Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Shards Of Glass

Kate twirls the bag-o-pills. She can’t let John keep running down the path of self-destruction. John brings up Phillip, “If you trash those drugs you’re signing his death warrant. No threat, just fact. You can either turn me into the cops or you can turn the drugs over to me and I will help Phillip.”

Stami sneaks around the dock. Stami smiles. Stami sees pictures of his victims with targets drawn on them. He flashes back to a makeup session, “I hate you John Black. You are so going to hell. On to Uncle Bo and Aunt Hope.” Stami draws a target on Billie’s picture.

Billie continues to hear voices at the dock, “Georgia, it’s me sweetheart, Mommy’s coming, don’t be scared.” Stami hunkers in the background. “OMG,” says Billie.

“If Shawn gets hurt we are through,” says Hope. Bo says Shawn won’t listen to him if he wouldn’t listen to Hope, “My men are out looking for him. We’ve made it thorough a hell of a lot worse than this, haven’t we?”

Hope says, “Yeah, Stefano, Tony and others tore our family apart. We made it. Now you are choosing to let Billie come between us. Why does she take priority? I don’t’ know what else to do. And I meant what I said, if something happens to Shawn, I will never ever forgive you.”

Shawn wrecks his cycle. Belle yells, “Shawn! NO!” Pan to the broken and disheveled body of the former Shawn Black. “SHAWN,” yells Belle.

Bo asks, “So you’ve decided to end this marriage if something happens to Shawn tonight? God forbid something happens, but if it does how much worse would it be for him and us if we couldn’t be together?”

Hope asks, “What if I had told you I would leave you if you didn’t leave Billie, would you have done that?”

“I wouldn’t have believed you if you said that, and I don’t’ believe you now,” says the defiant Bo.

“What’s happened to you as a father? You need to be there for the boys,” says Hope.

“If the situation were reversed...”

“You’re married to me,” says Hope, “Billie has come between us before; she’s made our life a living hell on purpose. I know you share a child together, but can’t you see how hard this is for me? You have no idea what’s going on in your son’s life do you, admit it.”

Bo asks, “What happened?”

Hope tells him about Shawn and Belle allegedly cheating on Phillip, “Tell me you’re going to be there for me, like you used to be. I can’t count on you anymore.”

“That’s not true,” says Bo. He goes upstairs.

Belle tries to call an ambulance but, of course, no signal on her cell phone. Shawn stirs. She tells him not to move, “SHAWN! NO! OMG! SHAWN! NO!”

“Mommy, save me,” says the irritating little voice. Billie picks up a doll with “Georgia” on the sweater. She turns around, “YOU!”

John is just telling Kate the way it is. He works for the ISA. He is the man she needs to save her son. The only man. He is in pain; his mind is mush. And that’s without the drugs, “The Marines do not have the know-how I do. Let me do this for you, Kate. Let me do it for Phillip, and Belle. I wanna bring my daughter’s husband home safe and sound.” Slloowwlly Kate turns.

“Patrick, what the hell are you doing? You scared me to death,” says Billie. He’s looking for Abby. "What’s up with the doll," he asks. She heard a little girl's voice and it turned out to be the doll. She tells him the doll said, "Mommy why don’t you save me?" She says, “Someone’s trying to set me up.”

Patrick tells her she shouldn’t be out there alone. She reminds him she’s a cop; she can take care of herself. She tells him about the phone call she got earlier. Georgia’s whole life has been miserable because Billie abandoned her as a baby. “I didn’t, you know. They told me she was dead. Tony and Stefano are dead, but the DiMera organization is still going strong. You worked for Tony, you must know something.”

“If I had a clue,” says the apparently clueless Patrick, “I would be doing everything I could to stop them.”

Patrick and Billie try to figure out who is behind this. Patrick says, “It’s somebody pretty screwed up.”

"Yeah," says Billie, "That could be the whole town of Salem."

“If you wind up getting destroyed, you’re Kate’s daughter, and you deserve it,” thinks Stami as she watches. She flashes back to talking to Kate's picture, “You drugged Brandon and me, then you fixed it so Lucas would walk in on us NAKED IN BED together. You are going to pay for it Kate. Your whole family’s going down.”

Flashback to Stami’s phone call with Tony, “Whoever this guy is he’s a genius at ruining people’s lives.” A knock at the door. Stami picks up a box, “Oh, this is so good. Whoever you are you are the evil genius of all time.”

Stami watches Billie and the doll. Flash back to Stami opening the box, which had the doll inside, “HAHA This is great. Billie won’t know what hit her. Billie’s headed right over the edge. Goodbye.”

Billie tells Patrick the DNA tests were a match, “Georgia is alive and I gonna find her. OMG, what if Georgia’s real hair is on this doll? I’m going to have it tested.” Patrick would like to do some legwork for her on this but he’s guessing Bo doesn't want him to get involved.

“I have to tell you something,” says Billie.

Bo comes down carrying a present. Hope thinks Shawn takes after Bo. Bo thinks he takes after his feisty mother, too, “He’s self-sufficient. His life is getting back to normal, and ours will too, very soon.” He gives her the present. He was saving this for Easter, but he wants her to have it now. She opens it. A picture cube. The whole story of the Days Of Their Lives. “I never thought of myself as a family man says Bo, then I fell in love with you. You turned me into someone who could be a pretty darned good father, most of the time. It was your love Hope. It brings out the best in me.” He kisses her, “I’ll always be here for you and the boys.”

“This gift, what you just said, I know you mean that. But this time I’m really afraid our love isn’t strong enough to hold this family together,” says Hope.

“Shawn, stay with me,” whines Belle. She has him move assorted body parts. She’s going to take him to the hospital in her car. He doesn’t want to go. “Do you want to die,” she asks. At the moment, Shawn might think that’s not a bad idea.

Kate can’t let John have the drugs. John runs through the litany of all they have lost, “All we’ve really got is our kids. The future of our family is at stake. You know what you gotta do. I know what I can handle. I’m gonna take a hot shower and get ready to go to work. Think about it.” John goes upstairs.

Kate agonizes, “This is horrible. This is my payback for breaking up Sami and Lucas.” She clutches the Pills, "This is one problem I can’t blame on Sami Brady."

Stami watches. He flashes back. He targets Kate, “Georgia will never be a part of your life. If I can’t live happily ever after with Lucas, at least I can live for REVENGE.”

Billie says her mom is set on getting her and Bo back together. She doesn’t want to break up Ho and Dope’s marriage but, “When I fantasize about finding Georgia, Bo is always with me. I dream about us being together as a family. I’m lying to my mother and to Bo and to Hope. But now I’m being honest with myself. I want to be with Bo, now more than ever.”

Shawn says he isn’t going to die. He will be fine. Belle wants to go to the hospital. Shawn thinks Lexi would go straight to his mom. He doesn’t want to go to jail and this accident would seal it. He can’t have this on his record, “As long as I have you I will be all right.”

“I love you,” she says.

“It’s worth the accident just to hear you say that,” he says.

She helps him up. They struggle to the car.

Hope says, “I know you love me. I have no doubts about that. Our family has been through so much, but especially Shawn. He’s too young to lose his dreams. We’ve failed our son. And Zack could turn out the same if things don’t change. They need to know they can come to you with their problems.”

“I love them,” says Bo, “and if I have failed them I will change. Unless it means I have to sacrifice my daughter. She is in danger and suffering. I’m not going to let that continue. I’ve got people looking for Shawn.”

“It may be too late.”

“For who, Shawn or us?”

Pan out from the bag-o-pills sitting on the TV as we watch Phillips gut-wrenching goodbye. “I can’t let them take your life,” says Kate. She picks up the bag-o-pills. “I have to risk John’s life to save Phillip’s.”

The irritating doll says, “Why does Mommy hate her little girl?” Stami watches, “This is great, but you can’t get any closer to Patrick. You have to wreck Bo and Hope's marriage.”

Patrick hears something. He sets out to find out what it is. Stami cowers.

The spiritually-challenged Kate prays to Roman, “Please Roman, I can’t make this decision on my own. I need to know what you would do.” Kate gathers her things and leaves.

John comes down, clean-shaven and ready for drugs, “What’s it gonna be Katherine?” No one there, “Kate? KATE? NO! NO! NO!
He smashes the vase with his cane and falls in pain.

Rodney: Oh, my, that was dreadful. Rodney McCollum, here, reporting from the Shards of Glass course in John Black’s living room. I simply don’t believe John got the performance out of that swing that he expected. For a complete analysis and replay, I will turn to my colleague, Johnny Miller.

Johnny: Thank you, Rodney. As we look at this replay, notice at just the moment of impact, John moves his head down a bit, which causes him to hit the vase a bit fat. This, of course, means John did not completely get the distance or the shattering effect he had hoped for. And, as we play it again, notice there is almost no left hand involved in the swing. This means he just didn’t get the follow through he was looking for. In spite of all that, though, his brute strength saved the day and he at least got a decent explosion, which I believe had the dramatic effect he was looking for.

Rodney: Thank you, Johnny. You are correct. He did hit the vase very hard, which makes me wonder if the allegations are true. In order to get that kind of performance out of such an awkward swing, one has to ask if there are steroids or, Dear God, worse drugs involved.

Johnny: I certainly wouldn’t want to speculate on that. About all we can say is that glazed look in John’s eyes is now scattered all over his living room. Perhaps the best he can do now is pick up the pieces and move on to his next tantrum

Patrick stalks Stami. Billie stalks Stami. Stami stammers, “OMG! What am I gonna do?”

Hope tells Bo he can’t keep putting Shawn at the bottom of the list. The cop calls. They found Shawn’s bike. Hope is not pleased. She will never forgive Bo.

Belle thinks they should be getting Shawn to a hospital. He goes unconscious. She screams, “SHAWN! WAKE UP! SHAWN!”


Hope tells Bo, “You had your chance to be with your son. You chose to be with Billie instead. You made your choice, now I’m making mine.”

Lexi tells Kate, “John needs help, not another fix.” Abe walks out and asks, “John Black is doing drugs?”

Patrick asks, “Who the hell is doing this?” Billie says, “I don’t know. Bo is going to think it’s you.”

Stami tells Mimi, “The happy life you have planned with Rex Brady is doomed. You are doomed.”


Anonymous Emma said...

ROTFLMAO!!!!!! *falls to the floor in tears!!!


Kate agonizes, “This is horrible. This is my payback for breaking up Sami and Lucas.” She clutches the Pills, "This is one problem I can’t blame on Sami Brady."

**REWIND again...."WHAT?"
**REWIND one more time....."WTF!"

4:08 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

Oh my oh my oh my! Another classic - and action footage to boot. HAHAHAHAHA

The golf play-by-play analysis was priceless.

6:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of the best blogs yet! I love the moving picture of John. I can't wait to see what other "mini films" we'll be seeing! :)

3:19 PM  

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