Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Gene Pool Is Getting A Little Shallow

WARNING! THE SURGEON GENERAL HAS DETERMINED THE FOLLOWING EPISODE MAY BE HAZARDOUS TO YOUR HEALTH. This episode contains actual action and plot movement. As a DOOL viewer, you may not be accustomed to this. Proceed with caution in order to avoid severe shock.

Lexie is on the phone with Abe. She asks if the doctor tested to see if he rejected the corneal transplant. "Yeah," says Abe, "they did every kind of test there was, but don't have any answers yet."

Abe doesn't want Theo knowing about this. Lexie says it wouldn't matter. Theo loves him no matter what. Abe says Theo and Lexie mean everything to him. Lexie tells him she is on her way. Just as she hangs up, Tek barges into the car, "I have to talk to you."

LuminescenceSami and Lucas lie sleeping in each other's arms in the cabin. They wake up together and realize it's really cold. The fire has died down. Sami goes to put another log on, but finds there are none. Lucas finds books to burn. Sami doesn't want him to destroy other people's property. Lucas says he will leave his name and address and pay for it later. Lucas is Sami's hero. Lucas says she is a hero. Sami worries about EJ coming after her. Lucas assures her Bo and Roman won't let him do that. If he does, Lucas will protect her. He's going to start the fire and make love to her all night long.

"In that case," says Sami, "Who needs a fire?"

Suddenly, Sami hears a noise coming from the roof. She screams, "Lucas! Watch out!" The roof caves in and it all comes down on Lucas.

Bo has found the SUV Lockhart was driving. He searches inside and finds hope's keys, "Where the hell are you?"

Hope asks Patrick why he is doing this. The cops know about EJ. They know Patrick is working with him. Hope suggests he could turn state's evidence against the DiMeras and go into the witness protection program. He tells her his final assignment is to get her away from Bo and kill her.

John isn't surprised Stephano sent EJ to kill him. John tells EJ he worked for Stefano because he was brainwashed. EJ says Stefano would have given him the world but John turned his back. John says, "Stefano's world is a place I would never want to live in."

EJ says, "Luckily for you, you're not going to have to worry about that much longer."

Roman tries to raise John on the radio. No go. Dobson asks, "What now?"

"If we don't get him on the radio we are going in," says Roman. But they don't know if Wells has shown up. That worries Roman.

Lexie wants Tek out. Tek wants to talk. She reminds him of the restraining order. He just wants five minutes. Lexie caves in.

Sami crawls out of the rubble. Lucas is crushed under the beams. He can't move his legs. Sami tries to get them off. Lucas tells her not to try. He tells her to go for help. Sami grabs her cell phone. No signal.

Lucas loses consciousness. Sami begs him to wake up.

Hope can't believe Patrick would kill his own baby. She begs him not to go through with it for the baby's sake. She opens her cell phone and speed dials Bo. Patrick grabs it and it drops. Bo listens as they argue. Hope says, "Bo will realize the only place we could be hiding is here in this warehouse. Turn yourself in. It's not too late."

"It is too late for both of us," says Patrick.

John asks what makes EJ think he will succeed where Stefano has failed. He thinks EJ is an odd choice for the job. EJ says, "I have what you Yanks call 'the right stuff.'"

"Ah," says John, "You tore the wings off of a lot of butterflies, did you?"

EJ says, "My father is no longer a young man. I am his last hope – his best."

"I guess the gene pool is getting a little shallow," says John, "Stefano says 'jump' and you say, 'how high, Daddy?' Elvis, you ain't nothing but a houn' dog."

"When he is gone I will inherit everything," says EJ. Sirens. EJ sneaks back to look, "You denied everything our family stands for."

"Stefano only stands for himself," says John, "In fact, I stand corrected. The last time I checked, he couldn't even do that."

EJ says, "His health may be failing, but his power will never die. I will ascend to the throne by giving him the news of your death."

"You have forgotten my backup," says John.

"My bug killed your wire," says EJ, "They have no idea you're about to get your brains blown out."

"Roman will want to come and see for himself."

"Thanks for reminding me," says EJ, "Take out your cell phone."

John takes it out and calls Roman. He tells Roman he is fine and EJ never showed up. Roman gets another call from Bo. He asks for backup. Roman is on the way. He tells John to stay put.

John hangs up, "I'm not going anywhere."

Finally," says EJ, "Alone at last."

Sami begs Lucas to wake up. He comes to and calls her name. She says she's going for help but needs him to stay awake. She covers him and brings the food and water over. She tells him to think about Will and her. They have a wonderful future. He promised to protect her and now it's her turn to protect him. She kisses him and runs out. Lucas grimaces.

Lexie says she isn't putting up with any more of Tek's stunts. He says he loves her and can't get her out of his mind. She says she loves Abe. Tek thinks Abe can't satisfy her the way he does. She tells him to get out.

Hope tells Patrick he's in over his head. Patrick says, "I know what you are doing – trying to establish a rapport with your captor. It's right out of Police Manual 101. This isn't want I wanted."

Hope thinks he is fighting for his life, "But there are other lives at stake."

Patrick goes berserk, "SHUT UP ABOUT THAT FREAKING KID! You promised me you would go away with me. If you would have kept your word I might have figured something out to prevent this."

Hope says, "You are stronger than EJ. He can't get to us if we stand up together."

Patrick is way past the edge of the cliff. He says Hope never cared about him. Hope insists she did, just not the way he wanted her to.

EJ cocks his gun, "I can imagine what you are thinking. It all comes down to this... Brother vs. Stepbrother. Good vs. evil.

"What I am thinking," says John, "Isn't nearly as biblical. You are pathetic because you are doing this of your own free will."

"Do I detect the psychobabble of Dr. Evans," asks EJ.

"She would know exactly what to make of a very small man holding a very big gun," says John.

"Maybe when you're gone she will get the chance," says EJ, "I'm going to miss you, John, but you won't be alone in the great beyond for very long."

"Who else is on your hit list?"

I probably shouldn't tell you this, but I'm having too much fun. Bo and Patch are next. I have a secret assassin in place, ready to take them out. I could tell you who it is, but then I would have to kill you. HA! I guess I might as well."

Sami tries to start the car. Unfortunately no one has wandered by and fixed the fuel injection system. She pounds the steering wheel in frustration. She looks at her cell phone but there is no signal. She wails, "Lucas what am I gonna do?" Sit snivel and bawl, apparently.

Lexie tells Tek to get out. He asks how she can forget what they had together. Tek pours it on. Lexie's phone rings, "It's my husband. Would you please get out?" Tek leaves. Lexie answers.

Abe asks, "Is everything OK?"

Hope works on Patrick. She reminisces about his friendship on Morgan Island. He says those were his orders. He wanted out long ago. If only he could go back in time. Hope says he doesn't have to kill her and her baby to save himself.

Bo yells for him to come out. As Patrick turns, Hope picks up a board – more like a large toothpick.

EJ says, "What's the matter, John? You looked as shocked as if I had told you Alice Horton was the assassin. That's the plan – hide in plain sight."

John growls, "You got careless. What makes you sure your assassin won't?" Tek sneaks around outside the door.

EJ says, "This person will remain hidden until the time is right, or until the writers decide who it is."

"Why Bo and Steve," asks John.

"They are traitors," says EJ.

John whirls, twirls and attacks. EJ shoots. John collapses. Tek runs toward the action. John falls into a lifeless heap.

Tek opens the door and checks out John, "Hang on man! I'm gonna get help."

Lexie tells Abe she's having car trouble. The auto club is on the way. Abe, unlike any other man in the known universe, does not ask what is wrong with the car. He says he talked to the doctor. He is rejecting the transplant. She suggests other specialists or another transplant. Abe says he has to face the facts. He is going blind. Lexie assures him he still has her and Theo. Lexie will be there soon. She hangs up and cries.

Tek runs up to the car and shouts for her to open the door. She thinks he's making another attempt to talk to her. Tek shouts, "Lexie! Open up! John has been shot!"

Lexie opens the door, "This better not be a trick."

"It's not," says Tek, "He could be dying."

"EJ stalks. As they leave, he gets into Lexie's car."

Hope takes a swing at Patrick with her pathetic board. He blocks it. Bo yells from outside, "Hope? Are you OK? What's going on in there?" Hope screams back that she is OK. Bo yells, "Lockhart, if you hurt her in any way, I swear I will butcher you!"

Roman and Dobson run up to him. Bo says, "Lockhart's got Hope in there and he's threatening to kill her."


Roman says, "All right, we've got to talk him back."

Bo says, "I'm not in a chatty mood right now. Call Lucas. He never shuts up."

Roman says, "Don't lose your cool."

Patrick tells Hope not to try that again. If she had actually hit him with that, he could have gotten a hell of a splinter. He's not turning himself in. He'd rather die first. Bo calls Patrick on his cell phone. Patrick demands a helicopter and $100,000.

"I can't do that," says Bo.

Patrick growls, "Wrong answer!" BANG!

Bo screams, "HOPE!"

Dobson and Roman restrain Bo. Hope yells out that she is OK. Lockhart says he is serious. Bo says he can't get the money

Hope asks to talk to Bo. Patrick says, "You tell him I mean what I say."

Hope takes the phone, "He isn't bluffing. I love you, Brady."

Bo loves her but he's not going to let anything happen to her. Patrick grabs the phone. He wants the helicopter and the money now.

Sami sees a car. She gets out and runs flailing her arms screaming for help.

Lexie checks out John, "He needs medical attention right away!"

"Where are we gonna find a doctor around here," asks Tek.

Lexie tells Tek to get out. He argues. Tek says he is a witness. He saw who shot him.

Sami gets in the strangers car. "Hello, Samantha."

Sami gasps, "EJ!"

"So let me guess," says EJ, "You were on your way to meet me when the car broke down. How fortunate I stopped when I did." Sami starts to get out. EJ says, "Going so soon? Your pathetic little attempt to set me up is amusing."

She begs him to help her with Lucas. As much as he would love to, he has to get out of town, "YOU LIED TO ME! YOU SET ME UP!"

"I'm sorry."

"So am I," he says, "Every cop within 100 miles is looking for me. There is a roadblock up ahead, and you will help me get through it."

"I will help you if you help me save Lucas – take it or leave it."

Bo tells Roman there is no way to talk Patrick down. Roman agrees, "We gotta go in. He's given us no choice."

Patrick says they are going out nice and slow, with Hope as a shield. He starts to move her out. Hope stops and gasps, "OMG!"

Patrick asks, "What the hell is that?"

Hope says, "My water just broke. I'm having the baby."

Patrick says, "Well, don't make a mess."

Lexie gives John her best medical advice, "Hang in there!"

Tek thinks it was EJ that shot John. He isn't positive, though. He tells Lexie he is the only eyewitness and so he has to stay. Lexie tells him to get out. Tek says he can't. Lexie plays her trump card, "If you really do love me, then get out."

Tek says, "OK, but you have to tell the cops you witnessed the shooting. You have to ID who did it." Tek scoots.

EJ says Sami isn't in a position to negotiate. She is going to get him through the roadblock whether she wants to or not.

Patrick throws the gun down so he can help. Hope begs him to get her to a hospital.

Roman gets a call, "What? Wells! OK we got a situation here. I'll get there as fast as I can." He hangs up and tells Bo John has been shot. Bo tells Roman to take Dobson and go. He'll handle Lockhart.

Roman tells Bo he will send backup as he and Dobson rush out.

Hope screams. Bo cocks his rifle. FF.


Bo points his shotgun at Patrick, "Get the hell away from her." Patrick yells, "Don't shoot!" Bo screams, "Back up! Get away from her!"

EJ asks, "Would you rather save your virtue and condemn Lucas to die, or give a handsome devil his due?"

Abe says to Lexie, "We want to hear from you... what you did... what you saw... in your own words."

Patch says to Benjy, "Something you need to give me? It must be something important." Benjy hands him the death card.


Anonymous applecheeks said...

Wow, so much to comment on!!

Great pictures: Max (the Dog) leaving (Oh NO!!); the party draggin on.

Great Prevuisms: "Where are we going to find a doctor around here?"

Great dialogue (in places): EJ's "nothin' but a hound dog" and Stefano isn't even able to stand for himself now.

Unfortunately there were also the great "What the??":
- Why did Patrick haul Hope to a warehouse? He could have been half-way to Bermuda with her.
- Why did Lexi tell Tek to get out and why is SHE the one who has to tell the cops she saw EJ shoot John?
- Why didn't EJ just blow John's brains out the minute he walked up behind him?

I know - it's DAZE!

6:43 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"Why did Lexi tell Tek to get out and why is SHE the one who has to tell the cops she saw EJ shoot John?"

Don't know if we made that one clear in the posting. Lexie doesn't want Abe to know she was anywhere near Tek. Tek claimed he had to stay because he was a "witness," so Lexie has to fill in for him in that department. None of it makes sense anyway, but that's the way the episode presented it.

7:46 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

Thanks for clearning that up Prevuze. Of course, that begs the question of why Lexi was sitting in her car, down on the docks, close to the boathouse. HAHAHAHAHA

7:49 AM  
Anonymous MomofDNA said...

Well, Lexie IS a DiMera....Now THAT would be interesting.....

7:54 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

I have a question of my own for Prevuze or any DOOL historian - explain to me again how EJ and Squints are "brother and stepbrother"??

I sure to hate to see Max go! Such a cutie. (The dog not the racecar driver.)

I'm still chuckling over the picture of Corpral Bones and Patch, Patrick offering $$ to take Hope back and Abe being the only human male not to ask what's wrong with the car (ain't THAT the truth!!)

Prevuze, you did it again. A truly great episode today! :D

7:56 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"I have a question of my own for Prevuze or any DOOL historian - explain to me again how EJ and Squints are "brother and stepbrother"??"

Everyone in Salem is related in one way or another, which proves beyond any doubt that inbreeding and sub-human mental capabilities go hand in hand. Some expert is going to have to run through the genealogical technicalities, though.

"Abe being the only human male not to ask what's wrong with the car (ain't THAT the truth!!)"

I'm detecting personal issues here, BD. Perhaps you should set yourself and your significant other up for an appointment for some of Marlena's psychobabble.

8:08 AM  
Anonymous kotu said...

You know, Bulldog, I've asked that question before too. How is John a DiMera? (And if he is, why did Stefano treat him like he did in the past?)

Back in the day they discovered John is Lawrence Alamain's brother, but for the life of me I can't remember how he's now a Dimera!

9:19 AM  
Anonymous Angel said...

John is a Dimera because his mother was Daphne (?) Dimera. Stefano's wife. Hence the brother step-brother thing. Hope that helps!
Prevuze, you are the light of my day!!

9:57 AM  
Anonymous Frog said...

In a way, then, when John was with Kristen he was sort of doing it with his adopted half-sister.


10:34 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

True. But then Kristen was also married to Tony, also her adopted half-brother. HAHAHAHA

10:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did Benjie know it was the death card he gave to Steve?

10:39 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"Did Benjie know it was the death card he gave to Steve?"

It's very hard to tell from the short preview. Benjy looks nervous when he hands it to Patch and then seems to start to rush off, but they cut things off at that point. Once Steve sees the card, he shudders noticably.

12:16 PM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

Well, here we go. The "trained assassin" is probably going to be Patch who has been programmed to kill Bo after seeing the death card ala The Manchurian Candidate.

Wonder why EJ said Patch was the other one he was going to kill? I'd assumed the two would be Pard & Bo. Maybe he's supposed to get rid of Steve after Steve kills Bo??

If I were Pard, I'd be slighted that the Dimeras didn't think me enough of a threat to kill! HAHAHAHAHA

1:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh just to add about Kristen and Tony...they were totally raised together. so it's really gross. Apparantly before I ever watched Tony got it on with another one of his sisters too.

wtf is wrong with him

4:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Wonder why EJ said Patch was the other one he was going to kill? I'd assumed the two would be Pard & Bo. Maybe he's supposed to get rid of Steve after Steve kills Bo??

From what I gather, Patch may have been programmed (I can't believe I just said to kill Bo and then himself.

7:41 AM  

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