Monday, November 13, 2006

The Mummy

Shawn and Willow look at the new place Shawn has picked out. Willow is sooooo excited about moving in, but senses something is wrong. He says he hasn't even put a deposit down and she's already talking about moving in. He tells her Belle is coming over to check the place out before he decides for sure.

Belle and Claire are with Victor. She tells him Claire still thinks of Phillip as Daddy. Victor says he still hasn't heard from him and maybe never will. Belle wants to set up ground rules, "Ones I'm not sure you are going to like."

Mystery man looks into the room where the deathwatch group is assembled. He leaves as Patrick walks in. Patrick reads a note and looks inside.

John says they are prepping the jet. He and Marlena are ready to take off. Caroline says she is grateful to them. Bo checks his cell phone and says he has bad news, "That snowstorm got worse. You won't get clearance."

Patch makes a pitch for John to try anyway. Hope begs him to do it to keep Kayla alive. Stephanie begs him to keep trying. Bo joins the chorus.

Caroline asks, "Marlena, you're a doctor. How much time does Kayla have?"

"Not a lot," says Dr. Evans. Caroline breaks up.

John has an idea. Now we're all in trouble. "There is another way to get Kayla that medicine."

Belle tells Victor when it comes to Claire she calls the shots. Belle lays out the ground rules. Claire can't stay at the mansion overnight, at least not right away. The visits will be on a schedule, "I will always be there to pick up Claire on time, so be ready. Don't overdo the spoiling. A ride on a merry go round is OK. Buying her the carousel is not. And under no circumstances will you leave Salem with her." It's a deal. Victor is grateful. Belle says, "Just make sure when you're spending time with her, she doesn't forget Phillip." Victor says Claire certainly will not forget him. Belle fakes to the wide receiver, hands Claire off to Victor and leaves.

After Belle is gone, Victor drones, "Don't worry. She's not going to forget Phillip."

Shawn tells Willow they didn't have a deal, he just wants time to get settled and then they will talk. "We'll TALK," she screams.

Shawn says, "I can't mess things up."

Willow goes postal, "It's OK to take me to bed but God forbid you should give a damn about me!"

"Don't make me choose between you and Claire," says Shawn.

Willow zeros in on the real target, "This is about Belle."

"Belle and me are over," insists Shawn, "I just need some time."

"Take the rest of your life," screams Willow, "I'm gone!" She practically rips the door off its hinges as she leaves. Hell hath no fury...

John's big plan is to take a small plane into the jaws of death instead of his larger, more stable, sturdier jet. He doesn't need clearance for that. Marlena says she will be his copilot.

"God is my copilot."

"I'm glad we agree on that," says Marlena.

It's all settled then. They'll head for Ottawa in their Matchbox toy plane. He asks Marlena if she is sure she wants to go on the death mission.

"We're a team," says Marlena.

"So were the 1962 Mets," says John.

John asks Bo to handle EJ Wells and Lockhart while they are gone. Bo says, "Sami is over at his apartment handling Wells right now, or is it the other way around? " The intrepid explorers leave for the Great White North.

Bo sees Patrick outside and starts to follow him but Hope tells him Steve wants to talk. Steve tells Bo it's pressure to have a 24-7 audience. Bo turns and suggests Caroline leave, "Steve and Kayla could use some alone time." Caroline decides she will go make dinner for everyone at the pub.

Stephanie asks Patch if he will take care of Kayla, "I can't lose her. She loves you. Her love brought you back and your love can bring her back."

Bo wonders why Patrick came back to the hospital after Hope told him to leave. Hope doesn't know.

Shawn hides Willow's stuff as Belle arrives. Belle likes the security downstairs, "But it's a big place for one person."

"Two," says Shawn. Long pause while Belle seethes. "It's for me and Claire when she visits."

"I want the place childproofed," says Belle.

"Don't worry," says Shawn, "It will be perfectly safe for you to come here anytime." Shawn gets a call. It's Patrick. He asks Shawn to meet him at the hospital.

"It's gotta be now," asks Shawn.

"If you want to keep your job," snorts Patrick.

"I'm on my way."

"Good answer."

After making such a good decision, Shawn has to prove he's still a birdbrain, so he asks Belle to stay there while he runs the errand. Belle stays and immediately starts snooping. First stop – The cupboard where Shawn hid Willow's purse. Belle pulls it out and stews.

Patrick finds Hope. He says he is worried about her. She assures him she's not overdoing it. In fact, she's headed over to the pub right now for a hot meal. Patrick says he thought Bo was giving her a hard time about him. Hope says Bo is worried about Kayla. She has to go. She says she'll call if she needs anything and leaves.

Shawn shows up. He gives Patrick an envelope. Patrick pulls a note out of his pocket and reads it, "John Black flying to Ottawa in private plane. TIME TO TAKE HIM DOWN!" Patrick slides the note into the envelope and tells him to take it to EJ.

John and Marlena do the pre flight check. "Wings..."




"Copilot who will stand by her man..."


Everything is A-OK. John is happy Marlena is trying to protect him.

"I'd do anything for you," says Marlena.

"Good," says John, "Would you stay here?"

"Except that."

"I thought so," says John, "Get ready for takeoff." A kiss for luck.

Patch rambles on to Kayla, "Sweetness. That's what I used to call you. You seem sweet. I'm trying to remember our life together. They say I'm what's keeping you alive. What happens when you wake up and find I'm just a blank slate, "and I don't remember anything either."

Mystery boy comes up to the window and signs. Patch walks over to him and signs back. "Benjy? I remember!"

Victor plays with Claire. He shows her a room full of toys, "You like that? It's yours. Not just the toys. My whole empire. You are a Kiriakis. I have big plans for you. I want you to meet someone. It's a surprise, but you'll like it."

Belle opens the apartment door to find Willow. "Making yourself at home," asks the hooker.

"I'm not the one with the suitcase in the cabinet," says Belle.

"You probably went through it," says Willow.

"You don't have anything I want," says Belle.

"I have one thing you want."

Belle is indignant, "If you thank I want Shawn – you're crazy. And if you think you have half a chance with him, you are even crazier."

"I've already been with him."

"There's a big difference between sex and commitment."

"Most guys prefer sex," says Willow.

"And most women prefer commitment," says Belle, "So what does that make you – Shawn's dirty little secret?"

"Shawn isn't ashamed of me," says Willow.

Belle goes for the jugular, "Is that why he didn't mention that you were here?"

Benjy read in the paper Patch was alive. He didn't believe it. The story said Patch couldn't remember anything. Patch signs and says, "I remember you, Benjimonkey. That's what I used to call you." Benjy asks if Kayla will be OK. Patch tells him about waiting for the drugs. He says doesn't remember Kayla. Benjy tells him to have faith. Patch remembers the Christmas they spent together.

Flashback to Christmas. Benjy wants a sleigh ride. Kayla wonders where he's going to come up with a sleigh. Patch tells Kayla she doesn’t need Santy Claus when she has Patchy Claus.

Back to the present, "I remember," says Patch, "I remember."

Bo and Hope are at the pub. Bo talks about Kayla. She wanted to be a doctor ever since Bo can remember. Hope assures him John and Marlena will bring back the antidote and Kayla will be fine. Bo thanks her for coming there with him. She asks if Bo is still trying to jail Patrick. No answer. Finally, he says they have new evidence. Circumstantial. Hope demands to know what it is.

Patrick paces. Dr. Bader comes up. She wants to know when they can settle his bill. Patrick says he's having a cash flow problem. Dr. Bader erupts, "Get me my money or when Hope's tests come back, they will show Bo is the father." Threats fly. Unfortunately, that's more than we can say for John and Marlena's plane right about now.

Patch tells Benjy he remembers that Christmas. Benjy has to go. Everything Benjy knows about love and commitment, he learned from Patch and Kayla. Benjy leaves. Patch goes over to Kayla, "Sweetness. I remembered. It was like I was watching a movie. We were on a pier. It was Christmas. We were together just like you said."

Stephanie watches. Kayla comes to. Patch tells her the medicine will be there soon. He tells her Benjy was there. He recognized him. They talked sign language, "Benjy says we gotta have faith."

John and Marlena's plane jumps and bobbles. Marlena and John talk about the DiMeras and how dangerous they are. Marlena doesn't want to have to keep wondering if John will be all right, "I don't want to lose you."

"You won't," vows John, "I'm out. As soon as I get back to Salem, I'll tell Bo."

"You mean that," asks Marlena.

"I'm supposed to be making you happy," says John, "For a long time, for all the Days Of Our Lives." Kiss.


Willow and Belle keep it up. Belle says she would never sell her body. Willow says unless she's been there she doesn't know what she would do.

Belle says, "So as long as you're going to be here with Shawn, Claire won't be." Shawn comes into the room, "Claire who? "


Victor opens a hidden door and takes Claire into the secret room for her surprise, "You can't tell anyone about this."

Bo tells Hope about the number on the bank statement. It's Patrick's academy ID number. Hope doesn't think that means much. She reminds Bo Patrick has been cleared of the murder. Bo says, "Yeah, well, I'm sure you know a scumbag or two have slipped through the justice system."

"Like your scumbag daughter," asks Hope.

Bo says, "Roman and John are with me on this. They understand I'm not just a jealous husband. I'm a jealous husband with a wife in danger. If I'm wrong I'm a fool once again. If I'm right, you and your baby are in one hell of a lot of danger."

"But you're still a fool," says Hope.

PrevuzeThe plane's oil light beams. John and Marlena kiss. The plane bounces like a crazed pinball. John shouts, "I think we're flying into the mouth of the storm. Hang on to your seat. It's going to be a bumpy ride."

"Thanks for the news bulletin," says Marlena as she careens around the cabin.

Shawn comes back to the happy little scene in his new apartment, "What's gong on?"

Belle has a couple of choices, but decides not to kill him right now, "Willow wand I were just saying your apartment is big enough for two."

Willow gets on him for hiding her purse and leaves, "We won't be living together or anything else."

Belle turns to Shawn, "Willow is unstable."

"I'm used to that in my women," says Shawn.

Belle lectures. If she finds out Willow is living there it will be Claire's last visit. She storms out.

Victor takes Claire into the secret room where The Mummy sits in a chair, "Say hello to your surprise."

Claire stares, "Mum-my?"

"No," says Victor, "Dad-dy!"

Hope doesn't want to believe she's carrying a murder's baby. She's glad Bo confided in her. "I want some good in my life, but I'm afraid we aren't finished with the bad."

Patch tells Kayla to rest. Stephanie watches. Patch says, "Save your strength."

"You're my strength."

"No," says Patch, "You pulled through this. Hang in there."

"If you promise to stay, I'll stay too."

"I promise," says Patch, "Just go back to sleep." He puts her mask on. He goes over to Stephanie, "I'll bet the viewers can't believe they got dialogue like that without having to pay for it."

"You've given her a reason to live," says Stephanie, "Now we can finally be a family."

"John and Marlena have to get back here," says Patch.

"They will," says Stephanie, "Nothing will keep them from bringing the medicine back."

The plane loses altitude. John yells into the microphone, "MAYDAY! MAYDAY!" He turns to Marlena, "That was cool. I've always wanted to say that." FF Marlena.


Patrick says, "You shouldn't do this by yourself." Hope says, "I'm not. I've asked Bo to move... back... in with me."

Billie says, "Bo and I did not have sex and a lot of people would get hurt if you went around telling everyone that we did." Chelsea says, "Mom... a lot of people are gonna be hurt."

Dr. Myers says, "You're free to go Mr. Johnson." Patch says, "If I go, Kayla could die." Dr. Myers says, "If you stay, you could die."


Anonymous applecheeks said...

The moving picture of John & Marlena bouncing around in the airplane was great! John looks like he's about to hurl bigtime. HAHAHAHA

Jeez, you'd think Willow would have gotten the message about where she stood in Shawn's life when she overhead him tell Belle that Willow didn't mean anything to him right after the boat rescue.

Happy Monday, Prevuze.

6:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have to echo Applecheeks' sentiments: I don't get girls like Willow who just cannot get through their heads that they are just being used for sex.

Also, I have to laugh about the whole Shawn being Patrick and EJ's courier thing. I mean what better way to keep things under wraps then to make Bo's son the go-between. I mean, could they not find anyone else to do it?? Well, this is Salem...nothing is logical.

7:23 AM  
Anonymous KOTU said...

I was going to point out the stupidity of Patch getting memory flashes of all these peripheral characters, yet not remembering a thing about his "soul mate". But then Anonymous reminded me of the futility of applying TLT (the logic thing) to Salem. LOLOL

7:54 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

I'm still laughing over the picture of Squints and Marlena. A moving picture always makes my day!!

I think it's great Vic said OK to Belle's demands and then is going ahead with whatever his plans are anyway. Go Vic!

Loved the blackboard picture with Jr. and Belle/Willow. Glad I finally got to Prevuze today! :D

10:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

has anyone noticed that Willow and Ms. Piggy have the same nose.....

5:35 PM  

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