe caves in. He gives Bo his gun and badge back. Abe says if he screws up he'll take them back with Bo's head. John turns to Marlena, "So, my dear... do you want to go try our hand at becoming Salem's most boring couple?"

Marlena asks, "Did Shawn and Caroline leave town? "

Outside, Marlena thanks him. John squints so hard he can see parallel universes. Marlena sees something is wrong. She thinks this is killing him. He says he did it for her. She was hoping he did it for both of them.

Hope tells Patrick this isn't a good time. Patch comes in and asks if there is a problem. Hope brushes him off. She and Patrick go outside.

Kayla tells him Hope can take care of herself. Patch says he has a surprise. A special present. He holds up two tickets to the upcoming Clay Akin concert.

"OK," says Kayla, "And what's the special present? "

Kayla is amazed he got the tickets since the concert has been sold out for so long, and thanks him. They unmercifully huckster Clay's Christmas CD. Oops, suddenly Kayla remembers something, "We can't go..."

Patrick says they are leaving tomorrow night. Hope says she can't go that close to Christmas. He reminds her of their deal. Hope is adamant. She won't go away on Christmas. Patrick has no choice but to call the DA.

Max backs off. Everybody is soooo sorry. They look around for something to help them get out. Max finds a hatchet, and then a sledgehammer. He tells Mimi to work on the boarded windows while he works on the trap door.

Shawn promises to figure out what to do with the dirty money. Claire drops one of her toys and a woman passing buy picks it up and hands it back. Her name is Beverly. She thinks they make a handsome family. Belle tells her they are not "together." Poor Beverly won't get to see her family this holiday. She has someone in the military. She asks what Shawn does for a living. Shawn stares, which, at the moment, is pretty much what he does for a living.

Max and Mimi chop and hammer. Mimi says it isn't working. They hear something. Footsteps... upstairs.

John vows to do what is best for the both of them. Sami arrives and welcomes Marlena back. She tells them why she is there. John's eyebrows do the Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairies.

Shawn says he is "between jobs." Belle tells Beverly she is a stay at home mom. Beverly thinks that is wonderful. She wishes them luck and leaves. Belle feels bad that Beverly won't be able to spend Christmas with her family. They decide to go shopping for underprivileged kids with EJ's money.

Kayla reminds Patch of the traditional Brady Christmas. Patch thinks others can take care of the festivities so they can go to the concert. Kayla tells him Alice wants him to read the Christmas story this year. He thinks he is the wrong dude for that. Kayla presses. No one has ever refused. Patch caves in, on one condition. The minute they are done they go to the concert. She agrees. Hugs.

Patrick threatens to call the DA and press charges against Bo. Hope calls his bluff. She grabs the phone and says she will dial the number for him. He asks why she is being difficult. She says she will allow him to have access to the baby and that is it, "If you keep playing this little game I will make a few rules of my own. Starting with not going anywhere with you on Christmas."

Sami tells the crowd in Abe's office what she knows. Abe vows he will protect her. John shows them the death card. Abe contemplates.

Max yells for help and pounds. Mimi joins in. Someone upstairs pounds back. Upstairs, Freddie the Freeloader says he wants money for helping them, "How much you got?"

Hope has Patrick look inside the pub, "That's my family. That's what we do on Christmas. It's my first Christmas without Zack. I need to be with my family."

Patrick says, "You go be with your family... enjoy." He sulks off with his tail between his legs.

Kayla makes plans for the reading and the concert, "There is just one thing left."

Patch asks, "What's that."

Kayla asks, "Did you write that letter?"

Patch says he wrote it, "I mailed it this morning. I asked Santa for a Playstation 3."

Roman wants to know why John didn't show them the death card sooner. John says it's a personal thing. Lucas says they owe Sami protection. Roman says they will put protection outside her apartment and EJ will think they are watching him. He sends Marlena, Sami and Lucas outside.

Bo gives his "Wells needs to be behind bars" speech. Roman says they need to bring him in. Abe isn't sure they have enough on him. John says they have to bluff him.

Lucas has to go off and respond to emails. Marlena is so proud of Sami – doing what she did was brave. Sami sees Marlena's hand and asks what happened.

"Age spots are nothing to be concerned about," says Marlena. Sami notices her ring. Marlena gives her the news bulletin, "John and I got married in Italy. I know you wanted me to marry Roman. But look at it on the bright side... John used to be Roman."

Max tells Freddie the Freeloader just to let them out. The tramp asks about money. Max and Mimi go through their wallets and come up with sixty bucks.

"Not enough," says Freddie. Max slams the butt end of the sledgehammer against the trap door. Freddie says he'll open the door but wants the money first. Max doesn't trust him. He says he will give him half the money, and then give him the rest when he opens the door. Freddie wants it all now, "We're not idiots," lies Max, "Take it or leave it."

"OK," says Freddie, "Deal."

Max pushes the money up, "Let us out and you'll get the rest."

Freddie yells back down at them, "You got a bad attitude, and I'm not feeling the trust. Merry Christmas, Losers!" Freddie takes the money and runs.

John says they have no evidence on EJ; EJ is holding all the aces. They need to find somebody EJ trusts who can tell him the authorities are preparing an arrest warrant against him. EJ will spring into action. They suggest Kate, but she is out of town. They need someone who can SEDUCE him into believing he has to get his butt out of town. The group stares at poor Sami through the blinds in the window.

Marlena tells Sami she loves John, just like Sami loves Lucas. Sami says, "Brace yourself, Mom – better late than never, right? You deserve to be happy more than anyone. I am sorry about my childish obsession wanting my Mom and Dad to be together. I know John loved me and was a good father to me, but from the moment I saw you in that conference room I was obsessed with the idea that everything was his fault."

Marlena says, "What happened in that room was as much my fault as John's. You've found a way to forgive me, right?"

"Of course. I love you."

"I love you too," says Marlena, "And John loves you. No matter how you feel about him he will always think of you as his daughter."

Max yells, "We had a deal!"

"Let us out," screams Meems.

Freddie says, "I will say a prayer for you while I m eating my steak." He covers the trap door with a rug.

Mimi doesn’t know how much more she can take.

Max flings the sledgehammer against the wall. "Did you hear that," he asks, "There is something behind that wall."

Kayla says Patch did the right thing by sending the letter. It will give Billie closure. He hopes so. He just wants to get on with his life with the woman he loves.

Hope walks in with the baby. And Claire. Shawn follows. Kayla wishes her a happy birthday. Hugs from Patch. Caroline dotters in. She asks if they have heard anything. No. Hope promises they will, though.

Shawn and Belle lay out the presents. Caroline is grateful the Brady Horton tradition continues no matter what.

Max thinks the wall may be hollow. He taps a knuckle against his head and then against the wall. Same sound, "It's definitely hollow."

Roman says they aren't putting his daughter at risk. Bo says they will protect her. Sami is their only shot.

Sami says she doesn't hate John, "Detest is a better word." He used to make her so angry. But no matter what she did to him he would never hate her back, "I will be better with John from now on – for him, for you, for Will, for all of us, for all the Days Of Our Lives." Hugs.

The Dud Squad comes out of Abe's office. Abe tells Sami they want to set a trap for EJ.

John says, "In other words, we need someone who can help set him up."

Roman says, "We'd like you to be that someone."


Setup continues at the pub. Patch says something isn't quite right. He has Kayla follow him to the mistletoe. Giggles and smooches. Belle and Caroline go make eggnog. Shawn tells Hope he took EJ's money and bought toys for the disadvantaged kids. "I love you Shawn Douglas," says Hope.

Pan to shoes walking in the snow. Pan up to an ID card with a five-pointed star. You knew you'd be hearing from Beverly again, didn't you? She watches through the window, picks up her phone and says, "Mr. Kiriakis? I made contact, and will proceed as planned."

Max strips to the waist. He just couldn't swing that sledgehammer with his bulky shirt on, even though it's supposedly freezing down there. Mimi stands back for a better view. Max says, "Our future is behind this wall." John Henry goes into action.

Sami is stunned, not to mention outnumbered, "Abe... Roman... John... You can't be serious!"

John assures her she will be protected. Roman tells her the plan. She will tell EJ she will help him get out of town safely. Sami agrees, "OK, I'll do it."

Lucas steps up behind her, "Like hell you will." FF Sami.


Mimi begs, "Don't do it, Max. Put the gun down and we'll find another way out of here. Please... Please!"

Abby says to Stephanie and Chelsea, "I'm going to keep looking for Max. I don't care what you guys say."

Marlena asks, "Abe? Are you OK?" Abe collapses.

EJ Asks, "If you were so concerned about your son, why did you leave him at home alone?" Sami says, "Because, I went to see the police."


Anonymous applecheeks said...

Now, Bulldog, would NBC really do anything so crass as you imply in your pic? [Oh. Just got to the part where Prevuze reports on the show shilling for Clay Akins.] Never mind. HAHAHAHA

Just one great Prevuism after another. By the time I got to John squinting so hard he was seeing parallel universes and then his eyebrows doing the Dance of the Sugar Plum Faries, I was ROFLing.

But a question, if I may. Maximi "tore the place apart" yesterday looking for a way to get out. Did one of those sugar plum faries visit and leave them the ax and sledghammer overnight?

6:48 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

Yeah, it was a real Squintsapalooza today what with his squinting and eyebrow dance.

But when I totally lost it was the advice about Marlena's age spots. HAHAHAHAHA

The pictures were great and I also enjoyed Hope entering with the baby - and Claire.

A hearwarming holiday episode from Prevuze! ;)

8:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder what that letter to Billie said. And whats with having Steve read the Christmas story.

10:47 AM  
Anonymous Evergreen said...

These writers....rolled my eyes at this one....Since when can a person undrop dropped charges??? Only on Days Of Our Lives...hehehe

8:33 PM  

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