Friday, October 16, 2009

The Wicked Witch Of Four-West

Show note: In today's episode, the comatose-patient-du-jour will be played by Stefano DiMera.

Two masses of human flesh stand fused together in the Kiriakis mansion. I believe it's Brady and Arianna but it's hard to tell because of all the fusing and writhing. Arianna pulls away, "Nonononono... we can't do this."

Brady explodes, "Why the hell not?" Arianna gives him her best lost puppy expression.

Nicole is in Stefano's room talking on the phone with Chad, "I have an offer you just can't turn down."

Will has a front row seat in Maggie's kitchen for the Mia whinefest. Mia says, "Nicole is the only mother Sydney has ever known. Chad won't listen to me."

"I can understand why," says Will, "It's painful. But I think I know someone who can help."

Sami explodes at EJ, "You wouldn't understand. Being a mother is an instinct."

"An in-stink in your case," says EJ.

"You should admit you love Nicole and stop lying to yourself about it," says Sami.

Nathan and Melanie kibitz at the nurses station. "I don't get it," says Nathan, "We were standing at least three feet apart and I had my best doctor's face on and that old couple knew we were involved. Old people's intuitions are really creepy. We have to be discreet about this." Nate starts babbling about charts, patients and statistics as Maxine walks up. She tells them she's been hearing rumors and wants them cleared up.

EJ tells Sami this is none of her business. Sami tells him he screwed up. She plays the Sydney card, "You know she needs you. You know Chad can't be a real father to her. Yo have to know if I'm taking Nicole's side she has really changed."

"The two of you are cut from the same cloth," says EJ, "I'm not changing my mind."

"If you do," says Sami, "Get one that works next time. If you don't, that means our beautiful son has a father who doesn't know how to love."

Nicole works on Chad and convinces him to meet. She hangs up and brings out her Misty Circle personality, "I think I know what he might want more than Sydney."

Brady is frustrated, "I don't get it."

"In more ways than one" says Arianna.

Maxine wants an explanation. She wonders why Melanie took an extra shift. Melanie gets philosophical, "What was it Shakespeare said?"

Maxine growls, "He said be quiet and answer the head nurse's questions."

Shakespeare turns to William Faulkner, "Actually I did say that, but I made it sound a lot better."

Nate wonders why Maxine is always suspicious of Melanie. Melanie concocts a story about taking the shift for a friend. Maxine remains suspicious but walks away.

On her way out of Stefano's room, Nicole bumps into Lexie. She's a little surprised Lexie doesn't jump all over her, but Lexie tells her she knows how far a woman will go to protect her child, so she won't judge her. Nicole says she has a favor to ask.

EJ and Sami rage over ancient history. And recent history. And anything else they can come up with. EJ puts on his well-worn pair of curb-kickers and orders her out. Sami accuses, "You only see Sydney as a weapon and Johnny will see that. One day you will find yourself all alone if you keep throwing people out." She leaves.

Nate and Melanie bump into each other again. They talk about interesting things like bedpan inventories. Hey, if you watch this show long enough, bedpan inventories can be really captivating. "If we're going to be discreet," says Melanie, "you have to stop defending me to The Wicked Witch Of Four-West. So... tell me where the date is so I can wear something inappropriate." Nate refuses to tell.

Maxine tells Lexie she'd better check in on Stefano. Lexie rushes into Stefano's room and we see the ominous form of a man standing there. Lexie gasps, "What the hell are you doing here?" We pan back to see Victor.

Nicole and Chad meet at the pier. Chad asks, "Where is my kid?"

Nicole says he can see her but not right now, "You don't want her here. Trust me."

Will and Mia are at Sami's place. Sami comes in. Will tells her Mia might need a little help. Sami says she's talked to EJ and knows what's up. Mia turns the whine-o-meter to full volume, "Chad can't take my baby. Please don't let that happen."

Victor tells Lexie he's just visiting a sick friend. "A sick friend you want to kill," snorts Lexie.

"I wouldn't kill him," says Victor, "unless I had to. I prefer a world where I can think of my old enemy as invincible."

Lexie growls, "Do you know how much of the world's pain is caused by old men trying to pretend they are not?" Well, we are really coming down hard on the senior set in this episode, aren't we?

Lexie orders Victor out. Victor says he really hopes Stefano recovers. As he heads out the door, he turns and says, "No way Kate should get off the hook this easily – Bitch."

Victor leaves. Lexie asks, "When he said the 'B-word' I wonder if he was talking about Kate or me?"

Stefano raises his head and says, "If the shoe fits, wear it."

Brady wonders if Arianna has some deep, dark secret. Arianna stares at Victor's picture. She flashes back to Victor ordering her to stay away from Brady. Brady notices she was looking at the picture, "This is about my grandfather, isn't it?"

EJ comes into the waiting area and sees Lexie with Sydney. Oh, good, an opportunity for another EJ-ruption.

Nicole says she figures Chad really doesn't want the responsibility of having Sydney. She thinks Chad still loves Mia even though he denies it. Chad accuses her of playing him. Nicole finally gets down to business, "Don't you want to know why I wanted to see you alone?"

Sami is understanding. She says she knows Mia was just looking out for Sydney, "And now I can understand why you had such a strong bond with Grace."

Mia says, "It just seems like fate that Sydney and Grace were born on the same day."

Sami asks, "What about how you met Nicole? Was that fate?"

Melanie stands in Maggie's kitchen ironing. The door behind her swings open and without looking Melanie asks, "Whew, is it HOT in here or is it me."

"It's you," growls Maggie.

Brady figures Arianna is worried about him working for Victor. He tries to reassure her, "I'm on the legitimate side of the business."

"Oh," says Arianna, "You mean the side that doesn't make any money. I know I can trust you. You can't trust me."

Mia tells Sami and Will it was special when Nicole helped deliver the baby and she knew Nicole loved her from the start. Sami asks if Mia is sure she wants her baby to remain with Nicole.

Chad and Nicole dance around each other. Nicole says she knows Chad really does love Sydney, "So if you really love her, do what Mia did. Let her go."

Brady says he's not buying Arianna's story.

Maggie asks, "Are you going out?"


"With Nathan?" Inquiring minds want to know. And if anyone in Salem has an inquiring mind, it's Maggie.

Melanie says yes and whines, "I'm sorry."

"Why are you sorry," asks the Inquisitor General, "You don't want to go?"

"It's not that," says Melanie, "I know you don't want us to see each other."

Maggie shows all the restraint of a caged animal wanting to get out and tear something apart, "That's not my call is it?"

"I just wish you were OK with it," says Melanie, "I know you're worried I might do something like I did with Phillip. And Nathan is worried I won't."

"Yes," says Maggie, "I am worried about that. Nathan isn't like Phillip. He has a career... I think... I swore I would keep my mouth shut."

Nathan walks in, "But if you did you wouldn't be my grandma Maggie, would you?" It's a wonderful thing when guys know their grandmothers so well.

Mia says she wants what's best for Sydney, and thinks she should stay with Nicole

Sami turns to Will, "Cover your ears." She turns back to Mia, "Guys can be territorial. Their egos can complicate things."

Mia turns on the whine-afterburners, "You're right. Chad doesn't really want to take care of Sydney. He can't take my baby. He just can't."

Lexie gets upset, "I just can't reach Nicole. Her phone just goes directly to voice mail." She turns to EJ, "I promised I would watch Sydney, not give her over to you." EJ tells her to keep her nose out of other people's business. He says this whole situation is killing him. Lexie says she realizes that, "But I know there is more than enough pain for everyone involved."

Out in the audience, Thelma turns to Beatrice, "I know I've had my share."

Nicole swears she will keep Chad up to date on Sydney and even says she will give him visitation rights. Chad wonders how Nicole is going to keep her safe without a job and home, "When I take you to court, I will win. Hands down."

Maggie tells Nathan and Melanie she doesn't want to rain on their parade, "Mia still lives here and we have to consider that. If you both agree there will be no PDAs, I will agree to butt out." She runs out crying. Butting out is very difficult for Maggie.

Melanie and Nathan live up to their promise, take their PDAs and toss them in the trash. We don't need PDAs now that we have our iPhones," says Nathan.

Melanie says Maggie is just worried about Nathan getting hurt, "Nick's in jail and I made a porn star out of Phillip."

"We have to leave," says Nathan.


"Because kissing is against the rules here."

Brady thinks Arianna seems really unhappy. Arianna knows she's hurting him. He takes out an old Sami-Rafe script and says if there is something she doesn't want him to know he can live with it. Arianna says she doesn't want to push him away, "So if we proceed..."

Brady jumps on that, "Oh, sweep me off my feet! PROCEED? You want to PROCEED?"

Arianna modifies things, "OK so if we do this... it has to be in private."

"Dang," says Brady, "Just when I was about to haul you over to Main Street and jump your bones in the town square. OK. I'm ready to PROCEED." Brady moves in and proceeds. Victor stands at the door and watches the proceedings.

Sami tells Mia she will help her and do what she can to make sure Sydney stays with Nicole.

Lexie tells EJ there is no change in Stefano's condition, which reduces the chances of recovery, "You can't help him, but you could help Nicole and your daughter. If you have a chance at happiness, take it."

"I did," says EJ, "I threw both Nicole and Sami out of my house. I'm not just happy, I'm practically ecstatic."

Misty... uh... Nicole tries to warm up to Chad. She runs through some of the things she and Chad have in common – which is practically nothing, but we'll ignore that. Chad says she can't change his mind.

Nathan and Melanie come close to breaking the rules but Melanie pulls back and suggests they'd better go. She has an idea where they can go for their hot date and whispers it to him. Nathan beams, "Let's do it."

Victor watches the Bradianna proceedings and walks off, "I must make a note to have a vomitorium added to the house."

Brady tells Arianna he thinks they should stick to non-verbal communications. Arianna says she has to go to work. She promises to call. "OK," says Brady, "I'll see you later... pal."

"OK... pal."

Before she leaves Brady tells her he's going to do what he can to track down Rafe. Arianna says that makes her feel better and heads out.

Victor stomps in from the other direction. He tells Brady he was at the hospital and decided to walk home, so he came in the back way. Brady convinces himself Victor didn't see the proceedings. Victor pours a drink and asks how things are going with Brady. "Things are going well," says Brady, "In fact they're going really well." Brady leaves.

Victor stares into his drink, "So you think."

Nicole says, "Maybe we're going about this wrong. Maybe we can make this a win-win situation. You're a strong, handsome young man with needs, and I'm not without certain talents and maybe we can come up with something beneficial for both of us."


"Do I have to connect the dots for you," asks Nicole.

Chad gasps, "Mrs. Robinson, are you trying to seduce me?"

Nicole moves in.

EJ sits with Stefano and tells him the situation with Nicole is killing him, "I can't be a father to Sydney. I don't have a choice." We pan in on Stefano's hand. His finger twitches. Or, waitaminute, is that Dr. Baker's finger still twitching?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

okkkkkk why Chad can't take care of Sydney, i mean his parents can help him, they are lawyers they can feed and raise her.
And why everybody want Ej to take back Nicole ??? (better to be alone than in bad company).
I don't get ittttt.

6:00 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Arianna pulls away, "Nonononono... we can't do this."

Arianna is a Brady tease.

Old people's intuitions are really creepy.

What’s really creepy is Nathan being involved with Melanie.

“If you don't, that means our beautiful son has a father who doesn't know how to love."

Sami keeps declaring to everyone within hearing distance that EJ is a great father. Since love is a major component in good parenting, Sami is once again not making any sense.

Melanie gets philosophical, "What was it Shakespeare said?"

Et tu, Brute?

Shakespeare turns to William Faulkner, "Actually I did say that, but I made it sound a lot better."

Prevuze attracts the most important guest contributors because it is the best literary blog on the Internet!

Chad accuses her of playing him.

Chad’s pretty perceptive. Too bad it took EJ so long to figure out the same thing.

"But I know there is more than enough pain for everyone involved."

Out in the audience, Thelma turns to Beatrice, "I know I've had my share."

Thelma speaks for all of us.

Chad wonders how Nicole is going to keep her safe without a job and home, "When I take you to court, I will win. Hands down."

Enquiring minds need to know – has Chad filled in his parents on his quest to begin his journey into parenthood? You know how that one’s going to go down. Grandma will be primary care giver so I’m guessing she just might have an opinion or two about babysitting.

Victor watches the Bradianna proceedings and walks off, "I must make a note to have a vomitorium added to the house."

The viewers need one too.

Chad gasps, "Mrs. Robinson, are you trying to seduce me?"

Where’s the vomitorium? EWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!

King Kong – Prevuze you are tooooo much!!! TGIF and TGFP!!!!!

6:02 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

King Kong – Prevuze you are tooooo much!!!

Apparently, so is Chloe.

6:26 AM  
Anonymous Maggie Mae said...

Sami isn't making any sense.

EJ's too bad to raise Grace but perfectly find to raise Sydney. Ej doesn't know how to love Johnny?

Who is this chick that looks like Sami but sure as hell isn't.

6:47 AM  
Anonymous bGirl said...

vomitorium - The dedicated movie house for viewing this show - I suppose the Prevuze Compound has the original

word verification: nersos (the RNs who help take care of Salem's ill)Could we get a few for the viewers in the vomitorium?

6:57 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Sami, “One day you will find yourself all alone if you keep throwing people out.

That ranks right up there with Bo’s brilliant observation that calls coming into his phone must mean someone is trying to get hold of him. Ya think?

My HUH?! moment:
"I promised I would watch Sydney…

Oh yeah, cause the Chief of Staph has nothing better to do than stand around in hospital hallways taking care of a baby while her soon-to-be ex-sister-in-law is out hustling a teenager. So believable.

Or, waitaminute, is that Dr. Baker's finger still twitching?

I thought of good old Doc B just the other day and wondered when he'd ooze back into the picture.

Loved the Chloe-a-thon picturama and Chlodan's "innocent patient/naughty pediatrician" pictures. Prevuze was late, but definitely worth waiting for!!

7:26 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

"The Wicked Witch of Four-West". My dad used to work in a hospital and talked about the old battleaxe head nurses that had been around a hundred years so Maxine might actually be a realistic character. Wait a minute - at my office I'M the old battleaxe who's been around a hundred years. That's not funny!

I'm also glad Prevuze reminded us of the twitching Dr. Baker. I think he's going to walk thru the door and be the one to reveal to a crowd the rest of the baby switch story.(And at the rate they're moving all of us are going to look a lot older.)

Maggie runs out bawling. Get a life, woman! And stop being a hypocrite telling Melanie how great she is and how proud of her you are but just don't hang with my grandson.

And Leslie - LOL over this: Grandma will be primary care giver so I'm guessing she just might have an opinion or two about babysitting. Unless they're neighbors with Jugs and Doolie or Caroline, then they can palm the baby off on them. HAHAHAHA

Show note: In today's episode, the comatose patient-du-jour will be played by Stefano DiMera First Chloe, then Rafe, Stefano, and the viewers. No wonder you were late, Prevuze, you had to wait for your NoDoze to kick in so you could face DOOL! But it's TGIF and TGFP and we're almost to the weekend. Have a good one, all!

8:10 AM  
Blogger Wolf said...

DOUBLE O-M-G! Nicole has sunk not only to the bottom of the barrel but underneath it! Do the writers of DOOL have crack smoking party's during writing sessions? Come on!

Passions was cancelled because it was idiotic. Now most of those stars on DOOL... The "writing" is on the wall....

9:28 AM  
Blogger I Love Baby Quilts! said...

Why do all the old people on this show have nothing better to do than meddle in the love lives of the younger set? Weird.

Six inches of cleavage is not enough for Chloe!

Wow, someone forgot to inform Nicole that she is not a hot 20something anymore and attempting to seduce and 18 year old will be viewed as creepy by him. Man, she must have thought she'd be sexy forever. And what kind of an outfit is that to wear to seduce someone? Purple sweater set with a scarf. Sexxxxxyyyy!!!

1:12 PM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

Do the writers of DOOL have crack smoking party's during writing sessions?

Wouldn't that improve the writing?

1:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just read the Prevuze II where Chad sums Nicole and the situation in one pithy sentence. " My daughter is being raised by a porn star"

Whatever Chad's current hangups are, it is clear that stupidity is not one of them. I dread when the writers start dumbing down Chad as they have with Sami and EJ for the past year or more!

Right now, my feelings are that Chad would be a far more responsible and discerning parent than either Mia or Will would.

It is a pity that they had poor little Grace die. It would have been far better to have her live and recover from her illness.It certainly might have shorten this tortuous way of "finding out the truth" and even given some new storylines to the problems of raising a child today as an unwed teenage parent!

2:09 PM  
Anonymous Lemon Grass said...

I have to disagree with I Love Baby Quilts, Nicole might be a hot young twenty-something but most guys Chad's age would still jump her and brag about it to everyone who would listen, except of course their momma's.
Why they're insistence is foisting Arianna and Brady together even though they have no reasons to be together except they look like Theresa and Ethan?
Can anyone explain to me why the writers are trashing Sami? Am I the only one who can't wait for her "Don't let anyone take your baby girl from you" to come back and bite her on the ass?

4:05 AM  

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