Thursday, January 01, 2009

A Flare Gun With Unlimited Texting

Melanie and Phillip stand together at Chez Rouge. Melanie asks him if he lost his dance partner. Phillip gives her the same look a pit bull gives you before you become dinner. "You don't think I had anything to do with it," asks Melanie. If I did you should be flattered you can drive me to extremes."

"Driving you to extremes," says Phillip, "is a very short trip."

Lucas tells Kate he can't find Chloe anywhere, "I checked the parking lot and the rest room. She might be in the restroom. I could have missed her... all of those crazy women screaming when I was in there distracted me. All of my calls to her go straight to voice mail. It's not like her."

"It's not like Daniel either," says Kate. She tries to call him at the hospital.

Daniel "examines" Chloe. Chloe tries to get up and walk, but falls back onto the steps where she has been sitting. That does it... Daniel picks her up and carries her. Fireworks go off. There is also a pyrotechnic display for New Year's Eve.

Sami watches fireworks but Rafe tells her to get away from the window. Sami whines and pouts. Rafe offers her a glass of cider. Sami don' wan' no stinkin' cider. She slaps the glass out of his hand and it goes flying across the room where it hits the wall and breaks into a million pieces. Sam's New Year's resolution is to get through adolescence before she reaches 40.

Brady shows up at the DiMera mansion looking for a party. EJ tells him it's canceled. Brady asks if Nicole is around. EJ tells him she's not there.

Nicole sits stranded and tries to call Dr. Baker. Of course, her cell phone is has gone dead. It will soon join the other deadbeats and begin writing for DOOL.

Daniel and Chloe ooh and aah at the fireworks. Then they ooh and ahh each other. Closer... Closer... Closer... Daniel's ringing cell phone breaks up the tender moment.


Meanwhile, Melanie and Phillip slowly move in on each other. Stephanie watches in the background. She comes up and breaks it up. Melanie sees her and says, "That stain on your dress came right out... almost. I hope you make that clumsy moron pay your dry cleaning bill."

"Why should he," asks Stephanie, "It was an accident, wasn't it? She turns to Phillip, "Did I miss something between you two?"

"You did miss something," says Phillip.

Kate and Lucas tell Maggie they don't know where Chloe and Daniel are. Kate calls the hospital. Lucas mumbles and babbles.

Daniel puts Chloe down. HEALED! She can walk! The man is a miracle worker! Daniel tells her they should still go to the hospital and call Kate and Lucas and explain everything.

"Not everything," says Chloe. They head for the hospital together. On the way, they find Lazarus Horton, the town drunk lying face down in the gutter, dead. Daniel raises Lazarus from the dead and cures his alcoholism all in one fell swoop.

"That was amazing," says Chloe.

"All in a night's work," says Daniel.

"If you can raise the dead," asks Chloe, "Then why can't you heal my ankle?"

"I could," says Daniel, "But then I wouldn't get to 'examine' you."

EJ continues to call around for Nicole. "Why would she take off on New Year's Eve," asks Brady.

EJ whispers, "It's my fault. I'm the reason she left."

Sami apologizes for her mindless adolescent behavior.

"That's OK," says Rafe, "That's what I would expect from a mindless adolescent. But really, I blame myself. I should have used plastic glasses." No, he should have used a straight jacket. Rafe says he totally understands how she feels and they commiserate about how both of them are alone on New Year's Eve.

Kate and Lucas have magically transported to the hospital. They rush up to The Great Healer in a panic, but Daniel assures them Chloe will be OK. Kate can't believe what a lifesaver Daniel is.

EJ thinks Nicole is angry with him and that's why she disappeared on New Year's Eve. He gets a call from Dr. Baker, who asks for Nicole. EJ tells him she's not there and suggests Dr. Baker could give him a message to relay.

Melanie says she just got wrapped up in the spirit of the New Year's.

Suspicious Stephanie asks, "So I missed you kissing Phillip?"

Phillip steps in, "No... you missed this..." Phillip grabs her and plants a big one. Stephanie looks over at Melanie and mouths, "Happy New Year" in cat language.

Baker backpedals, "I have been in surgery all evening and just got out. I always automatically return my calls and Nicole was at the top of the list since she called me 30 times."

EJ gasps, "How many?"

"I exaggerated," says Dr. Baker, "But when I'm talking I can't put things like that in italics like Prevuze does."

"But," says EJ, "That last statement was obviously a Prevuzism and it wasn't italicized."

"I TOLD YOU," screams Baker, "I CAN'T DO THAT!"

Baker hangs up. Brady leaves. EJ zones out, "Where are you Nicole?"

Brady stands outside the DiMera mansion beside the historical marker they have erected to memorialize Mayor Moron-o's assassination, "Why is Dr. Baker calling Nicole?"

Melanie rants, "Oh you two are just becoming a supercouple... You're the Brangelina of Salem."

"What the hell is a Brangelina," asks Phillip.

"It's a couple shallow people without lives give a crap about," says Melanie, "So they're very popular in Salem."

Melanie says she hopes a little spill didn't ruin things for Stephanie. She toasts working at Titan together and skips off.

Lucas goes in to see Chloe. Kate asks Daniel for a lift home so Chloe and Lucas can have a little time alone, "You are such a great doctor. I'm so glad you say it with her were there for her."

Chloe says, "You're marrying a klutz." She apologizes for ruining New Year's.

Lucas says, "Our first New Year's Eve together as an engaged couple."

Nicole rants at her cell phone, "I can't get a bar! That's all I ask!Just one bar! And one drink. Next time I'll buy a flare gun with unlimited texting." A man walks up to her car window as Nicole continues to babble. He leans in. Nicole remains oblivious and rambles on about her predicament. She finally notices someone is there and says, "Oh I'm so glad someone showed up. Could you..."


"Let me guess," says Brady, "Going to Dr. Baker's clinic?"

"How did you find me," asks Nicole.

"You're stranded in the DiMera mansion driveway," says Brady. He tells her about Dr. Baker's call. Nicole worries but Brady tells her Baker said nothing about her little scheme. He asks what's going on. Nicole tells him she has discovered that Dr. Baker is a rubber buggy baby broker. She asks him to take her to the clinic.

Rafe tells Sami if he weren't there he would be working somewhere else anyway. He says he volunteers to work on the holidays. "That's sad," says Sami.

"It is what it is," says Rafe.

"The dialogue on this show just keeps getting more and more poignant, doesn't it," asks Sami.

Bill Clinton steps in, "Don't be too quick to judge. If you think it through you might find it's very poignant. It just depends on what the definition of 'is' is."

Rafe thinks Sami is trying to pump him for personal information. Sami insists she's not as she pumps harder. Rafe dodges her questions and says he doesn't want to talk about himself. Sami flies off on a new tangent, "That's because you're a man. You think it's girlie to open up. That's why men die younger. They clam up and listen to basket cases like me and get to the point where they can't wait to kick the bucket. I don't understand how you can be so..."

Rafe helps out, "Focused?"


"At least I have one track," says Rafe, "That's one more than someone else in the room." Rafe thinks they are both very goal oriented. The bickering crescendos.

Rafe asks, "You're still trying to find a way to get around me, aren't you?" Exasperated Sami huffs off because she doesn't have a glass to throw.

Phillip and Stephanie are at the dock. Stephanie tells him Melanie doesn't mean anything to her and didn't get to her. She asks how Phillip can fall for her little games. Translation: Melanie got to her. Stephanie wonders if Phillip kissing her was to prove a point to Melanie.

Nicole and Brady rush into the clinic. Nicole goes in to see Dr. Baker. He tells her they waited forever for her to get there and the mother has now changed her mind. Nicole whines about trying to call.

Dr. Baker is cold, "Life is cruel, when you watch DOOL."

Nicole starts making threats, "You will find out how cruel if you don't call her and get her to change her mind." Baker tells her the deal is off. He leaves and Nicole whimpers like someone reading Prevuze on New Year's with a really, really bad hangover. Oh, sorry, I hope that didn't hit too close to home.

Brady comes in. Nicole tells him about the mother changing her mind and then she totally falls apart, "I can't do this any more. Now I guess I have to tel EJ everything. It will be the end of us, but I have to do it." Hugs. Tears. Oh, the despair!

Daniel and Kate find champagne on ice at the Kiriakis mansion. Daniel zones. Kate asks, "Is there a problem?"

"Yes," says Daniel, "You're cancer is cured and your ankle is fine, so I don't have to 'examine' you."

Lucas and Chloe are back at Chez Rouge. The place is empty. "But there is no one here," says Chloe. If Chloe were any more observant she'd be one of the stones in the fireplace.

"Luckily," says Lucas, "breaking down the door didn't hurt my shoulder too much." He vows to make the evening memorable and moves in on her.

Stephanie thinks Phillip kissed her to make a point with Melanie. Phillip insists it was just a kiss. "In that case," asks Stephanie, "Do you want your tongue back?"

"Damn, I hate having these interchangeable parts," says Phillip.

The moment becomes a little awkward, so Phillip consults the Guy Manual and comes up with a line that works every time, "When we kissed, I forgot about everything except you."

Sami rants. Rafe plays it cool. They decide it's time for bed. Lights out. Sami gets in bed and Rafe settles on the couch. Things get quiet. Rafe lifts his head, "I'm not sorry I'm here. Goodnight, Sami."

"Goodnight John Boy."

Kate toasts Daniel for never giving up on her. Daniel gives her his, "Aw shucks, I'm just a human" speech.

Kate lectures, "Don't ruin this with your self-effacing nonsense." Daniel toasts Kate and they pound it down. Kate says she wishes she could ask him to stay. She just can't conjure up the mood and thinks it would feel awkward, "Before I was ill I felt such desire for you. Ill get those feelings back, won't I?"

"Yes you will," says Daniel, "Right about the time I dump you like yesterday's garbage and move on to Chloe." Kisses and hugs.

Chloe feels bad she wasn't there for the New Years kiss. Lucas counts down, "Five... Four... Three..." He hesitates.

"What is it," asks Chloe.

"I forgot what comes next."

EJ paces. Nicole comes in and apologizes for taking off and making him worry, "I blame this pregnancy. It's making me crazy."

"You'd think you've been pregnant for a lifetime," says EJ.

"You need to know the truth," says Nicole. Oh, Gasp!

"I already know the truth." Oh, Gasp!

Lonely Melanie wanders the halls of Titan and tells herself not to have a pity party.

Stephanie says the kiss wasn't the same for her because she thought he was trying to prove a point to Melanie, but she has a way to straighten things out. Another kiss. Phillip can handle that. And other things, too.

"I've known all along," says EJ. Oh, gasp! EJ goes on, "You gave me the tremendous gift of love and I took it for granted. You never complained or judged me and did it all for our baby." Nicole says all she ever wanted was to be a part of a family. EJ says he shouldn't have gone to work. He was terrified when he couldn't find her. EJ takes a knee and opens the ring box, "Will you marry me?"

Nicole becomes a bubbling fountain of tears, "Oh yes! Yes! Yes!" She falls into his arms.

Sami tosses and turns. She remembers the computer link-up with the kids and growls in exasperation. Rafe asks, "Can't sleep?"

"I can't stop thinking about my kids," says Sami, "Allie... Johnnie... that other nuisance..." She thinks to herself, "And I'm worried about EJ too."

The Ejamis in the audience gasp as they hear this, "OMG! This is wonderful! She's worried about EJ, too!"

The Lumis in the audience shrug it off, "No, no, no... She means she's worried about what EJ could do to her. EJ scares her."

The two groups start flinging jujubes at each other. "She cares about him," screams the Ejamis.

"He scares her," Screams the Lumis.





"Less filling!"

"Tastes great!"

The ring goes on Nicole's finger. Nicole quivers and kisses EJ.

The new kids on the block, the Ramis, sit back and soak in the jujube fight, "Who cares, she's with our boy."


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Anonymous Bulldog said...

I can just see the EJamis and Lumis and Ramis duking it out. Sitting in the back watching are the old Bramis and Samitins who think they still have a chance. HAHAHAHA

Anyone who thought Nicole was going to actually tell EJ speak up.
- - - - c r i c k e t s - - -
I thought so.

What an absolute time-killing episode. Brady Brady just happens to find Nicole. Why didn't EJ go looking for her?

Loved all of the pictures today. And I'm not sure what the definition of 'is' is but Prevuze IS great! Thanks! and Good night John Boy.

6:59 AM  
Anonymous Berg said...

Happy New Years everyone. Anyone who thinks this whole Nicole thing is going to back fire on her - speak up (cowers in corner as she is stampeded by everyone!) I am a proud EJAMI and I love Jujubes even more so "FFFFFOOOOODDD FIIIGGHHTT!"

7:22 AM  
Blogger jeremy said...

wow 4 years old dont worry if you was living in salem right now you would turn 20 tomorrow

EJamis, Lumis and Ramis battle royal .
why am i picturing a group of americans having a battle with the english and the mexicans are in the background just drinking tequilla while having a fiesta

8:48 AM  
Anonymous Betyar said...

I'm an Ejami also, but I'm convinced that the Lumi position is more likely. Event though there's 5:1 Ejamis vs. Lumis, the current writers due to a horrible case of dislexia have missed this point, therefore becomming totally predictable in their plots. Must be part of operation DOOLcrap: Ejami is the target to destroy at all cost, even if it gets the show off the air. Oh well, but who's complaining? I'm sure we at Prevuze can come up with something far better to make fun of and entertain us properly in 2009. It's New Year's day, I'm sober and don't even have a hangover...although my neighbors down the street can't boast of the same. They were dangling on their walk home last night almost as bad as a Horton Christmas ornament in the midst of a midwest blizzard. On Prevuze II, that bit about Sami hiding all the towels in the safehouse was hilarious! Made my morning! You guys are awesome! If it were only true, 2009 would look promising!!!

9:11 AM  
Anonymous SocRMum1 said...

ROFLMAO at the EJami/Lumi/Rami (at least you didn't use Safe - blech!) jujube fight.

Interesting the EJoles weren't mentioned. Or did I just imagine them. Surely there really isn't anyone who thinks EJ and Nicole are a couple, right?

Great always.

EJami fan til I die
(which could be very soon, because this crap is KILLING me)

9:28 AM  
Blogger Oober said...

I would never waste a good JuJubee on a Lumi.

9:28 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Sami's New Year's resolution is to get through adolescence before she reaches 40.

Too bad the writers won't let her keep that one.

I always automatically return my calls and Nicole was at the top of the list since she called me 30 times."

EJ gasps, "How many?"

"I exaggerated," says Dr. Baker, "But when I'm talking I can't put things like that in italics like Prevuze does."

"But," says EJ, "That last statement was obviously a Prevuzism and it wasn't italicized."

"I TOLD YOU," screams Baker, "I CAN'T DO THAT!"

What a great exchange. Prevuze is sharp as a tack this morning. The crew must not have been out partying too late.

Nicole tells him she has discovered that Dr. Baker is a rubber buggy baby broker....


...She asks him to take her to the clinic.

Why would Dr. Baker be at the clinic at what must be 12:30 a.m. on New Year's Eve??? He has a family, right?

Dr. Baker...tells her they waited forever for her to get there and the mother has now changed her mind.

I reiterate. It's New Year's Eve. It's well after midnight. If you hadn't heard from Nicole, why are you still hanging around the clinic, doc? TLT

Nicole whimpers like someone reading Prevuze on New Year's with a really, really bad hangover. Oh, sorry, I hope that didn't hit too close to home.

Not when you read Prevuze late enough in the day. LOLOL

Lucas counts down, "Five... Four... Three..." He hesitates.

"What is it," asks Chloe.

"I forgot what comes next."


Loved the Lumi/Ejami scrape at the end there. Especially since it seems to have spilled over into the comments. How funny!

Thanks for getting up and giving us this great start to the new year, Prevuze!

9:39 AM  
Anonymous joydoctor2001 said...

Didn't see any car wreck with the baby bumper saving Nicole's life so that must have just been another rumor huh?

This episode sounds like another boring time filler to me too.

I don't even want to watch Sami anymore because all she does is whine and complain about everything. I think they should pair Rafe with someone else and just let Sami grow up without a man in her life. I do like Galen Gering and his acting abilities are not getting shown much with all that bickering he has to endure from Sami.

I think we all know that Sami will have a baby girl and Nicole will manage to somehow steal it as her own baby. That way EJ will still show up as the biological father. This ruse could go on for years, although I don't think DOOL will last much longer unless the storylines get better.

Since Brady is always there to help Nicole in her schemes, they must be making him the one she will end up with after EJ finally finds out the truth. I also hate that the writers are making EJ be so stupid as not to figure out what is going on already. He is NOT stupid, so treat him like he has some brains please.

I hate it when any soap writers turn their characters into mush-for-brains when they are supposed to be well educated people, and most of them have lots of money. lol

Happy New Year to all of you! May 2009 be the best year of your life thus far!

9:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny pictures from everyone today. Too bad Roman's new assignment didn't take. Looked like something he might have been able to handle. ;-)

The nun brigade and Daniel's anatomy-challenged exam of Nicole were great.

I'm also relieved to know that there is SOME sort of birth control in Salem - the cell phone. They sure don't seem to practice any other kind of control.

Rock on through the new year, prevuze.


9:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

EJ is so stupid.

1:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn fanbase wars have to trickle over into Prevuze comments now? Well, since it got started: why is there always SOMEONE who feels they have to quote the friggin' imaginary membership ratio to "prove" who's better?
But the fanbase war comments in the blog? Spot on!

4:00 PM  
Anonymous tessa said...

Love it - especially how Sami keeps mentioning EJ-he's just never far from her thoughts.
Yes you guessed it I am an EJAMI and I have no doubt they will get together if the show doesn't get cancelled before the writers get their act together. Gotta say I would rather see Steve and Kayla, john and marlena, bo and hope than melanie and nicole on my screens all the time but thank god for prevuze I know when to not watch.

HAPPY NEW YEAR PREVUZE! You bring so much laughter and a coffee covered keyboard because of it.

6:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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10:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

11:00 PM  

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