Thursday, March 24, 2005

Drugs - The Pause That Refreshes

Down at the dock Rex brings the ice cream and bumps into Abby and Chelsea. Chelsea makes him drop the ice cream cones.

Stami torments Mimi. She should have told Rex about the baby. She lied to her boyfriend and sinned against God, “If you don’t tell Rex you’ll lose him forever.”

Jennifer frets, “Oh, Abby, when you get home... Who else but Jack would have done this to the magazine?” Patrick and Billie walk in. They show Jennifer the doll. Patrick tells Jennifer about the pictures at Bo and Hope’s house as well as the tape. Jennifer asks who could have done this. “Count Anthony DiMera,” says Billie.

Jack vows to escape. “Oh, such a mouth,” says Tony.

“The Phoenix will not rise again,” says Jack, “You won’t make good on your threats because you’ll be dead.”

Marlena tosses and turns. Roman covers her. She dreams. “John I’m home.” She walks in on John and Kate kissing. She awakes with a start, but Roman is there for her. She tells him about her nightmare.

Roman thinks the TV footage is getting to her, “I am absolutely convinced that Tony edited that film. We still don’t know a damn thing for sure.”

Marlena asks, “But what if it’s true?”

“Then we deal with it when we get back home. But for now we ignore it. I may just have found a way to get out of here,” Roman shows her a book he has selected from the extensive library in their room.

John wants the drugs so he can work through the Pain, “You want to save Phillip don’t you? I just can’t focus when I’m wrapped up in this pain. You gonna give me the drugs or not?” Kate clutches the bag-o-pills.

Jack tells Tony, “You’ve threatened to kill me so many times it means nothing to me. I’m not afraid of you. You have underestimated the power of love.” Jack says Tony has never experienced love, “You’re a lonely, bitter man Tony. When it’s your time to die, you will die alone.”

Bart says he will be there. “Not if he kills you first, Bart. There is one thing I’ve been meaning to do.” Tony asks what that is. Jack lands a haymaker on Tony’s jaw. The Count is down for the count.

Roman has a book about old castles, “They have escape routes. The key is figuring out if there is a passage out of this room.” As Marlena leafs through the book, a paper falls out. It’s a map.

Kate runs and throws the drugs in the fire. “OMG,” says John, “What the hell have you just done? Did you forget about Phillip?”

Kate says, “One day you will thank me for this.” That wouldn’t be today, however.

John says he needed the pills to calm his nerves. He can’t do anything now, “When Phillip comes home is a coffin draped with the American flag, that will prove you are a lousy mother.” Kate slaps him.

Chelsea apologizes for making Rex drop the ice cream. Abby introduces Chelsea. Rex asks if Jennifer knows they are out late. Abby tries to pay for the ice cream. He sees her wallet and asks why the fake ID.

Mimi wants to know why Stami is doing this to her, “I know who put you up to this. When I get through with Jan Spears, she will wish she is dead.”

“I’m not doing any such thing,” says Stami.

The doll won’t shut up, “Mmoommmyy, why don’t you saavve me?” Patrick flashes back to the phone call. He says whoever did this got away. Like a true woman of Salem, the doll just keeps talking. Patrick takes it outside. He makes a call out there, “It’s Lockhart, I need to know what your plans for Billie Reed are.”

Bart says Jack will be sorry he did that. Jack fights as the guards try to grab him. He runs. Bart tries to get Tony to stand. Tony wants to know where Jack is. Tony is really upset, “I WANT HIM ALIVE.”

Roman looks at the map. It’s a map of the castle. An alarm goes off. Someone knocks on the door. It’s Jack. Roman says, “Jack, it’s Roman here, I have Marlena in here with me.” Jack tries the keys.

Marlena jumps up and down, “We’re going home.” Tsk, tsk, so naive.

John tells Kate to get out of his house. He won’t help her if she won’t help him. She insists she did help him. He throws another glass-breaking tantrum and tells her to get out. She goes upstairs instead. He falls and sees pill residue on the floor. He gathers them up and pops one.

Abby says the fake ID isn’t hers. It’s a fake fake ID. The girls run off.

Stami hounds Mimi. She says the Brady’s wouldn't accept Mimi. Mimi points out the Brady’s aren’t exactly perfect, “What about Sami Brady, she’s a selfish greedy whore.” Stami is stunned.

Patrick tells the guy on the phone he wants to know the entire story. The guy on the other end hangs up on Patrick. He takes the doll back inside. It has mysteriously and mercifully shut up. I guess he talked some sense into it. Billie says Tony is dead but he’s still tormenting her. Jennifer worries about Abby, “They already took Jack, are they going to take Abby too?” Patrick leaves to find Abby.

Billie assures Jennifer Patrick is the best. Jen agrees. Billie says, “Jennifer, I’d say you re starting to have feelings for Patrick.”

Jack gets into Roman and Marlena’s room. He locks the door. Group hug. Roman hopes he brought the authorities. “No, it’s just me,” says Jack. They are disappointed. Jack tells them about getting back to Salem, but Tony got him and brought him back. He tells them about Tony’s plan and the Faux Jen.

“OMG, unbelievable,” says Roman.

“I think Patrick is still working for Tony,” says Jack.

“What about the others?”

“Cassie is alive, but she is locked up here.”

The guards and Tony bust in. Tony sneers, “Sorry buy you are not going anywhere. Escort Devereaux to his room and lock him up tight.” Tony grabs the map from Marlena, “Shame you won’t be able to use this. A former captive of my father’s apparently drew it. It looks quite accurate, too. After what Devereaux just pulled you can all stay here and just rot!”

Tony leaves. Marlena bawls.

John gets up. “Aahhhhh...” Drugs - the pause that refreshes. He walks around the room. Kate comes down. She will send for her things later. He asks her not to go, “I’ll help Phillip. You’re right Kate. All that medication has affected me. I know you’re just trying to help me. I’m sorry. I was wrong.”

Kate says, “You need more help than I can give you.”

“You’re already helped more than you’ll ever know. I’m the selfish one. It’s my turn to help you.”

Kate doesn’t think she can do it anymore, “If something happened to you I don’t’ think I could forgive myself.”

John says Kate is the only one he can trust, “Don’t you know how deeply I feel about you?” Kate knows. She caresses him. They stare. They kiss.

Abby tells Chelsea she’s worried Rex caught her with the fake ID. Chelsea says they are OK. Abby needs more excitement. She has the field to play, but Chelsea only cares about Patrick. Abby tells her, “If you really cared about him, you wouldn’t have drugged his drink.”

Patrick finds Abby as Chelsea hides, “I know what you two were up to tonight. Chelsea made you do it didn’t she?”

Stami tells Mimi, “This is about the sin you committed against Rex and God. I am your conscience. If you can’t tell Rex, then I will.” Stami walks off.

Mimi wonders.

Rex gets back with more ice cream, “What did that guy say to you?”

Jennifer says she has grown fond of Patrick but not in a romantic way. She tells Billie she felt Jack’s presence here tonight. Jennifer tries to talk about Bo and Billie. Billie doesn’t want to go there, “He is with Hope - end of story.”

“Not if you share a child,” says Jennifer, “If you find Georgia, will you be able to let him go?”

Patrick bets Chelsea made Abby break the curfew. Abby says it’s not Chelsea’s fault. She just didn’t want to go alone. Patrick takes Abby home. Chelsea, realizing she’s just been left in the dust says, “Dammit.” Stami comes up behind her. He flashes back to the voice on the phone telling him to use Chelsea. He says hello.

“I’ll scream,” says Chelsea.

“OK,” says Stan, “You can do that, but that’s not going to get you Patrick. I can help you. Do you want to know how?”

Mimi says, “That guy said the most horrible things.”

Rex tells her, “I can’t just let him walk away. You’re going to be my wife.”

“I can’t marry you,” says Mimi for the ten thousandth time.

Billie shows Jennifer the lock of hair, “Georgia is alive.” Jennifer says this might be a DiMera setup. Billie says, “My gut and science are telling me Georgia is alive. I am not giving up on her. If you knew Jack was alive could you let go?”

“No. Are we talking about your daughter or Bo,” asks Jennifer.

Jack falls on his bed, “Jennifer if I could only see you.” Presto! He sees a vision of Jennifer. He promises to come back to her. The vision disappears, “NOOOOOOO!

John and Kate continue their kiss. It goes a little farther. Kate takes off her coat. She removes his shirt.

Marlena cries, “I thought we were free. Tony is 10 steps ahead of us again. We’re not going home are we Roman?”

“Doc, I wish I could promise we were.” Tony-TV comes on. They watch Kate and John go at it.

“Well,” says Marlena, “There is my worst nightmare come true. That isn’t a trick, you know.”

“That SOB DiMera,” says Roman.

Marlena evaluates the situation, “It’s clear that John and Kate really have moved on. I think we can be happy they are together, the same as they would be happy if we were together.” Roman stares. They embrace. Roman kisses her – on the forehead. Well, maybe he’ll go in for more.

JR undresses Kate.

In scenes reminiscent of the Phillip-Belle-Shawn-Jan quadrangle, Roman and Marlena wind up in bed. Back and forth we go in the wife-swapping game.

Outside in the hall, Tony boasts, “It took time and a lot of planning but finally I’ve got everyone exactly where I want them.” FFWO on the evil, dastardly Count DiMera.


Hope says, “Thank God you were there.” Belle tells Hope, “It’s because of me that you almost lost Shawn.”

Bo tells Shawn, “I can be your friend or your enemy, what’s it gonna be?”

Billie tells Jennifer, “She thinks I would do anything, including using my own daughter, to take Bo away from her.”

Stami says to Chelsea, “The key to getting Patrick is to eliminate the competition, starting with Billie Reed.”


Blogger Bulldog said...

What I can't figure out is why Lucas, Will, Billie, Patrick, Rex, Mimi and Sami have all been down on the docks and we haven't seen one drug dealer. Apparently they only show up when John is there.

Good Prevuze!

10:04 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

Many LOL moments, starting out with the SoapNet caption on the picture for today. The best was the comparison of the non-stop talking doll with the women of Salem. I think you did an unjustice to the doll though. "The doll stopped talking. Apparently Patrick was able to get through to it...", that's something that no one is able to do with any of the other Women Of Salem. HAHAHA

8:10 PM  

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