Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Card-Carrying Phony

Vivian joins Victor in the Kiriakis den, "I've had an epiphany!"

"What," growls Victor, "You've finally realized you're a thorn in my side? What is this big revelation of yours?"

"Well," snorts Vivian, "I don't want to get all thorny on you but I've figured out what to do with Carly."

Carly and Melanie are outside. Carly has given her diagnosis on Melanie's bashed and and cared for it as much as she can out there. She asks, "Can you keep a secret?"

Melanie gets snotty, "What is this junior high?"

"Obviously not," says Carly, "Or the writing would be better. It's time you knew the truth. Years ago, I had a daughter. It's a long story and in time I want you to know all of it. But for the time being it's enough for you to know... you are that child. You are my daughter."


Rafe walks through Sami's living room with his knapsack, "I'll get the rest of my stuff tomorrow." He opens the door and turns to leave. Sami calls out to him...

Brady rushes up to Roman at the police station and tells him he can't reach Arianna. He says he's worried the drug cartel king knows about her."

"How long have you been trying to reach her," says Roman.

"About five minutes," says Brady, "Listen, her life could be in danger, OK?"

Arianna finds the cell phone ringing in the DiMera foyer. She open the phone and holds it to her ear. Anna starts right in, "Willpower is out the window so bring those chocolates."

"Hello," says Arianna, "Do I know you?" Anna hangs up.

EJ walks out, "What are you doing?"

Carly asks to go someplace less public. Melanie invites her to Maggie's home, "This better be good."

"This is DOOL," says Carly, "It can't be."

Rafe turns back. Sami says, "I have something for you." She goes to a drawer and gets the St. Anne's medal Sister Teresa gave her, "I think it kept Sydney safe when I was carrying her. I think it still is. It just doesn't have much power over people being kidnapped. It gives me hope. So I'm going to abandon hope and give it to you."

Victor mocks, "What? You're going to tell me your plan? No more dithering? Be still my heart." Vivian says she's going back to plan A, eliminating Melanie. "She's my son's fiancée," gasps Victor.

"If I destroy her," says Vivian, "Not only do I hurt Carly but I also make all of Salem happy."

Carly and Melanie walk into Maggie's kitchen. They ignore the hidden microphones and video cameras. Carly stalls and ices Melanie's hand. She says it's not that easy for her to talk about, "...But many years ago I had a daughter."

Arianna says she thought the phone was hers. EJ lectures her for invading his privy-cy. Arianna shows him they have the same phone, "I've been thinking of upgrading but since everyone in Salem has the same phone I don't want to be different." EJ apologizes for being paranoid. Arianna thinks there is more, "Do yo have something to hide?"

Anna tells Sydney she thinks she made a huge mistake, "I Hope I didn't blow it."

Carly tells Melanie not many people in Salem know about her daughter. Melanie isn't surprised. "I know," says Carly, "You haven't had a good impression of me..."

Melanie gets sarcastic, "Really... a murdering adulteress... whats not to like?" Carly says she wants to explain things. Melanie asks, "Where is your daughter now?"

"Let's put it this way," says Carly, "She's not hard to find. A whole lot of people have seen a whole lot of her on the Internet lately."

Rafe says he can't take the medal. Sami begs. She softens, "We're bonded forever because of our love for Grace and Sydney. Please take it."

Rafe agrees, "I'm not gonna rest until I find Sydney." Translation: No rest for the dreary.

"And," says Rafe, "Maybe once I find Sydney things will be different for us."

"No," says Sami, "I'll still be as nutty as a Stucky's Pecan Log and you'll still have the personality of a wet dishrag."

Brady lectures Roman for not doing enough to find Sydney. Roman tells Brady he'll put a whole team on the Syd-napping if Brady wants to pay for it. OK, Roman, here's a tip. That's not a good argument to make when you're talking to a guy who has more money than God. Brady says he will be glad to, "If you can't do the job, I'm gonna find her myself." He walks out.

EJ says, "I'm not hiding anything. I'm just a little on edge. Nicole is in prison and I've been without the... uh.. benefit of female companionship lately."

"Not a big deal," says Arianna, "So... now that we're friends again I want to ask you a question. Who's Anna?"

Sami says she wishes she had gotten Sydney back before any of this happened. Rafe makes inferences, "You mean before I got involved in the ransom exchange. It's not going to do any good to argue."

"You're right," says Sami, "But you can bet your last nickel that we will. I thought I was doing the right thing." Here come the tears, "And I know you thought I was doing the right thing."

Rafe is stoic, "I gotta go." He walks out. OK, NOW come the tears.

EJ bobs and weaves and asks what Anna said. "She said to bring chocolates," says Arianna, "Then she hung up. What are you hiding from me?"

"The chocolates," says EJ, "Actually, Anna is the widow of my late brother, Tony."

"Not the same Tony they've erected the Tony DiMera Memorial Pallet to down at the pier?"

The very same."

"Anna said to come when it's safe," says Arianna, "Why would she say that?"

EJ doesn't think well on his feet... or sitting down. He hems and haws, "Well... um... She's in town for a few days looking after Tony's business and... She doesn't want my father to know."


"DAMMIT WOMAN, CAN YOU OPEN YOUR MOUTH WITHOUT ASKING A QUESTION? So, how long do you have. The fact is, she hates my father."

"I'm really sorry..."

"Why are you staring at me," asks EJ.

"I think there is more going on than you're telling me."

Vivian and Victor argue about Melanie. Victor doesn't buy that Vivian wasn't bonding with her, "You told me she reminded me of yourself — That's the ultimate compliment."

"She reminded me of the unpleasant side of myself."

Victor growls, "You're a card carrying phony. What changed your mind? Who got to you?"


Victor's eyes pop out, "Lawrence? The late Lawrence? Dead Lawrence?"

"Shhhh. He might be listening."

Victor goes hunting poltergeists. He pokes around the room looking under chairs and behind sofas, "Lawrence? Lawrence? I've got news for you. You're aunt's gone bonkers. She's out of her friggin' mind."

Melanie reminds Carly she's spending a lot of her free time with someone else's husband, "But I didn't get to have a mommy. Sometimes I wouldn't care if she were a monster if she were just around. Now I have Maggie. In fact, I have more moms than I know what to do with. Vivian and Kate have been in a weird competition. And don't say a word about Vivian." Carly decides to go. Melanie won't let her, "You dragged me here to tell me something and I want to know what it is."

Carly begins the tale, "After I gave birth I lost my daughter..."

Melanie has a case of cant-keep-her-mouth-shut-itis, "OMG! I know what this is about!"

Rafe comes into the cop-shop and finds Roman. Roman tells him there is no word on where Arianna is, and there is still not much info on whether she will go back to prison. He also says he knows things are rough between Rafe and Sami, "For what it's worth I would have done exactly what you did."

"I guess that's part of the reason you can't get women to come near you," says Rafe.

Sami — here's the news bulletin of the century — broods. Brady shows up. Sami gives him her imitation of Rafe... a blank stare. Brady says, "It looks like you were expecting someone else."

Melanie becomes as animated as a Disney cartoon character, as well as having about the same IQ, "It all makes sense — why you were hovering around here."

Carly misinterprets, "I wasn't sure what you would think."

"OMG," gasps Melanie, "Your daughter died! That's why you connected with Mia. Her daughter died, too. You should talk to her."

"Maybe I should," says Carly, "I'm getting a lot of experience talking to young clueless girls. Having a child taken away... there are just no words."

"Don't worry," says Melanie, "This is DOOL. Words are a dime a dozen. I'm sorry for how I acted. Can you forgive me?"


Victor continues his Ghostbuster act, "You hear that, Allemain? Your aunt's gone bonkers. Not that she had far to go."

I'm perfectly sane," protests Vivian. Victor says all bets are off and forbids Vivian to go anywhere near Melanie. Vivian decides to talk to him when he calms down. Victor says there will be no calming down, "You are not to lay a finger on Melanie Layton, is that clear?"

EJ wants Arianna to get her suspicions out in the open. She says when he said his father betrayed Tony, she could see the pain in his eyes because Stefano has done the thing to him.

"If he had told me the truth," says EJ, "this whole nightmare would never have started. Thanks for your kindness." Arianna decides to go. EJ asks her not to tell anyone Anna is in town or it would put him in a difficult position with his father. Arianna leaves.

Three... two... one...



Brady says he's at Sami's place looking for Rafe because he can't find Arianna.

"Let me get this straight," says Sami, "You can't find Arianna so you're looking for Rafe."


"And I thought I was the only one with just one oar in the water."

Sami tells him Rafe isn't there. Brady asks, "When will he be back?"

"He's not coming back."

Rafe tells Roman he moved out. Daddy is sorry to hear that, "Oh well, Sami hasn't been able to keep a man yet."

EJ calls Anna and rants. She rants back. EJ goes apoplectic, "You identified yourself to Rafe's sister!"

"Stop being mean," says Anna, "and tell me how we will fix this."

Snidley Whiplash twirls his mustache, "Don't worry about Arianna. I'll take care of her."

Sami flops on the couch. Brady asks, "Did you and Rafe have a fight?"

"Fights," says Sami, "Plural." She fills him in on the ransom notes and her belief that if Rafe hadn't brought in the FBI they would have Sydney back. Brady thinks she should put that aside and work together with him. Sami doesn't see how that's possible, "We betrayed each other's trust. How am I supposed to get over that?"

Carly brings on the tears, "It means so much to me that you would want to apologize."

Melanie tells Carly that Maggie and Daniel have been on her case about taking the high road, "Do you think about your daughter a lot?"


"Sometimes," says Melanie, "I hear Mia crying. I don't know what to say to her. Do you think about having other kids."

"I suppose I could have another kid," says Carly, "But at my age it would be like having my own grandchild. I do have a son — Nicolas. We're not getting along right now."

"Why does that not surprise me," asks Melanie, "But at least you're not alone now."

"Not any more," says Carly, "I have my sex-buddy Bo."

"People usually don't call it 'sex-buddy,'" says Melanie.

"I know," says Carly, "but this is a family-friendly blog."

Victor demands Vivian do what he says, "Stay away from my future daughter-in-law or you will answer to me."

"Whatever you want."

"Exactly," booms Victor, "Whatever I want. He leaves.

Vivian huffs and calls Gus. She tells him she wants to meet.

Arianna is with Brady. She tells him where she was, "I thanked EJ for saving my life."

Brady cautions her against getting involved with the DiMeras, "You remember Tony Soprano? He loved his daughter but was the worst criminal in the world."

"But he was a fictional character," says Arianna.

"So are we."

Out in the audience a long-time Days Of Our Lives addict, Gertrude Mindless from Parsippany, NJ, thinks about what she just heard, "DOOL characters... are FICTIONAL? NO! It can't be..." Medics rush her to the hospital and she survives, but just barely.

Arianna asks about Sami. Brady tells her about the breakup.

Carly says she came back to Salem because it's home to her. Melanie says it's home to her now that she has friends and Phillip. Carly asks about France. Melanie says she misses it sometimes, "On a shallow note, which is the only note I know, by the way, I miss the eclairs. Vivian and I were talking about French pastries... uh.. I have to be honest. I really don't like Vivian. She's... uh... sincerity challenged." Carly says she has to be going. She suggests Melanie have someone look at her hand. Melanie says she'll stop by tomorrow when Carly is on duty. Outside, Carly thinks things over and walks off.

Vivian meets up with Gus at the park bench, "I was freezing my derriere off out here."

Gus takes a peek, "Apparently you weren't here long."

She tells Gus they are still going after Melanie, but they have to be more discreet, "Accidents happen and Carly will be there to see it."

Sami tries on the ball cap that Rafe gave her. She lies down and stares.

EJ finds Rafe in front of the pub. He asks about the backpack, "You didn't move out did you?"

"I'm in a rush, EJ."

"I'm sorry," lies EJ, "I know she cares a lot for you. It must be quite a blow... to both of you."

"I said I'm in a rush," says Rafe, "See you around." He walks off. EJ stares.

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Anonymous Berg said...

So let me get this straight...the great mastermind of kidnapping, that fooled most of the audience into thinking he wasn't the kidnapper, somehow manages to get so bent out of shape that he can't recover from Ari answering his phone? And Ari who answered someone's phone because she is so damn nosey (let's face it, they may have the same phone but the ringstones are different) is surprised he would be upset? GMAFB!

Victor goes hunting poltergeists. He pokes around the room looking under chairs and behind sofas, "Lawrence? Lawrence? I've got news for you. You're aunt's gone bonkers. She's out of her friggin' mind." Completely hilarious!!! I heart Victor to the upteenth power!

And poor Rafe. So time to pout. Once again the Hernandez family are front and center sans Gabi. UGH! Sorry but I am going to say it......flying monkeys can't stop me.....the actor playing Rafe can't act his way out of a paperbag. Seriously, did anyone here okay will anyone here admit to watching Passions? Was it full of bad actors?

Almost rounding out the week - thanks again Prevuze.

3:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm normally a silent lurker, but I'll confess to watching Passions for the first couple of years (Call it Another World withdrawl). I personally didn't like Rafe's alter-ego, Luis. He was basically the same goody-goody, one-dimensional character, only less irritating and more idiotic but still a nosy busybody - although a good looking one. My recap of normal Passions episode would be, simply, "On today's show, Theresa (Arianna's counterpart) cried about Ethan (Brady)". Every day. That's all she did. She whined. She cried. Horribly. I couldn't stand her. The older vets had their talents wasted on that tripe. I had thought maybe it was just the poor writing, but the Hernandez siblings have proven me wrong. I don't think either of them could act their way out of a paper bag. Sorry if I've offended anyone or any starfish lovers, but its just my opinion. You're welcome to yours.

4:16 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Melanie gets snotty, "What is this junior high?"

"Obviously not," says Carly, "Or the writing would be better.”

Wrong move, wrong move Leslie. Note to self – you ought to know better than to take a gulp out of your water bottle while reading Prevuze. Now I have water all over the desk.

"How long have you been trying to reach her," says Roman.

"About five minutes," says Brady, "Listen, her life could be in danger, OK?"

Talk about jumping to conclusions. Geez!

EJ walks out, "What are you doing?"

Isn’t it obvious? Arianna is playing her typically idiotic brow knitting part in this totally ridiculous plot point. If Arianna couldn't knit her brow and wrinkle her forehead, she wouldn't be able to emote.

Melanie gets sarcastic, "Really... a murdering adulteress... whats not to like?"

Isn’t it funny how a thief/quasi hooker can be so self-righteous and judgmental?

Rafe agrees, "I'm not gonna rest until I find Sydney." Translation: No rest for the dreary.


“No," says Sami, "I'll still be as nutty as a Stucky's Pecan Log and you'll still have the personality of a wet dishrag."

Damn straight Prevuze!!!


EJ really doesn’t understand women. When you need chocolate, logic goes out the window. Make mine a truffle please.

Vivian and Victor are hilarious. Victor is such a crusty old dude. He calls it as he sees it, and because he’s rolling in dough, Victor gets away with everything. You’ve got to love him. On the other hand, there’s Melanie - what a mess, Rafe – what a mess part deux, and Arianna – what a mess part trois!! I still can’t figure out why the people who steer the DOOL ship decided to invest so much time and “energy” into those three characters.

Excellent recap and photos Prevuze! On a scale of 1 to 10, I give this edition of Prevuze an easy 109!!!

5:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I watched passions for a while - I liked Tabitha and her daughter best. I actually think Arianna is OK (unless they start having her cry over Brady every day) but Rafe is not in the right storyline - I don't see him as a 'lead' but as a 'supporting' person.

And Leslie you are right - chocolate can make logic go out the window.

5:56 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

As usual, the Victor/Vivian scenes are all that lift this show from the "totally unwatchable" to the "just barely watchable but only if you zap a lot" level.

When you answer your phone and the person on the other end is obviously a stranger, do YOU ask, "Do I know you?" Personally I politely point out that I think they have the wrong number.

And then we get into the entire, unbelievable conversation between EJ and Arianna. Every other exchange between them was a HUH?! moment. Ari barely knows EJ. What the heck business is it of hers WHO Anna is?

And why in the world would EJ, of all people, feel the need to explain anything to her? At her first question I would have suggested that as someone who had the ill manners to answer someone else's phone she had a lot of nerve grilling me about the call. Although, perhaps I would use a slightly more colorful manner of expressing my feelings than the above. hahaha

Bless you, Prevuze, for getting us 4/5ths of the way through the week.

6:03 AM  
Anonymous bGirl said...

how did Ari even know the name Anna? I thought it was just the chocolate phrase that came out and the Do I know you (click). So is she clairvoyant?

Vic steals the show definately!

exPassions people. . .ZZzzzzz

happy Thursday everybody

word verification: notoni: what the widder Anna is with!

7:50 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

"I suppose I could have another kid," says Carly, "But at my age it would be like having my own grandchild." HAHAHAHA! That was my spew-worthy Prevuism today. May I suggest an alternate that came to mind? "Then I could join Marlena and Hope in the Guiness Book of World Records for a pregnancy after menopause."

My HUH!? moment was the same as all of the folks above - Anna grilling EJ on who's on HIS phone. Aside from the fact it's none of her business, if you DID suspect he was hiding something sinister from you would you grill a DiMera about it?

And that was a very clever palindrome picture. Prevuze - best word wizard on the Internet.

Loved the retro Stuckey's reference and something else that never fails to amuse - any reference to the romanceless Roman.

Thanks for helping us get thru this stuff, Prevuze!

8:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the comment about everyone in Salem having the same phone! Hahahaha

3:20 PM  

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