Friday, April 02, 2010

You Can Run But You Can't Hide

Anna oohs and aahs and enjoys her massage. Gradually, the masseuse moves back and we have a magic-fingers switcheroo. The massage gets rough. "Owwww," screams Anna, "That hurts!"

We pan up to see Stefano, "That's nothing compared to what's coming."

Carly comes into Daniel's hospital room and finds him dressing. He says he's leaving. "Against doctor's advice," gasps Carly.

Daniel insists he's fine, "And I owe it all to you."

Chloe is on the phone with her dad as Nicole walks in the Java Café. They see each other and hugs ensue. Chloe asks about Nicole's battered face, "You know you can't marry Brady until those scars heal." She wonders why Nicole would want to come back. Nicole says she can handle things there and has a bright future in Salem.

Melanie is in Maggie's kitchen. She's on the phone with Phillip and says she's OK that Phillip the tycoon got called away to an important meeting. Brady shows up. Melanie squeals and congratulates him, "But why aren't you on your honeymoon?"

"Honeymoons are overrated," says Brady, "After all, you didn't have one."

"I was shot," pouts Melanie, "What's your excuse... Hey, where's your ring?"

Rafe comes into the pub and finds Arianna. He says he's waiting for word on something and just came by to see how she's doing. She insists she's fine. Arianna wonders how he and Sami are doing. Rafe dives into the deep abyss of despair usually only reserved for Sami, "So many things happened while Sydney were missing. Sami and I... I think we're over."

Sami opens the door to find EJ. He looks at her face, "You look a mess. But if it makes you feel any better, Nicole looks a lot worse than you do. So, give me a blow by blow..."

Sami refuses, "It would be better to leave the details to your imagination."

EJ asks, "Did you get a chance to talk to Rafe?"

"We talked," says Sami, "And we realized we won't get past this and it's over."

EJ asks, "He let you go? Drat the bad luck."

Anna asks what Stefano is doing there. Stefano says Anna is quite the topic of conversation in Salem, "Everyone is looking for you. It's unfortunate the first person who finds you is me."

Chloe and Nicole sit at a table. Chloe notices people are staring and asks how Nicole got the pardon. Nicole evades but Chloe says she knows Anna helped. She asks if Nicole has talked to Anna. "No," says Nicole, "You know, I just have this really weird feeling that no one's going to see Anna DiMera again."

Anna says it's impossible anyone could have found her. "I am not just anybody," says Stefano, "You can run but you can't hide." Anna screams for help but Stefano tells her to fagedaboudit, "You can't escape. This is the end."

Sami dabs her tears, "Why the 180°? You made it clear you don't want me around Rafe so why do you think it's impossible for him to give up on me?"

"I've seen you together," says EJ.

Sami 'splains, "He cant get past the fact I lied to him and say stupid things and I don't know how to get past the fact that he can't get past that."

Maybe you could start by getting past the fact you can't get past that," says EJ.

"I'm not sure I can get past not getting past, and I guess I'll just have to get past that first," says Sami.

Now that they've gotten past that, they go on. EJ thinks in time Rafe will realize what an idiot he is, "Even though he'll be the last person in Salem to figure that out."

"So you think I shouldn't give up on him," she asks. She stares at him and chuckles, "Who are you and what have you done with EJ DiMera?" Maybe he's gone back to being EJ Wells.

Rafe says, "I don't want you to give up hope."

"I won't," says Arianna, "Besides, Bo already did that. I can't believe you like one of my boyfriends."

"Well, you've got to admit, Brady is awfully cute," says Rafe, "And I knew your taste would improve eventually. You can bet married here. Make it happen before..."

Arianna gasps, "Before WHAT?"

Rafe extracts his foot from his mouth, "I saw Nicole."

"I knew it," snorts Arianna, "What did she say?"

"It's what she didn't say."

Chloe asks if Nicole has seen Sami. "Yes," says Nicole. She points at her messed up face, "We bonded."

"That explains the face," says Chloe, "For a minute I thought it might have been caused by flesh-eating bacteria."

Nicole says she also saw Sydney, "I looked at her and realized she was never really mine. I'll love her for all the Days Of Our Lives, but she's not my baby."

Chloe is glad Nicole is coming around. She wonders what her new life in Salem is about... or who.

Brady tells Melanie he's still getting married, "Arianna and I are thinking Vegas, and we're thinking about asking that nice couple Melanie and Phillip to accompany us."

"I'll have to run it by my dad first." OMG. It looks like the little twerp has a whole new set of problems we didn't know about. She tells him about Daniel's condition. She also says she has realized how much she wants him to be a part of her life.

Brady asks, "What about Carly?"

"She's not Daniel," says Melanie, "but I'm starting to think she's not so bad. I figure by Christmas we'll be hanging our bulbs next to each other on the Horton tree."

Meanwhile, Daniel and Carly talk about his eye problem and Melanie. He starts to go but she stops him, "Your double vision is back, isn't it."

Daniel laments...

"Fill my eyes with that double vision
No disguise for that double vision
Oh, when it gets through to me,
it's always new to me
My double vision always seems
to get the best of me"

Stefano grills Anna. Anna claims Stefano has it all wrong and she got Nicole the pardon because she felt sorry for her. Stefano doesn't buy it. He goes off the deep end and screams, "I want the truth!"

Melanie asks about Brady's relationship with Arianna. Then she asks about Nicole. Brady immediately bolts up from the table, "I gotta go."

Melanie asks, "Nicole is back isn't she?"

"There is nothing anyone needs to worry about," says Brady, "I'll deal with Nicole." He goes.

Chloe wonders what Nicole's plan is. Nicole insists there is no plan and asks about Daniel. Chloe fills her in on his condition. Nicole wonders if Daniel is getting closer to Carly. "Whenever Daniel gets involved with Carly," says Chloe, "bad things happen to him. Especially the first time he got involved with her. Melanie happened. Do you have any flesh eating bacteria left?"

"Ow," says Nicole, "I'm glad I'm out because now I can keep reminding you not to let some woman become between you and Daniel." Chloe leaves. Nicole gives herself a pep talk, "OK, girlfriend, time to take your own advice."

Rafe and Arianna talk about Nicole. Rafe says he has a good lead on Anna. He thinks he found a guy who was working with her, "He's my ticket to finding her."

Sami asks, "Why do you think Rafe will forgive me?"

EJ says, "He will forgive you because I forgive you."

"Are you just saying that," asks Sami.

"No." Translation: "Yes."

Sami is confused. More so than usual, that is, "Out of the blue? You forgive me? Just like that?"

"If you give me a moment," says EJ, "I'll tell you why."

Stefano is beside himself with anger, "Tell me something. What did it feel like to put Sydney's bloody dress in the river... To make me think my granddaughter met a terrible death?"

Anna snorts, "Put a sock in it. You did this when you lied to your own son!" Stefano hauls off and...


Carly says she wants Daniel to see a specialist. Daniel says he just wants to get back to work, "Performing a little brain surgery will help bring my eyesight back."

Carly shouts, "Don't shut me out!"

Daniel reacts, "I'm glad I'm not seeing two of you. That would be overwhelming." Carly says she's surprised he doesn't hate her. Chloe walks in and soaks it in. Daniel says, "You have made me mad as hell but I could never hate you."

Brady arrives at the mansion. He thinks Henderson looks a little shaky. Henderson informs Brady there is someone waiting to see him. Brady walks into the den to find Nicole. "I have something to say," she tells him.

EJ rationalizes, "You know what I did to you, and I know why you did what you did to me." And that just makes it all better.

"So," asks Sami, "you think Rafe will come to the same place you are."

"You tell me," says the ever-evasive EJ.

Rafe is at the cop-shop to question Bennie. "We don't have him anymore," says Abe, "He lawyerd-up and left."

Anna reminds Stefano he helped Nicole pass off the fake baby thing on EJ, "And here's another thing, pal... No matter what you do to me you won't see Sydney again because EJ and Sami won't let you near her. She was lost before we ever took her."

Stefano picks up on that, "WE? Who were you working with? Tell me."

Nicole tells Brady she needs a job... at Titan. Brady isn't too thrilled but Nicole begs, "There is something else I need... a reason to wake up in the morning."

"In that case," says Brady, "You should start reading Prevuze."

EJ thinks he and Sami are cut from the same cloth. Sami tells him if Sydney had been Rafe's he wouldn't have lied to her, "Maybe he just can't live with me because of who I am, depending on which of my multiple personalities I decide to conjure up, but at least he'll never give up on finding Anna." EJ isn't so sure.

Abe tells Rafe the DA's office changed its mind but DA woods wouldn't say why, "He wasn't in a mood to share."

Rafe explodes, "Has she slept with every elected official in this state?"

"Maybe not every one," says Abe, "but she does seem to be able to cover her tracks."

Stefano asks whom Anna worked with. She whines and says she just couldn't do it alone. Stefano takes that as an admission. Anna comes clean. Well, semi-clean, "OK. I did it. I grabbed Sydney and ran off with her, but I took good care of her."

Stefano yells, "For money!"

"Yeah," snorts Anna, "A lot of it! But it was also knowing I was putting you through hell. But Sydney's home now and no harm was done."

"So you think I can just let it go," booms Stefano, "Oh, Anna... What is done is you!"

Anna quakes, "What are you going to do to me?"

"You want details," asks Stefano, "It's not enough to know you are going to die?"

Chloe finally makes her presence known and asks if Daniel is ready to roll. "Daniel is very enthusiastic about that. "I meant 'roll' as in 'leave the hospital,'" says Chloe, "not as 'in the hay.'" Dan leaves to get his chart. Chloe turns to Carly and wonders how Daniel is really doing, "Tell me the truth."

Carly says doctors are really lousy patients, "The fall may have ruined his career but he thinks it's good because it may have brought him and Melanie closer together. He thinks that was the silver lining." Carly gets a call and leaves.

Brady says he's marrying Arianna. Nicole wonders what the big rush is, "I lost my way before and I'm seeing clearly now. I know you still feel things for me."

Brady asks, "You think I'm lying to myself about Arianna?"

"You have a choice to make about your future... will it be ex-con #1 or ex-con #2? "

Anna begs as Stefano has her drug off. She gets desperate, "Wait! There is still something I can give you. But you have to promise you won't hurt me. Give me my life and I will give you Sydney."

Brady says, "I can't stop you from inventing your own reality."

"I have to invent my own," says Nicole, "because there is no sign of reality on this show." Brady gets a business call and leaves.

As he goes Henderson takes another call, "We'll see you in a few minutes." Nicole goes to mix herself a drink.

Melanie runs into Chloe at the hospital. She tells her about Daniel's new case of double vision. They decide Daniel has to start putting himself first and Melanie starts feeling guilty again.

"At least you see that," says Chloe.

Well, that wasn't the sympathetic patronizing answer Melanie was looking for, "What?"

"I shouldn't have said that," says Chloe, "I'm just upset. I was talking to Carly she said and all Daniel cares about is that the fall brought you and him closer together. He thinks that was the silver lining."

"It's no silver lining," screeches Melanie. Carly walks up. Melanie gives her the Sami look a cobra gives its handler when the handler is in big trouble, "What's with you?"

DA woods walks into the room and Rafe grabs him, "What the hell are you doing? You let Bennie go and now he's gone."

"That's what they usually do when you let them go," says DA Woods, "they go." Agent Maxwell not-so-Smart grabs the DA by the lapel and starts to throw a punch. Abe grabs him and probably prevents Brainiac from being arrested for assault.

EJ says Anna learned a lot from Tony over the years and she might be able to disappear, "But the important thing is we have Sydney back. I want to live my life in the present. A present that includes you."

And now, a word from the Ejami section...


Anna says she can tell Stefano everything about the last few months. Stefano won't agree without knowing what the information is, "You seem pretty sure of yourself."

"My life depends on it," says Anna, "What do you say?"

Nicole and Arianna bump into each other outside.

Carly tells Melanie she thought they were getting along. Mel brings up the silver lining thing and nukes. Carly wonders what Chloe said to her. Melanie continues her meltdown, "She didn't say anything – back off!" Melanie books.

Perceptive Daniel walks up and asks if anything is wrong. Chloe says nothing and insists she and Melanie are going to take care of him.

DA Woods says, "Keep threatening me and I'll go to your boss."

Rafe wonders who is paying him off, "I'm going to find the person who did this and bring her to justice!"

EJ says he wants to focus on the good things in life. I understand our time has come and is past."

The mood changes in the Ejami section.

"But I've also seen the damage that has been done," says EJ, "We have two children. You will always be an important part of my life. I know things have been tough with you and Rafe but I hope for the four of us can realize this is a time of celebration."

Stefano gives his word, "hat do you have that is so earthshaking?"

"I didn't plan the kidnapping," says Anna, "I was working with someone else."

"Give me the name," demands Stefano.

"E... J... Di... Mera."

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Anonymous Leslie said...

She wonders why Nicole would want to come back. Nicole says she can handle things there and has a bright future in Salem.

For once, Chloe asks a valid question. Since Sami is related to almost every cop on the SPD, Nicole’s behavior ought to be examined under a microscope. There’s no way she isn’t the town pariah but somehow she has a bright future in Salem. Someone’s delusional, and I don’t think it’s me.

”Nicole looks a lot worse than you do. So, give me a blow by blow..."

Sami refers EJ to Prevuze II.

"Everyone is looking for you. It's unfortunate the first person who finds you is me."

Rafe used the vast resources of the FBI and SPD in his search for Anna but it was Stefano who found her. The Rafester's ego is about to take another gigantic hit.

Rafe says, "I don't want you to give up hope."

"I won't," says Arianna, "Besides, Bo already did that.”


Daniel says he just wants to get back to work, "Performing a little brain surgery will help bring my eyesight back."

The premium on Daniel’s malpractice insurance must be sky high.

Rafe is at the cop-shop to question Bennie. "We don't have him anymore," says Abe, "He lawyered-up and left."

…and DOOL only had to pay him for one day of work.

“I need... a reason to wake up in the morning."

"In that case," says Brady, "You should start reading Prevuze."

Who knew that Nicole and all the faithful Prevuzites would have something in common?! LOL!!!!!!!

"You have a choice to make about your future... will it be ex-con #1 or ex-con #2? "

Right on Prevuze!

…and the Oscar for the best use of a Foreigner song in a blog goes to PREVUZE!!! Have a blessed weekend everyone!

6:08 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Nicole begs, "There is something else I need...a reason to wake up in the morning." She jumps up, whips off her coat and bursts into song:

Give me somebody
to dance for
Give me somebody
to show!
Let me wake up
in the morning
to find I've somewhere
exciting to go....

And Brady Brady is just dumb enough to hire her.

OH FOR PETE'S SAKE!!!!!!!!!!! Vegas? I thought they were planning a "big" wedding in Salem. How about grabbing Father Mike or some Justice of the Peace in Salem and getting it over with already??

The Jack Nicholson picture and Leslie'sThe Rafester's ego is about to take another gigantic hit sent me into giggle fits.

"I'm not sure I can get past not getting past, and I guess I'll just have to get past that first." There's no getting past Prevuze. Great Friday recap and pictures. TGIF and TGIP! :D

7:23 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

There's no getting past Prevuze.

No matter how hard you try.

8:00 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

I realized this morning that I never got to Prevuze yesterday!! No wonder it was such a hellish day. I haven't completely forgotten Prevuze EVER!

Read yesterday's and just had to add some comments:

"That's already been done," says Phillip, "I forget, did you ever meet a guy named Shawn Brady?"

Great hysterical, historical reference Prevuze.

Sami says Rafe will make sure people pay. "How," says Will, "Is he going to force them to have a conversation with him?"


*Laughing So Hard My Stomach Hurts

Nicole says, "You are scared, and now I just have to figure out why.

So stupid for them to have EJ go after Nicole like that. He’d have to know that if Anna had told her ANYTHING, HE would be the one Nicole would have blackmailed to get her out of prison.

As for today's blog, Leslie & Bulldog have mentioned just about everything I would have except:

Maybe he's gone back to being EJ Wells.

No such luck. But I liked EJWells and Sami together. At least at the time it looked like he wanted her the way she was. And, he didn’t try to change her. Of course, turned out that was all an act, but it was refreshing while it lasted.

This has been quite the musical morning, thanks everyone.

8:14 AM  
Blogger cassandraleighx said...

Chloe is pissing me off! Why can't she just accept that Daniel and Melanie are apart of Carly? Like, shit. Jealousy does not become her - she's like an ice princess.

8:35 AM  
Anonymous Mel said...

I had to reread the part where Melanie says she'll have to run it by her Dad whether she can go to Vegas?!!!! Gimme a break, she's a married, grown woman - can we say plot point??

11:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

word verification: capit, what prevuze does to pictures. I just wanted to comment on how great your picture captions are. I especially enjoyed Stefano and Jack Nicholson.

11:35 PM  
Anonymous Lemon Drop said...

EJ's never asked Sami to change unlike everyone else.

Rafe hasn't had to ask, she's pretending to be her sister.

4:21 PM  

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