Friday, March 25, 2005

Shawn's Death Wish

Chelsea tells Stami to stay away from her. He calls her Chelsea, and she wonders how Stami knows her name. “Because I’m really Sami Brady, you moron,” thinks Sami, but she tells Chelsea, “I know a lot of things about you sweetheart. This isn’t about me. It’s about you. I can tell you how to get Patrick Lockhart. Are you interested?” Chelsea stares.

Down on the other end of the dock, Patrick tells the rebellious Abby she was being irresponsible for staying out so late. Abby wants everyone to stop treating her like a baby.

Jennifer asks, “Billie when you say you’re not giving up, are you talking about finding Georgia or getting Bo?”

“Now you’re starting to sound just like Hope. I’ll tell you the exact same thing I told Hope. I am NOT trying to take Bo away from her.” says Billie. She reminds Jennifer when they got back from the island, she was leaving town but Bo came to her with the news that Georgia might be alive.

“That’s when everything changed,” says Jennifer, “You started spending so much time with Bo and he was giving all of his attention to you instead of Hope and his sons. Don’t tell me it hasn’t occurred to you it would be nice and cozy for you and Bo and Georgia to be a family, Billie.”

“Of course it’s occurred to me. But I know it’s something I can’t have.” Billie explodes, “OK, so Hope has you convinced I’m panting after Bo like a dog in heat. That’s it. I’m outta here.”

Shawn and Belle sleep. Belle dreams Phillip is home, safe, and she has told Phillip she wants an annulment.

Hope always thought she and Bo would grow old together. He says they will. Hope says, “And what about Belle and Shawn. After tonight I don’t think anything will ever be the same again.” They go back over dialogue with more retread than the tires on Shawn’s motorcycle. If Bo had been with her, he could have stopped Shawn. When she said they were through if Shawn got hurt, “I meant it. Every word.”

Jennifer tells Billie not to go. They cool down. Jennifer thinks if Billie isn’t trying to take Bo, there are no sides to take. She also thinks Billie should stay because if Patrick got back and Billie weren’t there, he would be upset. Billie does a half courtesy and, oh, OK, she’ll stay. Then she picks up an album and the two gals who were just at each other’s throats are giggling like teens as they look through the pictures.

“If you were looking at this album, no wonder you thought you felt Jack’s presence,” says Billie.

“Tonight,” says Jennifer, “I thought Jack was here. That’s crazy, isn’t it?”

“Who can blame you? Jack was a terrific guy. We all miss him very much.”

“He had such a soft spot for you, Billie. I’ll admit it. I was sooooo jealous of you back then.” Billie humpfs.

Shawn has the same dream. Phillip was so understanding. Shawn says if he were in the same position, he’d have done the same thing because the only thing that matters is Belle’s happiness.

“You’re telling me,” says Bo, “You’re giving up on our marriage?”

“I don’t want to,” says Hope, “I just don’t know what else to do. You have let me down so many times. Shawn thinks you care more about Billie and Georgia than you de me and him.”

“He said that?”

“Yeah. I keep trying to tell him it isn’t true, but the truth of the matter is you haven’t been there for your son.” Bo stares.

Chelsea wants to know how Stami would know anything about getting Patrick. Stami says, “Just let me ask you one question, do you want Patrick Lockhart or not?”

“Damn right I do.”

Patrick tells Abby he is more concerned about her mother. She has too much on her mind to have to worry about Abby, too. Abby tells Patrick, “Don’t lecture me. You’re not my father.”

“Well, as long as you bring him up, I know he would want you to make your mom’s life easier. Your mom has been a lot of help to me. I’m just trying to be a friend to her.”

“And just how good a friend do you want to be?” Ooooo. Right between the eyes.

Billie can’t believe Jennifer was Jealous of her. Jennifer knows they weren’t romantically involved, but they were good friends and Jack would open up to Billie in a way he wouldn’t with Jennifer. “What’s wrong,” asks Billie, “with Jack having someone to talk to when he couldn’t lean on you.” Jennifer didn’t like that one. She scowls.

Stami counsels Chelsea, “Rule number one, don’t tip your hand.” Rule number two, wait several years. “Let’s see, who would your competition be? Jennifer Devereaux, Hope Brady, Billie Reed?” Chelsea wants to know how Stami knows that. “Never mind. The question is, which one of those she-wolves is your biggest rival? And how are you going to get rid of her?”

Patrick assures Abby Jennifer is a good friend, nothing more. Abby doesn’t buy it. Patrick wants to know what’s changed. When he moved into the garage apartment, he and Abby got along fine, “Did I do something to hurt you?” She says she still likes him. It devastated her when her dad didn’t come home with her mom. Having Patrick around made her feel safe and protected. His past is shady and Abby and her mom believe Patrick’s lame story, but she doubts Bo, John and Abe do.

“Hey,” says Abby, “that’s interesting.”

“What, that half the people in Salem think I’m a criminal?”

“No,” she says, “that only the male half do.”

Billie is sooo sorry, “That did not come out the way I meant it at all.”

“No, Billie,” says Jen, “I understand the bond you had with Jack. Maybe that’s why it’s so easy for me to put myself in Hope’s shoes when it comes to you.”

“Right. Wicked, dangerous home-wrecking me.” No conniving, bumbling home-wrecking you.

That’s not what Jennifer meant. She whipsaws the conversation over to Shawn. They both feel so bad about that. Bo has to keep choosing between Billie and Georgia vs. Hope and Shawn. Billie swears she isn’t after Bo. Jennifer points out it’s her actions that say she is. Billie should look at things from Hope’s perspective.

“She thinks,” says Billie, “I would do anything, including using my own daughter, to take Bo away from her.”

Jennifer says, “Look me in the eye and tell me she is wrong.” Billie shifts her eyes.

Bo is going to barge in on Shawn and Belle so he can help Shawn get his life back on track. Meanwhile in his dream, Shawn removes layers of Belle’s clothing. “Make love to me,” she says, as she removes her pesky little wedding ring.

Bo and Hope wake them up at an inopportune moment. Bo tells Shawn if he’s OK, they need to talk. The bewildered Shawn wants to know how they got in there. Hope has a key. They tell him the police found his bike and beer bottles. “What’s going on with you, man? You got a death wish?”

Stami thinks Chelsea should concentrate on Billie first, “Jennifer’s still grieving about her husband and Hope’s still married to that jerk Bo Diddley.” He advises her she has to keep Billie away from Patrick. She asks how. “You could say I’m an expert at keeping people apart. Keep Billy away from him and then make your move. You’ll finally get Patrick into bed.” Chelsea smiles.

“That,” says Patrick, “Is the difference between men and women. When a guy screws up, women are more likely to give him the benefit of the doubt.” Until the perfect moment when they can use it against him, slice him into mincemeat and feed him to the sharks. Patrick says he was on Tony’s payroll because Tony was blackmailing him. He doesn’t want to get into why Tony was doing that. He’s no saint and he wants to help Abby avoid making some of the same mistakes.

“How can I do that?”

“For starters, you could start listening to your mom.”

Abby rolls her eyes, “I should have known you were going there. All she does is criticize me and give me the look.”

“They don’t come any better than your mom. She is a caring, loving woman.”

“There’s the proof,” says Abby, “The way you are talking about her proves you are interested in her.”

“Abby, I’m not interested in your mom in that way. And if I were, would that be so terrible?”

“It would be a disaster,” she insists, “My dad is coning back to us.”

Billie says, “For the umpteenth time, all I want is to find Georgia, talk to her, do normal teenage stuff with her the way you do with Abby.” Well, run down to the dock, maybe you’ll find Georgia. Billie has never said she doesn’t love Bo, but all she wants is to find Georgia, “I’ll take all the help I can get. Would you refuse Bo’s help if your child was missing?”

Of course Jennifer wouldn’t, “But let me ask you this. What if you find Georgia? What happens to you and Bo then?”

Shawn insists he doesn’t have a death wish. Unless it is for Bo and Hope at the moment. Bo tells Shawn he needs to do some serious thinking about his life and what he plans to do with it. Hope worries Shawn might be injured. They all want him to go to the hospital. Shawn insists he is fine.

“OK, you’re fine,” says Bo, “but we’re going outside and have a little talk right now.”

“And if I don’t,” asks Shawn.

“Don’t push me, young man,” says the fatherly Bo. They go outside.

“How can I answer that,” asks Billie, “Whatever happens between Bo and me after I find Georgia is up to him.” Too coy, too coy.

“We both know,” says Jennifer, that Bo will choose Hope.” Billie says she is probably right and makes a face at her. Billie doesn’t think she will meet anyone else. All the guys she meets just want casual relationships. “What about Patrick,” asks Jen.

Billie asks, “You are so desperate to get me away from Bo that you’d hook me up with the guy you care about?” Jennifer insists Patrick is just a friend. Haven’t we been here before? Billie tells Jennifer she doesn’t believe her.

Once again, Jennifer says she isn’t interested in Patrick. She is not ready to move on. She thinks Patrick would be perfect for Billie.

If we can see through the overdone fog, it appears the very man in question is continuing his conversation with Abby. He tries to inject just a bit of reality into Abby’s (Abby-normal?) brain. Dead people don’t come back. Abby reminds him she saw her dad’s dead body once and he wasn’t dead then. How could he be dead now? Oh, the logic of 'Days.' She’s certain her dad is coming back and that’s why her mother is off-limits to Patrick. She wants him to promise her he will stay away from her. He swears he will stay away from her. They head for home.

Chelsea asks Stami how she can get Patrick into bed. Stami says, “I once knew a girl who got a guy into bed by drugging him.” Chelsea says she has already been-there-done-that. She drugged Patrick at the Cheatin’ heart. Stami says Sami Brady would be proud of her.

“Isn’t she that woman who was caught in bed with her ex the night before her wedding?”

That was not her fault,” says Stami.

“OK, whatever. Don’t have a cow,” says Chelsea, “I like the advice you’re giving. How do I get in touch with you?”

“I’ll be watching you every step of the way. Just remember, the key to getting Patrick is to eliminate the competition, starting with Billie Reed,” says Stami.

Patrick and Abby arrive home. Abby doesn’t want any lectures. Jennifer is just glad she is home and safe. Jennifer hugs Patrick and thanks him as Abby stares daggers at Patrick.

Jennifer and Abby go off. Patrick asks how Billie is doing. She says she’s better. He wants to be a friend, “So put me to use.”

“OK, but you’d better not regret saying that later,” she says as they hug. Abby watches and smiles. Jennifer stares.

Chelsea watches outside the window, “Damn! She’s making her move on my man. Which means I have to do something fast.”

Back at the dock, Stami gets a phone call, “Yeah, she took the bait. Chelsea’s all primed to go after Billie Reed. It’s all working out the way you wanted, but I can’t help asking why... Hello? Hello?” He hangs up, “Chelsea and Billie Reed? I just don’t get it.” We do, though, don’t we? MWAHAHAHAHA!

Hope tells Belle, “Thank God you were there. If you weren’t my son would be dead right now.”

No, Belle blames herself, “It’s because of me you almost lost Shawn.” Hope stares.

Outside, Bo wants to know what’s going on with Shawn, “It’s up to you. I can be your friend or your enemy. What’s is gonna be?”

Inside, Hope thinks about how she will wait until the perfect moment when she can use this against Bo, slice him into mincemeat and feed him to the sharks.

FFWO on a double shot of Bo and Shawn.


“Abigail,” says Jennifer, “Tonight I thought your Dad came home. I thought he was here in this house.”

Belle asks Hope, “If you and Bo could break up, what hope does that leave for Shawn and me?”

Bo says, “Your mom said you were angry.” Shawn says, “I passed angry months ago, and so did she.”

Billie tells Patrick, “I lied to Bo about our daughter.”


Anonymous applecheeks said...

Dialog with more retread than Shawn's motorcycle tires. HAHAHAHA And speaking of Jr, I'm looking forward to his little conversation with Bo on Monday.

And, great nod to the classic comic horror flick, Young Frankenstein, with the Abby-normal reference. MWWUUUUHAHAHAHA

6:34 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

I wonder if the actors themselves get a chuckle when they have to deliver a line like Billie did in this one "for the umpteenth time.." or when Hope said yesterday "we've been over this and over this".

I also wonder if they can possibly reconstruct Shawn's mangled motorcycle AGAIN. He's really a great driver isn't he? HAHAHA!

10:03 AM  
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