Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Better Living Through Chemistry

Will has a picture of Lucas, Sami and him on his computer screen. He cuts Sami out of the picture. Lucas comes out and wants to know what he is doing. “I’m getting rid of pictures of Mom. I don’t want them any more.”

Lucas wants to talk about this, “I decided not to marry your mother but you can’t erase her from your life.”

“She’s not my mom,” says Will, “She’s turned into a totally different person.” Groan.

Fade to Stami, “Tonight, Mimi, it’s your turn.”

Mimi sees the guy on the fire escape with the evil baby. Rex goes to the window. Nothing. Mimi frets.

Bo kisses Hope, “You know how much I love you?”

“Tell me again.”

“I can do better than that,” he says and kisses her again, “You and the boys mean everything to me.”

Hope tells him, “Shawn needed you tonight and you were here. That’s all that matters.”

Shawn and Belle hug. Belle says she and Hope had a long talk, “She made me see that things can be OK for us, too.” Bo and Hope come in. They’re just checking to see if everything is OK. Shawn thanks Bo for the lecture. Another hug. Belle thanks Hope. Another hug. Shawn tells Hope he fells better. Another hug.

Belle tells Shawn, “If Phillip dies, you and I can never have a future together.” I’d never have guessed.

Phillip’s captors rough him up. Tony watches. Bart brings a satellite antenna. He asks Tony, “Why is it so important to do this hostage video live?”

Tony says, “Because John Black has challenged me and I always play to win.”

John struggles with equipment, “As soon as the kidnappers transmit again I’ll track the signal. I’ve got Special Forces standing by and we’ll bring him home to you.”

“I just hope It’s not too late,” says Kate, “What if Phillip is already dead?” John squints.

Bart still doesn’t get it. Tony tells him he has the element of surprise on his side. Everyone thinks he is dead, “They will be responding with the rules of war but I have my own rules.”

Bart says, “Your mind is like a laser. Could you help me figure out how to put this satellite dish together?” For starters, I’d put it outside instead of there in the hallway.

Phillip says if they unlock him, he will lend him a hand. The captors don’t respond. “Just a thought,” says Phillip, “So tell me, what are you guys going to do first, shoot the video or me.” We hear a gun cock. “Right,” says Phillip.

Belle once again reminds Shawn she is married to Phillip. I don’t see why she has to keep reminding him of this. He watched the ceremony from above on his motorcycle seat. Belle says, “Hope, if anything happens to Phillip, how could I go on living my life. I’ve been unfaithful...”

“No,” says Hope, “You weren’t. What happened to Phillip isn’t your fault. He wants you to be happy even if you aren’t with him.”

“I just want’ him to be rescued, says Belle, “But what will he come home to? A wife who will break his heart?”

Shawn reassures her, “Phillip will come home a hero. Everything will be fine.”

John tells Kate he knows she’s worried. He’s had experience with these things. Phillip’s in good hands. He'll be in great hands after John pops a few more pills.

“I know that,” says Kate, “I don’t know what I would have done without you.”

He kisses her, “I’m right here and I’m not going anywhere.”

Kate says, “So much has happened this past year. I can’t believe it. Now, you and me together. But we’re still grieving for Roman and Marlena.” Oh, yeah. They belong to an obscure religious sect that expresses grief by rolling around on the floor together.

John says, “Kate, we’ve talked about this. It’s time to turn the Page. Roman and Marlena would not want us to spend the Days Of Our Lives alone. You are the one responsible for this mission. You dialed me in and I got my focus back.”

Kate asks, “Are you sure you should oversee this mission. You just stopped taking those painkillers.”

He flashes back to scraping the pills off the rug, “If I couldn’t perform I’d get another agent involved. I’m good to go.”

John fiddles with the equipment. He sneaks a pill. Ahhhhhh... Better living through chemistry. Kate looks at him, “John, OMG!”

Lucas and Will have ice cream. Will thinks there is nothing to talk about. His mom screwed it up and that’s it.

Lucas tells him, “It just wasn’t meant to be, Will.”

Will says, “I’m glad I’m living with you now, but I’m still worried about Mom. Where is she?”

“I’m worried too,” says Lucas, “Your mother loves you. She always did.”

“I’m just worried she will do something crazy again,” says the perceptive lad.

Lucas says, “Wherever she is, I hope she’s not causing trouble for anyone.”

That was our cue to check in on Rex and Mimi. Rex tells Mimi he doesn’t see anybody out there.

Stami struggles outside. Mimi hears the racket, and asks Rex to check. He says it’s thunder.

“Mimi will really pay now,” says Stami.

Mimi says, “I know what I saw. There was someone out there.”

Rex thinks it might have been her imagination. Mimi flashes back to her conversation with Stami. Rex’ computer beeps. He’s spying on the government. He goes over and looks. “What? The Marines and the ISA have set up a covert rescue mission to save Phillip. Let’s go tell Belle.” Some covert mission, when every gamer in the world can tune in on it.

Mimi says she will follow later. She runs to the window and looks out.

Stami says, “I’ve got loser Lockhart right where I want her. She doesn’t deserve you, Brady, after all the bad things she said about me.” He flashes back to Mimi telling Stami Sami’s a whore.

Stami’s phone rings. The mystery voice on the other end says, “Did I not make myself clear? I told you to stay out of sight. You went out on your own. Your mistake may have fatal consequences.”

“Was that creepy guy really here,” asks Mimi, “What if he tells Rex about the abortion?”

Mimi fanaticizes she is finally telling Rex, but Super Stami flies in the window and breaks the news, “Rex take my advice and drop her. She doesn’t deserve you. She’s a heartless baby killer.” Rex throws Mimi out.

“Oh, God, I can’t let that happen,” says Mimi.

Stami tells Tony no one saw her.

Tony says, “If you want to destroy your enemies your execution must be perfect. No evidence must be left behind.”

The defiant Stami asks, “What’s it to you. When are you going to tell me your name?” Tony hangs up. Stami picks up the doll. He discovers it is missing one of its booties, “I hope no one finds that.”

Conveniently, Mimi finds the bootie and yells. She runs after Stami.

Rex tells the guys at Shawn’s place what John is up to. Mimi barges in and says her mom has had an emergency. She’ll explain later and has to go. Rex figures out John is heading the mission. Group stare.

“John,” says Kate, “the red light is flashing.” John looks at his communicator and says Shane is trying to get in touch with him. He talks to Shane. He tells Kate the ISA has intercepted
intel, which they are going to broadcast.

Tony and Bart watch Phillip on TV. Bart got the dish to work. Tony says, “Phillip is a classic example of being in the wrong place in the wrong time. I’m going to send him to a far better place than this. Or at least that’s what I hear.” Tony has reservations for another destination when his time is up.

The captor tells Phillip to say goodbye. Phillip scowls.

Will has been checking MSNBC all the time for stories of his mom. Notice that little plug for MSNBC. He asks Lucas if Sami and Brandon were set up by Kate. Lucas doesn’t think that is possible. Will wonders Why Sami isn’t around trying to get REVENGE, “When she gets mad, anything can happen.”

Stami runs, “I screwed up tonight. I can’t let this happen again. I gotta get out of here.” Mimi follows. Mimi sees Stami’s footprints, “Gotcha, now I’m going to find you and stop you from ruining my life.”

Belle wants to call John. Hope says that isn’t a good idea. She’ll interrupt the mission and tip them off that Rex hacked in. Rex clicks the keys. Bo says this thing could be going down very soon. Crashing down?

Belle asks if the nightmare could be over tonight.

“Yeah,” says Bo.

“What if something goes wrong,” asks Pollyanna.

John says, “Now it’s just a waiting game.” Kate asks what if Belle stays with Shawn. John doesn’t know what’s going on with those two, “I’m hoping Belle will have a change of heart.”

Beep Beep Beep. John goes into action.

Bart tells Tony, “The feed is up and running no one should be able to track us.”

Phillip is defiant. His captors tell him to say goodbye and he says, “No!”

Stami runs through a hallway, “I have to lose Mimi.”

Mimi follows, “Lucas lives here. He can help me.” She knocks on Lucas door and says she needs help. She tells him what happened with Stami.

Stami cowers in the hallway and says, “There's only one place I can hide now.”

John swears at the machine, “I’m losing the signal.”

Phillip tells his captors, “If this is the last time I get to speak to my family I’m doing it my way.” The captors tell him to go ahead. Phillip stares into the camera.

“This should be interesting,” says Tony, “Well see if John is up to the challenge.”

John gets the signal back. Phillip appears on the TV. Kate breaks down. So what it comes down to, is John has “intercepted” a signal they are deliberately beaming to him. Brilliant.

Belle cries when she sees Phillip. She can’t look.

Phillip says, “If this is my last message I have something to say to my wife, Isabella Kiriakis.”

Mimi tries to convince Lucas Stami is somewhere in the building. Lucas thinks they should check Sami’s apartment. Lucas knocks. Inside, Stami worries.

Phillip says. “Belle, All I have done here is dream about the next time I would see you. I miss you honey. I miss my whole family. They tell me this is my last goodbye. But I don’t believe it. I love you and I’m coming home to you. No one could love you as much as I do. If I don’t make it home, you stay strong. I’ll love you forever. Just from a better place. Semper Fi, sweetheart.” That sounded like his other goodbye to me.

Belle bawls. Oh, the angst! Pan in on Belle crying her guts out.


Mimi asks Lucas, “If Sami was here right now, what would you say to her? Would you forgive her?” Stami watches.

Patrick asks Billie, “Help you how?” Billie answers, “Start dating me.”

John tells Kate, “You give me the word, and we’ll abort the mission. Phillip won’t be any worse off, but you gotta tell me now.”

Tony tells Bart, “One of them will come here and try to rescue Private Kiriakis... Ah, another trap is set.”

The everything-challenged Shawn tells Bo, “I’ll go rescue Phillip myself.”


Anonymous applecheeks said...

Oh, pul-leeze! If they have Shawn The Magnificent go over and rescue Philip when the combined forces of the Marines and ISA can't, then they really must think the fans have the IQ of a Euglena!

PS. Great photo of Phil in the crosshairs.

6:27 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

I had more LOL moment in this Prevuze than about any other. Will is looking for news of what Sami is doing on MSNBC?!?? This goes even beyond the 24 hour PNN Philip News Network).

I love all of the additional commentary! :)

7:48 AM  

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