Wednesday, January 07, 2009

No-Feed Zone

Once again, gang, we're in the no-feed zone. Apparently the network was planning a feed, but when the tape kicked on at the appointed time, instead of the usual pre-show color bars, we were in the middle of a scene; No sound, however. After just a couple of minutes of this a message popped up saying the feed would be fifteen minutes late. Fifteen minutes later, when the show was supposed to start, the screen suddenly said "No Signal."

So here is the entire recap I have of today's show:

John and Marlena are in the pub. I can't tell what they are talking about which, let's face it, is a blessing.

Brady and Nicole are standing in the Salem slums arguing. We know what this is about. Nicole wants Brady to pose as her fiancée, and Brady refuses.

Suddenly, Daniel staggers into the scene drooling and staring like a dead possum with "NO FEED TODAY" carved into his forehead. Everyone gasps and the screen goes black.

ZERP-ZERP-ZERP-ZERP-ZERP (That's the sound of a tape rewinding, in case you didn't know).

Now we get another mini-scene, with sound.

Daniel thinks Kate is making too much of his "thing" with Chloe. Kate tries to convince him to come to the party, "Will you show up, for me?"

Daniel folds like a cheap lawn chair, "For you."

Nicole slaps Brady around like Rocky pounding carcases in the meat locker. "You BASTARD," she screams, "You ruined my life!"

Suddenly, Daniel staggers into the scene drooling and staring like an over-caffeinated cyclops with "THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS" carved into his forehead. Everyone gasps and we get the latest episode of Y&R.

Dang, and it was shaping up to be such an exciting episode.


So, like I always do, I'll continue to monitor the feed and see if it comes in later. You might check back in to see if it gets posted. I think I'll pass, however, on waiting for the Canadian feed this evening. So if we don't get the feed later today, tune in tomorrow and we'll take it from there.

Update: The feed finally came in and we should have it posted by about 9AM EST.


Blogger Rayna said...

Thank goodness the feed came in. What a crappy humpday is would have been without Prevuze.

6:32 AM  

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