Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Auntie M's Root Cellar

Billie hugs Steve. She's been going crazy waiting for him to get back. Steve needs some place private to talk. Billie is happy he wants to be alone with her.

Roman and Bo sit at a table in the pub. They talk about the Max, Mimi, Victor situation. "My old man," says Bo, "What a guy."

"Hey," says Roman, "Pop is your real dad. Mom made a mistake, but she stayed married to him all these years anyway." Bo thinks Victor had Phillip stashed in the mansion. Roman knows how Bo can help, even though he's suspended.

Mimi and Max sit back-to-back tied up. Mimi tells Max she's scared. Max says if Victor wanted to hurt them he would have done it by now.

"We're not exactly on a Hawaiian cruise," says Mimi.

Max assures her, "We're gonna get out of here."

Mimi asks, "What's the plan?" Max contemplates.

Patrick meets EJ in a dive in Talladega that Patrick refers to as "the armpit of the world." He says it wasn't easy getting there.

"Nothing is easy for you," says EJ, "especially thinking." He tells Patrick John knows everything. EJ has two tickets back to Salem. They are going together. OK, so to recap, EJ had Patrick fly to Talladega so he could tell him they were flying back to Salem.

Abby feels weird about the brat knowing how she feels about Max. The brat promises not to say anything. She assures Abby Max can take care of himself.

Meanwhile, back at the dungeon, Max says they need to loosen the ropes. They are able to stand up. Max has Mimi wiggle her body to loosen the ropes.

Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle. See Mimi wiggle. Wiggle, Mimi, wiggle. It doesn't work. Mimi thinks they need a knife, "There must be something sharp in this dungeon, and it sure ain't us."

Max has her squirm around so they can get face to face. Mimi makes it around but... TIIIMMMM–BEERRR!

Billie is giddy. She can't remember the last time she has been this happy. She finally shuts up and gives Patch a chance to ruin her life. "Things didn't quite work out the way I said on the phone," says Patch, "When I talked to you, things were over with me and Kayla. I meant every word."

Billie says, "You're trying really hard to tell me something and..." Kayla walks into the scene. Billie goes on, "I didn't let you get to the punch line."

Roman tells Bo he can go through maps and come up with suggestions where Max and Mimi are based on properties Victor owns. Bo insists he should be out there looking for Max and Mimi. Roman asks, "Does your wife have a say in this?"

"Does a one-legged duck swim in circles," asks Bo.

Patrick says EJ has DiMera protection but he doesn't. EJ says he calls the shots. Patrick says he is getting out and going someplace where they can't find them.

EJ says, "Too bad you'll be missing your own mother's funeral."

Patrick tells EJ to leave his mother out of this. EJ reminds Patrick Bonnie blackmailed him, "It is because of your big mouth we are becoming a couple of fugitives, so shut your bloody cake hole and listen to me."

Bo talks to Hope. It seems Roman told her that he and Steve broke into Victor's. Bo tries to talk his way out of the doghouse. He's sorry. "I'm not," says Hope, "I think you're a great guy."

Billie says she's leaving. Steve doesn't have to explain things. Patch says, "I got my memory back." Kayla signals she is heading inside the pub.

Steve knows Billie is hurting. He hates he did this to her. Billie insists she did this to herself, "Really... It's great you got your memory back."

Roman sits with Abby and the brat. He tells them they think Victor had Max and Mimi abducted to keep them from telling about Phillip. He assures them Victor won't hurt them, "The cops are going to look every damn place they might be. But, they are short of manpower. So YOU can help." The girls stare.

Max tells Mimi to put her hand in his pocket so she can get his knife. She works her hand down inside. Deeper... deeper... "How deep is that pocket? Wait! There's something!"

Max goes wide-eyed, "OK, THAT WAS DEFINITELY NOT MY KNIFE!" Mimi's eyes pop out.

EJ tells Patrick they were sent to Salem with a purpose. He asks if Hope has agreed to the trip.


"So," says EJ, "You got your way. When we get back, call her up and tell her the plans are pushed forward a bit. The Bradys and Hortons will have to do without her this holiday season. You have to get her on a plane and wait for my instructions. You will do anything I ask you to do."

Patrick says, "I am telling you how it is going to be and nobody is going to hurt Hope. If you wanna kill me go right ahead."

Hope doesn't think this was the smartest thing Bo ever did. We have a moment of silence as Hope lists all the smart things he has done. "But you defended the family," says Hope, "Do me a favor. Don't get arrested again. I want you home, in bed with me. I could have lost this."

Bo says, "That will never happen again."

Kayla interrupts. Bo tells her to take a hike, "I'm trying to score here."

Kayla tells them OMB is at the garage and refuses to come home until Max' refrigerator runs out of beer. She hates to see Billie get hurt. Bo thinks Steve can take care of that. She thanks them for being patient with Steve. She is soooo happy.

Hope says, "Oh honey, you're such a girl."

Kayla thanks her.

"I was talking to Bo," says Hope.

Kayla remembers Bo telling her that her heart is a compass. Hope couldn't live without him. For the moment, the shrew has been tamed.

Billie says Patch should have called her and told her all this so she could have gotten on him for telling her over the phone instead of in person. Patch says, "Don't think this is nothing to me. I didn't want to hurt you. Everything was running through my mind so fast I couldn't absorb it all. I have a slow motion mind in a fast-forward world. Then, I had an epiphany. My life totally changed. I didn't want to tell you over the phone."

Billie gets it. She says she is happy for them, "I just have one question. What was I to you?"

Roman tells the kids Salem cops don't always have their fingers on the pulse of young people, "In fact, Salem cops couldn't find a pulse if they had a stethoscope with an amplifier. You both know where the hangouts are. You know... abandoned houses where kids can hang out to get away from older people." He wants them to go to these places to look for Max and Mimi, "And talk to their friends. Come down to the station first thing in the morning. We will get them home safe."

Mimi digs for the knife. Max says, "We're close."

"We're too close," says Mimi, "I feel like I'm shooting g an x-rated movie. This is the weirdest thing I have ever done."

"I hope so," says Max. Mimi gets the knife. "You're incredible," he says.

Mimi says, "You probably say that to everyone who sticks her hand in your pocket." Mimi cuts the ropes and they untie themselves and stand up.

Max contemplates the last few minutes. He smiles and says, "That wasn't too bad."

Mimi snorts, "Get your mind out of the gutter. We still have to get out of this place."

Billie asks again, "What was it to you."

"I wish you wouldn't do this," says Patch. He stares into space as the brat walks out of the pub.

"Your silence is deafening," says Billie. She turns and bawls. Patch is really sorry. He walks off. The brat comes up and hugs her. Tears and teeth gritting.

Max and Mimi bang around the place, but can't find a way out. Mimi figures they're in a basement, "I wonder who's it is, Victors?"

"Oh, yeah," says Max, "Victor lives in a mansion, and his basement looks like Auntie M's root cellar."

Mimi figures they are in a church. She thinks she knows which one it may be. She describes a little church on the outskirts of town. Max nukes, "So what you're saying is we are in the middle of nowhere!" Mimi is starving.

EJ thinks it's funny Hope thinks she's carrying Patrick's baby. Patrick says he isn't going to hurt Hope. EJ chuckles, "You really have the hots for her, don't you. I don't blame you; she's a tasty piece."

Patrick snarls, "Shut your mouth! I'm telling you how it's going to be. Nobody is going to hurt Hope."


EJ says, "When the time comes, you will do what I ask. I am taking the bigger burden here. I am the one who will end up with blood on his hands."

"Who's blood," asks Patrick. EJ smiles.

Max finds an old mattress. Mimi gets altar cloths for blankets. Max says, "There is a drain and a rusty sink in the back room for washing you hands and..."


"It's better than nothing, Mimi."

Max finds a picnic basket, "Well, it looks like Victor didn't want us to starve." Max assures her there will be a way out. Mimi is glad she's not there alone. She's glad it's him she's with.

"There is no one else I'd rather go slowly out of my mind with," says Max.

Bo wonders how many properties Victor owns here in Salem. He thinks they could find out at the hall of records.

Abby heads for home to make a list of all the places to look. She interrupts Chelsea and Billie on the way out. She and the brat make plans to meet tomorrow. The brat goes back to Billie. She says she is really sorry. She knows it never helped that she never liked Patch.

Billie asks, "I wonder how many times you can get your heart broken and go on living."

"I'm really sorry," says the brat, "I'm gonna get a job and help out so we can get our own apartment together."

Patch sits with Kayla. He didn't realize Billie would be there, "It's a big mess." Kayla suggests writing her a letter.

Roman sits with Bo and Hope, "You won't believe what John found out."

Patrick asks, "Who are you going to kill, EJ?"

"Making the Brady's lives miserable is only the overture," says EJ, "Three men are going to die – the first before I leave Salem."

"Who is it," says Patrick, "I have a lot of friends in Salem."

EJ says, "I don't remember you being so concerned when you were following me around Europe, begging for my lifestyle. You knew I was a DiMera. You were in it for yourself. Now you have to pay me back. John Black is the man. And if you breathe a word to a soul I will add your body to the pile." Wink.

Max wires up a radio. Mimi comes out from the back room and says the water is like ice. She would give anything for a hot bath. Max tells her to pretend they are camping.

He finds a Spanish station. He starts to change it, but Mimi likes the music, "Let's leave it on."

Patrick wants to know why EJ is doing this, "Tell Stefano you can't finish the job."

"I am a DiMera," says EJ, "I will not fail!"

"If you kill John you won't leave Salem alive," says Patrick, "And I will be cheering with everyone as they hang you from the highest light pole."

Roman drops the Elvis bomb, "John has a plan. He will fill Abe and me in tomorrow morning."

"What time," says Bo, "I'll be there."

Billie asks if she heard correctly, "YOU are getting a job?"

"Lonely Splicer says work is the way we sing," says the brat, "I don't know what it means, but it's cool."

"It might be the most intelligent thing I've ever heard your mystery man say," says Billie.

The brat thinks having their own place would be cool, "If we brought a guy over we wouldn't have to worry about Bon-Bon strutting around in her bra and panties."

"Or Patrick," says Billie. Billie chuckles and says she didn't think she'd be laughing anytime soon.

He brat asks, "You're not gonna let that pirate ruin your life, are you?"

Patch thinks writing a letter would just make things worse. Kayla tells him to go for it.

EJ tells Patrick to wait. He can expect one last message telling him how to deal with Hope. Then he will never hear from EJ again.

Patrick asks, "Who are the other two?"

"I can't tell you," says EJ, "The writers haven't decided yet. But you can expect a surprise on the order of a hurricane for your friends in Salem."

Roman says Abe won't be happy if Bo shows up at the station. Hope asks Roman to let him help. "OK," says Roman, "But when Abe blows up, I'm ducking."

Bo thanks him as Roman leaves. Hope says, "And thank you for being Bo Brady." Smooch.

Patch agrees to write the letter. "It won't be poetry. She will still think I am a jerk. I am. You do love me don't you?"


Patch says, "Let's go home and get naked."

"And you said you weren't a poet."

Billie watches them through the window and sulks. She turns to the brat, smiles and says, "Come on, let's go home."

Mimi thinks the music sounds happy. Max thinks it's time for bed.

Mimi looks at the tiny mattress, "Max... it's a small bed. We should make some decisions before we sleep together."

"Yeah," says Max, "Good idea." FF Mimi.


Sami tells Lucas, "I am afraid of EJ. He is violent. He is capable of anything – including murder."

Patrick tells Hope, "You go be with your family... enjoy."

Kayla says, "There is just one less thing." Patch asks, "What's that." Kayla asks, "Did you write that letter to Billie?"

Abe says, "Sami, we would like to set a trap for EJ Wells." John says, "In other words, we need someone who can help set him up." Roman says, "We'd like you to be that someone." Sami gives her quizzical look.


Anonymous CJ said...

WTH kind of daddy would use his own child to set up someone he knows is evil? I guess its just Sami. Doesn't really matter if she gets hurt.... jerks.

4:02 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"WTH kind of daddy would use his own child to set up someone he knows is evil? "

Uh, the same kind of person who would send a couple of teenage girls into abandoned houses to help an incompetent police force?

6:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

who needs a police force when you have the citizens of salem.

7:54 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

Well any other police force would probably know where the local kids hang out.

LOL that EJ had Patrick fly there to tell him they're flying back. HA

It seems the new writers are at least tossing some good lines in there like Auntie Em's root cellar and "shut your cake hole".

But the Prevuisms are still tops. Was it an excellent Prevuze today? Does a bear...uh I'd better not finish that one. ;}

8:42 AM  
Anonymous tj7812 said...

I don't get why Roman would ask Abby and clan to help look for Max and Mimi in the "kid hangouts" when Max and Mimi are supposed to be OLDER than the others, and assumably would not hang out where the teenyboppers would hang... That makes NO sense!! But, as with DAZE, they'll attempt to make some sort of sense to it... maybe??

10:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why does Kayla want Steve to write Billie a letter? Why not just leave things the way they are?

Billie's a big girl and she knew this might happen all along. She was taking a chance and came up the loser in this one.

If she'd look around for an unmarried guy, she might have a decent shot at happiness.

11:57 AM  
Anonymous Theresa said...

Bulldog, it was "BLOODY cake hole"...that's like eeewwwww.

I prefer shut your PIE hole. Cakes aren't sposed to have holes, pies are.

12:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cake "hole" is in reference to your mouth, not a hole in a pie or cake.
So EJ said shut your bloody mouth really.

1:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Patrick will have a bloody mouth soon enough if he keeps beaking off.... lol ;)

1:10 PM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

I'm way late on comments today. But I did have a chance to breeze through Prevuze before my day got going.

The adrenalin rush from pictures like John's dilemma and from Prevuisms like the moment of silence for Hope to list Bo's smart moves and Salem cops "couldn't find a pulse if they had a stethoscope with an amplifier" just got me flying out the door. HAHAHAHA

Even the writers (whichever one(s) did today's show) had exceptionally clever dialoge like the little exchange between Bo & Kayla (sounded like the kidding two siblings might actually have) and the whole series of scenes between Maximi. Write on!!

2:48 PM  

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