Friday, November 12, 2010

Be Afraid... Be Very Afraid

Sami and Nicole pick up where they left off yesterday. It's a who-gets-to-see-Sydney-when war of words when suddenly Slammin' Sami shoves Nicole up against the wall and lands a haymaker on her left jaw. Nicole goes flying across the room and smacks her head against the counter as she splats onto the floor.

This would be a lot better if there were mud involved.

Nicole lies unconscious with blood spewing. Dr. Samantha Brady, MD checks her out and declares her dead. Dead or alive, Sami certainly seems to have an unusual desire to go after brains. Maybe she's a zombie.

Bo is at the pub ordering his boyz to widen the search area for Arianna's hit and run perp. Blonde Carly walks in and tries to settle him down. She gives Bo a file and says she has been investigating April’s death.

They drag Hope into the visitor's area where Jennifer is waiting for her. "What are you doing here," asks Hope.

"Are you not carrying a gun or are you not happy to see me," asks Jennifer.

Carly says she couldn't believe this could happen. Bo wonders how he gets this information to Hope. Uh... go see her and tell her? Just a thought.

Hope says she's happy to see Jennifer but it's painful to do. In other words, she's not happy to see her.

Jennifer says, "I came back here to get you the hell out of here."

"If I get out," says Hope, "it'll be hell all right — for everyone out there."

Sydney cries as Rafe walks into the Hernandez Hovel a.k.a. The new Salem Morgue.

Rafe checks out Nicole, "Call 911."

"Do you have the number," asks Sami.

Nicole pops back to life and accuses Sami of trying to kill her.

The warden tells Bo he can't come today since he's already been there and it's one visit per day at the prison. Bo can't count past one.

Jennifer, crack investigative reporter, tells Hope about all the people who have gotten off because they took the same drug Hope did. Hope says she doesn't want out. Jennifer says, "I am free and I want you to be free with me."

"What about Jack," asks Hope.

Chad is at the pier confronting Kate with the birth certificate. He thinks she sent it to him.

Rafe helps Nicole to the couch. Nicole says she will press charges. Rafe tells her to can it. Sami warns him to back off. Nicole says she's had a reversal of fortune about Sami, "Be afraid... be very afraid. I can prove Sami shot EJ." Nicole goes over to Sami's computer and calls up the incriminating video. Rafe casts an accusatory glance at Sami.

Bo asks the warden to tell hope he has new information on her case and won't give up on her, "Tell her Ciara is doing fine, too." He hangs up and Carly wants to know if Hope will understand the code he just passed on. They decide to go to Plan B.

The warden thinks Hope told Bo about April’s death. "If Hope starts getting mouthy, we'll shut her up."

Hope says, "Jack is your husband and you need to (say it with her) be there for him." Jennifer says Jack is off chasing a story. Translation: skirt. Jen wants to know how Hope really is doing.

Kate flashes back to preparing to mail Chad the birth certificate. Kate asks if Chad thinks the birth certificate might not be fake. He accuses her of doing that, too. Stefano interrupts with a phone call. He asks where Kate is. She snaps at him and says she didn't know she needed his permission to leave the house. She says she'll be right home and Chad tells her he's not so sure about that, "We have a lot to discuss." Stefano wants to know who was talking to her.

Nicole tells Rafe how she got the video and threatens to make it go viral. Rafe slams the computer shut, "You won't be able to do anything if you're dead. But you will have my personality."

Bo tells Carly she doesn't have to do this. "I want to help Hope," says Carly, "Just like I helped myself to her husband."

Hope says she's doing well and she gets to work in the infirmary now. "Does my being here make it worse for you," asks Jennifer."

"Me and everybody else," says Hope. "You're not just my cousin, you're like my sister. And on this show, you might actually be my sister."

Kate tells Chad he doesn't want to be on the wrong side of Stefano. Chad says he's not afraid of Stefano, but thinks Kate is trying to make trouble for him. Kate says he needs to be careful, "You're in turmoil right now."

"Turmoil," asks Chad, "I thought I was in Salem."

Rafe pushes Nicole around and asks what she wants, "Tell me... and this better be good."

Bo leaves and finds Jennifer outside. She says she saw Hope and she's not doing so well, but perked up when she talked about her job in the infirmary.

They drag Hope in for another visitor. This time Carly. Bo, Jennifer and Carly. Today time Hope really is a three-time loser.

The warden and Leigh don't like all the visitors Hope is getting. The warden thinks she may have to isolate her.

Rafe presses. Nicole calls for Sydney. She says she doesn't want custody. She just wants to know Sydney and be a part of her life, "In return I won't say anything about the video. Deal or no deal?"

Jen and Bo are inside the pub. Jennifer says she's scared for Hope, "Why does she want to punish herself?"

"She joined Opus Dei," says Bo.

Hope wants to know what Carly has found out.

Kate warns Chad to back off, "Stefano can be very generous. But he also can be a formidable enemy. If he thinks you're trying to con him you're in trouble. Or he'll believe you're his son and blame your mother for betraying him."

Marco tells Stefano the trail has gone cold. Stefano rages because Marco has brought him nothing, "Find out who did this and deal with them."

Rafe tells Sami they don't have a choice. Nicole softens and says she loves Sydney, "I want what's best for her. But since I can't get her a new mother I'll settle for the situation we have. I want you with her. I just want to see her and have her know my name." Rafe tells her if she goes back on this she'll have to deal with him. He and Sami agree, but insist on going slow so as not to raise suspicion. He asks Nicole to go. On her way out Nicole tells Sami she is a lucky woman to have Rafe. She leaves and Sami puts Rafe in a bear hug, "I love you so much."

Jennifer tells Bo Hope misses him. Bo isn’t sure about that, but asks about Jack and the kids. Jennifer gives him a nebulous answer, then says Abby is in Spain and Jack Jr. is in boarding school, "Sami isn't the only pro at dumping her kids. Jack is off chasing a story." Translation: skirt.

Hope says Leigh is really a doctor, then realizes when April was in trouble Hope wanted a doctor and Leigh was right there. She says she knows April’s cause of death was not what they told her.

Kate returns to the rumpus room. Chad calls, but says nothing when Stefano answers.

Sami and Rafe sit on the couch. Rafe usually calls this getting to first base. They talk about their situation. Sami is proud of Rafe for scaring the hell out of Nicole. Rafe gives a Barney Fife nose sniff and is full of himself for beating up on someone half his weight. He promises Sami he's there for the long haul. It'll be a long haul all right.

Carly says Bo thinks Hope is right that something wrong is going on in the infirmary, "He wants you to be careful."

"I want that for him, too," says Hope, "I hope you are using protection." She asks, "How is Bo doing?"

"Not good."

"So," says Hope, "You really are still sleeping together."

Jennifer says being there seems just like home. Bo wants to know what's really going on with her.

Stefano screams into the phone asking who it is, but Chad hangs up. Kate asks who it was. Stefano says he doesn't know, "They obviously don't want to talk to me."

Nicole arrives at the Kiriakis mansion calling for Brady. No answer. That calls for a drink, "Alone again. Always alone."

She imagines Sydney being there and preparing to go to Harvard. She also imagines Sydney ragging on Sami and saying Nicole has been more of a mother to her than Sami or all the babysitters Sami sent her to, "One step at a time, Nicole."

Sami says Rafe had her going when he was threatening Nicole. She thinks he was trying to make her feel better when he told her she had nothing to worry about. Rafe says he thinks Nicole is a classic example of someone who will take a mile when you give her an inch. He says they'll go along with her until they're certain she can't hurt them.


Carly asks, "Hope, why do you think he sent me here?"

Nicole makes a toast, "To Arianna. Thank you for the smoking gun!"

EJ tells Sami, "I need to talk to you!"

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Anonymous TNChargerFan said...

I am truly surprised that Sami and Rafe didn't hop straight into bed. Assault and attempted murder really seem to be foreplay for them. And Rafe is turning into quite the scumbag. Manhandling Nicole, and threatening to kill her. So much for the "knight in shining armor." So, really, is he a step up from EJ?

11:34 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

This would be a lot better if there were mud involved.

…and bikinis? Just askin’.

Dead or alive, Sami certainly seems to have an unusual desire to go after brains. Maybe she's a zombie.

If it’s brains she’s looking for, Sami needs to get out of Salem.

"If Hope starts getting mouthy, we'll shut her up."

Sounds like an excellent plan to me.

"You won't be able to do anything if you're dead. But you will have my personality."

Time out! I need to wipe the bits of carrot off my monitor.

Kate says he needs to be careful, "You're in turmoil right now."

"Turmoil," asks Chad, "I thought I was in Salem."

LOL!!! I feel it in my bones. There’s a paternity test on the horizon. Hopefully, Caroline won’t be volunteering at the hospital anytime soon.

Rafe pushes Nicole around and asks what she wants, "Tell me... and this better be good."

For being touted as such a hero, good guy, and all around terrific catch, bully boy Rafe can get alarmingly misogynistic.

On her way out Nicole tells Sami she is a lucky woman to have Rafe.

Good gravy!!! Thankfully there was a barf bag in my desk drawer. If some guy roughed me up the way Rafe manhandled Nicole, I wouldn’t be extolling his questionable virtues. I’d be calling the cops.

Today was a Prevuze twofer!! TGIF and TGFP!!!!!

11:45 AM  
Anonymous Betyar said...

"This would be a lot better if there were mud involved"...and Leslie suggested some bikinis...Good Gravey! THAT would be a scene Brady and Rafe would NOT want to miss!!!

"How is Bo doing?"

"Not good."

"So," says Hope, "You really are still sleeping together."...LOL funny! I wish Hope would have really said that to Carly! It would have made for a very awkward conversation afterwards!

I hate that Sami & Rafe had to be manipulated into Nicole's scheme to see Sydney! I hope EJ comes up with something to destroy Nicole's little psychotic world!

Have a great Saturday everyone!

12:26 AM  
Blogger JenH said...

Lord. Even with a birth, Vivian out of the coffin, and all that jazz this felt like molasses week. I may just be experiencing lack of Prevuze withdrawl syndrome, for which I should be medicated.

I'm all for more Vivian, and twerpy Brady is less pesky than usual. But I am really lamenting the loss of EJ, who always knew what to do. Either make him a villan or get him with Sami for more than 45 seconds, please!

And prisonplot? If you could somehow get MelanieJenniferChloeRafeHopeBoMaxStephanie all in a big jail explosion? That would be good. You could bring Marlana back to help, and Robo John would follow--which would be GREAT. Johnbot was riveting compared to Stephanie.

12:50 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Sami certainly seems to have an unusual desire to go after brains. Maybe she's a zombie.

That's a good possibility. Zombies are in right now. On the other hand, I've always pegged Rafe as the zombie. Maybe by munching around on her, Rafe has turned her into one.

"You won't be able to do anything if you're dead. But you will have my personality."

LOL – great minds Prevuze! See my previous comment.

Watching the show last night I couldn't help but notice how quickly the smirk got wiped off Sami's face when, instead of killing Nicole Rafe told Sami they need to agree to Nicole's terms.

During Sami's wail-a-thon after Nicole left, I was thinking she should be thanking her lucky stars it was Nicole who found the tape & all she wants is to see Sydney once in a while. Rafe, apparently reading my mind, said the same thing to her. Once Rafe 'splained things, Sami was OK. Can this woman not think for herself any longer?

Perhaps Rafe HAS sucked her brains out. (See previous zombie comment. LOL)

Prevuze (and commentors) comes through again with the snark I need to endure DOOL. Thanks

6:15 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

I agree, JenH, this was kind of a snoozefest episode.

Jennifer says, "I came back here to get you the hell out of here." Now what is she going to do? Did she bring a file in her purse?

Hope says she doesn't want out. Hope's an idiot. Or maybe she's become fond of Big Bertha. Either way I'd say most of the audience agrees with her, we don't want her out either.

Since Jennifer is so vague on what Jack's doing this will probably prompt her to get involved with that doctor just like the last time she thought Jack was fooling around. What another great Salem marriage.

While I'm still a Safe fan it's for different reasons than before. Before I just couldn't see Sami and EJ ever being together after what they'd done to each other. Now it's more like Sami and Rafe deserve each other. I stopped being a Rafe fan when he conned Nicole the way he did to get the CD he illegally stole.

Hey! I just figured out now why Sami was rummaging thru Nicole's purse for the camera. She probably figured if Nicole was stupid enough to carry that CD around with her and haul it out and fondle it and talk to it in public the way she did she probably would do the same with the camera. HAHAHA

LOL over Sami being a zombie (I agree, I think they all are!) and translation: skirt.

Prevuze translation: laughs. Thanks and happy weekend everyone. :D

7:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just saw weekly preview for DOOl ej confronts sami about shooting him. He will get the kids. I would love it if Sami finally said I did it because I love you and only you and you hurt me. That would ROCK. But alas we all know about the "touching" Gag me SAFE wedding. Touching as to what borderline gross lol. EJ go get your kids. Take Allie too. Will can stay with SAFE.

12:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard that Alison Sweeney might not be returning as Sami after 17 years with the show now that she has the prime time gig,The Biggest Loser.

Perhaos that is why the writers are throwing Sami's character under the bus by turning her into a brainless, amoral would-be killer.

EJAMI could have been the next super couple of 21st centurt DAYS if the writers would have jumped on the bandwagon at the beginning when their characters had such incredible chemistry, but they have ruined any chance of that happening.

I never thought Rafe was a hero from the start and I was completely turned off when he was cruelly manhandling both Calliope and Anna. I wouldn't be surprised if he murdered his fiancee Emily as well! XERESA

2:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ex-EJami fan here. I can't stand the thought of EJ ever touching Sami because she is SO DISGUSTING! I really believe Safe belong together because they make me want to puke. Sami and Rafe are both sex-crazed, attempted murder loving creeps. Hate them both. I hope they bring in a new woman for EJ and he forgets that psycho bitch Sami once and for all and stays away from pathetic Nicole. I don't like Nicole, but seeing Rafe treat her like dirt made me angry. She should have kicked him in the family jewels. And what's with Nicole complimenting Sami on her choice in men after Rafe's manhandling? Is Rafe a saint or something? Are we all supposed to worship at his feet? Ugh!

8:21 AM  

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